Biden vows to defy any subpoena for Trump’s Senate impeachment trial

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  1. Biden is going nowhere except in his own head . Of course he is a Democrat and by being a criminal has passed their test for Presidential suitability . Americans wont have him . In fact there is no , nor will there be , any Democratic front runner. Bumburg will run third party with his arrogance and personal wealth . The Dumbacrats will be sucking third place with Buttgag, liar Warren or the California Farter . Talk about a bunch of the Democrats finest . 🤮🤮🤮

  2. That's what you do when your guilty. Biden's been caught, and Obama is pissed he has thrown his crimes into the sunlight.

  3. The left thinks they are immune from investigation if they are running for office. It’s amazing how the left starts throwing a tantrum when they get exposed. No one is above the law, not Hillary, not Biden, not Obama, not any of these socialists.

  4. Weird how all of a sudden this is a problem when Trump and the White House have been doing the same for quite a while now. Fake news at it's best lmao

  5. Nice spin. Trump is guilty. It has nothing to do with Biden. If you want Hunter, that’s not Joe. What the heck is going on? This isn’t reality!

  6. Biden doesn't realize that he doesn't have the authority to not testify. Once a DOPE always a DOPE. Biden is in a world of $h!t for the corruption he and his son were involved in.

  7. Charlie Kirk

    Verified account


    This is your daily reminder that Joe Biden actually BRAGGED about a quid pro quo with Ukraine

    Democrats want to impeach Trump for the exact thing their party’s frontrunner admitted to

    Where is the Media?

    RT, so they can’t ignore it!

    America1stTiger – Text TRUMP to 88022

  8. Educating Liberals


    Dear libs,

    Obama’s FBI did not break “rules” or “policies.” They broke laws.

    And they did not make “mistakes.” They committed serious crimes.

    Everybody who was involved in these TREASONOUS activities needs to be held responsible & punished to the FULLEST extent possible. 💀💯

  9. Kevin McCarthy

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    Democrats’ 2019 in a review:

    ✅ Issued more subpoenas than laws.

    ✅ Have fewer members than they started with.

    ✅ Jammed through an unpopular impeachment which will cost them their House majority.

  10. Good on you Joe, now like our dividends given us by large oil companies in Alaska, give all US citizens a dividend from all huge corporate gread, as they reduce our job securities and health.

  11. Educating Liberals


    You know the Dems are in trouble when they try impeaching a President & his ratings go up.

    They’ve become so desperate that the media can’t lie & cover for them anymore.

    The public is finally recognizing the anti-American agenda of the Democratic Party & it’s glorious to watch.

  12. The godfather of the Bidan crime family should be introduced to the joys of breaking rocks in the stony lonesome instead of speaking at half filled middle school gymnasiums…..

  13. Biden, Pelosi, Finestein are all a joke and Biden a pedophile for sure. It’s embarrassing to see this guy run for President and people actually buying it is even more embarrassing. 😰🤭😬

  14. In the United States, an executive order is a directive issued by the president of the United States that manages operations of the federal government. … Presidential executive orders, once issued, remain in force until they are canceled, revoked, adjudicated unlawful, or expire on their own terms.

  15. Joe Biden is not on trial. Trump is. If the DoJ wants to indict and try Biden, bring on the charges. The reason they won't is that Biden did nothing criminal. Trump did.

  16. Why would the Republicans give the Democrats any concessions? They should ram this Senate trial down their throats in the most merciless manner ever witnessed by man. If the Dems want to operate in the way their favorite third world dictators do then I would hammer them in to powder!

  17. The Bidens are losers. The very corrupt institution the lefty loons cry about but, since he's a democrat, they will just exercise their hypocrisy and keep on supporting him. I'd rather be an American than a democrat!

  18. But Joes conduct does have something to do with trumps conduct. The Biden’s corruption in Ukraine was obvious and justifies trumps request for Ukraine’s leader to do Americans a favor and look into the Biden’s. This is what people are concerned about instead of how Hunter was making 160,000+ a month working for Burisma. Also, Joe withheld 1 billion dollars from Ukraine until the prosecutor that was investigating Burisma was fired. LMAO no corruption there

  19. Anytime an elected official promises something of value to a foreign government in exchange for any act by that government is defined as Bribery.
    Would you like the Federal statute?

  20. No one wants to know if biden knows any thing about trump we want biden held responsible for the crimes he has done Biden is the guilty party by his own testimony

  21. Senate Judiciary Committee will give Joe a fair trial on FISA Abuse and Ukrainian Prosecutor Firing and Burisma Corruption when he was VP of US.

  22. Funny how the same politicians (Democrats) whom have now for the past 3 years have constantly talked about no one being above the law…yet now the squeeze is being placed around their necks, they now act like the sacred scripts of American Law are more like sacred suggestions and can be ignored. Oh how convenient for the DemoCraps.

  23. I think as long as Joe Biden is running for President, allegations against him regarding Quid Pro Quo should be considered because, after all, the EXACT same thing that they are accusing President Trump of doing is EXACTLY the same thing that Joe Biden has confessed to doing. So the offense is perfectly applicable to impeach a sitting President…yet it isn't enough to just disqualify a Presidential candidate??? The Democrats and Fake News want to crucify Trump for something that Joe Biden admitted to doing (Obstruction of Justice) in order to benefit his son's cushy job with Burisma Holdings.

  24. He’d have no problem whatsoever if he wasn’t doing anything wrong and scared of being called out about it! At least Trump shows up!

  25. Biden, you are a small little man.
    You have gotten wealthy off the American taxpayer. It is pitiful to watch you fumble mumble around. You need to be put in that place where you hold on to metal bars to look out in the hallways. But if I was you I would sit the rest of this waltz out. I would go home get some rest and enjoy my grandchildren. Bcuz in my opinion there are going to be people out there looking for you. You are just trying to save your keister and those of your friends. Not gonna help. It is too late for all of you!!!

  26. I'm a Brit so maybe someone can enlighten me. If Biden refuses to comply with a congressional subpoena, could he face contempt charges and/or jail?

  27. hysterical irony.
    Had the idiot demoRats NOT made a big deal out of the phone call Biden wouldnt be in the hot seat right now LMFAO.
    These morons cant help themselves but sink their own ships over and over again.

  28. Either way he has no argument… if he simply defys a subpoena he will be committing the same offense they are impeaching Trump for and he doesn't even have Executive privilege like Trump has.. if he claims he shouldn't testify because there's no legal basis for him to testify as he has no first hand knowledge of the alleged crimes committed by Trump.. then it completely throws out all but Sondland's testimony in the house..and we all know Sondland said he presumed there was quid pro quo..and Trump told him he wanted nothing from Ukraine..this case is closed..and creepy Joe has committed and says he will commit all of the same "crimes" they are impeaching Trump on..yet want to give him the nomination to be president 🤔

  29. If you still support these Democrat nut jobs, even when the TRUTH is right in front of you, you're WILLFULLY ignorant and an enemy to our nation.
    Plain and simple .

  30. Nancy will never pass the papers to the Senate anyways since the week she does it will be resolved and Trump acquitted of this sham of a impeachment and that doesn't look good for headlines. So I doubt Biden will ever have the opportunity to say no. Also the Biden "Fatso" video that went viral pretty much sealed him away from winning the primary. I'd wager Warren is going to win the Democratic primary and will be curbed stomp by Trump in 2020.

  31. The left thinks the right is corrupt. The right thinks the left is corrupt. Must we vote everyone out, send a message? Whatever message that is, come up with that yourself. There are some good people in the bunch on both sides, but everyone has painted someone with a wicked paintbrush that the entire process is jeopardized and polarized. Is there no middle ground with reason? Cannot the democrats and republicans both be to blame? Can Donald Trump be at fault while also Joe Biden?

    Edit: I hope the aftermath of this impeachment strengthens the country and doesn't weaken it.

  32. Yawwwwn. Tried stopping the inauguration. Did a recount. The Mueller report. Sexual assault allegations that went nowhere. Now this trial with no evidence. Over someone they don't think is nice enough to be president.

  33. He has never been very bright, a born bull shitter and nothing more than a mediocre used car salesman! And his son is an embarrassment!

  34. So basically our rules in our laws don't apply to the elite Upper Crust only to us down here on the bottom they don't have to have proof for a impeachment they don't have to adhere to subpoenas they don't have to they don't have to they don't have to so what what the hell who are these people. This is like a bad soap opera being played out before the world stage it's ridiculous does anybody adhere to any rules nowadays rules are meant to be broken is the rule of thoughts

  35. Sure, less jail time for defying a subpoena. But Joe's testimony not needed to convict for Ukraine, China, etc. Cannot escape.

  36. Just think, if this egomaniac would not have run for president, noooooone of this would be happening. He’d be rich and still sniffing kids. Fucken idiot is he.

  37. Anybody gets a subpoena from the court! You do have no choice but to show up. Joe Biden is hiding something and it will come out. TRUMP 2020🇺🇸✊👍

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