Beto O’Rourke Becomes 2020’s 15th Democratic Presidential Candidate | The Daily Show

There’s an old African saying, “If you keep quiet
for long enough, you can hear a new Democrat
joining the presidential race.” (laughter) Did you hear that? Another one just joined. A brand new Democrat in the race
for the White House. Former Texas Congressman
Beto O’Rourke, the social media phenom
who lost his race for the Senate last year, joined the growing field
just moments ago. He’s campaigning in Iowa today. And we have something
that almost no other country in the world has. We have the single greatest
mechanism to call forth the genius
of our fellow human beings. This democracy, more than 320 million people
strong, can bring the in ingenuity,
the creativity, the resolve
of an entire country. Yes. That’s right. Beto O’Rourke is officially
in the race. And it’s about time. Because he’s been teasing us
for months. Yeah, he wouldn’t say
he was running. But he was on Oprah, he was on the cover
of Vanity Fair, he released a documentary. But whenever we asked him
if he was running, he’d answer like a coy
Southern belle. (with Southern accent):
“I might, but a lady never tells.” (giggles) And, I mean, obviously,
we all saw this coming. This is
the least-surprising thing to happen since we found out Tucker Carlson said
something racist. And a lot of people–
a lot of people are wondering, “Why is Beto even running
for president “when he couldn’t
even beat Ted Cruz? “I mean, he lost. I’m like,
“Yeah, yeah, he lost. But he lost by a little bit,
which is what people love. Yeah, it’s like Rocky,
or Cool Runnings or Bad News Bears. You see, humans are weird. If you win easily,
people hate you. Right? Like Tom Brady. And if you lose by too much,
we just think you suck. But if you lose
by just a little bit, people are like,
“That’s my guy.” (laughter) And now, of course,
the big question, whenever a new Democrat enters
the race is, how is Trump going
to bully them? And with Beto,
the president wasted no time. Well, I think he’s got a lot
of hand movement. I’ve never seen
so much hand movement. I said, “Is he crazy, or is that
just the way he acts?” And I’ve actually never seen
anything quite like it. You know, I can’t believe
I’m saying this, but… Trump is right. “Boo! Boo!
No, screw you, Trevor! Boo! Go back to Africa! Boo!” No, but seriously, like,
have you seen how much Beto O’Rourke
uses his hands? Like, look at that. Look at… It’s just, like,
everything’s hands, every… He’s like a polite version
of Eminem, just, like, the whole time. He kind of looks like one
of those things at the car wash that I sometimes
have sex dreams about. You know those things? But that being said,
that being said, Trump is the last person to mock someone
for overusing their hands. All right? I mean,
every single Trump speech looks like he’s conducting every orchestra in the world
at the same time. In fact, if the race comes down
to Trump versus Beto, the debates are just gonna look
like every fighting game we remember from the arcade. Round one, fight. -(grunts)
-Show your taxes. No wall. Witch hunt. (grunts) Double KO. You lose. (cheering and applause) So, Beto O’Rourke has officially
joined the race for president, which means
there are now 15 Democrats running in the primary.
That’s so many people. Look at all those faces. Look at all of those faces! They’ve got enough people to start the world’s
worst soccer team.

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  1. People mock, but we still haven't surpassed the 17 Republicans from 2016. That being said, we don't need more presidential candidates. We need more senate candidates.

  2. When considering my fellow human beings, I think that "genius" is the very LAST term to come to mind. Empathetic perhaps, commendable maybe; heck, I'll even take altruistic as a safe, albeit odd description of our humanity – but humans are generally speaking, anything but genius. This guy sounds like a bona fide brain-washed Heaven's Gate member. I hope NO ONE votes for this rambling buffoon!

  3. Who's scarier, Beta or AOC??? Well, AOC given that her "ideology" is pure Socialism and controlled (and financially backed) by a group of far Left whackadoos. However, Beto, is the true threat, because he's the biggest threat to Trump in 2020. Democrats are so attracted to shiny objects, fake virtue, and a well manicured presentation, that it's downright insane. That's why we got Obama-mania 10 years ago. Obama became and overnight "rock star". …Just because he strutted onto the stage with the ultimate confidence and spoke with the cadence of Dr. King himself. Those damn bumper stickers ("Obama", "Hope", "Change") were everywhere, if you recall. And what was the result after 8 years of Obama??? There may have been some false "hope" in the beginning, but the only "change" we got was a nation plagued by sudden manufactured race relation issues (comparable civil unrest of the the 60's and 70's), more debt, more war, and no relief from the massive financial crisis. And now, Beto is Obama reborn, as a white Beta male, who's even further Left than Obama every was. It's no exaggeration to say that he prospect of a Beto Presidency could destroy the Democratic Republic that's made us the most prosperous Nation in the world. "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave", in the hands of Robert O'Rourke, could easily become a "Nation of the Civilly Disenfranchised". I guarantee Trump recognizes Beto's marketability, and knows that Beto is his (and the Country's) biggest threat. I'd be willing to bet that, unless Michelle Obama decides to run, Barack will be endorsing Beto, as will CNN and MSNBC. God help us… Seriously god, we need you now!

  4. Beto only looks good next to Ted Cruz. He is an empty shell that just speaks without saying anything but empty platitudes. What progressive policy does he even support, and how much does he oppose?

  5. He has no chance. Democrats are more concerned w your victim level. This rich white straight male has no shot. Dems would vote for him only if he was black gay and or a woman. No one cares about his policies or anything else

  6. And Trevor is an idiot that doesn't know when to stop criticising people for every little thing just , because he needs to make a joke about any thing ,because he can't forget to be the clown , you are a waste of talent Mr Trevor, at this point you just became a disappointment.

  7. I live in Texas. I supported Beto because he was the better choice than Ted Cruz, but he has no substance. He speaks like a gospel pastor. Im with Yang because he has real answers to our problems.

  8. What a beautiful irony it would be for the man who has been shouting "The Mexicans are stealing your jobs!!!" for the past 3 years to get replaced by a Latin American.

  9. What specific policies does he support and what legislation is he planning on bringing to the table? This is very scary that all these new presidential candidates are popping and have no specific positions. Being president is not a popularity contest or to be used to self promote personal gain like Trump has done. The only candidate we have seen so far that presents any real positions is Andrew Yang. I hope we start seeing some real debates on how each of these candidates plan to improve the quality of American's lives.

  10. Oh yes the corrupt corporatist Democrat who couldn't even beat Ted Cruz of all people is running for presidency I just hope that this more corporate is Democrats anyone cuz in that way just makes it even easier for Bernie Sanders to destroy them

  11. The former textbook white male teen psychopath turned kept sugarboy done-nothing Congressman "raised" more $ than Bernie but attracts 1/10000 the crowds?  Um ….

  12. Trevor Noah and co should not have made Yang's campaign to be such a joke. Automation is scary and definitely not funny

  13. More candidates mor speeches more interviews biggger blue wave…assuring a dem 2020…we have three great pnes in there lets wait and see

  14. We have a fake Mexican
    We have a fake Pocahontas
    We have a fake Spartan

    All running for the Democrat ticket- love it!!!

  15. No democrat is going to win the presidency unless they work on getting rid of gerrymandering, the electorial college and do something about these crappy voting machines as well as change the voting laws for example exact signature law is bullshit

  16. Fox and black entertainment channels have covered Yang in-depth 5+ times and CNN and MSNBC not once. Yet he is a democrat and attracting so much energy. Let that sink in…

  17. DEMS candidates for president are just NOISE! ANNOYING INTERFERENCE if you can describe them using Physics terminology. Lower voting age? Green new deal? Eliminating the electoral college? These loser LEFT is insane and truly SOCIALIST! Trump 2020!

  18. Yang, Bernie and Tulsi sec of state. Beto (as well as Biden) is dead! NOBODY WANTS HIM AND HE FIGHTS FOR NO THING.

  19. But don't report Beto & his father in-law voting to throw Hispanics off their properties for their own personal real estate interest(s) & leaving a DWI scene.

  20. what a bunch of losers… lmao… i didn't win senate… time to run for president! desperate for power. dems, just take the next decade off and let us put the pieces back together while you come back down to earth.

  21. If these are your candidates…It’s a sure thing Trump will win 2020. You need another Hillary Clinton. No one can put up a fight like she can

  22. Oh yes, I want this guy in charge.

  23. I thought the Republicans went overboard in 2016 with all of their candidates but the Democrats are waaayyyy over the top! Beto, actually is not a bad candidate but suddenly every female Democrat is running! There are talented women who became famous because they are talented but in politics they are all playing the sex card!

  24. Beto has no Experience, he’s all talk. He is trying to win with Bla Bla Bla. Let’s not get suckered by another mouth with no experience.

  25. #1 Bernie
    #2 Tulsi
    #3 Warren
    If neither of them are in the general election I'll go vote but only if I'm not too tired after work

  26. You need to see Josh Bernstein's expose him in this video:

  27. Didn't you get dropped by cable yet? Hope you mindless sheeple wake up and smell the MAGA. It's the best part of waking up, not the Folgers in my cup.

  28. where are all the conspiracy theories … oh wait, they're running in the dem primaries…. Russia,Russia,Russia,Russia,Russia,Russia,Russia,Russia,Russia,Russia,Russia,Russia,Russia,Russia,Russia,Russia,Russia,Russia,

  29. Best Show in the world! The "Mockers" (((MOCKING))) Themselves..Without a "Clue"
    Comedy may not be "Your" BAG!😁

  30. Pete 2020. Bernie had his chance in 2016, corny booker is a failure, warren should remain in the senate, Beto is old news, Kamala is basically Hillary 2.0 and yang is okay I guess while the rest I doubt they’ll get far ahead

  31. Okay research this O’Rourke family criminal history…start with Pat Francis O’Rourke and his ties to the El Paso Drug Cartels, Melissa O’Rourke and her guilty plea to Tax evasion and money laundering, and Beto’s father-in-law William Sanders scams with the El Paso City development scams…Yup.. this is the true nature of the Democrat Party Presidential Candidates and the DNC…

  32. Eliminate taxes for the bottom 60% for 6 years
    Change 12 month 30 day ancient payment system to 9months___40 day per year
    and put a hold on mortgage rates and rent cost indefinitely
    Set medical cost based on income alone
    Give scholarship for free college for anyone with B averge or above
    Create true equal rights no bond court system
    Use military option for all convicted felons
    Use felon military to distribute grow & gaurd food in all the third world countries

  33. this broken-down clown racist piece of crap and the mother who crapped them out will go to hell Beto O'Rourke it's nothing but used toilet paper trying to bring back a soggy piece of crap I don't think so

  34. I don't want a white male to represent the Democratic party. That would be inconsistent with the identity politics that will accelerate the party's destruction.

  35. HAHAHAHA Go ahead pick the Irish man who pretends to be hispanic fo r Pres. Trump will win by landslide
    for Beto has college papers of him describing stories of Beto wanting to run over kids with his car and eat them.
    yes eat them cannibalism in college papers.
    democrats picks the weirdos.

  36. HAHAHAHA Go ahead pick the Irish man who pretends to be hispanic fo r Pres. Trump will win by landslide


    for Beto has college papers of him describing stories of Beto wanting to run over kids with his car and eat them.

    yes eat them cannibalism in college papers.


    democrats picks the weirdos.

  37. I love Daily Show under Jon Stewart, and I've had doubts with Noah initially, but I have to admit, Noah has grown to fill Stewart's shoe, and then some. For one, his punts, commentary, and jokes are spot on, and it's truly funny. I dislike Trump as a person royally, but he does have a point, from time to time. if anyone in Dems would care to embrace Trump's commitment to the working class, she or he would have won the race, hands down. Biden is the only one so far who cares to take on that position (even though it's not a position that grabs news headlines), rather than letting the far left push them further off the center (that would surely lose the race). I hate to say this too, that while folks like Sanders and AOC have a point (and valid ones too), their way of going about it, is all wrong. To be honest, healthcare is an important issue that affects everyone, but no one is going to vote for a candidate on healthcare alone. Climate change is important, but most voters don't see it as immediate threat (well, the world won't come to an end in 4 years' time). But if voters don't have a job with meaning pay that they can live on (or live like their next door neighbors), THAT's an immediate concern. Economy is strong right now, but it's not enough to lift all boats like we saw in the '90s. Again and again, we hear people say, we don't want handouts, we want a job. There are still folks who got left behind in the aftermath from the '08 crash and never recover. Biden seems to be the only Dem candidate that can connect to those disgruntled voters. Sanders, Buttigieg, O'Rourke, Warren, Harris, and the rest seem to be all appealing to only a subnet of the loud voters in their own camp, but they are not appealing to the wider voter base, and will lose 2020.

  38. Just remember Beto endorsed Hillary in the 2016 primary> hes no progressive! Vote with repukes in Congress waaaaay too much… its Bernie time!

  39. Good one Noah they just shut down the electricity in SA and no water. you should know the fucking filth you Preach.

  40. Well it's 4 months later and Robert is at the bottom of the barrel. So glad this dumb looking face democrat it's over for him. His gay twin brother is doing better on the polls than he is. When you have 0% that should tell you that it's over. You can't jump from 0% to 18% in one year. It's sad that these lunatic far left people will vote for any dumb guy who has 0 political knowledge just as long as they are democrat. That should already indicate how fucked the democrats are. By now Latinos most are going to vote for Trump (democrats seem to forget most of us Latinos come from a conservative background) secondly there was a blexit and mexit last year. That alone is more than enough. Now you have 20 useless progressive democrat tools who will do anything for votes. It's quiet pathetic. Democrats never cared about immigration, LGBTQ or minorities for that matter. Also look back to history. Dems were the ones who started slavery and the KKK. Republicans actually fought back to free slaves. It's funny how Democrats try to rewrite history

  41. Finally a person running for president that cares more about improving this country,Trump cares more bout tweeting than doing that😂(<joke)but fr tho instead of doing something good,he’s kicking people that contribute to this country out of it and blaming shootings on mental illness(which is obviously not true,they’re psychotic)and video games?

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