Bernie Sanders responds to sexual harassment allegations on 2016 campaign

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. CNN, owed by AT&T Oligarchs, is scared to death of Bernie Sanders. Are you an Oligarch? No? Well do not listen to CNN lies. Find out for yourself. Then vote for Senator Sanders.

  2. Fuck you CNN! I have been a progressive my whole life, however because of you I would rather watch fox or vote for a republican before watching your bullshit anymore……will never vote for the corporate democrat you fakes are going to push. If Bernie gets screwed over again I'm voting for trump.

  3. FUUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOOUU CORPORATE COCK SUCKERS, i wish we could vote to end CNN, they have become FOX bews

  4. Sit down Bernie! ADOS!NoBlackTangiblesNoBlackVotes!2020Reparations

  5. I will never support Bernie sanders. I will vote for anyone but him. Socialism needs to Get the hell out of our country. Id give you guys reasons but most of you will just rant call me stupid and ignorant then refuse to discuss why so no point. All Propaganda this video. They all get paid in the end and Obama shut down the government too for Medicare which was TERRIBLE.

  6. This is nonsense. This is like the steps to Kevin Bacon Game. Bernie has nothing to even do with this issue.

  7. Enough of the sexual harassment claims – 30 years later. You get 1 year to make a claim. That's it! (unless it's against The Idiot Trump: Then, there's no statute of limitations).

  8. I see the Clinton News Network is at it again with its BS headline to get people to listen. Oh, but thanks. You just reminded me why I love Bernie so much. A true public servant. Not the corporate [email protected] all the rest of the politicians are.

  9. WTF wow CNN doing this again huh? Your headline says everything! ya I remember hundreds of us protesting in front of ur building in LA last election time for doing shady shit and you guys were no where to be seen!

  10. im so curious why the sexual harassment allegations now? the metoo movement and the call outs has been happening. its a good time for sure. but why now? the dnc does anything to make bernie fall.

  11. "Bernie 2020" just on its own would have to be the campaign slogan with the most ironic wit in the history of the human race

  12. if you go through CNN videos covering bernie sander, most if not all, are about slandering bernie.
    its almost as if someone is paying them millions of dollars to do this…🤔🤔🤔

  13. 5:43 Cooper asks about the allegations… Bernie completely circumvents the question for the first 2min of his response. Lack of TRANSPARENCY.

  14. So only women get harassed ? where do men go when they are harassed ? It is obvious that white women now fully control America.

  15. Uh oh…people caught playing stinkfinger on Bernie the Bolshevik's campaign. 😲 Quick! Get my pink pussy hat…I need to march outside in front of a clustered bouquet of mics and give a presser.😂

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