Bernie Sanders Raises $34.5M In Fourth Quarter | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Bernie beware… Trump is all set to wage a war with iran…. Just to divert the attention of his misdoings… This is his last ditch effort to cling to power

  2. with so many people working on a show you'd think it be quality… so much for that. msdnc at it's finest. and that guest my god.

  3. Buttigieg is a media creation. MSNBC is an embarrassment. 1, 2, 3, time to bash Bernie, so predictable. Jason Jolly is a joke, Bernie is about policy!!!! Bernie 2020

  4. My problems with Bernie are almost too many to count. He claims that Trump has divided the country despite the fact that he's the one promoting class warfare (i.e., against "the billionaire class"), nevermind that he's a millionaire himself. Like Buttigieg said, he issues for others a purity test he himself cannot pass. Instead, Bernie likes to pretend that there's some fundamental difference between his level of wealth and those who've made considerably more (e.g., maybe they're more "greedy" than he is?), but that's not an assumption he ever backs up with evidence.

    And BTW, people like to say he's "consistent" but that's false because the guy used to rail against the millionaires too, until he became one. Suddenly, and quite conveniently, millionaires were no longer part of the problem.

    Bernie also likes to call Trump a racist despite the fact that he's the one who panders to blacks/latinos with the victimhood mentality by saying whites don't know what it's like to be poor. Which is racist, a lie, and a way of dividing the American people!

    And speaking of lies, Bernie lies every bit as much as the other politicians. He lied multiple times on the Joe Rogan podcast, for example:

    And finally, Bernie refuses to admit that Trump has done well with the economy. And no, not "just for the upper 1%" as Bernie likes to claim. Members of all classes (and races, since the Democrats can't help but fixate on the color of people's skin) have benefited from Trump's economy. Record-low unemployment for blacks and latinos, over 7 million jobs provided overall. Average weekly paychecks are up 2.8%. The poverty rate and food stamp rolls declined. Real median household income (that's the amount earned by those in the very middle) hit $65,084 (in 2019 dollars) for the 12 months ending in July, which is the highest level ever and a gain of $4,144, or 6.8%, since he took office. There's more, but you get the idea.

  5. You guys never give up, do ya? Bernie will win this time. Just accept it. Stop the negative coverage, for the love of God. Just…

  6. This JJ guy is soooo wrong… omg… the ONLY reason people like Bernie is because of POLICIES! Its the POLICIES, stupid!

  7. Bernie was never out or ever over…. that's just what corporate propaganda wanted us to believe (we know you lie).

  8. you guys are WAY OFF, who is this analyst saying its not about Bernie's Policy?? People are NOT throwing money at him because they like his personality, they think he is a savior BECAUSE of his policies and what he want to do for AVERAGE americans, instead of the wealthy corporations that other candidates get money from..As for Biden being the strongest?? Hes flubbed a few debates, Yang has even raised more than Biden in the 4th quarter..Warren has dropped for going back on medicare for all, Bernie's policies would be good for common people thats why he earns more, and all small donations means A LOT of people are supporting him.

  9. Pete was not the top fund raiser. Gtfoh 🤮 🙃 🤪🤔
    BERNIE IS A BEAST IN THESE STREETS he should be getting better press he deserves better than you! We deserve better than you! Soon your black out is coming and it'll give you an after thought. You routed for him in 2016 don't forget that!

  10. The amount of misinformation in this segment is appalling. I’m so glad I stop watching this trash over a year ago. The anti Bernie bias is real. MSDNC is full of it.

  11. Took time out to correct a termination reference. Imagine if msnbc brought that fact checking power to bear on issues of actual significance.

  12. You are so so so wrong about Bernie's supporters. You're embarrassing yourself. No one thought he was going anywhere, he's been gaining new supporters and his supporters DO follow him based on Policy alone!

  13. Biden winning with young people. Wow. I mean wow. Just goes to show that you can look intelligent and still sound stupid

  14. How is Pete's fundraising "incredible" and Bernie's is a side note? You do understand that 34 is bigger than 24? Right? They set what they thought was an unreachable goal of 5 MILLION DONORS AND REACHED IT because Bernie knows how to come to the table LARGE! He doesn't negotiate with his fears and then apologize when he makes his bid. Bernie has the balls you will never have, Joe.

  15. Hey Joe, the segment should start with the candidate who raised MORE than the others, that's 🔝Bernie Sanders🔝!! Sanders raised 40% more than Buttigieg and has 5 million donors! No billionaires and wine caves, meaning sure votes. Pete has little individual donors, because his money come from his 40 billionaires donors!😂 Please report the NEWS correctly!!

  16. Bernie's numbers have steadily grown across the US. Warren isnt a true progressive as she continues to give into more of the PTB of the Democratic Party.

    People are supporting him because of his policies. Have him on and ask him unbiased questions on his policies. Do the same of the other top 4 candidates.

    MSNBC….better not challenge the established power structure.

  17. Bernie's initials sums up his politics – A bunch of BS!

    He is going to pave the way only to be ousted by the hag (again) but will be pleasantly rewarded (again)

    Again I say A bunch of BS

  18. Corporate America wants Biden so bad. MSNBC, CNN, and so on… we are not f#ckiing with Biden! The ppl are with Bernie. Get over it!

  19. Jason Johnson is so biased and must either be stupidly living a delusional bubble or he is outright lying as a Corporate Democrat shill. Sanders supporters are not a cult of personality. They are all about policy. Their loyalty to Sanders comes from knowing every one of those policy positions to which they are so staunchly dedicated are policies which they know Sanders is just as staunchly dedicated to. And they see that Sanders has been for his entire career in politics. The jaded masses know that, especially during election cycles, policy positions for many politicians are matters of expedience. With Sanders, they know every one is sincere and that Sanders will fight for them.

  20. This guy Jason don't know wth he talking about it's about policies period. Your commentary is just purposely disingenuous and idiotic. #Bernie2020

  21. Jason Johnson is a goddam fool. Bernie supporters don’t support him for his policies?!?? MSM once again hiring idiots. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  22. MSNBC can't handle Bernie's success, yet they're still willing to smear him to the public without batting an eyelash.

  23. Why do they put buffoons and hacks who lack integrity on national television as if their unsubstantiated and un-researched, hypocritical inane ramblings have any weight whatsoever?

  24. What's actually embarrassing Joe, is that you all continue to dismiss Bernie and keep pushing Hillary 2.0 like that's actually appealing to the voters we need to win!

  25. This is BLATANT Bernie bashing! He's the front runner! It's so obvious that they're trying to downplay that fact!

  26. This analisis is so dumb just add up the % of the progressive candidates vs the establishment candidates and his whole argument about biden/establishment being ahead is demonstrated false. Almost as though they are wilfully mistepresenting the situation. Hmm

  27. Y'all do realize that Bernie donors aren't just going to give their money to another candidate if Bernie doesn't do well past super Tuesday? Also the average is 18 dollars. We all got at least two more dollars to give in 2020. Sayin though.

  28. It’s totally fine for msnbc to give misleading or false information about a presidential candidate like bernie but god forbid they get a fictional characters name wrong

  29. Trump raised 44 million in the same time frame. I guess Trump supporters make more than the kiddies that send Bernie their allowance.

  30. Oh yeah! With all that money he has raised, I'm starting to "Feel the Bern and Itch". Who wouldn't want Socialism with a path to Communism (like Russia did about 100 years ago). Everybody has justice, everybody is equal no matter what. I like the ideas… Free healthcare, education, and concrete high rise housing.

  31. Bernie out-raised everyone else. Why doesn’t he just drop out, right? That sounds familiar.

    I have some clown noses to distribute if you feel like expressing some honesty in news.

  32. Lets see now..Con Man Bernie says he will A) Have full open borders and allow EVERTBODY into the country and then B) He will give everyone (including the new border crossers) to have totally free Medicare…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA You gullible teenagers actually believe that fantasy????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  33. Jason Johnson: "Bernie Sanders supporters are supporting him primarily for policy purposes and that's not really what's going on."

    Reality: "Bernie Sanders supporters are supporting him primarily for policy purposes."


  34. 😂 first of all! people are Bernie or bust because OF his policy’s and second of all, since when do young people support Biden?! 😂😂

    Why do you even have contributors if they have nothing to contribute?! Even the Hillary person was more useful
    In that debate 😅

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