Bernie Sanders on Weed, AOC & Cardi B | Extended Interview | DESUS & MERO

CREW: Let’s roll camera. CREW: Quiet, please. [MUSIC PLAYING] I would imagine you do a
lot of boring interviews. This one won’t be
boring, I don’t think. I do do a lot of boring
ones, but this one– [INTERPOSING VOICES] MERO: Some are
incredibly boring. How’s it going, Bernie? OK, it’s going great.
Good. Good to be with you guys. All right. You recently
announced you’re back. How are you feeling? You know, you had a little
health thing going on now. Are you back 100%? You ready to rock? I am feeling really good.
That’s good, glad to hear that. What do you have to
say to those people that are worried, and say,
oh, well, he’s healthy enough? Is he this is, is he that,
buh, buh, buh, buh, buh? Well, follow me
around the campaign trail, and I think
you’ll learn that I’m healthy, that I’m
vigorous, and we’re going to win this campaign. Gotcha, gotcha. And we’re going to
defeat the most dangerous president in the history of this
country, and defeat him badly. Right. We got to get Donald
Duck outta here. [INTERPOSING VOICES]
– Going to get him out. You just had a
rally out in Queens? – We did.
– Big rally. How many people were there? Who’s counting? 26,433– [INTERPOSING VOICES] –people, and a little
kid and two dogs. And 50 Cent was there. And our home girl. Shout to AOC, who was out there. Keep repping. How does it feel
to have somebody like that from this
generation connect with you? You know, that is
a great question. Old school. Right. What it tells us is
that no matter our age, or where we were born,
or the color of our skin, people have an enormous
amount in common. We are a common humanity. And to see a young woman
of 30– the youngest woman ever elected to the Congress– working alongside of me
in the fight for justice– it tells me that we have
enormous opportunity to bring people all
over this country around an agenda that works
for all of us, not just the 1%. On the campaign trail,
where is the worst food? [LAUGHTER] Speak freely, Bernie. Speak freely. One of the things that
I’m trying to do, I mean– let me beat around the
bush on that issue– Gotcha, gotcha. –is eat healthy. You ever have
a chopped cheese? – No.
– No? Oh, you’re missing out, Bernie. Probably the most unhealthy
thing you could ever– [LAUGHTER]
– It really is. –your entire life. Like, literally, if you’re
caught on camera eating one, you cannot be president.
[LAUGHTER] That’s just the way
the system works. We’re also from the Bronx. And being from the Bronx, we– I was born in Brooklyn. All right. Yeah, BK all day. Are you a Nets fan? – No!
– OK, just making sure. MERO: The Knicks it is! Thank you. No, I’ll tell you
some ancient history. You ready for ancient– All right, let’s some
hear some ancient history. Once upon a time– George Washington
era– there was a team called the Brooklyn Dodgers. And the guy who
owned the Dodgers did something horrible
beyond belief. He took that team away
from this community. It really was enormously
upsetting for the people of Brooklyn and New York. And so you know, over the
years, I became a Red Sox fan after I moved to Vermont. Oof. – I know that’s tough stuff.
– Yeah, it hurts. – That hurts.
– It hurts, it hurts. [LAUGHTER] [INTERPOSING VOICES] I need a second to recover. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Let’s slow down for
a second, as I gotta– [LAUGHTER] We need some water? Or something stronger. CREW: Rolling on the mark. You know, something
that concerns us dearly, and most of our viewers– weed. What is your weed policy like? So this is what we do. Right now– unbelievable– under
the Controlled Substance Act, marijuana is at the
same level as heroin. Right. Which is insane. So we take it out of that, which
essentially legalizes marijuana all over this country. And the second thing
we do, move to expunge the records of
those people who’ve been arrested for marijuana. And the third thing we do, which
is really important, I think– as we move toward the
legalization of marijuana, I don’t want large
corporations profiting. I want the people
who have been hurt the most to be able to benefit. The folks who should be involved
in the legal marijuana business will be people of color. MERO: Smart, smart. All right, we told your
staff no hot button issues. We lied. We got a very controversial
question for you. All right. Who is your favorite rapper? Well, Killer Mike
is a good friend. Ah! Also, you’re friends
with Cardi B? – Yeah.
– Yeah! Shout out to Cardi.
BX in the house. MERO: Yeah! DESUS: How did that
even come around? You know, you got a lot
of entertainment stars. These folks make zillions
of dollars a year. And a lot of them don’t
have the guts to speak out on important issues. They don’t want to antagonize
this group, you know? Right. Republicans buy sneakers,
et cetera, et cetera. But Cardi B. has. And we had a couple of really
long chats about politics. And I’m glad that
she is supportive. Do you think Trump is
going to be impeached? Yeah, I think he will
be impeached in the House. Whether he will be convicted
in the Senate is another story. This president, in my view, is
not just a pathological liar. He is not just a racist and
a sexist and a homophobe. His administration is
probably the most corrupt administration, certainly,
in the modern history of this country. It’s unbelievable. He can’t control himself. What makes our campaign
kind of unique– not only taking on Trump
and the Republicans, we’re taking on the
Democratic establishment. We’re taking on the
insurance companies, and the drug companies,
taking on Wall Street. You know, Wall Street– borrowing money for
2%, and then charging people 25% or 30% interest
rates on their credit cards. What do you call that?
– It’s like extortion. Exactly.
That’s what it is. Yeah. And you got to call it out. Shock the world. Yeah. What is one of your
guilty pleasures? I watch a lot of old movies. Like what movies? Like “Belly?” “Death of a Salesman.” Mm, oh, old-old. Not that old, you know? Yeah, I know. I think what would
blow my mind, he be like, I play “Fortnite” every day. – Nah!
– No? Not me, not me. Not me, not me. I don’t know if you’ve
seen– we’ve played basketball against Cory Booker. Could we get a– I usually play a
little basketball with the grandchildren.
– All right, right. Football. We bought some sneakers
for you to look at, to figure out if these
are like a fit for you, if these are something you’d
rock, if these have the– They have the
proper arch support. [INTERPOSING VOICES] So they have the
Bernie-approved drip. Increase your vertical,
you know what I mean? I need a lot of
improvement on that vertical. I can barely get
off the ground now. [THUNDERCLAP] The first sneaker here– this is a Travis Scott, rapper. He’s married to– Kylie Jenner. – Kylie Jenner, yes.
– Straight up. Straight up. (FALSETTO) Rise and shine. She might be a billionaire
you have to guillotine. But yeah.
– Yes. How much do you
think this retails for? $100? $100? What’s the resale
on these bad boys? Is it four–
[KA-CHING] $1,500. MERO: $1,500. $1,500. Ai, yi, yi. Are you interested? In paying $1,500 for
this pair of sneakers? Yes. I think I’ll pass. OK, all right. [LAUGHTER] OK, straight up said no to this. [CRASHING PERCUSSION] So something more
suited for someone not taking big corporate money. Looks like a nice sneaker. What do you think the resale
value on this bad boy is? Well, now you could–
the last one was $1,500. Right? But what’s this, $250? $250? What’s the resale on this?
[KA-CHING] $4,500. MERO: $4,500. AKA, two Honda
Civics in the Bronx. This is a status thing? Yes. It’s a flex. It’s a flex. You’re not a big flexer? – No.
– OK, all right. Afraid to flex. No, I really don’t like that
idea of people paying $4,500. Nobody likes that idea. (LAUGHING) No. Insane. [CELESTIAL SINGING] Are you familiar
with Kanye West? Sure. This is Kanye’s
sneaker, the last sneaker he released when he was still
under contract with Nike. Well, you will have blown my
mind on the last two sneakers, so I hesitate. I’m going to go big on this. Go big or go home, Bernie. All right. I mean, it’s weird to say it. $1,000. [RUMBLING] All right, again? [LAUGHTER] What is the resale
value of the Red October? [CRASHING PERCUSSION] $11,000. [KA-CHING] Does anybody in the
world pay $11,000? Sadly, yes. I think I’ll pass
on that one too. What’s the more
reasonable Bernie sneaker? What would you– I nearly paid $45-50. I like that.
Like a pair of New Balance? [INTERPOSING VOICES] That’s what it
is, New Balance. New Balance!
MERO: Little running shoe. All right, we got to
get a pair of custom made Bernie Sanders New Balances. We’re going to work on that. What features do you need on it? Like hypertech pumps, or– If they had shoelaces,
that would be good. OK.
MERO: OK. That’s– If they had rubber soles,
that would be pretty good. Shoelaces, rubber soles. BERNIE SANDERS: Yeah,
I’m a pretty modest guy. You’re modest. To keep me from
falling on my face. All right. We’re going to
design the Air Bernie. [FANFARE] [KA-CHING] Looks like a nice sneaker. Bernie, if you
could say one thing to the people watching this
interview, what would it be? Get involved. The future of the
country is at stake. (WHISPERING) I like
that, I like that. Also, do you have
anything to say about the state of our Knicks? Good luck. Damn. [LAUGHTER]
– Yo! We’ll take the boys
in the building. Senator Bernie Sanders. Good luck! Good luck! [APPLAUSE] [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. #bernie2020 accept no substitutes. He marched with MLK and chained himself to a Black woman comrade to fight housing segregation, for Christ's sake.

  2. Foreigner here. Best of luck to Bernie. Hope US citizens go out and vote this man in. He will be a God sent not only for the US but for the world 🌎 🌍

  3. Why on Earth does the mainstream media continue to push this "Bernie has no black support" narrative? It's clear his message resonates deeply in the African American community. And what is the crap about he never smiles, has no sense of humor? Come on watch this video!

  4. In a real sense, all life is inter-related. All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be, and you can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be… This is the interrelated structure of reality.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  5. People probably pay for these shoes with the credit cards that charge 20% interest rate. What are you gonna do about it? Regulate shoe prices? Might as well go all out socialism. Otherwise, how do you regulate what people choose to do?

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    Btw much LOVE to Bernie!!! 🙌


  8. "What's one of your guilty pleasures?"

    Bernie:"An old movie".

    If Trump was asked the same:"getting pissed on and spanked by hookers in Russia"


  9. Great interview, glad the hosts were able to bring out Bernie's playful side! Make the Air Bernies for his campaign, I'd buy a pair!

  10. If a manufacturer actually made the Air Bernie shoes shown at 8:00, they would sell so many they would still make a great profit even at that price; in fact I think they'd have a hard time keeping up with the demand. That price is low, but still even a bit out of my budget, and I'd still buy a pair!! I want these shoes!!

  11. Pandering at its finest…Bernie would never link up with these ppl,same with Cardi B, killer Mike etc…. Bernie team telling him to loosen up and try have fun with regular folk…the way Andrew Yang does naturally….

  12. Voting for berine. But when when a president calls for civil war.. or claims he can shoot someone down in 5th Avenue.. violence is real.. berine passes that I dont. It would be main focus.

  13. Those brothers are now Bernie butt kissers. Hes a fool AOC is a fool. It's due to a lack of experience that only come from real life experiences.
    Career politicians are being exposed.

  14. I PRAY that Bernie Sanders wins in 2020! We need a person with 50+ years of consistent integrity on issues. We need A) Bernie Presidency & B) a BLUE wave in the Senate and House, so that he can implement his policies, and clean up all the damage that has been done for too long.
    We love and RESPECT you Bernie.

  15. $11,000 sneaks. That's not a flex. You just wearing emergency bail money on your feet. That probably depreciates with every other step.

  16. It's really difficult to fake being genuine. Just look at most other politicians being interviewed outside of their traditional environments. Most look either arrogant, uncomfortable, bored or over-eager to please. Here Bernie comes over as relaxed, interested, open and sincere. He doesn't seem to need teleprompters or notes, and has authentic responses to all the questions. Most unusually, if he doesn't know something, he admits it and you can bet he will do the research so he knows the answer next time.

  17. Bernie is looking good in his sweater. Glad he is feeling better after his surgery. I like how he handles long form interviews like this.

  18. I only came to this channel for Bernie. I'm not the youngest person anymore and over the years I have seen a fair share of politicians and leaders come and go. Bernie Sanders is a once-in-a-lifetime candidate and I hope the American voters don't miss this opportunity to elect a real leader for once.

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  20. Half the comments here treat Bernie like a damn savior. Talk about being delusional. For example, "to all my black and brown brothers and sisters: this man is our best shot at a true emancipation and a fairer share for everyone. please consider supporting him". Here's a fact: If you really think another man (especially a rich career politician) is your best shot at true emancipation, you are hopelessly enslaved beyond hope. That's some deep indoctrination right there. Sheep ain't got nothin on you.

  21. D&M: Bernie, what is your kinda sneaker?!
    Bernie: One that is made by unionised American craftsmen, who are paid a living wage, can afford a decent standard of life, have access to free healthcare and whose kids can get free education.

  22. I love rewatching this video. When he reacts to those shoe prices, he reminds of how my grandparents would look at me when I wanted to buy something on their dime. They had that look like, "You my grandbaby, but you not gon' run out my pension."

  23. In all seriousness we need to overwhelmingly vote Bernie in 2020. I don't care what party we individually identify with Bernies policies benefit us all. As he says "We not me", and he means it. When one looks at his history and record you know you can trust him to follow through. Bernie Sanders is a true servant of the public interest, always has been.
    Bernie 2020!!!

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