“BERNIE & HILLARY” — A Bad Lip Reading

* You can turn these captions OFF and ON using the CC button Senator Sanders, this question is for you. If I mixed lemonade and the contents of an ashtray that a French guy left at a Raddison, do you think that’s something that Hillary could like to eat? Wolf, I do, very much. I think she’d very much like to eat it. She’d like if very much. Ummm, we may have the same hair And we snicker at home And we like coffee that’s 3% boiled shrimp and 70 parts Bacardi That would be so good But unlike my opponent I have a glass child I call the kid “Little Bong Bong” And we have one in a cave And I peek at them, because it’s not a real one Cokeheads! What are you gonna do, right? Gotta love Bernie Boy He’s crazy! Check this out all right This guy is a balding dude WOW He’s balding, he’s ALWAYS balding And he pinched my little feet because I saw him in his Porsche Now, Senator Sanders, she saying that you pinched her Is that right? JUMP IN THE BOX! Now we’re going to give you random phrases and situations and you’re gonna act these out, all right? It’s TIME TO ACT, Senator Sanders Are you ready? GO Kurt! There’s a bee. Uh-ohhhh No! NAAhh I went to Hawaii years ago, and this hitchhiker from New York – IT’S TIME FOR MY SONG NOW Didda-lump-DA-dum Da-lump-da-dum Didda-lump-DA-dum Why is it creepy to juggle in bed? When God gave us hands And God gave us balls And God gave us beds Didda-lump-DA-dum Yeah, what’s up!?

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  1. Ohhh so well done had me crying laughing there's a level a brilliance to put together something like this

  2. Should have played on the fact that she was fed the questions prior to the debate and how she fucked this idiot out of an election.

  3. If Bernie hadn't been screwed by the DNC, you would have
    * Medicare for All (that SAVES you money, as every other nation proves)
    * no student debt (as several other nations also manage)
    * A true effort to get big donor money out of politics
    … instead you have ….
    * Trump
    * a massive tax cut for the rich,
    * a massive increase to the already bloated military budget,
    * a farming industry that will take a decade to recover despite billions in bailout money,
    * an exploding deficit.
    * (and did I mention….. Trump?)

  4. What is this the facts about Democrats. No wonder your morons this is what you watch. A bunch of fake stuff. All the real problems we have and this is what tRump has you watch this. Great this is the extent of what facts your allowed to hear. Pathetic trumptards. Can't handle the truth. Sheeple. Vote BLUE no MATTER who 2020 lift you people up educate them. They deserve better. Pathetic.

  5. "Why is it creepy to juggle in bed . . . when God gave us hands, and God gave us balls, and God gave us beds? dulum da dum . . . Yeah, what's up?" That's a hit song, right there!

  6. You should do one with that piece of shit president we got in office! The pathetic cocksucker who devided the country. The miserable little man who keeps tweeting nasty rants daily.
    The little pouting man who acts like a teenage bitch
    That should be funnier than these two

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