Bernie DESTROYS Republican On Iran

>>There is a notable difference between Republicans,
the Trump administration, and some of the progressive Democrats who are running for
president, like Bernie Sanders when it comes to foreign policy. Now, the Bush administration, no, already
I had slipped.>>The Trump administration-
>>That’s good though, yeah.>>Is pushing for a war with Iran, and recently
Tom Cotton, who is a Republican was asked about this, and what is likely to happen if
we do engage in war. And here is what he had to say.>>Could we win a war with Iran?>>Yes.>>Thad didn’t take you a second.>>Two strikes, the first strike and the last
strike.>>What are the conditions or the circumstances
that woud justify going to war with Iran?>>Well, if Iran struck out militarily against
the United States or against our allies in the region, then I would certainly expect
a devastating response against Iran.>>As somebody who fought in two fronts in
the Middle East, both in Iraq and in Afghanistan, do you think it would be a good idea to go
to war with Iran?>>No, I don’t advocate military action against
Iran. I’m simply delivering the message that if
Iran would attack the United States, it would be a grave miscalculation on their part and
there would be a furious response. Now, we don’t wanna govern Iran. We don’t wanna rule 80 million Iranians. We want 80 million Iranians to be able to
govern themselves.>>But you do wanna rule 80 million Iranians. I mean, what is the purpose of regime change
wars? The purpose of regime change wars is to essentially
install a US-backed president, leader, whatever you want to call it, who is going to do the
bidding of the United States. That is exactly what you want. So, in effect, you are controlling the fate,
the livelihood, the everything of the Iranian people as a result of a regime change war. Also, I just wanna open it up to you guys,
this whole notion of, yeah, two strikes, we’re done.>>It’s my biggest problem.>>We’re done, we’re gonna defeat them. I mean, again, we’ve said this before, but
the military capability of Iran is very different from the military capability of Iraq. They are stronger, we’ve been at war for how
long now?>>16.>>Over two decades in multiple countries,
so we’re spread thin, and so I think that’s overconfidence to say the least, but I wanna
get your thoughts.>>I think it’s-
>>You remember, sorry, go ahead.>>You’re sure?>>Yeah.>>I just think it’s disgusting, even far
beyond overconfidence. That is not the tone of the seriousness that
you should have when talking about killing innocent civilians, killing members of our
military, like talking about two strikes. This is not a video game, you’re talking about
taking out a country.>>I was trying to find the exact quote because
I wanna make sure my memory serves me correctly. But when, we went again, went to war with
Iraq, the Bush administration W, was talking about how quick and easy it was gonna be,
I think it said two weeks, maybe it was Afghanistan, I’m not sure. But when we went into one of those wars, We
talked about two weeks, two weeks, we’ll be out. And thought two weeks it’ll be so easy. They’re weak, they’re nothing, they’re nobody’s,
it’s easy, out of here.>>I remember that.>>Are we out of there yet? Are we complaining that some people then tried
to come out of there? I mean when Obama, he’s withdrawing, he’s
running away. Well, I forget the terms they used, but Obama’s
running away from the war. I thought it was supposed to be done. Now all the time Cotton’s talking about two
strikes, first strike and the last strike. You’re not a badass, you’re not cool, and
you don’t sound like you’re this military hero that’s this tough guy. But that’s all we ever push in America is
how bad we are. We’re gonna destroy you. Then after it happens we go, I have no idea
how it lasted this long. You know what, we can’t fight people when
they’re not in uniform. This is harder than we could have seen. Who could have thought it could have lasted
forever? No, I think you could have thought it could
last forever because your buddies that create the war machines and create the military assault
that happened and profit from it. They know it could happen forever, and you
know what they like, that it can happen forever. That’s what they paid you to do. To make sure that it happens forever, and
bang the drum beats for war, cuz we’re gonna make some money off this.>>That’s right.>>And those 80 million Iranians that you
want to govern themselves, how many will be left after you go through and destroy the
whole country? How many are we gonna kill? Who cares? They look like military and enemy combatants. Let’s just kill them, how many are left? How many are left to do any of the governing
for themselves?>>Yeah.>>It’s frustrating cuz all of these has been
put in front of us in plain sight for decades and we keep falling for it.>>So there is a lawmaker on the left, who
is speaking out against this proposed war and I want you to hear from him. Just to juxtapose what we’re hearing on the
left versus what we’re hearing on the right, take a look.>>If you want to know what perpetual warfare
is, never ending war, that’s what a war with Iran would mean. The United States Congress must do everything
it can to prevent a war with Iran. And by the way, not in consequentially, the
constitution of the United States is very clear. And that is, that it is that Congress and
not the President who determines whether or not we go to war.>>So Bernie Sanders is right about that,
the very last point he made was a good point.. But I also wanna know that there have been
Republican leaders and Democratic leaders, including Obama, who did not wait for Congress
to decide whether or not we engage in war. And that’s an important point to bring up. Look, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican,
once you set a dangerous precedent, you need to consider the fact the other party can come
into power and take advantage of that dangerous precedent. Now when it comes to war, I think that established
politicians regardless of political affiliation love perpetual war. Like, there is a profit motive behind it,
and I think that they push for it. But you do have some of these non establishment
politicians who are trying to break that cycle. And I love hearing these types of statements
from Bernie Sanders when it comes to being anti-regime change war, Tulsi Gabbard’s been
really strong on that. And I think that’s important. I’d like to hear more from Elizabeth Warren
on this issue, she’s done a lot on economic policy. But the point is, we’re hearing a very, very
different message coming from the left versus the right.>>Just ask yourself, are you ready to go
into war? You yourself personally, not because you have
a flag draped around your shoulders. Are you strapping a gun on your back? Are you putting on the equipment? Are you huffing out there? No, you’re not gonna do it. Are they sending their kids? That’s what we’re not talking about, 120,000
troops just to send a message. What happens when it gets real? More, more
that’s what happens.

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  1. 😂 😂 Who is that idiot "2 strikes"? Been in Afghanistan for 17 years iran is a whole different ball game. Typical cockiness and exceptionalism.

  2. heroin epidemic raised 400% since you invaded Afghanistan and who's controlling the fields?
    Taliban is standing stronger than when you invaded.
    Libya is an open slave market and africas gate to Europe.
    Assad is still in power eventhough you were invading to remove him etc etc

    Israel treating wounded AL qaeda warriors. USA supporting Israel.

    Trump vetoing the withdrawal from Yemen etc etc

  3. Bush said Iraq would be finished by two weeks but Isis was born after the takedown of saddam. Bush tried to connect Alqaeda to saddam and lied, in which zarqawi would’ve never had Isis built had he killed him before 2004.

  4. The first bozo talking about war with Iran should be given an AR-15 and send him to fight Iran all by himself. Till get his ass handed to him for talking about killing Iranians like he is a hero saving us Americans from him. I can’t wait for the day when Americans get fed up with this Israeli agents.and hang them by the light posts one on each Washington red lights.

  5. Afganistan failed. Iraq even worse. Libya failure. What whould be different next time in Iran?
    It is a waste of US lives if nothing else. One does not fight a war for Saudia Arabia's sake. Saudi are worse than Iran…

  6. In Iraq no Iraqi wanted to fight for Saddam and Afghanistan was basically living in 19th century when USA attacked them and yet USA could not contain both countries, in fact it were not for Iran the US soldiers could still come home in bodybags to this day! As for Iran regardless if they hate or not hate their own government they would fight for their country and fight hard. Please stop talking about "finishing 80 million Iranians" as if they have no fighting chance! I think Americans should start asking what if Iran is as strong as they claim they are? What if Iran could hit back at USAs in case of an all out war? Don`t think for a second that Iran would not hit back at you not to metion the price for everything would go up by 5 fold!

  7. This is Trumps war and American solidiers would not fight for Trump knowing he essentially started the war with Iran when he tore the Iran Agreement! Now he keeps begging Iranians to come to the table and negotiate hell he even gave his number(lol) All I have heard of Iranian side is that Trump has no credibility and that they won`t negotiate with Trump but any chance Trump gets is to call for talk with Iran and he even threw out Pompeo`s 12 conditions and said "I would talk to the Iranians with no precondition" who is chasing whom in here? who is begging for talks in here? Americans have a stupif president who does not understand history, sense of pride and culture, all they know is that "We have atomic bomb and we can destroy you" If USA uses atomic bomb it will be the end of human race! Think about that.

  8. Can someone help me understand something. US troops can invade middle eastern countries. How come middle eastern countries troops don't invade US?

  9. US' foreign policy doesn't care about civilians of other countries. They don't care even if every single soul banishes in Iran. This is even better for US and Israel and their ME allies. They'll have an extra piece of land, control of oil, which could better support the Petrodollar. If after the war, those few Iranians will rebuild Iran with funds to pay off US contractors. So, yes whichever way, US wins.

  10. Remember Bush in front of his "mission accomplished! " banner… and how LONG ago was that!!?.. wtf people

  11. If the two strikes rule is so effective why haven't we used it in Afghanistan Iraq?? We have been there for over 10 years.

  12. “Miscalculation on their part”… same thing was said about Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. These yankees don’t learn from history.

  13. Iran has 2nd largest Oil Reserves in Middle East. Did the House of Saud want CONTROL all the OIL. This is result of China & Russia protecting Venezuela (largest world Oil Reserves) Does every one know we Jusr Built 6 Military Bases on Border of Colombia. Electric Cars, Hybrids, clean energy & Establish 4 day 10 hour Work weeks….. US needs get off Dependent Oil.

  14. I'm a REAL Iranian and I love my leader. I hate war but I will defend(not begin the fight) my country the best way I can if a war happens against us. Death to warmongers in Trump administration and their Israeli Saudi and European cohort. (respect to all PEOPLE of these countries though).

  15. Even Israelis know that the usa can't beat Iran militarily. But the point is to destroy the civilian infrastructure. That is what Israel wants. So Iran can't help Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen to defend against Zionist invasion.

  16. Bernie sold out his following in the last election and will sell out to Israels best interest like the rest of the political Elites,, watch and see..

  17. We are setting a dangerous precedent for the rest of the world who will think its okay to invade other countries for regime change what ever happened to international law?

  18. This is complete nonsense from the USA bullshit. A country like Iran 🇮🇷 🤔 🤔 two strike wow so simple hmmmmmmm 🤔 OK 🆗 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  19. 18yrs in Afghanistan but a country that actually has an army only takes 2 strikes and we'll be home before the end credits!!

  20. The arrogance of these idiots over a war with Iran are breath taking.. Do they honestly think Iran hasn't noticed whats gone on in other wars in the region? How many troops does it take to invade a mountainous county 4 times the size of Iraq with a population of 82 million? Experience alone should tell the US that a war with Iran would be a monumental mistake..

  21. Did the US won the war in the Middle East? They disturbed the bee hives only. Now worst. All scattered and eventually will be regrouped again. Did the US won the Second World War in Europe? Just when Germany already devastated in a two front wars. New kid in town swipe up everything. Did the US won the Pacific war against Japan? Yes, just when the Japan was bogged down in China and Japan lost by the two bombs. Did the US won any wars after that? Can the Americans really fight? This is no Hollywood propaganda. Just look at Vietnam and Korea.

  22. US and Iran do not want war Israel wants war. More Americans will die for Israel again.
    P.S Do not forget what Israel did to the USS Liberty

  23. Lol two strikes and the last strike? 🤣😁 Yeah that worked in Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya, didn't it?

  24. The u.s has aircraft carriers and a lot of militairy right in front of Iran and this dude is saying if Iran strikes first it would be devastating.İmagine if Iran would do the same.the u.s is like a mad dog begging to be put down

  25. This isn't simply about Iran (2nd largest oil reserves in the world) or Israel – the goal is much MUCH bigger. In chess, one must look several moves ahead outmaneuvering their opponent if victory is to be secured.

    Look at who is running the show — the Neo Cons. Now, who are they? Ultra conservative right-wing Christian fundamentalists. Their dogmatic assertions are that a viable Jewish State (Israel) must exist and the Temple be rebuilt (upon the Temple Mount) prior to the Anti-Christ reigning and Armageddon (WWIII). Once these events occur, they would hail the Rapture which will be followed by the return of the Messiah (Jesus).

    To them, who cares if the Rapture costs hundreds of millions of lives, trillions upon trillions in wealth and setting the world ablaze! These are simply a means to an end ladies and gentlemen.

    We're in the endgame now…

  26. USA, Israel and Great Britain is gone to get their ass kick this has been fore told by the gods even before these countries has been formed.

  27. Tom Cotton if that's his name at the beginning of this video having the hubris to think that in some kind of military exchange with Iran, that it's simply going to be and I quote " the first strike in the last strike " and that's it!

    That entertains a Fool's errand from hell! John Bolton and all those neocon War Hawks who are pushing war in Venezuela and Iran, and in proxy fashion in Yemen Syria and elsewhere…. need to be fired, sent to prison for advocating war crimes and violating international law.

  28. I find it funny when people who have never set a foot in Iran or the Middle East speak as experts on the Iranian crisis. You are clueless; so please don't speak for the Iranians people for you are 3 ignorant fools …and obviously I don't know how much a regime change is hoped for. You give clowns like yourselves a microphone and you are now experts? Go and step a foot in Iran…then come back and speak with knowledge.

  29. If anybody wants war I hope he has it in his house !!!! And if trump and his politicians should fight alone !!

  30. Ok you all 3 are stupid
    You guys don’t know shit about how the world works
    Give a solution
    You guys just complain and complain
    Do something about it
    We the people support trump 100 percent
    Let’s secure America for years to come
    My personal opinion
    Just like yours idiots

  31. I'm hearing about why war is serious, but not enough about why it's not justified. Britain says there's no Iran threat, can we expound on that? Can we verify that versus what the Trump admin is saying?

  32. War-loving Repugelicans just want to kill more Americans to cater to their hateful stupidity. So much pro-life hypocrisy! I guess they don't really care as long as NRA and other Republican oligarchs selling weapons will make more money. Smh

  33. I’m normally an outspoken opponent against Trump, but the particular & very specific statement made by the republican Mr. Cotton at the beginning of this video is a statement I happen to agree with and find zero flaws in (& which has absolutely nothing to do with the big baffoon baby in tge oval office). The commentary by the first chick after that is way way off base. I love Bernie’s carisma and many of his ideas but I don’t like this particular vlogger gone way too far left. The sooner that the leftists can recognize that the best way to defeat Trump is to ride closer to the moderate end of the left, the sooner the far-right (and alt-rights to boot) will stop having valid arguments to shoot down the left. Personally I ride that line all the time. Here is one example.

  34. This guy is a joke. He will be serving dicators around the globe. He will become ayatolah.berni al sadr lol

  35. our only allies that wan't war are israel everyone else just want iran to keep minding there own business..sry if my spelling was wrong..

  36. Wonder if Donald Trump and all the members of the Congress is going to send their families to war. That should be law, if they’re the ones deciding to go to war.

  37. America should build the most crazy shit futuristic computer with a high end version of COD then go live in it.
    Otherwise in a couple of hundred years there will not be a single land that USA didn't attack

  38. Iran is broke and we don't need their oil so they have to find someway, not their fault, right. Just trying to get attention.
    How dare us not need them. If Iranians need a job we can always use more avocado pickers. Call Mexico they hiring

  39. just know this if The US is bad,Iran government is even worse!imagin this if iran get nuclear weapons they don't waste any moment to shot isreal or….!

  40. over 50 percent of lobbist come from big pharm. The arms industry or war machine isn't making as much money as bayer or philp morrison. If your going to spotlight the evil in the world, spotlight the real suspect. this is just smoke and distractions.

  41. When and why would you think that Iran would want to attack the US??!! Lies and more lies that's the American government way!

  42. I’m shocked how openly ppl could talk about having an US backed puppet government. That’s just wrong! Are we numb just becoz we have heard and seen this too often? What differences are there between colonialism and what this nation has been doing?

  43. If you don’t think the people of this country are a waste of time, space and oxygen., just watch CSPAN in the morning and listen to this trash with your own.ears. Talk isn’t gonna work.

  44. Any President can send troops in to war like action for 90 days . Without permission from the Congress or the Senate. But after that whatever President's in power. Has to get approval to continue the police action. But if the President in power can't get approval for their Police Action. The President in power has to pull the troops out of wherever they are.

  45. Trump 2020 . Ohand Comrade Bernie Sanders, Pervy Biden, Fake Pocahontas and the rest of the Politicians that are running for President. Don't stand a chance of winning in 2020. Oh and the Young Turks wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the butt.

  46. Iran packs a different punch brothers, it will be far worse for americans then they think. They won't be safe even in their homes. Firstly america will lose all of their slave allies and second they will get striked down by iranian missiles, ok iran will be in flames but so will the slaves of america and the bitch of israel ( america).

  47. For 8 years iraq gased us to deth but wee are standing even whrn we lost 500 thousabd solgers and sivilians and iraq was bankrumped but we are still aflote whit an even more advanced military than the 8 years

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