Benson Helps Sophie Remember – Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight)

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  1. i watched this episode tonight and Olivia did everything in her power to help her remember and i literally cried

  2. I love Olivia Benson so much. She believes every victim. She listens to every victim. She makes then feel heard. She makes them feel like they matter. She is so warm and motherly.

  3. Can we at least be a little realistic here. Getting involved with the victims as a police officer is one thing, but now acting like a therapist.The SVU psychologist and a social worker should be helping her with her problems. Glorifying the Benson character has gone way beyond absurd here.

  4. Despite what happened to her, Grace/Sophie seems really cool. & I like how well she & Olivia got along here. Also, who’s the actress playing Sophie though?

  5. Did anyone know that danny pino aka nick amaro is is Chicago pd now wtf nick why just why !!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😡😡😡

  6. mariska is so nice i saw in chambers street oh my god i almost got a heart attack i started talking spanish i was too excited 😂😍😍😍she said if wanted a selfie i said no i just wanted tell how talented she was she said let me hug you then 😍😁she so sweet

  7. Hargitay is such an underrated actor. Love her. She does a lot as an advocate for sexual abuse/assault. She’s worked on multiple documentaries.

  8. I was never raped but I've been molested so I almost cried through this because I know what it feels like to be taken advantage of. This poor girl was traumatized and its sickens me when you put your trust into someone and they take it from you.

  9. I never had a traumatizing experience, but one thing that I've heard is that living well is the best revenge.

  10. Miraska I wrote to you yesterday and you needed to know I am in all the way through the Holy Bible And desecration of my corpse is a crime and I need you to know that's why our end of our world is going on and do not bring any one else in because who I am and the Virgin Mary Bring JESUS and I bring him

  11. That girl looks so much like this guy…and I can't think who it is…but I'd bet a pretty penny he's her dad, they look that much alike.
    I will update when I've found out who it is I'm thinking of 😂

  12. What’s so bad about SUNY? I keep hearing good things and that was before I went to a CUNY college and my teachers told me it was okay (irrelevant to this but just saying)

  13. I used to hate this show when I was young. My dad lived far away, mom had a family that were veey close. Picture perfect, until dad touched me inappropriately. I was devastated, and scared for his young girls. I finally told someone, mom seemed not to believe me. But we stopped seeing them and i heard his wife left him. It was a huge scandal in my mom political world. But i never felt saved, mom never told dad so dad didn't do anything either. Watching SVU always brought out pain i hated feeling. Never understood why mom liked it. I did start to like it when I became older, seeing the bad guys get locked up kind of help that every once in awhile. And it wasn't until years later that I found out that my mother had been molested as a child, and that's the same reason she watched. Her dad had not believed her and nobody came to save her either. The show kinda saves us both now, everytime Olivia Benson gets her man or woman for that matter, it helps a small way.

  14. Mariska Hargitay really invested a lot into her character and into the series. When SVU ends should probably be seen as Olivia Benson and it will ruin her for other acting jobs.

  15. Hearing that your attacker has died is not always the best news to hear- especially if they died without any consequences for their actions.

    She's breaking down crying because she knows he died a FREE MAN, and that he'll never be able to go to jail for what he did, never have to apologize to her (or rather be forced to apologize, people like that don't do it willingly)

    She can't get the closure she wants- which was to make him pay for what he did.

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