Benson and Stone Break Tony – Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight)

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  1. You guys act like if he called the right number she would've said yes 😂😂😂. She would've said no sorry I'm going with someone else(Chad) and left him there knowing he was rejected then he would've actually killed her.

  2. When she tells him that wasn't her phone number

    Hahaha hahaha hahaha
    Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha

  3. What a waste over nothing but then again, even if she got the message, would she have say yes or even called him back?

  4. This is the kind of self-proclaimed "Nice Guy" who think women owe them love and sex, turned up to eleven.

  5. I mean to be fair, had he called the right number and she had gotten the message, they would probably be married by now with two kids, a labradoodle and a town house…

  6. Or…and hear me out…you walk up to her in the hall and say “hey carol did you get my message?” And she says “that’s not my number” AND ALL OF THIS IS AVOIDED

  7. Rejection hurts. And people are always going to ignore others IF YOUR LUCKY or treat you like garbage. But being alone is in the end a choice. Always has. If your going to blame people for something blame them for being rotten but BLAME yourself for the choice you made

  8. Okay, that lawyer is HORRIBLE at her job. No one would ever let their client go on a tirade like that.

  9. Honestly, I feel offended by this episode. This portrays all incels as if they're all some sort of rapist, misogynistic murderers, when the reality is that even some innocent guy who just wants a girlfriend but has never gotten one is an incel by default. Yes, we have a few deranged individuals like Elliot Rodger or Alek Minassian, but the vast majority of us incels aren't even like that.

  10. I'm not familiar with this episode, but it seems he could have gotten off if he just kept his mouth shut. How many cases have they closed just because of defendants who just couldn't help themselves.

  11. All you beautiful people who taunt, bully, and ruin other people because they arent 10s, rich, blonde, blue eyed, skinny, athletic, people with self esteem issues etc.
    YOU help create these monsters with issues already in place.
    We try to teach children un schools not to bull, the results of bullying, yet in front of our children people constantly, continually, relentlessly, bully, criticize, mock, trash, violently attack the president (who I am no fan of)
    But we can a least ask our Children to respect the office.
    And if hes such an diot, why not pray for guidance. Hate has blinded good common sense.
    Now curse me out prove me wrong.

  12. So had he called the right number he could have attend the graduation ball with Stacey?.Were there chances he could be with her, just for a few hours and split forever after the ball and have good memories of her?.I danced with girls who had boyfriends and i didn't mind.

  13. WTF!!! Wrong number!!! the question is who gave him the wrong number?
    i think the usual happens, the ugly and outcast boy get fooled… i feel sorry for him.

    Love LAW & ORDER SVU

  14. How come the lawyers never stop their clients from ranting their admission of guilt?? They say don't answer that ONCE and then just stand quietly while they just keep going.

  15. Wow !! That was cringy and such a goosebumps moment !! All this years for not replying a voice recording msg??? Wow !! Well if he was so infatuated he should asked her directly…. right ? Or with a note ? Hatred and rejection ….. is a dangerous combination… what was with the look Benson gave ?

  16. I would love an entire episode after this scene to see this moron realise he is a stupid idiot… also if you go to the same school same class don't you actually see them at the school. Why didn't he talk to her at the school? What a stupid reason!

  17. OMG…….rape and murder by the same quy to the poor same girl, well he didn't kill the girl but her husband so she had suffer. But OMG

  18. Calling the wrong number ,you will get chills cause you heard the wrong number. Law& Order SVU episodes ,they will work those cases the right way.

  19. so, since he doesn't have a problem with taking what he thinks is "his", he can't get mad when 'Big Bubba' does the same thing to him.

  20. I hate incels, so entitled to think that everyone and everything should bend to their sick and depraved viewpoint, especially women! I can garuntee if this happened in real life Tony would still find some reason to blame her even after the twist!

  21. Wait…so if the perp called the wrong number, then who DID he call??? 😰😰😰

    Meanwhile, at the back of my head, some old lady is listening to her voicemail some odd years ago! She goes “ Should I even bother calling this boy he’s got the wrong number? I’m not Carol, I’m Pearl. Oh well, he will stop and figure out on his own. What can go wrong?”
    Yeah, lady, probably a lot of heartbreak and revenge…and a death on a sweet girl’s love of her life! The 🤬??

  22. God I hate that mentality, that "I am owed something from this person I like" focusing only on what he doesn't have. As someone who has been turned down a number of times I learnt to accept it and move on. Only way to find happiness

  23. Them detectives is going to stay on a case until it gets work out. Who told that him to dial the wrong number. I jump when he said I call you. People do that these days now.

  24. I se this guy; in every climate rally, antifa mob, liberal March or sjw protest. Entitlement, that's all they feel. Entitlement to what other have and earned.

  25. This is entitlement to the extreme!! Nobody owes you a date just because you're nice, or you don't look as good as a football player in tight pants! Nobody owes anything to anyone, except respect for boundaries!

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