Benson and Carisi Close in on Mrs. Chang – Law & Order: SVU

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  1. I love Law and order unit special victim with Olivia Benson.Olivia Benson is my favorite caracter is the best police interceptor.

  2. Yeah Benson and Carisi! Not sure if they'll post it, but I loved the scene where Carisi charges up the fire escape to save the girl.

  3. Law& Order SVU episodes, I will eat and watch day and night if it's playing. I love Olivia she is brave,she puts her life in danger to save others and help them, she's going to make sure everything and everyone is alright. She is the Captain

  4. I agree with Olivia! I don’t believe what the other woman said, she’s lying, you can hear it in her voice, even Olivia isn’t fooled by that. Go Olivia, that’s why I love you.❤️❤️

  5. There is no excuse for sex trafficking… but unfortunately this was a reality for so many women. Prostituting themselves was the only way they could escape the tyranny in china.

  6. After season 16 or 17 they started using inappropriate speech in shows.. Or showing scenes of rape which they didn't in previous seasons.. It's uncomfortable.. Seems like they're encouraging people to turn into rapists, or provoking criminal behavior like rape& assault, etc.. Like in last recent episode showing rape scene.. I thought this show was supposed to enlighten people, teach them how to not end up with predators not encourage criminal behavior..
    I this episode since the changs weren't punished & escaped by feds, they should've shown karma another way like being shot by the boyfriend or newspaper saying they we're killed suspiciously like by the feds to quiet them

  7. I only 😍 love watching the Law and order SUV when stabler be on the Show I never watched the show when Benson is the captain on the Show

  8. While I wholehearted agree Olivia is an amazing role model for people everywhere, even she's not perfect. Liv HAS been wrong before, no one is always right or correct. We're just happy for her that most of her choices have resulted in justifiable convictions. Also it would be nice to see more non Asian traffickers, like Black,White,Indian, Arabic or really any other race. More diversity in the criminal pool but viewers enjoyment.

  9. I don't know in USA, but in my country no policeman would ever say to a suspect what's going on with another suspect and, unlike in the USA, policemen are not allowed to lie.
    And at the interrogation of someone they arrested (not just stopped) there must always be a lawyer and an attorney.
    Criminal have rights, here – sometimes even too many – but it works, anyway.

  10. Im sry but dont know police officer have this type of effect over suspects to make them crack every time. Lol good show but get real.

  11. This is what happens in san Francisco underground world by the Chinese gangsters who are still involved in this type of crime yet the liberal government is allowing Chinese immigrants to be illegally smuggled into the United States… #FightHumanSmuggling

  12. I like the new season. The show keeps being current. I'm eager to see Carisi progress as a lawyer too. Hard to beat Savage Barba but Carisi looked up to him. btw #rollisi

  13. Nothing like checking into a hotel room, turn on the tv and they have a 24 hour marathon of SVU…

    I know I’m not the only one to have experienced this!

  14. They are script writers. Nevertheless, it is the truth and I think that is where the problem lies. It is and was the desire to drive down well- adjusted and educated children. The desire to inflict pain and suffering in those that wanted nothing to do with them. Funny really, how art imitates life.

  15. There are women who in clear conscience make the decision to enter sex work as they enjoy it. So long as it was consensual then they did right by them giving them safe travel from one place to the next. So long as if they decided they no longer wanted to work in that industry they were able to leave without a hassle and were paid what they were due.. what's the issue? They talk about women's rights and women's freedoms.. then because a group of women don't agree or even men they have those rights challenged or stripped away.
    It's different if they are forced into that lifestyle and treated badly while in it. That I am not in agreeance with. However each of those women or men is responsible for their own well being of emotional and mental stability aswell as physical health.

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