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before this view starts I just like to make an announcement I have the liberal tears mug for $14.99 on my website it is the first thing in the description if you want to go pick one up don't worry if it breaks when it comes to your house I'll sending them one for free out of my pocket I don't care I want to get your liberal to your mug it comes in liberal tears white with the face black with the face white without the face and black with that space so pick whichever one you want and it'll come to your door about three to five days so that should be epic firstly in the description thank you go on the video hello every word a I'm just stopping by through my view that live around Argentine social justice warriors are becoming more violent and triggered than ever before anyways be sure to subscribe to get the big TV on YouTube on Hama bless you because there is no power that can affect anyone else's life that's the dynamic that's usually where the color of one skin is type 2 racism itself why can't black people be racist why can't ratty nose be racist it's the power of the shift of the dynamic we've seen that change though especially in recent times with as we're starting to look at the dynamics of how we engage with one another where is when we're inside of a room the conversations have changed from just suits and doing the supremacy but the white supremacy and the institutional structures and going back into just the differences of races of how we treat each other black and brown the interactions between those two Asian all of those dynamics so yes I do agree with the initial definition but I do recognize it's changing and I fundamentally disagree with the basic definition and I don't think it has anything to add power power is a capacity racism is about a set of beliefs and power is just the ability to enact those beliefs so in other words you can have a racist who doesn't have the power to actually enact those beliefs and that would be a less threatening racist presumably than a racist who actually has the power to use those beliefs but I mean if you look at Zimbabwe where white farmers have been thrown off their land that's pretty good example of black racism if you look at if you look at a situation like you say I mean first of all most if you look at there's a poll Rasmussen poll in 2013 asking Americans who they believe is racist and according to the black community a plurality of blacks actually thought that blacks were more racist than whites according to the Rasmussen poll 31 percent of blacks said that blacks were more racist than whites 24% said whites were more racist than blacks so whether the definition or not has changed the definition of racism should be that you believe that one race or any race because of its inherent skin color or because of ethnicity or because by dint of birth that you are privileged beyond other races in terms of superiority if you believe that under any circumstance than that by my lights definition of racism and anything else I mean if you want to give black racism another name and say that it's not racism it's just something else that's bad then I suppose that it's a it's some sort of linguistic difference but bottom line is is it bad or is it good and you know for my money we might as well label it all racism because not exclusive to white house go ahead Levi can you look like you want to add something this mention Zimbabwe right I have to become a come from Zimbabwe and the village actually the white farmer issue in Zimbabwe and I'm not I'm no support to a problem of garbage by any measure I mean you can't I mean I'm not going to go celebrate you know I need had to do with Robert Mugabe I mean I may be the person to whom I'm opposed to my brother's 1987 87 but if you look at the white farmer situation and the facts in the question of racism oh sorry sorry sure it's like this all right okay sorry about that sorry I'm really late I thought I was talking to myself in the room I was remind myself I was an audience here that's hearing we thought but no no I would say this very quickly of yes the whites were thrown off the land in in Zimbabwe incident on and it was the stupidest thing that the macabre could have done because blacks on the banks it's really more complicated a lot of people understood it and it should have shouldn't happened because you have to deal with history and yet to deal with the future and you just can't like just just change things in that manner right one the quick thing is that as for racism racism to me is always about advantage purely and and I think that when it will is no advantage at all there's going to be very little racism and so indicate in the case of whenever you go to Africa you'll find that that that actually actually um the blacks come in in in completely rainbow colors themselves and and that and that they are equally can be equally as awful to each other as any white person could be awful to a black person and so the question would be then to say something like you know what what advantage is it when you hate another group of people and often it has to be an advantage otherwise you're not going to hate them and this is what I this is what my position is I think you want to have anything I do to me the definition is not correct what I've seen is racism as I've experienced it at one point was an emotion experience racism has become a commodity it's a business it's either one way for for our political partisanship to pit one people against another or it's one way to lift up another people against another it's become a business if we truly want to address racism what would that be – some of the narrow duels that come into our communities they'd have no reason to pillage and to go into the CVS Pharmacy and burn it down so to me racism is less about the emotional experience in 2015 it's become a business and it's becoming a commodity and it has become an excuse for intolerable behavior the rates of the my experience was very much emotion but that's my definition of racism in 2015 would you like to respond at all or shall we well we're going to get into Baltimore here in just a couple of minutes so let me start with Ben Ben the ACLU published a blog condemning broken windows policing they pointed out the attempted enforcement of low-level crimes in Ferguson jaywalking Staten Island selling loose cigarettes Milwaukee sleeping in a public park all led to depths of african-american males Michael Brown Eric garner dontre Hamilton and we can now add Freddie gray to that list given the incidence of police action creating these violent confrontations wouldn't it be better for race relations in America to abandon this kind of policing no wouldn't because broken windows theory the idea that that was originally proposed by James Q Wilson the idea was that if you let low-level crime go then high level we'll begin to occur more frequently and therefore you have to enforce for example turnstile jumpers was the example the James Q Wilson originally used when he was talking about it in the city of New York it's been tremendously effective in lowering rates of crime if you want to if you want to avoid bad relationships between for example the black community and the cops then lowering rates of crime would be the key to doing that and if policing low-level crime is the way of lowering crime and preventing higher-level crime then that's going to be the best thing forget the relations between cops and then civilians it's going to be vesting for the civilians who are involved in the biggest threat to young black men in America today is young black men in America today and statistically speaking it is young black men who are coming young black men the chances of you as a young black man being killed by the police statistically speaking about 1 in 60,000 in the United States the chances of any person in this room being killed by a bee attack are one in 56,000 so your chances so the idea that you know it that low-level policing of crime is what is causing this is not true I mean it's not even true in the cases that are being cited particularly it's certainly not sure with regard to Michael Brown Michael Brown was shot because Michael Brown went for a cop's gun inside the cops car Michael Brown was shot because he charged a cop by witness testimony including the witness testimony of black witnesses now Eric garner died because police were enforcing a law that by the way I think is a stupid law but they but he died because he was resisting arrest and because the cops tried to put on him a a submission hold which is not a which is not a justification of excessive force which I think there was in that case the problem is excessive force the problem is not policing of low-level crime and trying to do what what many places are now doing including New York City which is get rid of low-level crime and pretending that this is going to solve the problem it's not going to solve the problem is going to make the problem a lot worse because a lot more people are going to think they can get away with crime and number one way to avoid confrontations with the police is not to commit crimes in the first place [Applause] Charles or dr. Seacrest if you like to respondent I'd like to say one thing to the entire panel though as we go forward I want to make sure you understand it's it's rather informal I want to make sure everybody gets their point out but as sometimes points are made over a period of time I know it can be difficult to go back and respond to every point being made so consider it like a conversation if you'd like to interject at any given point but what either of you like to respond to what Ben had to say I would love to disagree with everything that you said but he is why I can't believe it we've got to make certain that we find that balance I'm with you all crimes need to be enforced we have officers there for a reason we want to make certain that we are a law-abiding society I agree with that part of it no one in the right mind would ever say that if you see a crime being committed just look the other way and pretend like it didn't exist that goes without saying but where I disagree with your argument is when you start to ask yourself is this worth it if you see someone who has a broken taillight and you see someone where you try to pursue you have to think of what the amount of force that I'm going to use in order to get this criminal what's the threat to society at some point you've got to do that analysis of this human life is it worth taking this human life for someone who littered on the sidewalk I agree someone who skipped out on transit fare I agree but don't you think that it depends on the level of threat escalation meaning that if they have a cop pull somebody over for a taillight nobody in the right mind is going to say the cops should shoot the guy for a broken taillight right I mean no nobody's saying that but but if you have a situation in which somebody's pulled over for a taillight and the person gets out of the car confronts the cop and goes for his gun that's not the cops fault for pulling the guy up for a broken taillight it's the fault with a guy who won for the cops gun absolutely sir you are not the moderator and one other point I'll make is I did put online anybody can ask any question and I will take a look at it and put it here plus one moment please plus and both of our guests plus both of our guests sir sir I can't see you or really understand what you're saying but I will tell you this this is for a broadcast so things have to be on the microphone first of all secondly both panelists and you can verify this I have offered them the chance which I did not offer to the conservative panelists to address any specific issue that you wanted ahead of time I did make that offer did I not so please let's wait to actually hear the debate which is what people paid to see [Applause] doc-doctor Seacrest I want to I want to get your response to what Ben Wilson or Charles either either one um okay this is really really difficult because um I believe in history and I believe in all these kinds of things I think that they they can they can explain things and one of the situation's here and quite clearly when you're looking at the the case and I was actually opposed really opposed to bringing out the fact that that that caught white cops are shooting black male I was actually opposed to emphasizing that because I actually felt that precisely you would end up with this argument that that Ben is presented that actually black men are shooting black men more than white cops shoot black cops and then that actually gives a short circuit tu-tu-tu-tu-tu an answer that that really demands a lot more attention in a lot more work and I was actually I mean a rabbit I don't know this whole business don't don't fall into this because you you fall precisely into this trap and and and then you end up saying like you know yes it is true it is quite true but then is white on white violence is equally as lethal I mean that we've already lost we really lost the direction of the argument because now we're talking about white people shooting white people and black people shooting black people and we're not talking about the issue as to what happens when somebody is jaywalking with somebody's dealing with a bus light ends up being policed in this manner right now we're just talking about this other issue which again I mean it's kind of faulty I'll admit it ya know but i intertwined RN theta i mean it known in the sense that to make the idea is that overzealous policing that it has crossed in a benefit right overzealous policing has a cost to the benefit the cost is obviously to the people who are the preservers no no no no absolutely no no you guys you often talk about black and competency in our voices oh blacks when you you needed affirmative action you gonna have all these incompetent blacks all over the place now now now now nobody ever talks about white policing is incompetent and I'm telling you a lot of this policing is bloody incompetent I'm like oh my god are you really were you trained will you ever did you ever go to school only attending to white men no no no I'm not saying that I'm just saying that nobody ever talks about incompetence on policing as a problem it becomes racialized and nobody says this is incompetent policing fulsol I mean nobody says it by the way and I hear this all the time and I hear this all the time in any comes out nobody will come out and say I don't care be black or white that guy was incompetent any did not deserve that job and you you you bring me table in to keep your community and we have to suffer incompetent plain actually die and then you come on in and I I really I love me honor let me interject I can see Monique would like to interject it's alright I mean you talk about incompetent policing nobody talks about the fact that yes is their police profiling absolutely but you know who's starter that was my great-grandmother in East LA the darkest Mexican woman you could find and you know what she did she invited officer O'Reilly to her front porch of a dirt front yard that she swept every day and taught him what the red do-rag meant and what the blue do Ragman officer O'Reilly had no idea so how they evolved into a conference of policing you know I think it's more of a matter of the fact that you know unity in the community is what keeps our families together as a mexican-american female who's raised four sons okay four sides and top them all that the first time you arrested you're on your own okay because I have no tolerance for that zero tolerance for that you're on your own and I'll tell you what my sons were never police profiled in the library at math or at the church youth group they were never police you know racially profiled there and and that was a true thing but I have to tell you the see incompetence is that they're sure it's there but when you look at the Baltimore Police Department of the Baltimore Mayor they're black okay so the incompetence does transcend the color of their skin and it can transcend some of that incompetency however I would like to point out that the first officers that came into East Los Angeles to help migrate another they didn't know what a do-rag was they know what the creased khakis or the word cholo was we taught them that when I say we I mean the mexican-american community because we're scared very scared of the drug dealers that was threaten us that was wait outside math and hit up the old ladies for money to protect them so I have to say thank you to our policemen and women and you know I can't believe that an officer O'Reilly an Irish officers Allah would even know that if we didn't invite them into our community and say we need help and that's where we're at today now I got in early during the Ferguson I want to I want to catch on that because I also have son but the difference is is that my boys will be profiled when they're coming out of church the difference is my children will be profiled when they're leaving or sitting inside of a library those are the types of instances that I'm fighting for I want to make certain that someone who's got a big afro doesn't seem too radical like she's going to commit some type of crime I want to be able to change the look of someone who's walking down the street wearing a hoodie that they don't become a suspect that they're up to no good I want to make certain that someone who listens to hip-hop it doesn't take much to be able to profile someone oh that person's one of them it doesn't take us much to create those definitions and so unless we're able to do that I really I really like let me interject a question here because there is a question about sons because Sara Charles Madadi wrote a column recently about about sons he wrote about Toya Graham the mother who is now being hailed as mother of the year because she was smacking her son numerous times then not too – heard him away from the rioters in Baltimore and Charles II wrote on the stranger blog quote I'm a father who worries about keeping my own black kids alive the smacking is not an act of moral outrage but an act of desperation she rightly feels that her society places a very low value on men who looked like her son she does not want to end up like the parents of Freddie gray or Michael Brown with the scale of public outrage and acclaim for her actions why do you believe society doesn't value those who look like her son you know as Charles directly because there's okay guys all right III have to say this really great I mean I'm not a I'm a pragmatist I'm not kidding you I really want to know I'm not I don't like emotional you know I mean I would like to say what is what are the facts telling you right but that fear yeah another so basically in the 1970s around 1972 basically you had a prison population in the USA of roughly I think was just under a hundred thousand right with a population of 200 million people and now you have a prison population of the USA of basically in 40 years you have a prison population that's that that's around two-million people and a lot of us in prisons are black right and so I the how in the world did it between the fact between 1925 and 1972 the prison population was pretty stable right and then suddenly it explodes in 1972 and we have a huge prison population today is this Darwinian selection I mean really a recipient out Darwin works that fast then yeah let's talk about that well you know because maybe there's a issue like the finches here in the Galapagos Islands right you know black kids are just like I climb that fast and it exploded I mean I mean I just want you to be really practical about this and you because if you tell me that those figures are not are not strange I earn and do not speak of a fundamental shift in the society that is not to do with biology or race meaning race in the sense of biology and genetics then you have to come to conclude that there was a cultural shift here you have to compete with and and in that sense you have to say that the people are being incarcerated in the society and unpleased in a way that is that is now that that if you're not if you're not if you're not sensible if you're not really practical about it you have to say you have to be you have to either go to defense to protect your children right or you have to be you know ignore the issues and act like they don't that this doesn't exist but I can't believe that there's suddenly a lot of black males in the space of 40 years became suddenly criminals that you could just throw into jail Chara in that Pentagon I like it I'd like to try and get one really concerned saying that I thought I'd like to get a concise answer from both of you on what exactly do you fear for your sons oh just a concise maybe a sentence or two and then I'd like been a Monique to response we can narrow it down look look I I was brought up I was brought up in a household and I was middle class I was I didn't grow up in a poor household and my parents are educated itself and so on and I I grew up being told that basically that that you really have to be careful about white people you have to be careful about about about how you present yourself with police officers you have to be careful about all these things we had sober conversations in our house because for us it was just like you know this person or that person got hurt or that person who ended up in jail and you don't want to be in that situation so basically there was a lot of like this kind of stove top and I had to have this conversation my own son and say don't don't kid yourself if a police officer comes you know the don't you're not remember that they seeing a black person just be aware of that don't you see Kristen I recall looking at the video of the desperate mother who probably in her eyes was slapping her son to try to save her life the desperation of that moment and I had to reflect on what my grandparents what my parents before her probably had to fill in that same type of desperation you see you've got to go into the history when you're talking about African Americans here inside of the United States we've got to look at the stories of our grandparents having to teach don't look a white person inside of their eyes make certain that you look down those old lessons that were taught to children and the importance of what took place if they ever were to disobey that rule the consequences for us could cost our lives and so I try to take myself back into those moments when as a parent you don't want to see your child forget what those rules are you don't want to see your child put himself inside of harm's way I look at that video and I can see it mother whose desperate trying to fear of if this officer if an officer catches you and this type of climate he may give you a warning that would be on a good day but we also know the consequences of that could cost you his life so I seen the desperation of that I know the historical significance of how our parents would try to make sure don't mess up don't break the rules because there's thousands of written rules and then for us there's the unwritten rule do you think the unwritten rules are the same now as they were in the time of your grandparents because you're saying absolutely really my son I draw let me tell you why absolutely absolutely the same the unwritten rules have to we have to make certain that we're teaching our children I recall dropping off my son to college last fall and as I'm going through study and pre-med at Wasley Laney parent would be proud I'm still telling this bright and gifted kid baby boy if you get pulled over make certain that you listen to the letter of whatever the officer saying I don't care how rude he's being you say yes sir the entire time baby boy don't touch your cell phone before you reach for your registration make certain you let the officer know what you're going to do before you remove your hands from the wheel those lessons come from our grandparents but it's understanding where the stimulus is don't those are less intensive eight years ago significantly more strict and tell the cuts before you reach for your reg I mean if those are the same rules and my parents told me and I'm pretty white you know like Elaine Jolie I mean I'm not I'm not suggesting I'm not suggesting that that young black men don't get a different looks from a lot of cops I'm not suggesting that at all what I am suggesting is that the rules have changed pretty significantly and if we're going to act like the cops treat young black men now the way that they did 50 years ago that's just it's a slander on top I believe that they do I believe I believe that the police brutality the movement of the black lives matter that didn't just surface all of a sudden we're in the last finger here that often isn't readily started or demonstrated history I can assure you black lives matter in the hash tag are coming up very shortly let's you're really quickly from the leak about green oranges so I think I do I have four sons and two daughters my four sons are 26 21 21 and 13 one of my sons buddy is 21 years old and if he ever hears we talk about him and he'll just like die but I remember very specific you know him going through his teenage years and I find out at 17 years old he has the ak-47 tattooed on his stomach and I'm going what the hell is going on here and pretty soon he's going to join a gang and what I said to him well you know what happens when you join again you get jumped in and he said yeah and I slapped him square in the face of my hand because I said you want to get jumped in I'm going to jump you in right now okay it's ridiculous for you to walk around with two parents on a business actually like you want plug life in the middle of your stomach so what do I fear for my son I fear for my son that you will not learn the value of hard work that it's not worth it to him to get $9 an hour minimum wage because you can get 15 now and decide to sell drugs instead for the quick dollar that's what I worry about for my sons the streets will swallow him up and I see that now with kids protesting for $15 an hour now I start at 423 an hour as a busser I now how has business with four walls and 60 employees it didn't happen overnight it happened for me cleaning toilets cleaning up throw up learning as much as I could and saying if I want to earn more money I need to get the next job so what do I worry about for my son I worry about I worry about his entire generation of iPad and you know iPhones that they don't know the value of patience and hard work that has a value of experiential equity because they get it right now I'm going to go protest I get $15 tomorrow no the hell you're not you're going to learn your job you're going to build some equity and you're going to give your boss a return on investment so what do I worry about that you won't ever get that let me assure you as well we'll be approaching the minimum wage here coming up – yeah David lemon I do have a quick comment about the the mother and the kind of media wide worship for this mother who's in public slapping wooden crap out of her kid an open hand with it okay with an open hand my question is not about that particular incident my question is why her son is on the street in the first place throwing rocks at police okay whatever teenager you know whatever IP damage honey slimiest let me interrupt it because because I'm quite sure that this conversation will buy it I I'm like a good term char let me assure you let me assure you that your answers to the following question will then head into Ben's direction here and because I spent hours for these events preparing I like to insert myself from time to time just to pretend I that's why they picked the tallest man in the rooms moderator that's right this is why everybody else on that side of the room and then there's me so in the I wanted to get a short answer from each of you I'm going to use my stopwatch because everybody seems to have a different definition of short so in 30 seconds or less we'll start with me at Monique and work our way down this way I want to know this in the aftermath of the as yet unexplained death of Freddie gray Baltimore obviously suffered a great deal in Ryan's some are calling the riots a cry for justice something you get when you deny people a voice others say it's opportunistic criminality you might say it's something else what do you think these riots represent 30 seconds or less I know that a problem the stir that I do not sorry problems of the future to the past but uh Thurgood Marshall who was chief counsel for the n-double a-c-p grew up just two blocks from there and you know what path you chose not right not stealing a Wheat Thins from the CDF he chose the path of legality to change the course of his people through Brown versus the Board of Education so what do I think those riots are I think the depravity I think they're Suggs and I think if you really want to make a difference Thurgood Marshall who grew up is two blocks from there did such a thing who was a contemporary of Martin Luther King now I'll just skip over to dr. secret I look at the Baltimore uprising as more than just riots right I hate the idea when you say thugs in riot right white people riot as well when y'all win Super Bowls two years in a row y'all get off the hook don't make it seem like it's just Baltimore getting upset so my 32nd answer is I feel the frustration of what's happening in the community and I think it's a symptom the uprisings are a symptom of a pressure that's been unaddressed for too long I'm offended by the language of uprising applied to people who are breaking into other black people's stores and looting them this is not a lack of values and people who people who are destroying private property destroying cop cars in an uprising against what exactly against the black police chief against a mostly minority police force against the black mayor against black presidents against the black attorney general against the entirely against City Council that is 9 to 15 our black and all 15 are elected Democrats what is the uprising against what is it seeking to achieve I still don't see what exactly the riots are seeking to achieve bottom line is this is all it all could be boiled down to just act like a mensch act like a human being honestly it's not a useful it's not useful to riot it's not useful to break things it's not useful to throw rocks to people and the idea that we're supposed to sort of correlate your level of Alfredo I'm going to stick to the 30 seconds yeah the lateralis if it is a lessons is the idea that we're supposed to correlate your level of outrage with a certain level of justification in other words the more outraged you are and more angry you are the more justified you must be as absolute nonsense I uh I personally don't care it's a riot for me what yeah they robbed they threw stones and stuff like that yeah I'm not going to even like even I don't like going into that argument because you end up with avoiding again uniweb where Ben can just chop you down really quickly right because right no because you're like everything everybody sort of forget I mean yeah they're rioting yeah they're looting what the hell is that that is exactly what they're doing you know and I don't want to end up like arguing over what they're doing is rioting or not because I end up stuck in that argument I want to understand why that riot started that's what I'm more interested in you know what I mean I'm much more I want to know exactly what if anybody why would anybody get there because that's another discussion and along the line I mean you know again I wanted to see this right quickly and I was got a few minute I'll just say this yeah you're okay yeah so what you're older we don't know 182nd so so Michael Brown is 18 years old and he may have charged the police officer right yeah maybe it was a bad decision after all II is remember 18 years old I mean able to act like a teeny old big great decisions all through their bloody laws I mean about what's closed below me this would be my divine land of black rocks young black males Charles wonder why turn on black males a lot is that a job here I'm trying everybody's got to play by the same rules here on this panel so just like I'm interrupting Ben that was a good minute and 30 seconds of the 30 seconds yeah what if we working on own colony Africans I want to point something is I like to tell you I want to tell you it's naughty sex I want to point out something else witches do you note that the ladies know how to keep time all right let me do a follow-up question this one is directed at Ben and Monique and we're going to move into income and I'm sure we're going to revisit a Baltimore in Ferguson here in a couple of minutes but I wanted to start with this I got an email from pastor Wayne Perryman and it was about a different topic but he brought up a number of things that I wanted to share with you according to Pew Research the net worth of white families in 2013 was one hundred and forty one thousand for black families it was eleven thousand even less than the 19 thousand it was in 2007 according to economist Edward wolf of the University of New York excluding vehicles and other durables the median black family worth is just seventeen hundred dollars while 40 percent of black families have zero or negative wealth white family worth in terms of financial worth is 69 times more than that of black families given this disparity how can you argue that racism is not a driving factor in income inequality because it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with culture and when you have a culture that does it anyone and when you know what explained to me you explain to me why black kids aren't graduating high school explain that one to me explain to me why black kids are shooting each other and rates significantly higher than whites are shooting each other explain me why thirteen percent of the population is responsible for 50 percent of the murder explain to me why they why the number of blacks and black kids in prison not for innocent reasons not for walking down the street and getting pulled into a prison is so high explain if it has nothing to do with culture explain to me why the single motherhood rate in the black community jumps from 20 percent to 70 percent in the same course of times the civil rights movement has made such tremendous strides is America more racist now than it was in 1960 and if it is please explain to me how that happened and now we can jump in it's a it's an open mic there so I always need to ask have any of you ever been on food stamps have any of you ever applied for welfare I have and I've been on WIC women infants children and I'll tell you why there's such a disparity as a single mother at 17 years old as a Hispanic female I was told by my democratic-led City Council of all the programs like advances but you can't own the car and you can't have property because if you do you're cut off so you know what I was encouraged to do get on as many of those programs as possible we become dependent suckling pigs of the government as minorities and it's why I voted Democrat because they're going to give me women infant children I'm going to get food stamps until the day that I stood in line and my son wanted fruit snacks and I couldn't get them you know why my winnaman infant children only covered kicks cheese and eggs and you know what I said if I want something different I better make my own goddamn money and I'm going to tell you something in Baltimore when you look at a city these urban hubs these urban cities like Baltimore like Atlanta like Dallas they're all run by not just Democrats liberal progressive Democrats who love to get the vote by saying we're going to take care of you let us take care of you that is pandering that's pandering to me I can take care of myself if you give me the opportunity don't call me that I can't own a car because I will own a car so why is there disparity because the day that you have a car that's over the value of $3,000 your kids get off cut off a free lunch that's the reason why there's disparity let's let's let's make sure we let's make sure all language stays radio-friendly I'm sorry thank you socks are moments ago both of both of you were about ready to jump out of your seat and it this is unusual for me because usually that means words will follow but there was a pause I want to give you this opportunity to well lunch is over so promptly when we're talking about the wealth gap I'm I want to I have so many responses well just take this the easy ones I'll go for the low hanging fruit and we'll talk about some of the systemic barriers what keeps people of color by race poor what are some of the barriers specifically that are in place let's talk about something just recently right we all remember the housing foreclosure crisis where we had a court that had found that banks were three times as likely to give a bad loan rate the adjustable rate mortgages than a fixed home where and the cultural types of ways that black folks invest versus white folks how we put our money investments inside of home so when those homes don't give us equity when they don't become an asset for us the destructive nature of what it means for our wealth all of those things are simple to kind of look inside of a report we don't have to debate on we're talking about the systemic measures that keep people poor we're talking about things like the Homestead Act we're both black soldiers white soldiers both fought for their country valiantly laid their lives on the line those who are able to get the GI Bill those who were not able to get a GI Bill those types of systems that are created by the color of one's skin who who gets to take advantage of those systems and who gets left out and are marginalized those create the wealth gap that we see it's not a matter of just 150 years to work hard well then we'll take the homeownership that was devastating when you see a greater divide between black wealth and white wealth in this last decade it was because of the barriers the unfair lending practices by the banks how come they lost on that lawsuit those are the types of things that create the biggest gaps in wealth disparity do you really think there was collusion between all of the banks not to lend money to black people who are qualified to get to get the loans is it our banks in the business of racism absolutely we have the absolutely we have here's the reason why and this is the reason why there were settlement texts this is why the Washington State Attorney General's Office is still handling those yes please no individual bankers who are rates of America is known and they lost their their suit because they actually called people who look like me Latino women and men who walked inside mud people the last time I saw a FICO credit score didn't any American Hispanic or Chinese next to it I didn't TransUnion Expedia or any of the three credit bureaus there's a number that shows your creditworthiness and my last name is true danowsky I'm sorry my hair straight my not ethnic enough but the last time I checked my home loan was not measured against the color of my skin or how can I am or not then check your attorney general's office and you will see that they're still settlement texts by those banks because of their unfair lending practices but you're saying that it there would have to be we you understand there would have to be industry-wide collusion to make that happen so you're suggesting that all the banks are Bank of America white people well I don't know when they're Jack and it's really something that you guys gotta learn when you're getting stiffed and jacked by the bank and it's not a matter of like whether the banks were racist or not it's whether going to make a good or whether they're going to fleece you or not a lot of times a lot of times the news is in st. Louis in several neighborhood what they would do is they would actually raise the cost of the value of homes that white were owned by threatening that blacks are coming in right and that your house would be devalued no no don't ever when you when you wonder like is this thing like a you know resisting that the banks are doing is it is it is it that you know that the races do not know wonder how are they going to fleece you and they will know anybody can realize when they will use anything to flee she and then I'm a mom to me it's not an issue of like demo every word a I'm just stopping by to remind you that live around Argentine social justice warriors are becoming more violent and triggered than ever before anyways be sure to subscribe to catch the big series on YouTube on Hama live

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  1. So these are the people that they give out PhD’s to?? Shuuuuut uuup!! You’ve talked for an hour but have said nothing.

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    Affirmative action did put a bunch of incompetent black's, in positions they never earned. As 2 of these 4 have benefited,from affirmative action. They are teaching them, whites owe them something. Because they are not as intelligent. Black lady, showed how affirmative action has failed her. She has the "I'm owed everything" mentality. And the fact the black man said "African Time" 😅. Sure he doesn't feel like he's owed anything. Affirmative action has already given him a spot that he didn't rightfully earn.

  3. She spent 5 minutes saying nothing. If the stats on crime weren't what they are, maybe it wouldn't be so easy to jump to conclusions that are sometimes wrong.

  4. 9 dollars an hour is not minimum wage lady. Not in texas, probably not in Florida. In most places I've been it was still 7:25, however the so called national standard is suppose to be 10 dollars an hour and good luck to that. I'm fortunate to get 10 an hour under the table landscaping, no tax deductions, God bless America.

  5. I’m not saying stuttering and fumbling over words means you’re not intelligent, but it definitely doesn’t help. Charles should stop and collect his thoughts before speaking, assuming he has any actual thoughts.

  6. I just want everyone to know that radical liberals have hijacked the liberal name. I'm a slightly left-leaning person. So yes, a liberal. But I HATE everything about modern SJW's. They give us a bad name. I do not agree with all of Shapiro's opinions (mainly on social issues) but the statistical facts he presents always demolish those who dare engage him in debate.

  7. The issue is that if you are going to off each other in the hood in record numbers, then there are going to end up being more cops in the hood trying to protect good tax paying citizens there from these gang bangers as is their mandate to do, by investigating who is doing this, so if you don't want cops profiling people in your community, as is a necessary evil to finding these thugs, then I suggest you stop offing each other in record #s then so there won't be an increase in cops there and subsequently fewer cop/excessive force cases. To have ignorance about that simple cause and effect relationship of increased crime = increased police presence = increases opportunity for cops to be overrun and feel they are endanger and then there are more cases up cops fucking up and making these bad mistakes, is ignorant. You can't live in ignorance of thinking you're going to just live in a world where your community can just commit all of these crimes and there isn't an equal and opposite reaction from police. There has to be the recognition of the symbiotic nature between the two. If black gang bangers who are killing are wearing a certain type of clothing, and some other innocent non- gang banger blacks think those clothes are "down" then don't be surprised that when there is a murder in the area and it's suspected that the gang bangers committed it and here you are walking down the street wearing the same shit, well don't be surprised if you're stopped by police. And if you have a shitty attitude right then and there and talk back to him, you are giving him probable cause because you already fit the profile and he'll have no choice to arrest you because you are possibly the perp and you ate demonstrating being a threat. You have to be smarter than that and avoid the traps like the clothes and thug wannabe persona if you really aren't that guy because it's going to get you in trouble, because the cops might not be able to discern so that if you are in his face, then he has to treat you like the perp. They can't have their cake and eat it to. You can't act like a thug but then demand to be treated like an upstanding citizens to. Look and act like an upstanding citizen and you'll be treated like one by cops.

  8. Racism is: One race of people thinking they are superior to another. That's it. It's a thought process. That's it. If you act on that racism and try to exercise your supposed feeling of superiority, as was the case of the KKK's physical violence against blacks in the south, or as Ben cited, white farmers being killed and thrown off their lands by blacks in Zimbabwe, well then that is discrimination
    and racism in one. So the point is: it's not just about who has the resources or who is the majority race, etc. Blacks can be racist too obviously.

  9. Where the hell do you live, where everyone is profiled? I live in south Florida, and racial profiling doesn't exist. I've often worked in surrounding counties and cities, and no one practices this intense racial profiling you all speak of. I've worked in New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, and nothing.

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