Ben Shapiro Top 5: Social Justice Warrior Debates

but you can't wear the Halloween costume you want unless no one finds it offensive well now the selectively offended get to run the rest of the country I mean this is what we are creating they're creating a society of pantywaist fascists what we are creating is a group of people who are oversensitive to everything and then are willing to call the cops as soon as they are offended it's actually incredible and it's a violation of the First Amendment which you saw with the professor from the mass communications department at Missouri telling reporters they have no right to be there and at Yale you have students shouting people down if this is the climate that we're supposed to create if this supposed to create openness and tolerance on the campus I'm missing the openness intolerance in let's call the police if I'm a mildly offended because my feelings have been hurting this is creating a country of crazy people how can you watch this and not go crazy and think that everyone who's involved in it is crazy in the flesh evidence evidence evidence all this is is screaming and feelings how about like a shred of evidence even for the incidents that action it happened it was very that drove this really really really well where was the police report exactly when it came to for example the first n-word incident that led all of this there was no police report on any of that in the second incident at the n-word at the University of Missouri the administration investigated and the kids under investigation well I mean first of all I think that what we're teaching a lot of the kids in colleges is that over sensitivity and perceived victimization is a path toward reward and virtue that the more you feel as though you're oppressed the more people are going to sympathize with you and give you what you want I think that's that's a bit of a mistake I think it's probably better off just teaching people not to take everything quite so seriously you know that said I of course understand the value of words I just think that I do wonder at University of Wisconsin they use words like privileged obviously and that that is a that's that's obviously a buzzword and if you use words like white privilege which is extraordinarily common on campuses like u-dub right now I would assume that that's okay but white privilege is a way of shutting down debate from white people because then the assumption is that if you're white then you must be somebody who can't speak properly on any other issues except for white people issues I mean all of these words you know let's say how about this how about we just have an open debate on all of this stuff and and stop attempting to shut down the terminology that's used per se the second principle that animates the left is group justice rather than individual justice there's another name for group justice that social justice social justice you should understand is actually evil social justice when people say it it's an actual evil because anytime you put a modifier in front of a term that is inherently good you turn it into a perversion of itself so correctness right if you are correct there's truth and there's something false you are correct once you had political in front of that you're not talking about truth and falsity anymore you're talking about if you say the wrong thing you get shot which is why by the way political correctness was a term that was coined by now it was it political correctness comes straight from the annales handbook and and the same thing is true of social justice justice is a good you do something it's either good or it's bad and you get what you deserve that's what justice is and social in front of that and you're inherently saying injustice is better than justice because whether you are guilty or whether you are innocent is irrelevant if you are a member of a group then you must pay the price for something that you didn't do right social justice suggests that you know I as a as a supposedly white man you know Jews became white people as soon as we became successful in America GI as a as a as a white man I am responsible for paying slavery reparations for example in the name of social justice even though all of my ancestors were busy getting killed by Cossacks in Russia at the time that slavery was taking place and less than 5% 5% of white Americans alive today have ancestors who ever held slaves every white person in America though has to pay because of group justice how is that just it's not but it's group justice it's social justice and valuing the collective valuing people in terms of groups rather than individuals is how you get to the point where murder in the name of the collective is okay they don't know you they don't know anything about you one of the gals over here I turned off the mic so you can hear the conversation I said to her she was choose she's wondering shouting that you're all white supremacist I said you don't know me you don't know anything about me how do you know I'm Elaine supremacists and she said well that's the image you give off and I and I said really was at the yarmulke that did it for you now before we talk about you know the left argument is basically that inequality between groups is inequity if there's any sort of inequality between racial groups that's because something has happened in the United States that is deeply unfair and is currently happening not just has happened in the past but it's happening right now we are all the beneficiaries of white privilege we are all the purveyors and propagators work they don't understand of white privilege right now it is true before when you go any further that black people in the United States have obviously suffered historic discrimination right it's in arguably true of course that's true it's even true that some people are likely suffering from the effects of historic discrimination under things like Jim Crow but that does not mean that black people right now are suffering from institutional discrimination and historic discrimination does not explain current levels of inequality it doesn't it certainly doesn't justify discrimination against white people who had nothing whatsoever to do with Jim Crow individuals all over America experience inequality some of us are born rich some of us are born poor some of us are born smart some of us are born protesters okay nobody is capable nobody is capable of righting wrongs tons people three generations ago by penalizing their great-grandchildren you can't do that the solution to historic injustice is not modern injustice three generations ago my people were being slaughtered by the millions in Europe and FDR wouldn't left Jews into the country that doesn't mean there's widespread anti-jewish privilege throughout America that requires restitution from all of you that's not how this works we cannot fix where you started in life we can't that's beyond your control that's beyond my control but the notion of white privilege suggests you can never under any circumstances overcome where you started in life because there's this big bear called white privilege that's trying to eat you that if you make it even if you make all the right decisions white privilege will stand in your way that is a lie but it is that this campus obviously promotes in general it turns out there's another reason that in a free country some people fail and some people succeed some values some values some behavior is better than other values and behavior and people who tend to hold fast to better values do better than people who don't perhaps equality of opportunity only exists so long as people are willing to take advantage of those opportunities and that's the truth white privilege isn't reality is just a cowardly way to blame somebody else for your own failures to live up to decent standards whites are not born with the genetic predisposition to doing the right thing in some arbitrary moral system that benefits whites for doing the right thing there are three simple life rules that will guarantee that you are not permanently poor in the United States regardless of race regardless of gender finish high school get a job get married before you have babies that's it [Applause] I'm offended by the language of uprising applied to people who are breaking into other black people's stores and looting them this is not this is a lack of values and people who people who are destroying private property destroying cop cars in an uprising against what exactly against the black police chief against a mostly minority police force against the black mayor against the black president against the black Attorney General against the entirely against a City Council that is 9 to 15 hour black and all 15 unelected Democrats what is the uprising against what is it seeking to achieve I still don't see what exactly the riots are seeking to achieve bottom line is this is all it all could be boiled down to just act like a mensch act like a human being honestly it's not a useful it's not useful to riot it's not useful to break things it's not useful to throw rocks at people and the idea that we're supposed to sort of correlate your long away I'm gonna stick to the 30 second so yeah the lessons the idea that we're supposed to correlate your level of outrage with a certain level of justification in other words the more outraged you are and more angry you are the more justified you must be as absolute nonsense gonna have sexist you can have racist you're gonna have all this stuff I mean I'm just say that I agreed exist but the problem that I'm seeing and this is the problem with the general conversation is that there's no solution and simply saying there's racism out there how does that solve anything and when when you talk about there's institutional racism what does that mean show me a law that is racist in intent and we will agree show me a police officer who commits a racist act like we saw in South Carolina right where a police officer shot a black man running away and it was obviously unjustified and I will agree but you need the idea that you can craft a narrative based on no racism because it just must be somewhere out there in the ether that doesn't solve problems for anybody and creates more problems for people because now they grow up in a milieu and an environment where they are told that every obstacle they face is from some shadowy nameless faceless group who is out to get them simply because of the color of their skin they'll never succeed in that environment how can you argue that racism is not a driving factor in income inequality because it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with culture and when you have a culture that doesn't and when and when it you know what explained to me you explain to me why black kids aren't graduating high school explain that one to me explain to me why black kids are shooting each other in rates significantly higher than whites are shooting each other explain me why thirteen percent of the population is responsible for 50 percent of the murder explain to me why they why the number of blacks and black kids in prison not for innocent reasons not for walking down the street getting pulled into a prison is so high explain if it has nothing to do with culture explain to me why the single motherhood rate in the black community jumped from 20 percent to 70 percent in the same course of time that the civil rights movement has made such tremendous strides is America more racist now than it was in 1960 and if it is please explain to me how bad

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  1. Ben Shapiro for President! I predict that Ben Shapiro will run for the office of presidency in the future. With Larry Elder as his V.P and Candace Owens as speaker of the house. God willing.

  2. Those smug faces at the end stopped smiling pretty fast when Ben exposed undenying facts about black culture.

  3. these areguments totally destroy the snowflake ideology.   devastating facts and truth about the nonsense that is social justice.

  4. explain why the victims of colonialism is still being blamed instead of celebrated for making it out the depths of poverty and now we are resisting, how does a people from the African diaspora become successful in a nation that has oppressed them? This is the plight of Latino's and Blacks worldwide.

  5. I really don't agree with people being able to walk about wearing nazi shit 😂I don't care about the confederate flag too much but the nazi stuff really bothers me

  6. its amazing how identity politics is being used by the left as if as a tool to project any opposing views offensive and therefore not politically correct. Thats how they close debates and smear conservative ideas they dont agree with. Its probably one of the biggest obstruction of free speech, which is the foundations of western civilization and human evolution.. Ive always had a centrist view on politics like most people however the way progressives and their SJW useful idiots are playing the victim card trying to silence any opposition with gender and identity politics without substance and even using the propaganda and liberal media bias to push the narrative…Its only because more and more people have become aware of the double standard and the bullshit mainstream media bias that trump even amongst all adversity won the election.

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