Ben Shapiro: Social Justice Warrior Highlights [TRIGGER WARNING]

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. In the last video that dude with the long hair used Klinefelter syndrome as an example… this is a rare syndrome where instead of an X chromosome and a Y chromosome you have two X’s and a Y. Two X’s alone means you’re female, an X and a Y mean you’re male. If there is a Y you are strictly male. Just because you have an extra X chromosome when you also have a Y does not mean that it negates the Y. 😅 just had to say that

  2. Why do we have to change the immigration laws that worked just fine for the Irish and the Italians?Answer, We Don't, We need to change the immigrants. Last week I saw a video on FB of an illegal being arrested and the guy taking the video blamed President Donald Trump and all the people who voted for him. This is the typical "Left" narrative, if you break the law in America its someone elses fault.

  3. saying things like "read the bill" is the laziest and cheapest form of argument, Shapiro didn't give away anything that would warrant him being told to read the bill.

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