Ben Shapiro Destroying Social Justice Warriors

all right let me do a follow-up question this one is directed at Ben and Monique according to Pew Research the net worth of white families in 2013 was one hundred and forty one thousand for black families it was eleven thousand given this disparity how can you argue that racism is not a driving factor in income inequality because it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with culture and we have a culture that doesn't anyone you know what explain to me you explain to me why black kids aren't graduating high school explain that one to me explain to me why black kids are shooting each other in rates significantly higher than whites are shooting each other when you a 13% of the population is responsible for 50% of the murder explain to me why they why the number of blacks and black kids in prison not for innocent reasons not for walking down the street getting pulled into a prison is so high explain if it has nothing to do with culture explain to me why the single motherhood rate in the black community jumped from 20% to 70% in the same course of time that the civil rights movement has made such tremendous strides is America more racist now than it was in 1960 and if it is please explain to me how that happened moments ago both of both of you were about ready to jump out of your seats and it's this is unusual for me because usually that means words will follow but there was a pause I want to give you this opportunity to blend together so when we're talking about the wealth gap I'm I want to ask so many responses well just take this the easy ones I'll go for the low-hanging fruit you're a fucking idiot we'll talk about some of the systemic barriers what keeps people of color by race poor or we're talking about things like the Homestead Act those create the wealth gaps that we see it's not a matter of just 150 years to work hard well then we'll take the homeownership that was devastating what it was because of the barriers the unfair lending practices by the banks do you really think there was collusion between all of the banks not to lend money to black people who are qualified to get the to get the loans is that our banks in the business of racism absolutely we have that absolutely we have here's the reason why and this is the reason why there were settlement checks this is why the Washington State Attorney General's Office is still handling those yes please and any individual bankers who are they actually called people who looked like me Latino women and men who walked inside mud people the last time I saw a FICO credit score do you see American Hispanic or Chinese next to it I didn't TransUnion Expedia or any of the three credit bureaus there's a number that shows your creditworthiness and my last name is true danowsky I'm sorry my hair straight and I'm not ethnic enough but the last time I checked my home loan was not measured against the color of my skin or how tan I am or not my people why don't know when they're jacked and it's really something that you guys got to learn when you're getting stiffed and jacked by the banks and it's not a matter of like whether the banks were racist or not it's where they're gonna make a good whether they're gonna fleece you or not wonder how are they gonna flee sheep and they will know nobody's gonna realize when they will use anything to fleece you and I'm to me it's not an issue of like whether you could say like that fleece you what happened what happened is what happened is the banks the banks were running out of out of people to make money off in the ordinary system and so they had to like switch to poor people who had nothing and give them home loans right no no my my question is my question is I'm not going to say that no no yeah this is a good explanation I'm just wondering what the point is is it is it is it that you know smoke

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  1. why can the two people on the left sit up straight? the lounging makes them appear uninterested in their own position. after he speaks Ben turns toward the left and he does lean while he is listening to the other side. But in the beginning and he is seated straight and he is upright while presenting his case.
    Body language matters..n the sjw side could have gotten representatives that cared enough for the cause to not lounge like they are watching Saturday morning cartoons.
    Their casual posture was GLARING and i couldn't even tell you if they made any vailid points because i was distracted by the lounging.
    i mean do you not have enough confidence in your position to even remain upright?

  2. If these people could funnel all of their intelligence into a toaster, they wouldn’t even be able toast a piece of bread lightly

  3. banks are racist?! wtf? bitch… im vietnamese & i WORKED at bank of america helping asian people! and my branch manager was black! Lay off the shrooms hoe.

  4. … Money. Wow did I just answer Ben the genius’s question… yes I did. Black people where slaves and the way that USA works is if you ad rich ancestors you are more likely to have money today. Afro Americans ad no money because they were slaves you idiot and now they can’t live the same way as rich white family do because they have less money. They were thought how to survive and you where thought how to make tones of money by not sharing. Well that wasn’t so hard. Looks like Ben isn’t that smart after all… oh wait, he was an idiot all along.

  5. The answer actually might have been racism….. When Ben said " explain how the single mother hood rate went from 25% to 70%…" Systematic racism??

  6. I dont laugh often at youtube videos, but the EDITING at the end of this video was great. The sudden "Smoke Weed Everyday!", fucking got me. Hilarious.

  7. Did she actually say "I wanna ask so many responses"? Who is that fake-stammering man? He has an English accent

  8. Can we just shut the fuck up about politics and social affairs and just build a god damn colony on mars already? Shit!

  9. These guy probably thinks society is racist because he's a fucking idiot and he thinks his lack of opportunity is because he's black

  10. I'm Filipino and Portuguese… And have been denied loans. Not once did I think it was racism. Oh… but these issues only apply to Hispanic and blacks because that's the only other ethnic group out there….

  11. Love those vids, but could you please provide the proper sources with for instance the original videos in full length mentioned within the description? Keep it up though. Good work mate!

  12. Yeah, not quite… and no Im not a social justice warrior, Im a watchman. Ben asks the question "are banks in the business of racism?" and "Please name the individual bankers who are racists, so we can all call them out"… I will give you one name, and I will explain… Rothschild. The Federal reserve bank of American is a consortium of 9 Zionist Jewish-owned & associated banks with the Rothschilds at the head… The same bank the America people owe approximately 18 TRILLION DOLLARS too. No they are not racist, they are bigots. And yes, against everyone that is not a zionist jew. We are goy… nothing more than cattle. And to control us, they are in the business of divide and conquer with class war, race wars, religious wars and gender wars, they are in the business of order out of chaos with false flags, assassinations, wars and coup-d'etats, militarised police and martial law, they are in the business of mind control and the dumbing down of society, with chemicals in what we breathe, drink and eat, with entertainment from TV, Movies, music, sport and the internet, they are in the business of controlling governments. They are your masters! And if the people of the America… and the world, don't start to wake up, millions and millions and millions of people WILL SURELY DIE! UNITE AND RESIST! In The name of JESUS, UNITE AND RESIST. UNITE and love one another, we are all humans beings and we are all God Almighty's creation. And passively and indirectly RESIST! Barter, give, share… and seek and learn the TRUTH! Because the Truth will set you free. Oh, one last thing, did you notice ben is Jewish.

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