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Beauty salon forced to close after refusing wax service to trans woman

Beauty salon forced to close after refusing wax service to trans woman

sort of a transgender woman who started a Twitter storm after effectively forcing a beauty salon in Canada to close down for refusing to wax her bikini line Jessica Anna formerly Jonathan filed 16 human rights complaints against different salon owners in Vancouver it's after they all denied the service on the basis that Jessica still had male genitalia and they only catered for women they said Jessica's also found little sympathy on social media where she's faced a furious backlash on Twitter there is no religion beliefs politics or culture when it comes to a woman's right to say no when asked to place your hands on a male born genital area it has nothing to do with genitalia and everything to do with force it's also about those workers right to not wax genitalia that needs different wax handling and training but sure ality needs to shoosh well Jessica explained that she saw it the scandal wasn't about waxing more about people using religion and cultures refused a service hinting that the salon owner was immigrant the majority in fact of the 16 complaint she made for some reason were against immigrant shop owners the story first emerged in 2018 but yeah this identity was only recently disclosed she's now also embroiled – in a pedophile scandal three teenage girls are accusing her of child exploitation for sexual misbehavior online including sending asking them to send explicit pictures brother the striker from the unsilent minority believes he LGBT communities being hijacked and tainted by this case I think it is of the utmost importance to protect minors to protect children in any scenario whether that's with an adult predator who is transgender or not transgender but I think the important thing to remember is that there are a lot of people in this world who are transgender or who identify as transgender who are completely normal people living normal lives who don't wish to be politicized who don't wish to cause trouble and who are absolutely no harm to children or minors or anybody else the reason why I feel like this is so important for people to be talking about and here a wide spectrum of opinions about is because the LGBT community has been co-opted by so justice warriors and a lot of I think bad players who are co-opting this movement calling themselves LGBTQ adding extra letters on top of the acronym and masquerading I think under this umbrella of being a marginalized victimized class when they themselves are the Predators you

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  1. it just so mixup and need to be put right about now life works . it look for money and make thing bad for the rest of you great going man. it not a woman it a thing or it

  2. trans people have a major mental disorder and dont belong in the free world
    call me racist or whatever , but they will never be females , genetics say they are male and thats it

  3. it is now a human right to force someone else to serve you.
    of course i would go legally against the freak. prices for services can be different for different genders. my price list would include them freaks but at a 200x cost. and i'd gladly justify that with a dose of sarcasm.

  4. A bad actor calling someone else a bad actor. From what i can tell that predator needs to be in jail, zero tolerance for pedophiles, second why do i get the feeling the guy on RT is a pedophile too?

  5. Propaganda channel and very unprofessional…focusing on the complainee instead of the juridicial court that made this stupidity happen,
    Quoting some anonymus comments about this troubled fellow what are we here kindergarden????

  6. RT are getting as bad as the rest of fake news – "Jessica" is actually a man, he is not trans, he just happens to like dressing up in women's clothes, and he doesn't have a bikini line because he has male genitals. It was his balls that he wanted these women to wax.

  7. In Canada, calling a trans woman a 'biological' man is hate speech

    All the people calling him a predator are hypocrites

    I think everyone are missing the point, according to Canadian law he is in the right, and the women who refused him committed a crime.

    That is a FACT, those laws were made exactly for this kind of situation, if he says he's a woman, than he's a woman, and by law must be treated as such.

    You don't really expect people not taking advantage of laws that benefit them do you?

  8. At 68 years of age I am now questioning this 'new reality' we are living. First I was disbelieving of all these new groups in society springing up everywhere – I didn't know what LBGT was, I didn't know what was meant by Social Justice Warriors – even all this nonsense about far right and far left. Then I was angry and fearful of this new paradigm we seem to be drifting into – what side to pick? who is right? Why is this happening?
    However, lately I am beginning to see things very differently and this video has helped to clear the fog. We are ALL BEING PLAYED, ALL BEING TRIGGERED – the one thing we all have in common is that we are not the 1per cent, we are ordinary people just trying to have a good, honest, peaceful life BUT that is not being allowed, that game is not been played anymore…why? They have changed the rules!!
    The little people (I believe we are sometimes referred to as "the eaters", yes I know) have had their day in the sun now its time to take the reins of power back and 'control' is the order of the day. DIVIDE & CONQUER is the way to weaken society, so legitimate social groups were being given a voice, then infiltrated and poisoned by a few to provoke a 'reaction' from another group. We are implicit in our own demise because we are full of fear and ego and quick to take offence and 'pick a side'.
    If we don't wake up its our children who will bear the cost of our stupidity. The more we hate on each other, the weaker we become!! Think about it at the very least. I try now very hard not to be triggered to make a negative comment because then I am part of the problem. Don't play into their hands – do your research before you 'pick a side'.

  9. Yaniv’s a known sexual predator and prays upon very young girls. The guy tried to force a woman to put her hands on his genitalia and she said no and he threw a fit. The trans community does not want anything to do with this creep.

  10. Facefuck,Twitwat,Applejuice ban alex jones.
    Leftist : Every business has rights to refuse service 😂😂😂.

  11. Transvestite, he hasn't been deboned yet.
    He collects tax dollars bcz no one will hire him, but he doesn't want to work. He will try to sue so he can live off of hard working taxes than to get a job. I know a few people who has been on welfare by choice for over 30 years, and this is what they do, social vampire tax suckers. I come from the original LG COMMUNITY , he makes us sick and look bad. We just wanted EQUALITY in society, not a circus freak trying to live off society. I work hard for my existence and don't blame others for my life. His Mommy failed him, not us!
    Like dropped

  12. How dare they not want to handle his big fat sweaty ball sack.
    Shame on you, all he wanted was a back sack and crack wax.
    There is nothing wrong with a big fat hairy nut sack in your hands.
    This is sexist towards fat bollocked people.

  13. If a biological male went to the salon in male dress, I think most people would say the salon had the right to refuse service. For a bikini wax, the relevant attribute is male or female genitalia. If she had already gone through transition, then the salon would not have the right to refuse service.

  14. It's not a "transgender woman." It's a man who is pretending to be a woman and insisting that everyone else treat him as such. What's next, will he sue when a gynecologist refuses to see him?

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