Barack Obama 2012 Campaign Launch Video - "It Begins With Us"

well it seems like the last couple of Elections that we've had have been almost kind of turning void campaigns kind of nervous about it it's like it's coming here it is 2012 the election I think it needs to reflect the changes that we've seen in the last two and a half years then we had an underdog senator nobody thought that he had a chance and now he's the president I just saw the energy and hope that he had for this country even though I couldn't exactly vote at the time I knew that someday I'd be able to help realize and that's what I plan on doing we're not leaving it up to chance we're not leaving it up to oh you know the incumbent the type of thing is an election that we have to win and unfortunately President Obama is one person he cannot go plus he got a job you know we're paying him to do a job so we can't say hey could you just take some time off and come and get us all energized so we better figure it out I can't not be involved there's just too much that is fundamentally important right now that's going on as a community we all have the same concerns we all want our kids to go to school and learn welcome to graduate we want jobs to be out there we want people to have homes we want people to have opportunity I don't agree with Obama on everything but I respect him and I trust him there are so many things that are still on the table but need to be addressed and we want them to be addressed by President Obama I had this perception that politics was all show it was all sound bites but politics is how we govern ourselves that's what politics is not the grassroots level it's individuals talking to other individuals and making a difference you

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  1. Obama, the best president for everyone who is not an American citizen, made president by the big corporations and big pharma. Think if America new who he really was, they would have still made him president?

  2. Well you are not helping any one by not voting for either. You must be knowing that what just one vote could make a difference.We should choose the better among the two in accordance with their policies and thoughts.So just go to vote for the one you think is better than other.Just the difference of one vote gave the US English as its language instead of German.Cheers!

  3. Well,it is about choosing the right one among the two but not rejecting one and by default you get the other one.So here I go for Mr.Obama!!

  4. you can shove it because Barack Obama is a great president & yes he makes mistakes but who doesnt?& how do you expect someone to fix 8 yrs of damage in only 4 yrs?I have a question for you,do you even understand 1/2 the things that come out of Romneys mouth?the dude doesnt even have his story straight.all he does is change his mind & I dont wanna hear any of your bullcrap & hopefully youre not capable to vote because if you are than you are 1 of the reasons that this country is failing!

  5. Although I am not American I love Obama, He's dona so much. Hope he wins again too, I would hate to see conservative fanatics in control.

  6. Correction:Obama using War on Women, Big Bird, Blinders, etc. He's getting desperate for votes, so he try to paint Romney. Which I think is stupid and foolish.
    But I'm Not voting for Obama, or Romney since They Both suck, and Romney sucks for helping out the rich and the man and idiot in my view.

  7. This video is why Barry Soetoro will not have a second term. Nothing but a "vote for him because he is Barak Obama" attitude, He is incompetent on the economy, over his head internationally, He has the appearance of High school basketball coach and sounds like a Amway salesman, tired of the product line.

  8. @motoxx101
    If you're going to verbally abuse the 5,000+ people that liked this video, you may want to spell things correctly.

  9. I dont discourage owning a gun. Never will, i believe we should all be able to defend ourselves. But we dont need an AK-47, or an AR-15 to fend for ourselves. I would love to engage in an argument about socialism, so i can tear you to shreds, because you got no clue what socialism is, just what Brit Hume, Sean Hannity as well as the rest of the Faux news crew has indoctrinated into your brain. Again, i encourage you to read the definition of socialism before you open your misinformed trap.

  10. to take over everything we own. Matter of fact. To be a socialist nation, everything, and i mean everything, from your cable services, to your other things you normally have private would be government run. In other words, it doesnt promote private ownership of anything at all. I dont see Obama making our oil companies state run, or your cell phone provider among other things. Pro God? ok, fair enough. Pro Life? Let women make their own decisions. Pro Gun? do you really need an assault rifle?

  11. Socialist? You sir (which is a compliment, which shouldnt be for you), are brutally misinformed. Look up the definition of socialism and maybe you can form a better opinion about what you are trying to spew out of your piehole. Socialism is the type of economy that suppresses competition and capitalism. Venezuela is a socialist nation due to the fact that government has control of everything oil related, hell, TV stations an newspapers are controlled by the government there. Obama is not trying

  12. you should be just as upset, if you care about this country and care about our constitution "witch he is pissing all over" , on top of all that pretty much everything he said he would do, he lied about or re-niged. perhaps you should watch 2016 Obama's America. If your not outraged and you still support him after that you've got issues

  13. hey dumbass, he has spent more money in 4 years than bush spent in 8, he lied about everything he told us he was going to do. prices on everything went up and jobs went down he said he would bring our troops home and then turned around and suspended it indenfinitely. it must be a liberal family tradition to have the parents throw the childern off a redwood tree and hit every stupid branch on the way down. this is what we get when we give illegals,idiots and welfare recipients the right to vote

  14. Absolute scare mongering tripe, don't bother with this guys witless attempt at trying to derail Obama through pointless right wing propaganda ravings.

  15. have you people ever seen 2016 Obama's america? Sense you probably haven't, all you guys need to watch it. if you have seen the movie and still support him You've got fucking issues

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