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saraghina thank you so much well first of all I saw parts of the goodbye speeches in the Senate and what was striking to me was when you were saying goodbye number one you were smiling considering people would think normally Linda Patton who got bang Banga he'd be Alamo Yannick mahé adenine Allah better you were smiling you were gracious and for some reason you just had a glow that I mean describe that where were you coming from Karen Ibaka seyoung campaign a billion governance and I guess you the so-called valedictory when everybody all the six or seven senators were leaving we were talking about their previous terms we were talking about governance we're talking about Co Ninagawa not in the Senate you know a trabajo not in and pestle amitayus OMA Asama not in and as I said in the valedictory allahumma – nah – ah been a glob on a decision that I made a vote that I cast na kehna giegi ah who let you know a couple sat on by and so buddy mocks a smile de bah now unfortunately in Campania at young governance mckay battle aggressor Pilipinas how you wish an asana based on track record in governance lungs on a young election at Indy grinning that's not democracy that's not how it is in our country so on that last day or last session day last day is actually June 29 no but on that last session day netcode Mokpo selamat and muhammad not in semana para trabajo not in a goose up on young man gonna go out in a Manhattan para sabayon you know it on a man as I said being given that opportunity to help the opportunity to affect so many lives that's a gift no a gift that you have to be grateful for Casa cochineal ankyrin human Magana clashing opportunity namaha to loose a towel in communication and Palmira than jaws animatronic Munna a ibig sabihin on you know Peschel I'm a copper in Casa during that time when I make a Purina go I'm a booty know when you said I'm in Napa on Laguna it sounds to me that you are not fully closing your doors are you still open to running again in 2020 – honestly honestly and you Ponyo from where I am right now to be emotionally emotionally mentally physically and mentally right now and you know our term ends June 29 I think the new set start on June 30 right now we're closing our books we are making sure that lap-band staff Naumann my trabajo to be very frank with you that's nice how do you do it Ellen and staffs know it's about 40 of the authority and what does someone like a senator BAM Aquino do because people don't see this anymore to ensure that 40 of them will move early to be honest Messiah Jose Benton meaning off of them will probably stay in the Senate other senators are absorbing a lot of my staff because I get a little money on staff can imagine being a bitch but I'm a everything from policy political legal communications so there's a whole staff there that runs your office maram is a vanilla cooling Andy bonamana Synod or guinea-bissau Canela absorbed on private sector a number of people in different companies have said oh we want the skill set that your your staff has built up over the years hallo hallo no and hopefully by June 29 everybody will will be ok where they are now so that's really a lot of the work right now you miss a pikarin is also looking at all of our policies and trying to provide the committee's and human dynamin a divorce okay first of all I'm curious you were chair of education you still learn no in the 16th Congress I was science and technology and youth in the 17th Congress education for about a year and then now science and technology okay I'm curious are you satisfied with the fact that the Education Committee was divided into two essentially a basic education that will go to sherwin and Higher Education and Skills that's going to Joelle that's fine that's fine in Congress Green DNA in Iwilei nearly human a committee and the Education Committee is so important that it's okay that you have two chairmen handling different things Osama he will a mop a young cetera vocational no parallel my beginning Bernsen but to be honest Karen can you find a nice TV and perform Greystone they will determine what committees there are they can create new committees they can absorb committees or they can combine it into one depend the endings of bag of leadership and honestly Mahalo and Scylla how they'll do it in the 18th Congress you Mahalo Galang he'll be my one human re-pour my name be Panetta top no nurses list of maybe easily five to six different reforms yes on the education side that still need to be done okay we'll discuss that a bit later on looking back I'm just curious take us behind the scenes because this is what people want to know when did you know that you wouldn't be lucky enough to secure a place in the 12 when was that moment well because the numbers are smaller you have Nancy be 9jv and you just buy a few hundred in 1% of each other absolutely so that's a bit tough and you are all colleagues carry on toil I'll be very honest going into election day we were hitting internally internal surveys maybe 8 to 10 and our trend was going up so we were very optimistic about the elections now Needleman coming among the top pero la posada mandapa now during the 7 hour glitch you impact economies marine exam Bay Malibu at OU have an re glitch no but blob aslam 91 percent at major de cada tired on you kind of knew already now in Ottawa dito was that even though the unofficial accounting tapas nah more or less tapas nah and you kind of Vanunu between catalana when the official counting started media was really pushing the story the number 12 oh I don't know if you remember that there were like two or three days Akeno secures 12 spot two or three days soon so even being on a survey no no this is already during the official counting of Kampala okay of course you under facial tapas named de ba yeah there was me yeah there was I saw that you saw it I saw the story so Ala Moana patinka by a little bit no but we were going around of course here in the Philippines and even a during that time and people were still congratulating me de saying what in a capacitor died and of course you had to explain oh but the unofficial count made you bit in tie-in and Conte so for a few days now we had that until eventually no booster talaga your official car that's when I decided to make a public statement about it before you became a senator you actually became famous because of happy no yes people forget that you were first an advocate of small businesses you were going around the country even with gonna go show happy noise making sure small entrepreneurs it would be far from that oh I'll tell you that much Karen yeah but will we see you for example in a big multinational company being you know oh is that part of the program honestly I don't know but I really don't think so Peleg a kebab La Quinta you didn't semana Nagi stand arena in helping small businesses youth education company demand melayu um I'm gonna go why not answer saying it's a mongoose hotel again I think it's a total Hawaii yeah and you know I was having lunch with one of my mentors and really good friends and they were giving me advice at sobbing Angela you know human habitats neguin obama maganda lahat yan but that's on paper that's policy now it's time for you to also go down and find out how these are implemented commit to become a monkey code but elegant eating and more how this is implemented on the ground partner Chicago in doing miss muslimah natal and that's a little bit exciting but to be honest Karen this is the first time in my life in saguru 14 years 19 de grado Colunga ago in Co and it's exciting and I welcome it at Sabula hopefully some on a panel home and add a selca boo lumen candle on me Lord come on him again then go in in the next few month okay you had a very good track record in the Senate just to go over them and I'll put it to one of the analysis of those interviewed that political analysts okay the Philippine Competition Act imagine that you have the gonna go show act universal access to quality tertiary education act or we know now is the free College Act you had the second most number okay I'll read that later is first you an analyst saying you did not credit President Duterte enough I mean you had netizens mashing you and saying bam Aquino couldn't have done all of this if president Duterte technically did not sign them into law because they did not pass during the time of former President Aquino looking back let's an analysis a polygamy by you did not credit President Duterte enough well we did to be honest if you look at the speech s and if you look at the social media posts no we thanked him for signing our loss but at the end of the day caring human bonds an Athenian gobierno not in Qatar you might at lunkov equal branches Kissimmee can imagine trabajo en microbio you can judiciary my trabajo executive at my trabajo you in the distance you turban illegitimate ass so definitely in that local amendment illumine para implement Panasonic Podesta my booty and India under Cooling's our papa Solomon interior maja Papa selamat semana en shaa Kappa Gamma Goa Selena maganda pero you bound up ago whining but Astor balance in adore know and that whole thing about credit grabbing and all of them yeah yeah I was connecting more of a strategy on the part of our opponents to really take away any of our accomplishments Cosima smugness abhi him oh you minority and Google onion well at Allegheny Gaga but if you look at the track record of the minority senators Mahaprabhu marami simona patterson i pasa na maganda at Vinick Mahalo hidden gobierno well Aaron's among a minority senators young for 2022 is LP still alive you think or would it be time to now retire LP and put up a new party aha honestly everything's on the table Kumba the the benefit of right now now looking at the future and not being tied to anything that's more or less it election at all that's what it's sa we have to start fresh we have to be able to look at this campaign see those little points of light and built from there and everything else natella ghana Asama onaka dragged down tangle in Annapolis and really start fresh I think that's something that I think that's something that's a very doable and I think that something a lot of people are looking for also now un para una política paren in D : Karen it only Nahanni nothing papa Bongo in the heart not in unity semana power could be political but it could be something else and right now what's exciting is the world is in front of you the lagoon meant a lot and possibilities all right well great attitudes senator burr Medina thank you so much for coming to head start and good luck to you I'm curious what you'll be doing in the next three you know you'll know soon all right you

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  1. Magaling sa insfrastructure ang LP nilulumot at pwede talabahan at magharvest ng kabute sa sobrang tagaaaal……..

  2. Hoy bam bam wala kana tapo na kayo ng mga dilawan sa kangkungan puro kayo magnanakaw dilawan wala na itatatapon na namin sa ibang planeta 2022 hidi ka pa rin namin iboboto

  3. Ang rami nyo nang pangalan. Liberal, Tindig Pilipinas, Otso Diretso, etc. Pero alam namin DILAWAN PARIN KAU 😡😡😡😡

  4. Karen ganda ng pag uusap nyo hindi mo ini interrupt si bam… gaya ng pinagagawa mo sa iba…

    Kilangan nga naman ni bam mag pa bango ng pangalan…

  5. Liberal party always have hidden plot. Sorry sir but history says that, so i cannot vote for you while bearing your surname and relevance to the party. Look on leila de lima and SAF44 issue as a example.

  6. Dios q kpg kakampi nia puro papuri db…. Peo kpg kalaban db puro kapapahiya. Bam track record oo merun k nagawa, pasalamat at wag kna tumakbo nd kna mananalo

  7. Alam na kc namin kung ano ang totoong nangyari sa MENDIOLA Massacre na nagbihis agad si Ninoy at dumating siya tapos na ang pangyayari at alam na rin namin kung sino talaga ang nag papatay kay Ninoy na inibintang ninyo kay Pres. Marcos. Wag ninyong lituin ang mga tao. LP sinungaling…👊👊👊👊

  8. Magpabaril knalng bam or ung cazin mong abnormal ipabaril mo pra me chanza u makabalik sa senate o bka maging presidente ka.

  9. Sir, you have mentioned 'to be honest and the word honest' several times. You're a good Senator but are you not 'honest'? Why mention it several times though???

  10. Mangiba planeta Ka nalang Bam hindi kana kailangan dito sa Pilipinas bukas sayo ang space shuttle para makalayas kana! 😅🤣

  11. Gising na ang taongbayan,tagal nyo sa gbyerno,wala kayong ginawa,puro basura,drugs,korap,criminalities at kahirapan,yan ang bunga ng pamumuno nyo

  12. Sinungaling ka Bam, never nyo na-credit si PRRD! puro kayo batikos.
    Nung panahon nyo ni NoyNoy, hindi naipasa yang mga batas na sinulong mo tas kaya wag kang ipokrito, natalo kana nga, di ka pa rin nagbabago.

    2019 is the year na tuluyang makakalimutan ang Liberal Party sa politika ng Pilipinas.
    Taga mo sa bato yan.

  13. Mahirap na burahin sa utak ng Pilipino ang kapalpakan ng apelyidong Aquino. Mahirap ang mission mo Bam Bam, papaano mapapa bango ang apelyido mo.

  14. forever na kayong goodbye sa politika mga pulpol at durugista,magnanakaw at sinungaling sawang sawa na kami sainyo.

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