Automation: The Car Company Tycoon Game -- Light Campaign V3!

it's rich place so where should we go build tropical cars well to me if we started in jasmiyah which again I think they want like they select their budget cars but like sort of bigger more powerful family cars to me this sort of screams that sort of nineteen like late 1940s into 1950s sort of Americana big cars but the same thing happens with like if you think of something like Tropico or Cuba right you've got the whole thing with Cuba's you get those those 50s and 60s no big Chevrolet's still going around just because of embargoes and things I can't really get the new cars in there like I'm kind of I don't know do we want to are China and make little budget cars go free and make like a small run little handmade little sports cars you know little two-seater two-seater little convertible ones they'd seen like movies they like driving up the Italian coast and you know there's got the one the one lady in the sidecar who's got the scarf that just like waving way back as they drive around kind of thing there's a lot of things I mean there's no region based around Japanese car design not an explicit one but you could you could you know just do whatever over here I'm Catalina McQueen between gas Mia and are China crap boxes in our China well the dev did do a bit of a let's play that but it was a while ago and we could do something that if you don't vote are China are trying to vote to you comrades I think we're gonna have to go to our China are trying to because it's green well oh you're it is green as opposed to red that's true now as are China we do have access right away to DeLuca if we want to be able to sell like fancy fancy fast cards glory to our chess stunts toka yeah alright I think we're gonna do this guys I'm gonna make Gloria's car still ready pose it's so tough it is tough muscle cars our little craft boxes that's a little crap boxes in our China let's do it so we need that um you got presets you can tune all these this you know company tak how much extra tech that you're you're gonna gain overthrow the baseline these over here this is the size of the plot that you start with to build your factory the amount of territory you have and then here's the actual size the factory so if you have like a medium factory plot you can only build medium factories but if you increase the plot size then you can go ahead and build bigger factories starting cash and how your competitors are compared to the baseline and you'll have a lot of competitors like you'll have like 10 15 maybe 20 different competitors depending on what category you in so having their competition not be at 100% is good you can go all the way to insane over here where you get a final score the campaign runs until I don't know I want to say something like 2010 2015 it's something like that and you know because the technology really starts a change little bit after a while but I think maybe we'll just go medium for this first one it does give us a few existing tech in various areas just a medium-sized factory which is not huge and a medium-sized plot so we're gonna have to buy more land if we want in beginner factories at all 2 billion in cash is pretty healthy I gotta say that she totally started insane I don't think we're gonna do that 2012 into the world 2020 we got a couple of different Oh 2012 into the world I see we'll go with medium we're gonna start in our China what's our company again name gonna be you guys I mean the size factories indeed not huge okay yes you're right belf night that is literally true guys what's your thing like I was like oh I could do something based like can we sort of pun it a little bit based on another car company like will roll motors the quill be Motor Company or something like that there's it like Belgium Motors quill wagon actually thank you for writing me essentially reminded me of that came up with that when I was discussing ideas reason it was like quill wagon Motors Inc Motor Company because then it could be qmc right qmc is opposed to GMC quill wagon motors company I think I kind of like it so motors that's pretty good too we'll start on medium we're gonna we're gonna win that a little bit you guys we're gonna whip out a little bit so let's go ahead before we kick in we're gonna take a look at the markets and traits so right now we have our China selected if we look at say the demographics eyes over here so we can see your potential market and I know at any given time I may be blocking some part of the UI I'll try to maybe move around so that we can see various things but this is the sort of demographic that we're looking for whiskey and chocolate cars that would've been a good name – Petra Oh Liam well that's brilliant Oh God immediate spreadsheet I know man it's like but this is gonna came it's like very cool there's lots of visual stuff going on too but then there's this so you can see it's the big markets and this is gonna be true in most places to be honest or certain extent the bigger markets are often going to be the the budget ones right so a family budget community budget family utility budget utility budget over here these currently have the biggest demographic size although it's interesting to also see that the year-on-year growth does vary a little bit so while family is smaller currently than family budget it is growing a little bit faster family premium is tiny but growing even faster so there might be future markets for some of these different things the muscle car market is tiny but also potentially growing as well as the premium muscle car over here so we've got a few things but it looks like early on yeah one of these budget things what about city budget city budget 144 that's not too shabby either so the bright green ones are the ones that are currently growing the fastest but it can be misleading because like yeah this is growing fast but it's got a demographic of 1 or whatever in here so we definitely we're gonna look at small if we can do something that can double up as both say maybe a family budget as well as maybe a city budget car something like that go premium have good offers from the get-go as it grows maybe start a family budget we'll see partly we're gonna start designing stuff and see what happens here's our current market awareness everyone's about 6 percent aware of us in these different areas which isn't very much but we'll make do with marketing and then those budget spreads so this is how much people are willing to spend for these various vehicles so for example if we do want to target family budget the average buyer is gonna be one spend about twenty six hundred bucks plus or minus two thousand these numbers are out of whack for 1946 where we are of the game doesn't really do inflation although the prices and the budgets will go up over time as people do expect to pay more for more safety features and whatever but they're still it's still not inflation adjusted so all right we'll look into that so let's start designing our first car project remember to stock up in fuel it's cheap nice our very first car project over here we're gonna go and start when you our target market is gonna be our China over here and yeah we can start with her first model we can name it right away be almost 60 not too they can happy more spreadsheets yeah so we're gonna we're gonna generate our base model over here and the first thing we're gonna be choosing is sort of our well I kind of our family here which is gonna set the initial chassis frame yeah you know I don't know that many car words but what can happen for example if we were to choose say this this one model could have all these different trims on it scroll sideways in this view oh you just hit this so I could choose this line which is as has sort of the 1945 sedan available as a base and then what I could do is we could design this and then we could make a variant that's a pickup truck for example need to make a lotta if we do want to make budget though we might not want to start with the 1945 trim we could go down here to the 1940s and there's a couple of different options um the the length over here so we've got the 1940 here and here this is two point one meter wheelbase so from front to rear axle versus two point six meter this is a much bigger car we might want tiny and light for if we're going budget that's kind of what I'm thinking in the year local designer of the Year quill eighteen nineteen forty I don't know too many car Wars yeah I think we're gonna do something like this we might be able to make a utility version we might be able to like make a weird like a little bit of a delivery van sub variant or something like that just to extend our market we'll see we'll see like these like all the way down here we can do like hippie van man dude dude and then look at these like little coops they look pretty sexy anyway let's start with this this thing so we're gonna have to start with our I want to say chassis is what working on the qmc beetle is nice the quill wagon beetle nice game needs more spreadsheets it's gonna be good don't get me started on hippies so our panel material at this era so with our technology and in the 0th 1946 our only options are panel material whether our we're steel still can't be steel we will require a steel press will have to upgrade our factory to have a steel press to make our panels out of steel but isn't bad it's relatively cheap compared to living we could go with aluminium aluminium can't be mass-produced it has to be made by hand which means it takes a lot more work to meet each individual one if we look at this tooltip there there's tooltip over there that you guys can see my view is mirrored you can see the aluminum which is on the right has a bigger bar for production units and it's red the show that it's worse this means it takes more units of work more units of production to make an aluminium frame chassis as opposed to steel steel is gonna be heavier and it's got more tooling costs initially and we will have to build a steel press but it's probably okay steel is better for your budget cars yeah as we make more cars so each individual car will take less work if we make out of steel well invest in the press but then we'll just clang out the blueprints clang clang and that'll be okay so for the chassis type we can choose currently between ladder so it's like a bunch of like individual pieces that been claimed out by a press and then weld it together or we can go space frame whoo much lighter but much more work if we compared the Q again the latter production units this much the space frame production units this much space frames a little lighter has a little bit more safety because doesn't crumple the same way we're gonna be we're gonna be cheap we're gonna have to go ladder we'll make it out of steel we're not going galvanized steel we need an extra plant for that anyway and an engine placement at this time and with this base sort of Fanta chassis or family of chassis or whatever the only option we have for engine placement is front longitudinal which means it's gonna go straight and it's gonna drive to a back axis over here later on we will get a few more options like mid engine rear engine we'll also get the option of a front transverse engine we just set sideways which is quite good for running a front-wheel drive car but we're gonna do that now suspension suspension at this time again technology will change dramatically we've got the option of double wishbone solid axle coil or solid axle leaf so with the solid axle the axle is one you know combined piece so if we can actually click here and we can see you can see the axle connects all the way through okay get a good ink went underneath right solid axle all the way through same thing with the leaf and this just this is the leaf suspension versus the coil suspension over here and double wishbone they're actually not directly connected the same way there is a there's a bar here but that's not the axle I think that's part of like the sway bar or something like that the double wishbone is much more comfortable suspension cooler the leaf is gonna be your your weakest one over here but again check the production units I mean the double wishbone there's so much better for comfort sportiness and drivability the drivability is just how good it is to actually drive you know how comfortable it is to drive how easy it is to drive that sort of thing double wishbone is so much better on the other hand the leaf production it's so much lower easier to make it slightly heavier but hardly any more thing to talk about it is more compact it's better for offroad and also large heavy loads coil it's a little bit in between so if we compare the coil versus the leaf over here coil being on the Left coil takes a little bit more work but is generally better and everything other than pure load capacity I think since we're going cheap I think we'll go solid axle maybe coil in the front we can go leaf in the back which will actually give us a little bit more carry capacity for slightly heavier loads in the back which is where you know you're gonna be filling your trunk or if we make a pickup version will go something like that shit pucks all around us a blow rod stuff yeah all right this thing is gonna be uncomfortable okay so this is our base chassis that we're going to work on what are we going to call this I've had if we're gonna play in this sort of light and in the bigger sort of almost American style market I was thinking you know that not not premium but sort of a little bit more middle Road cars I was thinking we could call our model over you like the paradox and then we'd have the Europa and Crusader and maybe the interior and then when we come in like do a redo it'll become the Europa Universalis and the Crusader King or something like that but the Reliant kwill the mini quill deaf man car squeeze into the crack you later the penultimate we could we can call her model the Tropico and this trim can become the penultimate the pacifist good I think I'll call the base model the Tropico and this will be the Tropic open Ultimo so let's let's get our trim on over here then we choose Soviet area yeah you know we're still gonna use some of these you know other words somewhere else oh sorry I have to make an engine first guys let's make an engine so we're going for a cheap ass little crap box that is that's also it's it's gonna be small and fairly light so it doesn't need the world's most powerful engine I mean so we're going in line notice so we have again this is Arab base so right now we have in line three four or six so straight 6r 84 or V currently we have V eight and 12 in the 90 degree V we have the eight and the 16 v 16 that's obviously not what we're going for these sixes are also a possibility and then there's the boxer engines over here which are you know in a sense like like the V engines about set flat I think like we might just try to go with an ED Lion three I mean it's not gonna be powerful well good god will it be cheap as hell in line three the other thing with these inline ones especially the three is a tense to rattle quite a bit because of the the the sort of piston patterns the v6 is a little smooth it like I think the v4 is less smooth than a three in a sense the v6 is much smoother because it's sort of not sorry not the inline six is smoother than the inline three because it's two in line threes set together but I think um the pattern of how the cylinders move leads to a little bit more sturdiness and then one of the advantages of Divi engines like a v8 is basically to inline said at 90 degrees offset and then again because of their their the piston patterns it's pissed on the right word the bit that goes up and down inside the cylinder that's a piston right car words they're hard um it tends to you to offset things but yeah well do an inline three inline three over here the only material we have for the block which is this bit over here is cast iron 1.5 liters guys that's gonna be way too big right too expensive too big let's shrink this down um I mean I guess a like at most a leader I feel like we should go a little smaller I mean we can yeah we can go all the way down like this 300 CC point three liter engine and not expected so much educational content the stuff in here is insane if we were doing a modern car this stuff in here will break your brain it's so good um 998 I think I don't know let's go for like 600 CC could mean you're like a 666 might be hard to like oh there we go 2/3 of a liter rounded up the six six six point seven the devil engine so we've got two to two sliders were the Satan a derp two sliders were messing with the one on the left this is the bore that is how big around the cylinder is okay how big of a circle it is and then the next one is the stroke which is the distance the piston travels from top to bottom over here and both affect the size of the engine but then the question is is your bore gonna be larger than your stroke or vice versa are they both going to be even if you have a short stroke engine if the stroke is less than a bore this is what's often referred to as an oversquare because if they're equal is a square engine if the stroke is shorter that's an oversquare and that tends to so it's very little distance so the piston doesn't travel very far up and down per stroke so it doesn't that so they generate that much power per stroke but fast and that tends to be for very high rpm engines for relatively light vehicles so super super bikes racing cars of that sort of thing whereas conversely if you have a much longer stroke than a bore that's what's called undersquare and you tend to it doesn't Europeans gonna be very low but you can get quite a lot of oomph out of each stroke so that's good for something that's powerful at low rpms high torque the extreme examples becomes things like tractors and and and lorries and things like that by us if we go now this is under square here fair bit I guess it should still be good for a relatively low rpm engine which I think with targeting I know everything I know about cars is either a combination of Top Gear or trying to read information about how to play this card AM game because it's so complicated ok next thing we have to choose so we're going with something like this the 666 the engine of the beast absolutely so this'll be yeah I don't we'll call this like this is a beast line but beast I three yeah and then the variant will figure something out so we have to figure out the the heads and valves so the way that an engine works right is you have a cylinder and you have the the piston that goes up and down and and what is it is it suck push bang blow is that the the four-stroke cycle I'm not sure but in any case it sounds like a great night out I don't know suck squeeze bang blow thank you very much so as the piston goes down what's doing is sucking in fresh air and usually some mixture of fuel at the same time unless you're you're directly ejected it does that then what it does is that valve closes and then the piston comes back up squeezing the whole mixture together getting it really really really really really compressed and then the spark plug goes off bang which then shoves the piston back down and generates the actual power so here what we're doing is we're choosing how we actually open the valves that let the fresh air and gas in and then let the exhaust out push rods are cheap and simple so we're going I think we also start with some familiarity with it apparently a 34.7% which is nice it's gonna have the lowest engineering time if we compare these others direct acting overhead what's the c4 is it overhead cam direct acting overhead cam actually his lower engineering time so ending times gonna be important for our startup because we're going to be it's going to take us several months in fact probably a few years to go from designer this car to release and we'd like to minimize engineering time that's interesting direct overhead cam also supports higher rpm to lower friction the material cost is slightly Morna does take slightly more production units I'm tempted and then there's the overhead cam which is more complicated and more expensive and then the dual overhead cam which is even more so and I mean at this point like his graphics it's too bad like if this wasn't like a cast engine if this was like an aluminum block or something on that'd be all shiny and reflect me and everything so we're not doing that um I think we all should go for the direct acting overhead cam and we observed familiarity with it but I think building too familiar with this will then lead to familiarity with overhead or maybe dual overhead cam setups so we'll do that with two valves head materials just gonna be cast ions the only thing we have bvl I can't remember what it stands for but what it does is it changes dynamically it can dynamically change the stroke length going on which is optimized for different rpms so for low rpms longer strokes for higher rpms shorter strokes so it can dynamically do that but I think that's a technology from like the 2000s or something like that so we're not gonna see any of that right now our crankshaft is also gonna be cast iron we do have the option the option of going heavy-duty cast for the con rods and pistons they can support high amounts of torque but their max rpm is super low and again if we were building a tractor with really low rpms it's a way to go but we'll go cast iron which is gonna be cheaper and it's gonna be more suited variable valve is just it's just with just L what the the LV is it just for like part of valve and yeah I know I skip to the wrong place do I never have access to vdl anymore oh there we go yeah there's the contextual thing just as variable valves so I assumed that wasn't telling us but I guess maybe it's just variable valves and L is just in there because they didn't want to call it VV maybe I don't know Pablo Rosa hey here's some child support for my twitch maybe hitting a stream finally passed my commercial driver's license test yesterday class a all the way well congratulations big vehicles Oh Snoopy the Red Baron home I sold my house so chocolate and whiskey must be had to celebrate also suck blow Bank how you doing eyebrows Franco Snoopy thank you very much for coming by man Cheers and congratulations on selling your house hopefully you have another house move into usually that's the way it goes but anyway as well was Ted late to the show does this game have a career mode we are actually in the career mode here it's a light campaign so light career is what we're going through here they've got big plans for career modes down the way but it's one of these games doesn't mean development for like years still okay so we're gonna have that next up compression so this compression is the difference of how much space the is in the cylinder when the piston is at the bottom end versus when it's pushing all the way up and compressing the air high compressions give you more power problem here is our technology is really not gonna allow very good compression 9.6 oh that's too high 8.5 way too high eight to one no we can't do that either 7.5 you're dreaming seven point two point one probably somewhere in there we'll be okay I'll set at 7.2 I suspect we'll get some knocking and what that means is basically if because of various technologies and the way the fuel and air mixes together in various things as it compresses and pressure goes up temperature goes up and it can cause little pockets of gas and air fuel and air to ignite a little too early which is called the NOx little explosion basically and what happens if that's happening while the other pistons still supposed to go up this these little explosions would cause a little expansion and pressure so the piston where they can't go up as much you lose tons of rpm and power but worst case scenario we can shove it down it can cause expansions in the cylinder and cause your engines to just like explode and fall apart all kinds of things we go six point six let me do that you've let it yes of course we're gonna use leaded gas yeah so you can do six point six to one we may have to okay what will set this seven we'll see what kind of thing we can do here at six point six 6j review thank you very much we're getting into the theme real strong cam profile okay let's talk about what a cam is so on the actually it's part of the battles over here so as things are spinning right and the valves are opening and closing to let air in and then exhaust out those can be open for longer or shorter amounts of time and the cam profile basically determines how long these things are open at any given time and if they're open longer you let more air in and you let the exhaust out easier and you can get more power but what can often happen is and there's these handy little tool tips here right if you go really really really open with things like you you lose a lot of fuel economy because you literally just let some of your air your gas mixture out for too long me since we're doing a low rpm engine we want a low cam profile you can see here we only need the valves to be open just very short periods of time to let enough in and it's gonna be okay here you get a smoother engine lower emissions we don't care about emissions help we're gonna be using lead fuel so it's it's moot and more fuel efficiency which is gonna be important for the budget crowd so I'll bring in to have like I don't know 30 and we'll see where we go from there if we had vvl which are the two which is the possibility for two different cam profiles basically would be able to set a second one over here and that would be that I think the high end and low wrench arrange for things a VVT is variable valve timing which lets you choose to alter how long the valves are open based on rpm and different things like that that's a technology that will come decades from now you can't invest if we wanted to we could invest more quality over here would make our engine more powerful more potent avoid certain problems but would make things more expensive Ivan leave it at the bases your quality we do have the plus two because we started off with the technological edge over here so we've got a plus two built in without me having to do this it used to be you'd always put in plus two to sort of spend it but I think it's always built-in so you can just leave it at zero now so this is additional quality so we'll just leave it at zero we could bring it down to save money all right next we've got an aspiration screen here turbos don't come into play until I think the mid-70s in this game so we don't have access to turbos but this basically just determines how does the air get into the engine so you need air and fuel to mix to make a kaboom what turbos do is they just shove air in more aggressively so that for every sort of breath the engine is taking it's getting more air and therefore you can put more fuel into the same thing you can't run very high compression there because everything's coming in already pre compressed so you run lower compression when you've got a kerb open anyway it's moot because we're just gonna be doing naturally aspirated stuff we're gonna be using a carburetor we don't have access to direct fuel injection at this point although George direct fuel injection is a good way to reduce engine knocking because with fuel injection what happens is as the Pistons going up there's no fuel in there yet until the right moment till you need the fuel then and injects it into the side so it can't sort of pre ignite the same way but that's moot because all we can do is a carburetor single barrel single carburetor standard intake is probably fine I mean certainly we're not gonna change the intake so what these different intakes are is they are set to bring in different amounts of air now you see the race intake here you notice what the race intake doesn't have yeah it doesn't have a filter because it wants to be able to gulp air in as much as possible which means that you know after you drive a car with a race intake you're certain to have to strip the engine down to get all the dirt out of it which is fine if all you care about is one race but isn't gonna be a good pick for us anyway standard intake we actually might consider the single barrel eco which what it is it prevents it doesn't allow as much air to come through and if we compare the two so the regular single barrels on the right single the regular single barrel allows a lot more power but it is also heavier and requires more material like the regular thing is is just more but allows so much more air in the eco one is much much more fuel-efficient it's also better for emissions we don't care about emissions but I think the Eco might be enough the Eco only supports up to 25 horsepower and I think that's gonna be okay though and it'll lead to a cheaper it's slightly cheaper to build because it's actually a little less material and also cheaper to run because less fuel involved fuel type yes so you know you can go regular leaded over here we could up that we could see we could support really low quality fuel lower quality fuel with the the lower octane ratings which is what's going on over here are much more prone to knocking and don't tend to builder as much power at the same time but what the advantage of this is less people use a really cheap fuel for their car I think what we'll do is we'll go fairly lean so lean fuel mixture it uses so if this is the ratio of air to fuel so with the 15 we're using 15 times more air to fuel so very little fuel but it's gonna be a fuel economy and lower emissions as well whereas you if you've dumped more and more fuel per air than there's possibility for more of it to fire up although if you go to rich then you end up with it like this overly wet mixture that just doesn't actually detonate properly so I think we can probably go full lean then there's ignition timing so I know there's a lot of technical information over here that cycle where that when the piston is going up and then you set off the spark plug to cause the explosion to force the piston back down it takes a second when the spark plug goes off it takes a while it's a microscopic amount of time but still there's technically some time between that spark going off and the flame expanding fully to caught to create max pressure and what you want to do is you want to time it so that the maximum pressure is just after the valve the valve the piston reaches that was a top dead center or whatever and just ready to start coming down so it's got maximum force pushing it down if you've got a very fast rpm engine you're gonna have to go and set up the spark sooner and sooner and sooner to be able to get the flame to expand quickly now for this very fast cycle we're very low cycle so we can go quite a bit lower and it actually has a lower octane requirement which is gonna be important because we have shit fuel so our fuel yeah anyway it's gonna be fine we'll bring it down here we'll see this affects basically at what rpm what engine rpm you hit peak power and we're gonna be a very low rpm engine so it wouldn't make sense to have some sort of timing where the sweet spots like 5500 rpm our engines not even be able to support that so we want to bring it way down maybe like yeah 2500 rpm we'll see 42 I can appreciate that rogue rpm limit so this is just where we put the limit on how how much rpm the engine's allowed to go to I mean literally it won't be able to reach very high rpms or it'll try but that valve float and it just won't work at all and also because of your material you might have a point where like bits of it store start would break at that speed so in practice it's not gonna be able to go that and practice off that's like 5500 second exhaie being not a car person all this still looks cool have I have a character in all my stories who is cards house might be worth it to get in and be able to be able to write her and her alternate timeline car more accurately thanks for sharing the softball cyclic this is weird again I wasn't a car person before but yeah it is like that was sick sick sick that would be funny we could set it as limit there's no way this engine is gonna be able to go that fast I'll set it here now and we'll see what it starts to say yeah this is a good way to learn about cars okay so now we've got to choose our exhaust system the simplest thing is this cast log over here which is this thing so it's just like one pipe over here and then some side pipes because the air is sort of got turned corners and things like that it limits how quickly the exhaustion come out of the engine which can restrict power we are not going to have a lot of power here there's not going to be that much air that needs to leave the engine I suspect that's gonna be fine but you can see there's like full model for a CAF blog or a short cast rather tubular long tubular Reis tubular is like it's like it's these mathematical curves that are set up to try to allow as much exhaust as possible to leave the engine which is little restriction as possible I suspect the catalogs gonna be fine it's also if we compare it to a short cast the short cast is does allow more power twice as much potentially but it weighs more more material costs more engineering time I don't think we're gonna need it right now the exhaust size we've got actually allows up to 192 horsepower we're gonna bring it down down down 30 horsepower we'll see what that looks like for a muffler you can have up to two the first one isn't as important that one's the none the second one is the one that actually has an impact we'll throw a muffler on there a baffled muffler and as soon as you do it's got enough information to actually run the engine you see the muffler over there we put a second one in here but no we'll do that tomorrow mufflers better emissions little quieter we'll put a muffler on there so we don't rattle too crazily and then we're gonna start to see some some complaints here right now we have massive amounts of knocking so are because of so many things about our car setup we can't really run this engine part problem right now our octane requirements are 91 and our fuel we're trying to go on an 80 if we switch to regular leaded right away actually are knocking problems go away right away or knocking problems go away because this is a good enough fuel to do this can we yeah if we run the fuel richer actually if we bring down the timing as well we have to bring Iran all the way down is it peak power it's really low is there another thing you can do to affect the octane I'm trying to remember does a cam profile lower octane if we run higher cam profile doesn't seem it doesn't seem likely compression much lower octane if we go as low as possible for compression we're almost there we're at an 80 we're dan80 you guys yeah bring the compression way down here I don't want the cam profile to be like this this is sounds ridiculous um we'll run it a little richer we're almost there yes and bring back the ignition timing some more there you go eighty we might still get a bit of notice yet for knocking Oh 18 that will leave it at 18 here it will rich and make things a little richer there we go a fuel-efficiency value is super low but we do have like yeah it is it is too rich maybe 11 horse but 9 horse powers we maybe should just like go for better fuel this is really bad oh yeah we got to bring down the RPM limiter too so it develops maximum horsepower 5100 rpm maximum torque at 2900 oz Ludacris yeah see if we lean this out we get more power we start to get some knocking though this is such a bad engine I love it exactly what we're trying to do here 20 horsepower baby still complaining a little bit about knocking engines running too rich yeah what else did it say just like reduce the fuel mixture yeah here we'll bring this like there will bring the ignition time oh peak power negative it works though how do we have our peak power like below in negative rpm I don't really understand it yeah maybe we can go higher rpm like all of a sudden it's because our cam profile I here was designing a low rpm engine and now not sure hey Frank Patrol hey we're gonna fall over here from France Oh messy as an f1 powertrain engineer what I can confirm you're doing a great job explaining internal combustion engine awesome game either keeps up the great job that excellent powertrain engineer that's sweet that's awesome that's amazing this thing is gonna rattle and shake like crazy all reliability is basically non-existent guys I think it'll just be better if we go to regular leaded yeah we're just gonna go to regular lip this is this is just too dumb it's too dumb I can't do it I don't think it makes sense maybe if it the engine we're different we could do it see we can up the compression there we go we're starting to hit some knocking well let's bring the valve with a cam profile way down and then the valve float we can do by dropping the RPM there you see we're still ending up with similar horsepower here but we're gonna get it's much more reliable we were sitting around like a 35 for I liability now we're up to a 40 big difference and we're still sitting in it's about the same horsepower value or it's ain't much ditch the Eco carb um it is luminous up to what 25 horsepower if we can get one more horsepower by doing that right now I think it's fine well let's check the exhaust setup over here because okay yeah it's not gonna change much too big no does offs actually there's this like sweet spot and maybe the powertrain engineer can explain there's a sweet spot where if your exhaust is choking the engine just a bit you're getting a little bit of back pressure you see here like right now we're at 21 horsepower if I go and shrink the exhaust just enough I can squeeze out one extra horsepower but if I keep shrinking will hit a point actually I can't make the exhaust any smaller than this and actually got a little bit more torque um you'll hit a point where if you drinking you'll run out lower on horsepower we do have okay our intake 0.99 slight air flow restriction if we did switch out of an eco carb we would get slightly more airflow but it's hardly worth talking about hardly worth talking about intake the headers I think we have an engine here guys what's the chart top end no sorry not this direct acting overhead cam 22 horsepower the beast I three just sell red cars to increase the speed on I put a massive toriana unfortunately turbos are not available at this time guys you might want to listen to how the engine sounds Mia I'm gonna crank the game volume here sounds like a lawnmower that's it it sounds like we've built a lawnmower engine sounds my guy 87 and Nissan runs like one – yeah baby all right 22 horsepower should be enough for anyone all right let's trim so we're gonna start with them are the two copies the same cenang it looks exactly the same oh no there's a coupe a four-door to end this the coupe so let's do the coupe I'm expecting it's probably with a lighter we can still put some seats in the back all right that's fine so you have this bad boy and here's the thing you can go and like completely change the look of the car in a bunch of different ways change this square yeah I think it should be like stupid and square at the top long boot no short boot short they're too stupid and square at the top I mean it looks really dumb I don't know round her this way change the door seam make the door a little bit longer it needs your fruit people get into we can change this layer on the wheel arches I think it should all be like super narrow right super narrow super small we want them make it square make it a box all right there you go it's the dumb box a nice if I could shape the trunk slightly differently different model cars have vastly different ability to believe like tweaked and tuned there you go a little more looks like a dune buggy now make it lower people want want smaller back then I don't think I can lower it here there are some other things we can do the engine is underpowered for this cars weight have you were gonna get that note it's no matter what it's fine that's actually fairly common early on to see that kind of thing and then yet we've got all of our paint through different slots we've got different trim slots that we can work on our paint and do different things I mean the red ones do go faster but on the other hand new paint applies the car saved on the other hand you know whoa whoa I want to see a red door and painted black like now that's like Oh only brown bland Browns and beiges please oh my god let's make it brown I mean this is this is whiskey that's that's you know you can't just call it brown that wouldn't that wouldn't do it all oh yeah and you can add like little flake in here see it like little gold flakes and sexy this looks you know medium none oh yeah it's put some flake in here guys OOP 'mobile is it son says looked like a log and at the forest one Brown flake that looks like chocolate yeah here recall it will just call this color chocolate BAM all right finish it into the paint so we've got that and yeah we can we can break this up as well like we can make the bond a different color the yes this is the full-body slot but yeah we can we can break it down and do different things it's amazing it's amazing that the stuff we like but I like this for now and then you've got this part where it's like guys what what version of head like you want and all that like if we mouse over here so you get this shape and you click into this it's like ah you want this head like shape sure but then exactly how do you want the lighting setup to be hmm now it's important to note these are purely cosmetics they have no impact on the simulation of the game but it's like it feels like something sort of squarish here or maybe like just playing around oh whoops oh yeah you put these anywhere right like there we go one headlight in the middle of the front bonnet and I like you like adjust the model like that it's the Cyclops we'll save money it needs a face the easiest way to do a face is when you start putting a front grille on here you can get him like all smiley okay there you go look at the Hat the happy one-eyed car oh yeah and you can do like here you want it wider slimmer and bigan in every way you want to twist it sideways that doesn't make any sense bite sure you can and then you get even finer controls over here as well if you want a little crooked smile on there is this new sport I mean seriously you're not you know it's not crazy 22 HP little Cyclops yeah good we'll give it a little a little slant that's not the design that's just our cheap fabrication that we're gonna have excellent it's for for petrol heads yes you know if Vince for the side we don't need much cooling but you could throw a little something on there Oh scoops for the bonnet right Oh there you go couple over there I think some of these are symmetric there we go something like that a big old scoop for you know for our super charger I don't think the super chargers in game I think only turbo chargers but I'm not sure front lip you know for that airflow do we need like some sort of ridiculous spoiler or even better like a whole wing which makes no sense there's no air flow that reaches back there at all anyway this is gonna this is supposed to be a cheap budget card so cheap it only has one headlight one headlight let's sort another plate on the back okay that makes more sense there you go little number plate on the back the screwed up little thing here let's at least thrown some door handles these they're done it's been styled perfection three wheels have been cheaper yeah unfortunately we can't make one of those it's got no rear lights no turn signals it's perfect done it's done Sidewinders know too much exactly side mirrors are be insane so we're gonna with rear-wheel drive manual gearbox we don't have access to automatics at this time you know what it's only you need to gears you guys only two gears again this has made tough speed ignored it's gonna get updated once we finish everything else it's only gonna have two years and we'll figure out the tops like this is the top speed for gearing it's not actually like that it's not a speed limiter that's something that unlock later on I think with more of electronic gearbox well we'll come back to the spacing just a regular open diff it's gonna be fine it's not gonna be like an offer order two gears forward and reverse no reverse is an optional extra we're gonna give it like hard long life tires we're going from durability over here yeah it's slightly slightly cheaper as well in a compound tire but yeah hard long-life tires currently there with the think that's in millimeters currently 135 we'll leave it there it feels like these tires are too puffy I kind of want to make a bigger rim there we go something like that hard and sturdy steel rim material we don't have access to magnesium or fiberglass just regular breaks over here these are not very good brakes in any way whatsoever I suspect only bigger brakes especially in the rear let's at least make the brakes match for now and and we'll see where it goes from there we'll mess with the pad type in brake bias once we get some actual and metrics in the car it's not gonna have any kind of understand under tray we have no downforce no active Aero and you know no front wings or rear wings cooling air flow if you leave it at 50 this by default is enough cooling for the vehicle and earlier versions of this you'd actually have to put like various like grills and things like that to actually do the airflow here it's like baby couple the the visual aspect of the vehicle from the actual simulation thing so I could bring this up to add more cooling than we need to which does give us a slight boost in reliability but does add a little bit more drag or we could cut back on this to cut back on drag but then there could be reliability problems with the engine and then you can also if you have extra cooling you can divert more of it to the brakes if you do suffer from engine or from brake fade I think what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna bring up the cooling air flow a little bit so we'll get an extra little boost and reliability who cares about drag it's not gonna go fast enough for drag to matter seats over here I do like this so we can go with we could go with no seats in the back there's a sort of like mini bench over here which is like I guess three seats for small people we'll go with the full bench in the back in fact I'm wondering about a full bench in the front I'm not sure this engine could actually push six people around I'm not sure it's gonna be able to push the car around on my cart my head's in the way so I'm not sure it's gonna be able to push this away but the car by itself but will basic interior no entertainment features whatsoever not no radio six people in there could you imagine could you small we will give basic safety standards ie it has a seatbelt and that's the extent of it there's one more screen we can do here before we work with these stats and then as a suspension setup so we just have standard Springs twin tube dampers pass a sway bar and I think fancy will set the presets to comfort mode just start off with and I think that'll be that'll be okay so what kind of what kind of specs are we ok we've got a huge score for city budget over here although it's not affordable oh my god this cars best rating currently is as a city budget car competitiveness is huge but only 7% of people can actually afford it this has got the wrong body type I'm wondering if they would actually prefer a four-door sedan that might be what's going on here family utility why is it not affordable it has four cars too expensive too many seats out of curiosity whatever what our specs over here okay our top speed is 95 kilometers an hour so our 0 to 100 kilometer time or 0 to 60 time is infinite we literally cannot we have no 0 to 60 time because we can't get there let's go back and do a few modifications along the way first of all since our top speed isn't that high we can bring our hearing down we'll still um overdrive it a little bit here just like no wheel spin whatsoever so we can go for longer gearing here which is gonna prove our rank ratings a little bit within yeah within a limit oh yeah there's no wheel spin because we have no we have no guts Tilly budget why is your car not affordable how come I guess we could lower some of the quality meters we can make tires smaller as well make a car lighter and cheaper it's funny how the numbers are sort of changing a little bit um this drivability is not great we probably mess with it mostly with them there you go skinny little tyres that's all we're looking for here still is expensive well unfortunately don't have the option of making it out of wood I don't think the paint has any effect on the thing we've got windscreen wipers will not go well by Balthus you're right cars literally death on wheels and you're telling people can't afford it yeah this some so it has a tendency to oversteer it has a big tendency to oversteer here which means when you're coming around the corner the butt-end likes to come out which really isn't ideal I suppose will I'm gonna increase oh there we go if I bring the tire diameter up a little bit I can give it slightly wider rear tires that helps a little bit it's a drift feature yeah it's a drift car 22 horsepower drift car baby I mean mostly it'll eventually understeer when it gets to about 60 if it tries to make that corner it'll start over it's under steering so you have the drivability is really bad but it's the affordability I'm concerned with guys I don't know how to make this car cheaper oh the brakes are too powerful the rear brakes are like actually way way more powerful than they need to be there you go tiny little rear brakes weirdly enough the front brakes aren't truly keeping up with grip although that's fine Laurel quality meters I mean maybe yep you can see the score I do stack wala T here and the score actually went up for a city budget and more and more and more and more it's becoming more competitive with every click oh yeah that was the problem you guys too much quality let's bring it way down you're absolutely right I mean I don't think I'll go back and mess with the engine oh shit Springs all the way down if I scooch it up now oh no there's a sweet spot there's a sweet spot depending on various performances if I bring this down oh yeah no that's going up a lot yeah we meet cheap ass tires oh yes oh now it's going down a little bit so I'm trying to make this as competitive as possible so as we bring down the quality what we're probably gonna see is the desirability maybe drop so 874 desirability if I drop it here and it's still 874 873 C its cars less desirable but it's more competitive by campus oh there we go which is the number we're trying to riot raise up people know it's a shit car but it's cheap oh that's as low as it'll go interior all the way down 380 yeah safety all the way down oops mm-hmm that's interesting oh there you go no I'll leave it there apparently we can't cheap out on safety oh right height I bet you we can just jack this up yeah yeah yeah the bigger the right height to less likely just to bottom out we are giving it more turn angle boo man it's so cheap it slips on bananas also do I hear lawsuit you can remove the doors oh that's true so it's gonna roll more and more as we just rate a raise the ride height but that means it's I mean it already wasn't bottoming out which is this meter here but this can support more stuff in the back of the car you can load it up with more without it hitting bottom there's tends to be a peak beacon and then it starts to drop because it starts to lose practicality because it starts to be too high to load up and can I drop the quality here yes yes if we can get this to 400 oh it's starting go down okay alright so our top speed is 93 you want to run it around the test track we can even if you're top tier fan that we've got this airfield test track we can drive it around again this will be simulated we can however export this car into beamng and drive it around there and maybe we'll have to we can go ahead and have it I would I don't know what it's times gonna be like 17th minute so achieve only 9% of the population afford it it's like maximum throttle maximal threats of speed it just crossed 50 you guys 55 kilometers an hour 60 kilometers an hour it's drug it can't make it to a hundred remember meets three gears oh man that sounds like more money all right let's see what happens if we go to four the third gear the desired me drops a ton you see that it's like no they don't want that third gear overrated oh there we go we can add we can do a little bit more overdrive on the gearing here and they like because I think it's improving drivability because what it means is with this gearing you can stay in the in first gear for longer it's kind of amazing a lot of overdrive long gearing lower top speed engines overpowered not it's fine rear frequency drivability oh we might be able to tune a little bit more more risking truck hold on second if I go oh there we go all right yeah just slightly differing 'he's a little bit more damping there we go so this will affect like the the balance between comfort and drivability and that sportiness look at us pull back little here so stiffer Springs are make the car drive better we actually dramatically reduced the roll angle here by stiffening up the springs and the dampers so what would think and with dampers what happens is you should keep springing up and down forever and ever and ever what about this sway bars I don't think we're need them very stiff yeah see there you go we're gonna relax the sway bars over here and get slightly more competitiveness for 50 the promise we're in a poor country so even though we've made this incredibly cheap ask are still not that many people can afford it we got tons of warnings here this is fine this is fine so yeah we can take a look at the markets passenger fleet interesting some people might use that the family utility budget is quite good regular family utility not enough because they've half the people can afford it but it's not a good enough car some of it might buy a family budget over here help utility budget car like it's not pickup but they're like and we can make do throw out the rear seats it's gonna be okay we might add like a coupe version is there in the laws against a car like this not in our market baby alright it's great so if I export for sharing if I hit this I think that's the bean version yeah yeah eula export imports for Germany yeah no that's basically the nation we're in is effectively sort of like an Eastern Bloc country is the way I like to think about it and you know yeah 1946 alright so we could potentially drive it in a car simulator after this trim here so it's a tropical this is gonna be the traffic Oh penultimate and old heat no there we are so what we can do is we can easily make a copy of this trim right we could have like the Presidente Edition so if we take this bad boy we go back over here convertible and it'll have three gears oh and we could like bring the quality back up I don't know if it makes much sense like there might not be a market for it but out of curiosity if we go ahead and make it a slightly higher quality convertible the market might change I feel like the answer is probably no we'll give you a standard interior the safety is there he'll we'll give you advanced safety features like a seatbelt that works we'll go for a more normal suspension timing tuning not quite as high I mean there's different stuff but it's not I don't think it's worth exploring this one um what else could we do we clone you oops and let's see use like a pickup we might be able to make a decent like utility mix of City budges now wait we already had like a 550 or something that hasn't really changed see oh hold on for the city budget they would like what is that body hang on oh we should make it that's what you should do we should make a sedan version um actually let me edit you because we have a coupe version let's make a sedan version of exactly the same car what body tech you want maybe it's a more modern one it's 450 on the first car well I guess it would be on that screen wouldn't it hold on sometimes the numbers do change when you go from screen to screen just by changing from the two door to a four-door version we've got an extra 100 out of this oh the extra seats you're right because one of the things I forgot the seats change should they want with no seats in the back okay well hang on a sec the four-door let's leave in the extra seats and in the coupe we'll take the seats out of the back and see what happens oh I forgot it's got the the bench seat in the front too we get the highest rating with one seat okay Lou sit there a lot closer to the sports car McLaren f1 ain't no right there it'll be the the penalty mo in the ultimo that's what we're gonna have the ultimo is four doors five seater the penultimate is a two-door 3 seater hey let's not think about it alright let's put this bad boy into production so we have a one medium car factory over here we need steel presses to be able to make this design so we're gonna just upgrade our factory to have steel presses so it cost us 25 million bucks and nine months to do but you finally have two billion in the bank right now we're loaded which is good so then we've got our tooling setup over here so this is creating all the equipment we need to make the various vehicles we can automate the process more if we do notice the other tooling cost and possibly time yeah goes up so 50 million versus 200 million to set up the tooling but if we compare over here this is cars produced per month and the cost per car as I increase the automation we do produce a few more cars more importantly the cost per car goes from fourteen hundred four hundred twenty-five dollars per car to make threat the door handles and back doors that's fine and then there's the tooling quality itself the higher this goes the more cars we can make per month as well as the cheaper we can sell it but it does increase tooling cost you know what I want to make tons of dirt cheap cars that's what I'm going for max automation max tooling quality tons of dirt cheap cars that's what I want yeah no this is not inflation so this is like this is legit cheap legit cheap because 1945 $400 be way too expensive for this car now we're going to see the affordability start to change a little bit more now on that screen it said we're making a certain number I think this number is different there's like a bit of an update thing and we do have two trims that we're doing as well right two versions the factory can handle can only do one model at the time but can do multiple train it trims of the same model depending on the size a small factor you can do like two or three pretty comfortably and then every size bigger than that add about one more that you can do now I've got an engineering time so right now it's gonna take us 40 months to engineer this car but in our engineering budget it's only 8 million where you can spend we can max out in budget so now a 25 million for the engineering but only 35 months to develop right now we have a mix of balance between work speed versus learning stuff we could go and increase the pressure to work on the project maybe 75 percent versus learning which again brings down to time to market considerably now we're 32 months away we can treat the reliability I think actually tweaking the reliability up is actually a fairly good idea because this will reduce the maintenance required on the car despite all the cheap parts and then again here our tooling the more automated we do here the longer the engine anytime because it takes longer to figure out the process ahead of time and designing it but highly automated again we can make more cars and let fewer work units where if we have fully manual it dramatically reduces the engineering time but we make fewer cars and I still want a lot of cheap cars I mean over like 80% over here and then process this is mostly about like kind of waste and things like that so really low again will save us some of the engineering time we'll make fewer cars at once actually that's not true this is the that's right this thing is Miss worded process automated versus manual automated or the higher level here means you're not wasting too much equipment material somewhere in here is the timer for how much material things take I don't know and yeah so this will increase material costs sorry no this will decrease material costs but it takes longer to make the car so you get fewer cars per cycle and if we go down here sedans which doesn't sound right one should be a coupe I would have thought maybe I sort of screwed up there and whereas I bring it down it's a little bit more cost but it's faster so I don't know that's just middle-of-the-road it yeah I don't know I played sedan maybe I've got the wrong trimmer really that's just the text board let's go with something like this oh let's back up to 50 months is it because of the automation you know what I want to target 40 months so let's just as just picking a number there we go thirty nine point nine we'll go with something like that so about 40 months to go and engineer this car we could go faster then we wouldn't produce as many cars you can see here the breakdown of how long it's gonna take for various things so your total engineering time isn't the total of all these numbers because you can work on multiple things sort of simultaneously but anything that stands out is very high like the safety over here that's increasing the time quite a bit now one of these cars does have the advanced safety package the ultimo has the advanced safety package we could possibly trim it out a bit but you know what we'll leave it in there anyway now we have to work on the the engine so we've got our our six six seven oh they rounded it up there oh no because it's a 66 six six six point seven cc engine they're rounding up over here as someone is uh someone is paranoid in the engineering department but that's fine so we're gonna have to sign off on a factory for this so we've got a second factory for engine production it's a medium factory it doesn't need any special parts so we're gonna go ahead and do that I don't know and what rates won't really met it looks like we're gonna be making engines much faster than the cars but I'll bring up the automation a fair bit here to some of the rates will change when you get the next thing I hope at some point some things change me to leave easier to figure out how to balance these things but they will dynamically change how many shifts are being worked to make things work out so well increase a little automation get the CNC shop no not not at this point so that's good now we've signed off on the factory that's good now the engineering so we were at forty months right thirty-nine point nine months for the end the vehicle engineering time so we're gonna want to match things over here which should be fairly easy because again the funding isn't that expensive here everything's gonna be rebalanced a fair bit so we're already under 40 months let's bring the reliability of the engine up there we go and we'll just can we maybe we'll leave it here and call that good enough so engineering times are gonna be roughly the same we'll sign off here later on there's gonna be all sorts of things with like you actually hire engineers they have specializations and all kinds of stuff it's gonna be amazing that's done ok target screen over here this is how long it's predicted for us to take to turn a profit with our vehicles wouldn´t be sure to build all the extra buildings early on no there's no there's no inflation so there is sort of economy going up and down but there's no real inflation so building things earlier versus later doesn't really matter to too much um so yeah this is the payback time so profit forecasts of everything put together based on the current economy you can tweak these numbers if you expect the economy gets stronger or weaker over time or vehicle desirability or the company awareness and marketing you can mess with these numbers right now it's set to about a five here payoff and you can see that happening so you know loss loss loss loss loss and then after five years now we're starting to turn a profit on this based on all the engineering time we can tweak this by either lowering the initial price for raising it which will affect competitiveness and doing various things like that so you can see here if I make the car cheaper we become more competitive I mean it might be harder to sell it or not I don't know let's go ahead and give out a slight discount over here on both the all the penultimate and the ultimo but again this will be tuned over time based on things yeah five years is pretty good so yeah all right so the penalty mode and the ultimo various that's forty and forty so the engine and car engine in time is similar which is really handy because otherwise you'll have to offset one it'll do it automatically but let's say one was forty five months it would they would not start the engineering on the second component until five months it passed it and then it'll work them both together so I know for 40 months it'll take a while still to get our car out so just over three years three and a third year right so we'll sign off on this project we'll sign off on the Tropico and the beast engine and yeah this is the start delay to helping align things which is even at this time well sign off on those completely agree okay we go back over here so this is our main sort of screen where we can advance the timeline that's your timer at okay well we'll probably get this car to sell and then we'll switch over to some city skylines so this is our engineering time on the Tropico and you can expand this to see the two trims the penultimate and the ultimo over here we can go ahead and choose to like pause you know this particular production if it you know hadn't started this is the margin that we're selling for this will automatically adjust to try to maximize sales apparently later versions the game you'll have more control over this and whatnot we can take out loans if we want to take out various loans and here's our D so this is various technologies that are gonna be coming out going forward so aluminum parts for the engine reverse flow exhaust automatic transmission longitudinal front-wheel drive who want a front-wheel drive car so two years we built cheap cars to the masses which belched excess volumes of gases production with hasty and skipped on the safety and riders would up preferring to walk wound up for trying to walk nice I think we're gonna go ahead and unpause the game at this point I'll bring the speed up two times five so here's our expenses per month so we are spending money every month right now because the engineering and then as it gets near the end it'll start tooling the factory store cost per month will shoot up even more than this and with about maybe a year out we're gonna check on our dealer network and marketing situation so the economy had taken a dive down it's about five percent lower than baseline over here again yeah right here so the region is shrinking a little bit unfortunately which isn't great average budget over here what we're gonna do is take a look at our marketing so in our China which is where we're based we currently have a level two dealer network this level 2 dealer network has a maximum awareness of 26% and a minimum awareness of 6% that's why they have six percent across the board is because of that and in theory this can also affect the rate at which we sell cars although I don't believe this is actually in the game at this time so we could raise our baseline awareness is simply by Inc growing our dealership network the other thing we can do though is we can almost advertise and advertise certain aspects of the cars like our cars are very drivable so everyone who cares about drivability will get a boost over there that's how I understand it so we can say hey our cars are also safe we actually have a seatbelt also you don't have your car set to sell in Duluth so even if you buy dealerships there it won't help and that's there's that too if I click on delue I can build a dealership network well we'll just focus on our China over here our cars are not sporty so won't advertise that they're not comfortable or prestigious so we won't add it has that either I think I will go and build up the dealer network maybe like level 4 so we have a baseline of 12 we can grow up to 52% awareness and if we just let the game run for a tick here if we go to our markets and trends if we look at market awareness you can see here we have at least 12% everywhere and actually slightly above that as it turns out possibly because some of the marketing Busan so the awareness should grow a little bit over time and the demographic sizes may have changed lives it's the family budget started up it was what like 400 or something like that it's already grown to like 800 so the demographics there are growing which is very nice so we've got our dealership increased we've got a little bit of marketing going on we'll unpause and wait for the release to begin doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo and there we go so the car is now gonna start selling so this is the target demographic score we have to let it go for a month before it actually kicks in months of stock so if this starts to grow cars aren't really selling as quickly as we are building them number of factory shifts were working we can tune when we set this all up we get to no minimum maximum factory shifts so we'll try to adjust the shifts based on the markets that are available last month sale and last month's profits so we'll unpause over here all baby like its competitiveness still over 400 which is huge you can click to change what is being displayed here I mean everyone can buy it but this is just what we're tracking over here which is both city budget so cars were selling thousands of cars every month we have no stock no stock whatsoever presumably this is 2.6 there we go we have this is I think sort of our maximum is around 2.6 or 2.7 ships that we've got it set to we can't run any more than this our margins are growing as we're becoming more and more successful if you take a look at our awareness over here look at this utility budget 20% of the fun budget 23 family budget about 23 as well city budget over here the word is spreading the word is spreading this is amazing so you know we're selling those cards we can increase our our margins and sell for more money it'd also be nice to maybe to produce more cars as well not sure if the car is fun I'm betting it is fun one of the things last thing we're gonna cover before you go at this point so the cars been selling for nearly year here well have it sell there that looks we're here now it came out here we're gonna call it's been selling for about a year things are going well new technologies have come out it is now think about we designed this car in 46 it went for sale in 49 it is now nineteen fifty let's consider let's run it a little longer there you go let's consider we want a new we want a new rant revamp of the car for 51 just a little bit so we go to a car projects we've opened our project these are so this is the project for some reason the open project here doesn't work which isn't is dumb you can open the project on either trim doesn't matter we're in the car project again we can do a facelift this you can see the competitiveness is starting to dip down a little bit it's not as cool the car anymore so we'll do a facelift the mark too right so this was 49:6 technology now we're in use 1950 technology already if we go and hit these check marks all of a sudden our competitiveness improves but in addition to that so our penultimate mark to we can then go and edit these shrimps we could also change our engine if we wanted but let's keep the engine you know it's fine although actually we can do a facelift of the engine as well but let's say we just edit the trim over here and then we actually do have to save it again or if we make any changes I guess we make some changes the engine but we've got a few things we could introduce an automatic gearbox what if we did that not too much of a change it's less good for utility a little bit better for the fun you can do that some of our technology gets better too so actually the quality may have changed new wheels may be available they're not here better break surveil we might want to consider that we could also let's say we consider okay I mean that was fine but but what if we also facelift the engine so make a facelift of this engine will do this oh yeah they're like oh this might not be the right way to do it instead clone this there we go now we have a 1950's version of this engine if we edit this but we can't change certain basics about it there's there's limits to what we can change as a facelift but we might be able to make it more compression look at this oh we could squeeze out an extra horsepower by increasing crashing slightly because the text a little bit better we also we have two barrel carburetors we don't need them but they're technically there we could switch the exhaust to a reverse flow you know maybe a little quieter so not much we can do here but a little bit the pay if we were different different cars and different technology we different things we could just make an entirely new engine and use that right there's possibilities there's all kinds of different ways we can resign it so our engine project over here we've got you so now if I go here I should just be able to select the existing engine there we go this clone the 1950's version and delete you and select the 1950s version of this engine which is since a substantial difference we do have to recalculate these guys by going into the project and then popping back out oh you went down because it might be more expensive you went up you went down I don't know but we could do this and then yeah we could just say yep use the factory let's use the same settings as last time we're gonna sign you off that's gonna be okay engineering time only 11 months so release this bad boy in another year we've got to do the same sort of steps of the engine here and say yeah this factory we're looking to change you over to this new engine actually you're gonna make both engines simultaneously um which we could change I don't know this is fine you're good five months for the redesign of new engine all right that sounds fine to me well sign off on this advance pay off is gonna happen immediately look at this because there's not the engineering time this time around so it should start to turn a huge profit we're gonna sign off on the new revives engine and then the new revised car do see it'll delay the engine revamp for six months – lined up will agree go back over here I may have done some of this incorrectly but probably fine are we will still be making the old ones I forgot to rename the ultimo clone so we're still selling the old ones although there we go now the new ones coming that we sell the old ones until the retooling kicks in at which point it'll stop being able to make the cars oh the margins start off way too high or did it holy cow huge margins in these cars although we are saving some loot I'm not sure that it's doing this correctly but we are making money actually look at this huge we're not back at the two billion that we started with but we did go and extend our our factory we did a bunch of things we are turning a profit I mean hands off but again a redesign from time to time and we could invest this into a second factory and have a completely separate model going on the other thing you can do it by the way you can invest in technology here so we're a couple years ahead of the sort of baseline here but we could go and push this a little further and then we gain access to things even sooner but the big thing to do might be wait for four-barrel carb solid disc the monocoque Sauveur here more aluminum engine parts it's a legal margin yeah I think it's not adjusting properly because like we had we had huge stockpiles of the penultimate mark too so it feels to me like maybe the margins should drop and stockpile fewer things but again the things still much in the work but we're clearly making huge profits there were over two billion selling we're selling a cheap-ass car that costs us nothing to make and even though the competitiveness has now dropped quite a bit right we started away like 400 it's not very competitive because it's effectively a mid-40s car it's now mid 50s the base design for this is over ten years old but it's still buying because it's cheap and actually what's very likely I think market budgets is yeah these baselines I think when we started these budgets here were about 2,200 now they've gone up and it's not it's not again simulate inflation isn't part of this these are sort of in today dollars but they're expected pay very little because there's not much of technology and then as time goes on they're expected they're okay to pay more because they're gonna get more they're like yeah it would be great to buy a car for like $2 but I want it to have you know wheels so I guess I'm gonna have to spend a little bit more than that boom so there we go let's see if we are saved we're gonna exit I'll see if I can load the car and beamng and then we'll switch over to US city skylines here I've done it once before I haven't done it for a while though so beamng is a car racing game lunch seventies window rallies that's one of the things I think in the main campaign they're gonna have is like I mean the main campaigns million miles away we're only in the light campaign here but I think one of the ideas is gonna be like can you enter your cars and like rally competitions and win awards that way and then you can like advertise you know this is oh this is the penultimate rally Edition hmm bean and G's a car crashing game big difference okay I suppose that's true it is hard to help to drive when I'm at home with proper controller here I do not even have a controller so hold on I've gotta update the game capture this and then play free roam the automation test track sure at the starting line yes but how do we choose the car or my steaming from streaming chrome currently Scotland and I replaced the PI controller in this computer so the wild haggis haven't been a problem today at all it is loading it's not very nice there's there's a way to I'm wondering if I had to hit it first but I will let it finish loading the map I did export it ctrl e to choose a car okay well I'm hearing sounds now broke up talking about – yeah I think the computer is having a hard time loading part of it is the game on this computer the game drive and the the recording drive is the same so presumably I just load a vehicle okay mmmn you again vehicles there you go you have to copy it into a folder oh is it there bottom left Oh down there yes yes okay yeah baby replace current mmm yeah I know I'm blind doo doo doo doo doo oh the I think it's probably the speckle paint or something look at this the height of the drop of the ride here well there we go that's the controls just the arrow keys all right we tune the volumes here so we can hear it in all of its glory true beauty forty-two coders now there's our gear change see how it corners oh my god I can't accelerate any more than this Oh hold on I think it's because it didn't change them there must be a key yeah it can't accelerate in second gear it can't accelerate in second gear oh there is barely barely there we go there we go we might be on a slight downhill I think it's healthy yeah the gearing on the second gear I mean we tuned it for like the in-game stuff but what we probably want to do is if we're not just exploiting the campaign numbers which may not be balanced the way we want you can save your game your car inside of automation then just bring it into sandbox mode and in there tweak it oh my god the understeer is real I says first here's pretty good but yeah the second year is way too long here we are in second again oh my god no I say when it does hit those heart high rpms and they'll sound good if I am is there an option how do we get manual Wow traction control what no traction control no anti-lock brakes how do we get manual transmission it's probably just a game option right drift up and down is X and Zed help rescue control a crash it yeah we get toggle gearbox move qq4 gearbox mode thank you so using realistic behavior apparently we're in Reverse no now in Reverse oh and oh we were neutral bullshit look at the one headlight that's good alright first why is it putting the camera in front yeah the second gear is just yeah we have to fix the gearing there must be a way to change the camera mode as well as at sea there we go look at 7075 second has no oh and yeah yeah we're whanau to kill it's the only reason we're speeding up is because we're going downhill we're gonna slam into this wall because there's no way we got skinny tires we have a bad suspension that's not bad now watch we're gonna go uphill watch a slew speed we're loose I got the pedal Chris down to the floor we're losing speed but this will help us make the corner the variant Bend so yeah this is a modeled version of the automation test track that you can use alright yeah let's not let's put beamng through its paces here Mia just gear down oh I can't because I'm too fast really it should let me down shift and you engine braking that's what I would want like let me down shift and do some engine braking that's making breaking things high-impact 40 kilometres an hour oh there you go so welcome to beamng which has soft body deformations you're going the game options disable gearing assist Oh cuz all right fine changing modes arcade gearbox realistic your books claim unrealistic oh the car the cars pulling to the right if we could go faster it'd be great to flit down let me tear up – whenever I want without knowing you oh my god I can't drive in a straight line the car does not want to go straight anymore what actually wasn't a neutral for a second that's amazing while they downshift about maximum Omega we all will spend millions of reverbs you guys anyway just take a hammer to body trimmer crashed on the other side they can't float the damage yet oh that's glorious so yeah I I don't have a lot of experience with oh did it just turn off the engine oh my god I can hit this button oh that ticking sound that that's the sound quality you guys if it still runs still good right so automation is kind of awesome by itself and then you combine it with this beam mg and it's like epic yeah if we gave it a like well if we just fix the gearing to here's is probably enough given the low top speed but if we just fix the gearing to properly cover the range the problem is we've over driven it and then we've got a lot of space in between things it'd be alright I think our cars are married now my front wheels aren't even on the ground it's an overdrive you're gonna to speak because it's a great idea yeah that's great okay Oh [Laughter] oh that's great stuff god that was wonderful thank your drive shop oh I lost my drive shaft oh oh sweet excellent need a third car to break them apart well there's that too huh so yeah automation and beamng if you really want to be able to do some stuff has one way to cut production costs mm-hmm that's what if some mom let's load up some cities skylines although ok missions pretty cool brown doesn't go faster yeah I know red ones go fast that bump-bump bump-bump on so we're gonna load this have a little sip of water mmm let me put a cut or Street marker so it's a little easier for me to edit this later on we gotta change the Game Capture again no not to the windows lock screen why is that even an option boomp boomp boomp a bone from one car testing to infinite car jams yeah

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    Also it's the other way round, more lift for high rpm, since you want more air.

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    If you have a long valve opening in a high rpm engine, you may get valve float.
    Destroying the engine.

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  10. VVL is variable valve lift, meaning that it essentially changes the cam profile at high rpm, allowing for more lift and duration, so more volume and time of fuel/air mix per valve open. The problem with a standard cam without VVT or VVL is that it's a trade-off between nice idle & fuel efficiency or higher power at a given rpm.

  11. VVL = variable valve lift. Controls how far the valve opens. VVT = variable valve timing. Controls when the valve opens and closes. These technologies surpass the capabilities of a static cam profile for lift and duration.

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