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nor what scott maker all longed j the world’s most on it what tammy distinguished companion to the world on
earth laundry good evening this is frank dot our guest on the launching promise built
this evening is princess alexandra profile a direct descendant of the first
sorrowful russia her father was exiled from dollars
russia because of his liberal view princess profile can return to russia in
nineteen fifteen lives uh… really early days of the
revolution and with respect to be imprisoned by the
communists in time tuesday to america antisense work for the liberation of our people may i present princess profile are co-editors arm mister william bradford hilly editor of
the american marketing mister henry have political economist at associate editor
of newsweek magazine the opinions expressed are necessarily those of the speaker clinton compartment secretary actually testifying on june
twenty sixth before a congressional committee seven america’s wall day is not good well communism what with the
dictators in the kremlin but with the phone fashion russian nationalism he said i’m wall it is clear is that that this process i think ropes and
consolidation by which russia had grown in the last
five hundred years from the dot you must compete with that
empire must be stopped now do you agree with that statement the
issue that’s manning at acting valley statement home one think is wrong with it optical them and communism asthma wouldn’t be bouncing and humans and animals ambient country where there was some kind of perhaps democracy for the people what you think that this view of the
saudi tends to consolidate the russian people with
fallon instead of recognizing the fact that a lot of them are calls to the stand and
he eighty percent is supposed to be opposed
and probably more and i don’t think and then many russians as opposed to come when i’m at least interested expansion
territorial expansion landing at the time what what is the edits out and dangerous what what is the evidence ah… used to
get a fair that standing for the rest proposed over that’s a long story
developing walked to one considers sister why one considered it’s eighty percent it’s about their one hears that her
people who were escaped from russia from quantities of prisms from there many sources of evidence on which is being connecting five various groups not i think we deliver guns what do you think is the main thing that
could be done to take advantage of that situation patent allies propaganda calls such as being carried on succinctly propaganda side radio the russian and so on his grandmother passed away what that uh… i think the american people would like
to hear something from you delightful right here a lot of things that we hear great deal
about a russian secret police now america where nobody’s afraid of a
policeman the average american satisfied finds it
difficult to believe all the stories we hear about the effectiveness of the
russian police how is it possible for the russian
secret police to exert process cara among the people first of all it’s a contradiction you’ll see on the fifth saw as the
secret police the optoma and was there personnel of about five
thousand people in russia today the over two men incline invading agents in supplements
the russian com secret police he hasn’t had many how many people how many russians would
you estimate had been put in concentration camps well that estimate families eight varies
from twelve twenty eight million people and how many were and trip through a prominent political
prisoners were than an average year and a desire they can never exceeded much of the
fifty thousand wasn’t present and in exile someone you asked how it’s possible to have been still so
much to do first of all those king credible policy and so much typical energy cuz ingane and leaders who will thing that people need for everyday not secondly says and date yet harmful system of spying on one another
which the communists had managed to develop that’s a refinement that undermine that and that’s something that’s you police
system we ask them what’s in there where people who’ve been down staffers and
linda spy but not like it is not let me ask you uh… it once a russian is put in a concentration camp
is there any hope of release to be released any other to come back home
some times some dot after they come out they usually only
allowed to live in certain places at new homes most of them come up with subject capel st finished anybody they come out to
daschle and very few do get out of concentration camps that if they are
concentration camps that presently ben hogan russia’s president cryptically anyway than to provide them with certain facts to a lot of american wouldn’t seem to giay with disbelief
that the large majority of the russian people are opposed to the region for example they very well against germany he had no off career moves the uh…
chinese communists are finding very well they’re not surrendering and masculine the americans in korea they seem to have a very good morale and if the satellites have that but
morale it wouldn’t be a good supposition that the russian soldiers would have and even better uh… opens for and i’m not being com that six eight of the russian people you also got to remember that a great
many of the younger people who were born under communism denny don’t like the regime saying
welcome something different but when it comes to fighting and animated up five any kind of government net always found during world war two adding more most number of russians went over and for me medford valium in
germany to fight back against russia they all at the germans bank and the bruins and it’s a johnson babysat with the
russians they would had a tremendous number of all of his
head lots of a million men so you think of our propaganda were
right my feet were rife with every day to get involved in the war why we would
have wholesale positions and they would be a quick live collapse of the regime there
perhaps possibly hits m i certainly think the
propaganda women reaches the russians and a great deal of the best now at has an enormous effect also if they knew what was going to
happen to you preferences and don’t know if you know this is new
with its use visitors but i’m out there but in forty eighteen
forty-nine lake used to come over to the american so fifty sixty a day not only to me and the reason for that is that nothing
special is being done for they don’t know what’s going to happen
to them if they do does that put them into the imagine so factors that i figured your question about the nature of the underground and how we can make it more effective when i read there dorky and dusty escape i got the impression that questions where a gmat conspiratorial people that there was
always a a large group that was against the government and they look at myself now after a day intersecting groupings
than ever and russia not doesn’t it’s impossible for people to meet
diggin tool discussing you’ll be even liquidated or an actress
and him if you look at what the of writing a story about the terrible
camp admits to stop very few did there well uh… is their is there any
potential on both donates out and and and has the ways in which we might
encourage do you think that our propaganda is effective now not something i think this is mike first of all there’s a religious
underground and that really does exist act depending upon quite a few things to be done this
temple propaganda what about the voice of america alec is effective all up to a wind albany all all the radio
stations which is why the underbrush hardball unquestionably reaching many people but i do think that they’re not driving up the sample is ok and
summer-like dalal as a final question i’d like to ask
that’s just part of what you think we could do now can drive away what’s the price that we
could take now to drive a wedge between the kremlin and the russian people and i think in europe julia concept think that if the representatives of the
famine in this country but we did a little sensual auspices
instead of being invited to dinner parties that they were ridiculed and
that’s all when that on-demand i think that that might have
quite so here is a yen summing up he would say that there is a potential
underground and that properly encourages it can be very hopeful for the western
world i think so i think it can be the most hopeful thing
in the world because it’s probably anyway optimal thank you very much for being with us they editorial board for this edition of
the launching from the scope laws mister william bradford healy and mister henry half our distinguished guests was princess alexandra pro popped leveluk but mom did magnifying glass that they
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and on gene remained at the front line man produce are co-editors for the
position on the lawn gene krantz co that that whatever bradford doing editor
of the american marketing and mr donald r roger as an editor of the new york
arab review our distinguished guests for this
evening is the honorable charles big problems united states represented a prom india the opinions expressed are necessarily
those of the speaker congressman brad prior crespo clients no use being young
freshman congressman a republican from indiana room so instrumental in defeating the
rule universal military training bill now we all know that the bill has been
defeated well we are rumored that it’s not quite
bednar there may be more moves more activity from that direction
could you update us on that uh… yes i think i can as a matter of fact
last week when i was taking elevator up to date house chambers i have the right with carl vincent the chairman of the armed
services committee that time he told me quite off the record that uh… he felt that he would be out with a new
you mt bill which would be so modified that even i could go for you had a lag time in that i doubt that
very much because as long as there is any of that all you empty they all come
up with the package no matter how much cellophane and think
we have a make without i’m afraid i can’t buy that kind of a problem well but you know that they are working
just dropped her opposition to the all you want to do with ministration you
want to go or is there a lot of points there mister
rogers the first place is terribly expensive the first year will cost over
format and wanted billion dollars in after that it’ll cost over two billion
dollars a year a trillion dollars land the first year would be the first year
to the fact of course uh… mister bentsen somewhat the cat out of
the baggage to the extent he was willing to go in compromise when he introduced his amendment on the
floor of the house to make you empty not effective until nineteen fifty five but the expenses a terrible factor that uh… one ten two billion dollars
for instance amounts to more money than it cost to send all the young men
and women in the united states to go through college or university to scope romance in that sense of that is just a
bit for our audience that many of whom have uh… a young sons now is it true today sir that every
uh… man approaching ever eighteen every young american must anticipate that you have to search
sometime in military training i think you’re absolutely right mister
hewitt goes right now the draft just taking all the available and we’re
going to have whether we call a grant to the u_n_ geo whatever we call it uh… every able-bodied young man has to
uh… pay some sort of military training and estimate right and uh… so the cave your argument the
argument is over type of military training is going to
get it out his exact you’re not opposed to universal military training on august
approach to the bill or notify issue i think it’s very clear about the issue
was that we have to find something of getting done better reservists to
replace the federal reserve that’s underway now
depends but before we get to that point sent everyman must face it and there are
two plans now for everyone is big government plan uh… which is uh… demand or hoop by mister bentsen are advocated that mister bentsen
chairman of the house armed services committee the other is your plan of the plan
that’s been a while value any group of freshmen congressmen in the house and
that is right that’s right now that power what are the major
differences between the government plan and the plan advocated back beyond batted freshman congressman i might put it this way r_o_t_c_
evolutionary more use of the revolutionary war taking the high school
r_o_t_c_ playful fraud which has existed now for many many
years in which a lot of pain sixty two thousand youngsters italian-american
down the line that plan would take all u_n_ mandates cooper trying to take
them away from home that is not your plan any envisions keeping them at home intimate home where
they’re subjected to their home environment and the influences of
aldrich ames were big admiral uh… military training and opposed to a
regular military going out of all mister others because after their to senior years of high school the
junior and senior year they are then taken to wait six weeks summer camp where they receive training in the particular branch of the
service which they have chosen order which
they’ve been the stuff and presumably they will also receive praise orders saying that site everybody not as benign
as r_o_t_c_ jordan all right now your plan first would keep
them at home or that is not what is the second advantage that you’ve taken
advantage if we do not interrupt his educational progress are playing fits
into a summer vacation and his normal high school instruction young man is going to take a long
technical question college isn’t faced with the possibility of having to
extended education another year because of you and i believe mister
bentsen is the government spokesman has called your plan they tend the garden
plant is that fair criticism no i don’t think so because of my plan
with the kindergarten friend mister benson and his committee on armed
services of engaging in a lot of give a damn activity for several years
because they have had high school r_o_t_c_ almost since the national defense act of
nineteen seventeen authorized and has he has to r_o_t_c_ plan been at call successful by the military and it
worked very well several of the executives on reserve affairs and stated
that many of the non-commissioned officers in the early and critical days
of world war two and many of the aviation flying today where young men would receive their
first military training in high school r_o_t_c_ and who jumped out ahead of the group as a result of that fact that how you
want to keep them at home sir and your also worked as a congressman you’ve been investigating military
expenditures night with your plan uh… be less expensive for the taxpayer
than the plan advocated by the government we estimate that it’ll only
cost about fifteen percent asthma friends and just to give you an example
of what’s happening right now school and college the department of
defense is able to state that they are training
two hundred and two thousand one hundred and forty-one high school and college r_o_t_c_ steam for a total cost of twenty million
dollars that includes all the instructors
equipment that type of thing out-of-pocket expenses actually running
eleven dollars and fifty six cents of pc year are and that’s not content of
the water campus to do the two billion one hundred
million dollars which it will cost complain the trainees
under the administration plan which calls for one instructor orange to running for student measures
eleven dollars and fifty six cents per student at that level fifty-six lots about a hundred dollars
that comes out of the twenty million yes right now what we’re doing u_n_ three
the administration u_n_ people have already made with about twenty eight
hundred dollars ukraine one student for six months which i think it’s a little
high because i understand you can go to harvard or yale for eighteen or nineteen
hundred dollars for our school year nine operably in
such a now it could cost twenty eight hundred
dollars six for the government to train once young man for six months that is what
and it cost eighteen hundred dollars for a young man to go to harvard toward nine
months and uh… you you think that that’s too
much money i think something ever and i think there’s a lot of empire
building in there a lot of new commands will be created and and a lot of extra stamps in a lot of high command
you contend that the military training the child murderer you can grow much
i’ll be on managed to restrain under your program will be comparable or
as who it is a military training you need to know that we do it is that the
basic training which is the only thing congress ever authorized in public law
fifty one which is the basic legislation minus four-point notorious ecole
branching material every lead me in fact daddy i have a camera edit out as a
matter of fact this holstein grew up through art that if you can take a young man and
give him for years of college r_o_t_c_ six weeks of summer camp information into the second lieutenant
to leave men and come back you could certainly make a product out of a young man in the last two years
of high school with a six-week summer camp it has
worked in the past that i can see where it is my second lieutenants in seventeen
weeks that’s right athletic dublin’s i might add that congressman that you and your
colleagues our freshman congressman yes and now you’re
challenging some of these oldtimers who’ve been on the armed services
committee for thirty years now what is it in your background that
lead you to think that you might be an expert in this field letter thank them
very humble about that whole thing is to put it back in thirty mins depart
bentsen came into the congress today i was born we offer this plant to the armed
services committee for their study we offer this plan to the american
legion for stuff we have tried to work with all of these groups that exist as
far as we possibly can what we are very proud that the
common-sense practical approach of our plan make it successfully and carrying the
football than the telephone on the floor of the house of representatives meeting of the committee about have you
had training as a psychologist if i have my college work is in
psychology as a matter of fact i was a personnel consultant on military duty and in the end of my five years service
in world war two all of us who drafted this plane you see have seen this thing that from the standpoint of the boys
with the stars and the boys with the white gold on the
cows well about the ban on the other side training them and being trained when we think that we have been having
perspective by a margin of justice committee is
composed of a majority of nombre now she would like uh… finally we’d
like you to give us your prediction as to what will happen in this struggle between the two systems the government
and the one in which you’re advocating or my prediction the that the american people avenue evidence indicating that this we have
never had a flood of mail such as we had a new empty at the american people one american planet you empty instead of
the european a genetically lam all they’ve got to do is not their own
congressman mel and he’s sitting down there waiting in
washington waiting to hear from them if you do what
they want because in the wonderful american tradition this is an election year thank you mister branson ensure that our
audience’s appreciate your views thank you for being with us the editorial board for this edition of
the mounting problems go plugs mister william bradford healy and mr
donald araki our distinguished guests was the
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on it laundry good evening this is frank night marion produce our characters for this
edition of the loan gene com usko mr donald i roger as an editor of new
york never could be on and mister victor is out of the new york daily merit our distinguished guest for this evening
is the owner of a christian ahe tar united states congressman from
massachusetts the opinions expressed are necessarily
those of the speaker congressman hunter audience those of you as a member of the
house foreign affairs committee and as a leading republican congress uh… i wonder if you speak to a certain
might have been about the foreign affairs of our nation i think perhaps
the most pressing foreign problem or perhaps most popped up one problem is whether or not you know i’ve been run
for president the republican party whether obviously i’ve got to express
our opinion i happen to be a great deal yet the for
general eisenhower as a candidate for the on the republican
ticket and my feeling about the devil and very briefly briefing by the fact that i think you’ve got concept the important overall foreign relations today in unequal but many people in public
life i have a very deep conviction that all foreign relations condition almost everything that happened in our
domestic affairs and in other words of today the conduct of our product a is the most
important in our domestic life welcome king
hussein the general has concept well he has been asked by virtually
everybody what most concepts are uh… he’s not declaring at least can
you tell us what he stands for on on foreign problems in on domestic problems
and becomes president around this country what does general eisenhower spin for over truth elder obviously i’m a
physician we have a private room i think will be published work i could tell you that i’ve talked to him
own individual and commit myself the league of extraordinary clear oprah our role in that world if condition by the relationship with
all the other countries nobody compete for it you cannot speak for themselves what
will happen to them well i’m convinced of that will come and
go through that live in conference become available in february that that is the time where you’ve got
to make at least his electability of the commander in chief in europe feltham speaking without power i’m getting but i think it will come
very from their right political significance in the united states any
political events which might hastens decision of declaring himself will remember fingerprint happening automatically you know a political life remove hampshire promo on the ten th when the new hampshire more at the end of january the twentieth of
january to be exact the sector statement if you have got to
notify any potential candidates whose name they go about right now of course that may go on the
ballot in america lived here ten days in which to avoid
name from developing hissy fit the development of the democrats of the
sample rod though the favor of it and i think it directly to the game the road to recovery primary believed
everything go on the republican vote i really believe that we can offer them
at all well congo make him a conjecture and obviously are
convinced he can stand for the presidency the united states if you can
get the republican nomination even if you can get the nomination if he
declares referred to i think even headgear and even had to get the michael barone
political power and control there were a little bit of a goodly
critical of that like to talk about is this for me or owned productive capacity of the
country than carrying out that could be used in the setting up the
european army how does this affect general effect agreement for the whole time
schedule barbecue were supposed to operate from
the point of view are unified command on the on the eve of a minimal number of
vision preventive way back bar all before
making further intervention that uh… isn’t this prime what happened to the to
line up they probably have not been to him the time i got it refused to do it i think you’ll find when you have a live
picture at the time that you could do perfectionists in the military felt who’ve not been
satisfied with family give-and-take and he couldn’t play any
given government would want to make about one until they’ve never given firm
order to turn up something were to be sent to
your or simply but your honor walkabout hillary close at hand and asked for the
russians keep producing better tanks transplanting complains that my brother
keep producing careerbuilder unfortunately have been
doing a good deal with a perfectionist designs but we
wanted to know la cell phone and blueprints on for that reason i think with big ten
months till you get a behind what we should have been from the point of view
of the appropriation to congressman will come sooner than you think that the
uh… another planet reorganization as a failure uh… no you say it has more on that loughborough road trip we’re not allowed to carry on with it
for a long way to go when you’re putting together the armed forces over brickman
deformation under a unified command you’ve got on tremendous number of
problems dealing with national pride national sovereignty haley schedules of the different non-commissioned officer of the authors
of everything that we connected making a unified whole of a conglomerate where of different
nationalities well that brings up the carnival or royal method churchill says that he will the
throwin with us and an eighty l if we keep mister general eisenhower the
command of the european operation uh… which sort of puts mister
churchill on the role of supporting pat no doesn’t teach britain out of the
general declares izzy going to declare is he going to stay in
the church who come in if he goes out well i think i think that there are no
or have absorbed in the uh… iffy question i don’t think that uh… though to bring the deficit related in our i think that there was no could
get brief picture such a that he can very probably workout omit a competent successor carryout and then we’ll talk about the bought the
individual with your feet attorney put on the defective organizationally don’t believe for
constant that’s not a iffy question uh… when prime minister at the british
empire winston churchill the very determined and he said he doesn’t go
ahead and include general goes out now uh… general made it clear about what
happens to the not liking organization england doesn’t come through could do it better to do it to be tie me over the story of a man thank you so they’ll go ahead should do a good way to get to go on the
network followed by a very succinct statement attributed to draw the the almond problem in europe on the relationship of
a unified europe that i have a feeling that the second
favorite completely overshadowed the third above the fold dealing with the
inevitability of either or many of the picture recovered to proceed masters uh… if the gel runs i don’t think this
question is i’ve yet than that of what will you run with your high on
the republican rights your booming eisenhower president and
you people considered and running mate to generalize well rather make better use of the need
to be considered proforma the convention times two oh six months away primary consideration you’re getting to know about it with
them you have some kind of that well i better about that but could you build certain factors
today that are working again tonight with peter and i thought minimizing which is awesome today will be careful to develop yesterday that uh… undermining people safe in the administration’s ability to carry
on and on it administration and the character problem in allot of veritable purple-topped vial
all other forms of government burger growing conviction that the
republicans could win with an e ticket workflow a dangerous supposition i mean for the republican but with the
kids i think we’ve been doing a good thing illusion if you will recall that before andover i don’t want to have to
really get invite any candidate you mean subject well i think that uh… i will never be
the best of individual of the puzzle could have been for thirty
years but some that uh… to find an
individual who from the point of view ordinary rules of the game would be entitled innovation foreign
contribution to the book you can’t even mention if not i principal we’ve got to go forward about i had no many people in hopes of birth here i think that he can win time that we have a very much better
chance of winning america get program or reported to the future of the country o’connor’s matter we certainly
appreciate you coming with us i do have unlike nelson who do you know about
general eisenhower’s chances campaign we appreciate you being with us tonight the editorial board for this edition of
the laundry thomasville flaws mr donald i rogers and mister victories o our distinguished guests was the
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calmer call eight eighty came for for it fifty a part of operation condor case asset anxious first installed the stork can fight before supports and more is impressive certainly nothing like this has happened
there dress twenty years did you get verse
educations flight our guests i think that something like two hundred
forty-five people consist of oracle by the special category like hugh
scrutton most of the rest our people are going you into the new administration given
that everybody mills didn’t want it before it tell i’ll streamer your job money make who will pop a popular elspeth them all for it but that sure though
will be we have activity is quarters there is no any federal appropriation
for and it’s an expensive thing to have fifty-five ones now pulitzer on various possibilities seems to me and
ought to be explored i’m not sure that i can see quickly any
reason why they should be such a long delay between election day in the
moderation day the purpose of course corporations to
make this transition from one of the mystery should motorist whose possible
without unlike how much operation weekly cost instruction preached post lectins named additional people do this to happen at company
headquarters in treatment for duties uh… right now are expected something neighborhood of twenty five thousand
dollars a week and how are you plant considerable about exactly what it has been raised just by pete wilson in
subscription to contributions uh… moringa organizations in existence and any
possible ground for criticism x it seems to me there is no profit though i’m not
certain suggestion but option hill with that being imported plot richmond your call something st uh… point spot specialist pineapples beauty mikey d_ cast i want to say what but this is cumbersome scott’s position too has not been that son left with after all but the
administration we are there ridding it has to be done to which it or
experience unit is holed up first few most iced it’s going to work out every confidence that uh… there will be a complete completely harmonious operation between
gender checking and congressman jim cotton obscured secure think you can this experience it wave apparently can get our viewers advocates work to expect from still moves on down to washington
flooding how seriously sick came from big first few weeks desensitizing requested for small has been a very dramatic happening extend over the period
beginning her eight thirty on election day and continuing right on down through the
content fittings dramatic specter uh… i don’t think that uh…
shortening the in the world this is going to be across this picture solid war if you’re a if t zz s continue station be repealed work throughout i’m sure that adventure quest
implanted nothing happened dope the deepest cuts it we are going to get one free and it
sooner than would otherwise text will come down sooner than otherwise they
would some legislative programs are going to
be who’ve been carried out without further
but i don’t love himself because i think you need locations undoubtedly wants the fetus comp washington are bookclub will be
going washington obviously their organization you
expressed government uh… well uh… improved you can save money the government
operation i’m through that the administration will do that which include a leaders from business in north america putting in his cabinet and since they
should great health house speaker of the break that’d be important to be a coterie of
people behind the scenes were running the show i couldn’t do it there were such under i knew about it i wouldn’t be able to see itself as a
matter of fact i don’t believe there it’s that kind of
thing and abstract sir front consists been building you something new he most people most americans most people aston shizzle and happened since nineteen thirty or can you reviewed what’s the difference is going to be here we’ve had for the first lisa markups yours the administration’s moving down mr smith waited it’s she made factor that’s been in office so long has
been getting slower and slower grinding tool we know coming into office and twenty two
january chris presence by the public and congress which to focus by
saturday an administration is fresh and comes
with vigor none of the handicap for the barnacles
attached field complete dedication single perk doing the best foreign affairs and in domestic affairs
and on time part of the greatest profits at the
results which are expected some people think theorized martin streets pace perhaps
nineteen fifty three is a uh… feverish how you have uh… sent her campaign
speaks relaxed that the republican party because
there’s nothing to worry the uh… the title of the year depression party difference towards the general public will they moved the quickly if there is an incentive that sort i’m sure the administration or proper matchbox which report i was talking about the repetition rather than in actuality something that successfully posted on that sir for certain branches of the forty many people’s minds i was born in europe we should not accept and and must not and i’m sure we agreed
we will not do anything to do score the repeats you politician and in very limited house your date you about life mind a lot of pork barrel district in
the next we have no great public works with our
desire to be on the part of their camelot with wants or that this is not saying that it’s got
to put it wants to have good solid representation stoop hobs underside of the tampa let themselves that was a little discussion
the specific late desperate street you’re going to be off it was good i don’t believe anybody the collective turned down but before we thought it was all for
before i think it’s question sir texans administration is going to be week on politician business care spirit politicians going to be shortened to politicians the invites both indeed ministrations jic you saw it and of course in congress where we have
experienced politicians men from way back from all the trade off haha im sure the we will have no difficulty vivica softness in the fall thank you very much place if it is you could always because the
first night are i do editorial board for this edition of the
mounting public school fourth mister william bradford your week mr richard what they have managed to get
into a business week magazine of distinguished guests with the
honorable statistics united states representative from each other discriminating people will go over the
find in launching the qualities that you see fit a thirty five one resurrection sequence novelette lobbied watches enough
celebratory activity competitions did not accept over these years smoking what business ethics committee
work one promptness awards for individual
watches and series of what is in the greater
service boards manchester do you think and of course wanting to be only
watching this for wind whilst at grand prizes forty-eight food network if you have to work interested to know
what superior quality either for you and so forth an important
tips you’ll choose where virtues launching the world’s most armored hua for what do you want to talk with you explosives dot impressive appeared great directors and reassurance apa long long block if you made by boom off probably if we’re going to watch forthwith let’s set you want it lockheed the world’s most powerful the world’s most politics for your call flogging but not what happened simply sixty six maker what is at the highest death invited to join automotive cancel television girl looking for pieces of
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friday a presentation of the laundry let’s
throw up later on launching the world’s most ahmed walk and whatnot distinguished companion to
the world on and on gene believing that this frank not may i introduce octal editors for this
edition of the mounting koshto mister william bradford killing editor
of the american mercury and mister hennelly has let contributing
editor of newsweek magazine our distinguished guest for this evening
is mister fact of the roosevelt junior united states represented the from new
york mister roosevelt were very happy to
welcome you to the classical program this evening i’d like to begin by asking you what you
thought of the charges that senator mccarthy made against uh…
governor stevenson must add that first of all my express my
gratitude for your inviting me here tonight as for the mccarthy speech tonight high
unfortunately was not able to see here all of it ided get the last part of
it where uh… the senator from wisconsin was
once again uh… bringing in the affidavit governor stevenson made in me his trial in which of course governor stevenson testified in writing by his affidavit
only to the fact that when he noticed in the state department test-ban had a reputation egg would
reputation in the community that was all but some of them a copy as usual uh… tried to read much more into it now what do you think that uh…
governor stevenson showed good judgment in making that deposition i think that as an attorney come as a
citizen uh… in our procedure of justice in the courts i he
hath had an obligation to state what he knew the reputation his had in the community at that time it was not his opinion of his his reputation it was his
a opinion on the reputation his hat in the community at that time for granted
that day he had to do you speak if he thought that a_t_f_ perjurer was a loyal
citizens uh… did it show good judgment and
thinking that will of course how he had not been convicted of perjury at the
time governor stevenson made that uh…
affidavit and that was the decision of the jury after the his trial road and i think
that this trial as a hung jury when you think it would show that governor
stevenson who can tell a communist when he sees one so to speak no i don’t think it shows that at all yes but my copy would like him his job on the cut this feature uh… do you think that it might be
affected for the republicans we’re not having
read the whole speech i can’t say i don’t think that mccarthy is affected
for the republicans for one very simple reason but i think the american people realized that mccarthy crucified the character and reputation
without evidence of too many and secondly that not one single person has been convicted as a result of mister
mccarthy’s efforts removing justice department at the same
time has convicted thirty-three well-known communist leaders moving on to the to the campaign sir uh… i’d believe it you at least made one favorable
statement about general asking howard nineteen forty eight that you march of nineteen forty eight
i_d_ did make a statement saying that i felt
that general eisenhower could unify the country no i surrender landed here enthusiasts
and began to leg for general eisenhower within the
three weeks that followed that statement i discovered the impressions that i have a very uh…
generalizing house position on the issues a could not be verified and the
general eisenhower did not go uh… would express himself on the
issues nor was he attended one of those impressions come from mister that was nineteen forty eight i’d say
that they probably were general idea the people have about the fact that
eisenhower at that time ah… certainly was a very humane in the great military
leader and uh… certainly was highly respected
both here in the and throughout the world i think he’s still is respected and that my it was a great military
leader when they’re about the campaign that the democrats have waged against
general eisenhower do you feel sure that uh… any of the
charges leveled at and have been unfair well i uh… haven’t documented all the
charges that have been leveled against him i’ve been pretty busy being positive in this campaign on behalf of
governor stevenson of course my own reelection i’d say that uh… the main charge against general eisenhower
has been not that he has failed to repudiate mccarthy jenna who crucified uh… his own great right hero general marshall about that he has positively albany dos
these people the very essence of the old guard
republicans and i think that the charge that he is
now a captive of the old guard is unjustified shop i think that could be strong by his
acceptance also had to pass prepared statement prepared in cincinnati and he brought up
to uh… columbia for his meeting with eisenhower and eisenhower except was a sport greg crime for mister
eisenhower who was running on a republican ticket to be supporting so to speak the views
of mister republican well uh… he uh… he conquered mister
republican in chicago and then was conquered by mister republican at
columbia university i don’t think it’s a crime of course not is that this is a free country i don’t think it will help him though
with the american people because i don’t think that some of the path is a wha he was nominated by the republicans are
those leaving other problems or took questions on president truman in the first place ur do you think that truman’s tactics have been on fairness
campaign i think that uh… it’s hard to say that they’re unfair for
the simple reason that we know harry truman is a tough fight or in any
campaign that’s how he won the election in
nineteen forty eight i think that some of the things he has
said have hurt some people their sensitivities on the other hand i
think he is arouse the democratic party and i think that is uh… campaigning
has been helpful land where i was not like to ask this question whether that is the primary
sort of double standard now while i can to say about senator
mccarthy he’s a tough fighter and he’s been effective uh… why is it alright i don’t know how
you are at truman well reliable on this new while you apply what seems to me a
double standard of uh… of uh… in orlando how about the in a land of adverse to
truman made that uh… general eisenhower was anti
semitic an anti catholic he did not know when he did not say that we may be and when do i know what he
said was that and actually didn’t even deliver the
speech himself although he approved the speech what he said was that general eisenhower was now endorsing positively those men who had past and supported the mccowan bail which it is selective in any racial mister roseanne
annie police chiefs and the italian it’s an eastern european and so forth
governor stevenson has been repudiating any of the candidates who would be
democratic candidates are favored the death of a difference between
repudiation handing dawson that’s all up to one set eisenhower’s one out of his way to
endorse these cannibal has mister stevenson and or some of the people who
voted for the karen act the democrats i don’t know i don’t uh… no below or
governor stevenson has endorsed anybody yes hasn’t been heralded such as the
endorsements as a carpetbagger roosevelt unfair that our viewers want
to know something about you and your own campaign see after all you represent one
of the big westside districts in new york city how has your own has your own campaign
going what i’ve been spending five days a week four or five meetings night meeting with my constituents discussing
the issues with i have a very instant district it’s a
very independent this trip i’d say that it is liberal it’s
progressive because i hope they uh… reelect me to
congress well and one on a four freedoms and platform ginger the first time around i
i i ran on the liberal party head of the state of the also the independent four
freedoms party fundraiser traditionally democratic uh… constituency if not say that it’s
traditionally department uh… enacted in nineteen forty nine
elected me i was not the democratic candidate then they voted for mentality re quite overwhelmingly when he ran as an
independent nineteen fifty they voted for mister howie when he ran
as an independent liberal party candidate in nineteen fifty one and that one other question about the
family certainly that uh… one of your brother’s supporting general
eisenhower analysis on usual at play defection in the roosevelt family like
there’s no i i don’t think it’s particularly unusual we practice what we
pay to me at roswell family we believe in freedom of speech freedom of thought in the right of every whim to express
himself really eddie fields called upon to do so i
frankly though i don’t think jerry stern influence of the votes i don’t think i
have but i think my mother is what are your mother taking an active
part in the last few days at a campaign to certainly issues into this and
governor stevenson through the madison square garden rally tomorrow night and
as as a final question mister roosevelt uh… do you expect any dramatic mood this in the last part of the campaign no i don’t look for any dramatic most
uh… i think the general eisenhower’s shot is what we decide to go to korea
personally what he’d do when i got that he didn’t
say i think that the american people will
vote to continue the prosperity of the democrats and continue the hope for peace in the world through the united nations the point
four program nato well thank you sir for being with us thank you the opinions that you’ve heard our
speakers expressed tonight our entire they they are the editorial board for this edition of
the launching promise go laws mister william bradford killing and mister henry hudson our distinguished guests was mr franklin
d_ roswell junior united states represented the from new york during the past weeks for the words of
some of our speakers spoken during the heat of the political campaign have
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of the mounting calls go mister williams that they’re doing
editor of the american market and mostly doctor stillman associate
editor of the american market our distinguished guests for this
evening is they are both with regard to their junior united states congressman
from new york the opinions expressed are necessarily
those of the speaker this today rollins of course knows that
you are a distinguished and veteran member of the
congress of the united states and tonight uh… sense there’s a lot of
interest in the presidential campaign uh… some of our audience uh… i’m
sure would like to know something of the problems of the four hundred and
thirty-five congressman who are running for reelection now you of course is standing for
reelection in your district united have at least quite bright and i know you’re a for europe terminal b that is i’ve completing a
third term in running for the fourth then that’s quite right and what is your district the seventeen th district of new york the ground up and
down the middle of manhattan on the east side largely in part of a grunge
straight through to the east river from fifth avenue and it goes down uh…
below washington square now is that no one is one of the silk stocking district
in new york it was known as a silk stocking district
when people were silk stockings but nobody where stockings anymore so i
think possibly that’s not what you say it’s a typical district and and uh…
the metropolitan area i think it’s a bad cross sec sin of the population of manhattan was a good beer do you think that uh…
not with mister eisenhower having been there nominated as the republican presidential
candidate your chances for your home rewrite have improved well i have very little about you do that with a ticket that we’ve got
now headed by uh… general eisenhower and my former colleague of my house
senate annexin uh… that we’re going to end i’m quite
sure that in my own district the republicans will
carry officers from the president down you’re a republican do you think that
uh… general eisenhower’s proving himself to be a good campaigner common i think he started off in great
shape i think the exchange between me president and the general uh… the last
twenty four hours about the invitation to uh… visit the white house and put the
truman with yelp around his neck at the start the
right much to the credit of the general charlie was very much on the job and
very alert to the issue you you don’t uh… believed and have
some critics who charge that uh… general eisenhower or may not debbie that type of man who can make the
case against the democratic party by no means i think you make the most of
it and i think you should buy the effective leadership i think we’re going
to have a prime smashing campaign that’s going to result in victory myself and
you think that uh… that most of the uh… of the republican uh… members of congress who are carrying on their campaigns in
their own distinct that they are satisfied with the
national ticket and help that they will get from the national ticket as far as i’ve been in contact with them
yes of course i can speak for all the four hundred and thirty-five when i or new york state it forces pivotal state in this election and there’s a great deal of conjecture
as to how the state will go our nineteen forty eight of the the
state uh… went for governor but uh… that was largely because uh…
or may have been because mister wallace’s running involved a large bowl now this year with an update their
decade in the in the picture how do you think new york state likely
to go well obviously it will be a good deal
more difficult to carry new york without help of a split in the opposition but i think here all of our republicans are going to
stand firmly together uh… i think they’re going to make this
fight without reservation i think the issues are very great very
important i’m personally it confident that the people of new york we
appreciate the issues sufficiently uh… to throw out the democratic
administration in washington and the like generalizing one out of the uh… the
the various boarding groups and new york do you think the general eisenhower
pulled will run strong among the labor groups the the you’d labor union
groups in new york state my own impression that there was a very large element among the so-called label i hope that will vote
republican they bartered republican before and not so long ago hope you’ll remember great men in a much devoted to bob that
development when he was re-elected and i think that tax conscious and i
think that conscious of inflation and i think a great many of so-called livable will support the republican ticket mister could build and there have been a
lot of talk about the so-called negro who what do you think about the negro
called new york state because i can only yes like i can only speak for the negro
vote new york state uh… my own impressions varied and
uh… based upon my knowledge of that eisenhower going to get a great deal of
support i think from the negro home and rightly so because it’s new york state after all
that was a fine here in the end of discrimination acts i think the new york legislature was the
first state legislature to pass the act and i think uh… many of our new york negro to realize
that thus far more chances of achieving their
aspirations and objectives uh… under a republican administration
in washington and under a democratic administered let complected and to and column in your
own this picture now uh… and leave the presidential
candidates are arm into labor day to launch their
campaigns are you waiting until labor day thing dr campaign no no misty really i’m not i have been
campaigning unceasing late since about steve dave jewell ia and uh… opposition uh… petitions were filed in the
republican primaries so i have a primary fight on my end first which comes to a
head on primary day on august nineteenth and after that if enough republicans
come out the vote for me i still have the fight against the democratic liberal party candidate
through to election day leveled out uh… that’s a very intersting situation
for our audience because you’ve actually been out uh… rubbing shoulders and
shaking hands already with your constituency now uh… what whatsoever but my do you think your constituency here loss during the next two to four years if by that to mean wacom people thinking
about and the district i would say the number one issue was
taxation taxes are eating us alive all of us one editorial in the daily news monday and my impression is that the voters in
my district on very conscious of the fact that taxes are giving them a lot and that means spending and government
waste and all of those with that i think
that’s almost the number one issue subject of course the warren buffet math
on now don’t your people in your district uh… think that this country
is enjoying great prosperity i think they’re great many of our people
our are are aware of the fact that their son on official bombay shin on inflation
foundation and they’re scared to death of where it’s going to leave and they’d like to get down to a firearm
foundation balanced budgets last public spending and less taxation that’s the kind of thing that means that a solid stable prosperity which is sort of the
future and more than anything else assures a future value of the dollar
that they save and then i’ll make it was prepared to move think that after the election republican party could win the election it balanced budget will be possible you
think was the on that person that we think that is
going on today that is really possible to reduce taxes and uh… work with the balanced budget ’cause that’s a very big question but i
think there’s a pretty care answered philip certainly there is a far greater threat balancing the budget on a low level and reducing taxers in a short time with a republican administration with eisenhower in the white house in
republican majorities in both houses we’ll get a much more prudent financial management three lab far less waste eleven barry will have no
corruption and when you have efficient management that found the main large reductions twenty and ultimately taxes within the very near future and i do say that your people are do you
think your people are most concerned about the reduction of taxes now is that because of some special
characteristics of your constituency thanks a lot of heaven informers and i
don’t happen to have a need bombers and i suppose perhaps it’s because uh… inner city district like mine there are fewer people are getting
government handout so that last conscious of the handout
aspect of government then the payee and taxes aspect your your constituents are home opinions
they’re either playing out but i have a very conscious of it and they don’t like
it a bit master do you think this do you think that they’re likely to be
any surprises this year do you think this is like to be an extraordinary
election year in which things that even the political of seniors are low foresee you think that end on november the fifth
nineteen fifty two that we elected a wake up with some surprises well i think governor stevenson the
democrats may have some sort prizes uh… it’s my impression that there’s a
very seeded and humid demand for a fundamental change in
washington i think people are so anxious for a
change that they’re not very to accept any media change of pace that’s a
tremendous teams and they’re going to insist upon the kind of a change that
only comes with a change of party you think that that perhaps is a large group uh… in the center for instance that may surprise uh… some of the
uh… people who are predicting the election results that’s my confident
hope i think that’s what’s going to sleep
reelection yesterday i’m sure that our audience is very much appreciated your
views tonight thank you for being with us and if you go in the common good the editorial board for this edition of
the loans in costco flows mister william bradford healy and
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the world on its own gene good evening business pipeline may i introduce our coletta for this
edition of the loan dean gonna still rental and hotel that the minister of
the new york never tribune and mister william bradford keighley editor of the american mercury our distinguished guests for this
evening is the honorable prep regard for dad junior united states represented of
from europe the opinions expressed unnecessarily those of the speaker mister command prompt reporting many of them remember reviewing inspired me investigation of communist activity in
the new york skew recently and to keep you may know you’re now has
a fighting member of the house appropriations committee who is trying
to do something about what you think is excessive government spending and for many women still earn rather
sensational resolution that you have recently
entities now is the first question sir wouldn’t tell us first what this
resolution fears that you introduced in congress fundamentally was furious resolution provided they always practical method but i wish the people of this country
can affectively save themselves from complete bankruptcy and stop spending at a reasonable are
and that’s a resolution to to halt spending and to bring it to what you
call a reasonable level master simply may have wanted to end it the reasonable level low that must be applied to the same level
of every household replied me don’t personal affairs limitation must be
available in co unavailable involved in this case of
course main who proceeded you know you probably
have a tax burden of the american people are suffering under the day and i said our government must not and cannot go on
spending more than the people are willing and able to pay in taxes and
that’s precisely what this administration means to do unless we can
stop mister cooper uh… these are normal times and i wonder just tell look you propose would cut
into proposed expenditures for the national
defense and for foreign aid well obviously uh… if any effect needs to be made in the fantastic
performed with the president to spend something like eighty five
billion dollars for three years in a row there must be some reduction uh… in the enormous request military fund and some reduction in the
far end page report the suggestion that there be such a
reduction in obviously not revolutionary because my resolution was specifically and expressly indoors
the time i announced it by none other than former ambassador
mabus united states ambassador to great
britain was like many other men responsible for
the marshall plan and responsible for the development of
the north atlantic treaty organization dublin said to me in atlanta that a seventy one limitation the adhered to in order to save the
stubborn trade security agreements let’s let’s before we keep the billion your
answer most of those two months don’t know the difference between
seventy billions in eighty five billions now i a you’re telling us tonight that
our taxes he’s very heavy taxes have been living and i think the bringing an about seventy one billion
june nineteen fifty two exact direction that if the president own s i see now and you can’t do you believe
that we have reads the wives limit for pizza and taxation i happen to any doubt about it but uh… i don’t ask you our listeners to rely
upon my opinion side of the jordan chairman of the
finance committee in the senate a democrat and mister belton who’s chairman of ways
names in the house which involved the taxes and a great many others in the
congress and said we’ve reached the limits are not going to be happening and
now you’re saying that there is an agreement between both republicans and and democrats that seventy one billion
susie tax limit know that we can’t go above that agreement didn’t exactly
where there’s a recognition recognition won’t pay any recognition and the
president wants to spend eighty-five billion dollar fort dean billions more and your resolution is designed to
prevent then act how would your resolution
prevent this it would impose by congressional action any limitations
in seventy one million dollars of fun spending he would be but that need to spend a dime more than
the seven b_ one band out of the resolution passes he would be required to submit within
thirty days a brand new biji dividing up the seventy one million
these two five now is they’re growing support for your resolution what what evidences of supportive you
fancy the most amazing evidences look quite frankly indicating perhaps the beginning of a
grassroots taxpayer’s revolt back home only today kind of a more awesome oregon moment one
of them great liberals on the republican side
demanded a fifth being billion dollar reduction with
nineteen million out of foreign aid and the military them some of the probe and it’s also a
democrat uh… from illinois a lot of the favorite liberals on the
democratic cell uh… himself said the other day that we ought to take at least four
billion out of the military establishment something like a million
million-and-a-half or to out of the foreign aid program everything with you expression of desire to cut by a great
many of these photos my house and senate but there’s no panic to make it unless something you’ve done as you
suggested and myron was too cold air supposedly chinese communists whites
into indochina others wherever that may be a plan do you mean by that panel that uh… why don’t we do with it should be
another great for scaring a serious threat of immediate third war operation
desert liquid well i think the answer that there is
simply that congress is always concession these days unfortunately
remembered and for the country sometime so that and he uh… legislation of the anak na or any budget if we adopt now on the
assumption networking for a long pull level them
because they live about twenty four hour by congressional action wrong with that with your book budget plan tonight went uh… you know the
legislation universal military training i don’t
think it would affect the matter one way or the other if the administration and
the professional military honestly wanted u_n_c_ and were honestly deployment into
develop the u_n_ he is an alternative to the present and power of the large standing forces
will be enormous spending limit that i don’t i’m not so sure they meaning of it
that way and wait to see congressman for our listeners tonight can you tell us very quickly just how these budget arguments in congress
effect the average american family so that the average american family itself what its dollars will work ten years ago and they will work on
birds and and what they’re worth today in purchasing power at fifty three
cents and one answer that question they’ll
know what excessive bedroom spending the done uh… the devil in inflation fundamentally is fed groups spending of more money than you think in in texas is the source of inflation and that they
want every american is paying for every
morning on in the cosby breakfast food and he can turn the radio news colony
are you saying that if your resolution can be passed and if the government is
held to seventy one billion sd standing here that that will reduce the threat inflation i think it’s for sure is playing limit
inflation under reestablish some thing like found financial basis in the united states of the people
couldn’t upload in some measure of his cured and certainly in their day-to-day
operations all would bar input the possibility of an all-out war which
would upset all play level courses your and resolution to
actually being realized but the moment it’s resting in a heavily
weighted new deal committee of the house uh… and great stepped forward was made
uh… monday o tuesday when the republican
policy committee mana mostly in boston over the very strong statement for
minority leader john martin of massachusetts i think that means that uh… having maybe the party issue our people will press forward and i’m
not democrat have committed themselves for the
general proposition substantial reduction share a bit of a can be gotten to the
floor it will be passed now sir there are some people i know we would
like to help you would you mind and i’d like to your
predictions tube where you can do something and whether you can get this
resolution passed in what ken india average american who would like to help
you what did he do who’s familiar despite any fears of the country we are still living
in a free country americans are still managed that they
didn’t think to to assert all we need in the room branch rupesh
room bolt there is nothing more sensitive uh… on earth in a member of congress in an
election year only got to do with your the folks back
home and believe me they’ll get action now i returned to sum up brown’s i believed it usse you are trying to forced the government to spend only
seventy one billion zan only what we will be realize from taxes that you think that you can accomplish
that if they are not american citizens who
will try to their congressman and tried to impose a system of economy on the
present government thank you very much for being with us the editorial board for this edition of
the long team colors go laws colonel ansel java and mister william bradford puri our distinguished guests with the
honorable fred radar could add junior united states representative from new
york as for the olympic winter games it off from wherever they come will find the familiar touchable in windows of fine jewelry store long-chain the world’s most on that one bought the frame of launching is
worldwide in the month and i a city of not by the
bolivia and south america all our historic happened in painting breeds city of mecca in saudi arabia in any of the capitol though comfort of the free world the walk for the first place with discriminating men and women is long jane the world’s most on it the only watching history to win ten world fair grand prizes twenty eight gold medals and higher five correct you’re asleep on
the leading government there along came off and if you pay seventy one fifty or more
for a walk oil so or as a gift not paying the price of a laundry why not insist on getting along jane the world’s most on that one bring your product of the launching with
not what’s happening since eighteen sixty six maker of what to tell the higher laundry explosive professional wat for the olympic winter games of nineteen fifty two this is pragmatic and inviting you to join us every monday wednesday and friday evening at the same
time along team promised television journal of the important
because of the hour broadcast on behalf of launching the world’s most on that one and whatnot distinguished companion to
the world on a long journey so land surveyors from coast to coast by more than four thousand leading to a who proudly displayed at them agency fall on gene with norwalk

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