Aunt Becky’s College Admission Scandal (Wait, It’s RICO?) – Real Law Review ft. Akilah Obviously

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  1. What's sad is, maybe one or two of these kids were smart enough to get in on their own but have now had their futures ruined by their own parents.

  2. Objection! Speculation. Honestly colleges and the government rip you off all the time and quiet frankly. I dont think our government has any pedestal to judge others. I analogize it to the protestant reformation. Bad people? Chill out. Our government breaks laws on the regular. Rico laws are garbage and should have never been allowed to be enacted because it can easily harm innocence. Oh how did this turn out btw? Big fine and a slap on the wrist? Maybe a little time. Why would anyone spend millions of dollars on college for one child. It really goes to show you who the real crooks are. As a matter of fact, our colleges are some of the most corrupt institutions in our country (next to our government of course).

  3. I see your comments about USC, and mention that we UF grads say that FSU stands for Florida’s Second-rate University 😉

  4. My sister went to UCLA, too! The rivalry between USC and UCLA is real. My family put a UCLA Bruins sticker on their car and we were in USC territory and we parked the car to get lunch at a restaurant and when we came back, they had keyed and spit on our car

  5. I can't judge how good of a lawyer you are, but you're an amazing host with great comedic timing. Your editor is amazing too. (Hope you pay them well!)

  6. Tens of thousands of fraud gets ten days in jail. In Texas, ten dollars of weed can get you in jail for months. I object to felonies (such as small amounts of controlled substance possession-a federal crime) being punished differently in different states. In some it’s a misdemeanor. In others, a felony. Not right!

  7. One of my favorite pieces of commentary about this whole scandal was how the defendants couldn't even cheat in the normal non-legal harder to stop rich people ways- like private tutors, not having to get a job during high school and using that time studying instead, going to better funded schools, and all the numerous ways that the children of wealthy people benefit. But those ways, while they help the kids by giving them opportunities, the kids still have to put effort in. But these kids were so lazy that those things weren't enough. So their parents had to resort to crime.

  8. Love your intro hahahahhahahahahaha, it's a great way to keep the creativity going on your already amazing channel !

  9. OBJECTION – Twitter per a suspension is preventing you from examining @maxrafaelwaller who became @mrwaller3 for tweeting and retweeting whistleblowers who reveal college and university unethical behavior.

  10. Loughlin and Mossino just just got hit with a third charge: Conspiracy to defraud a program concerning federal-funded , which happens to be U.S. Code 666. Just the perfect number for them 😈. Get 'em justice!

  11. I was dying during the UCLA/USC comments. As a University of Utah alumni I also find pleasure when our in state rival, BYU, comes across controversies as well

  12. The pitch for Skillshare was awesome. I never realized that not committing RICO violations could be such a great selling point.

  13. Objection; Your coverage lacks depth with regards to the kingpin. Rick Singer set up the whole system and benefited from it handsomely for over a decade. Then when pressed turned in all the coconspirators that he recruited. That will, I assume, result in him walking away with or without the money he made in the fraud he created.
    Where is the justice? All I see is the sensationalism and headlines that you are perpetuating and benefiting from.

  14. After seeing the plea deals they are getting it's so sad, just seems like famous and rich people getting preferential treatment

  15. Shouldn't these people who made these fraudulent donations and claimed them on their taxes be charged with tax fraud?

  16. This is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Nice going. Oh and thanks for nudging me to stay up way too damn late watching Rainmaker again the other night!

  17. Thank you. Not enough people talk about RICO, so not enough people are aware of it. Wait, i didn't realize that they actually misrepresented their children as Special Needs (Learning Disabilities) to get better SAT scores, so that they could later misrepresent their children as gifted, and talented in College to bootstrap their careers. I guess mediocrity runs in the family? Mediocracy?

  18. Having busted my a** to get into an ivy league school, I'm dripping with schadenfreude on this one. Don't know who this actress is, however. I see that USC is a big player here, which I find surprising — I didn't think USC was a really hot school to get in to, LOL.

  19. HOW HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS VIDEO YET!!!!! OMG THAT INTRO GOES INTO MY TOP 10 FUNNIEST THINGS ON YOUTUBE! Seriously thought it really pisses me off. I earned my ticket to college through the military and I take that seriously and do my best and my wife did as well and to see these priveleged little shits skip both avenues of normal collage entry either academic excellence in HS or military service infuriates me. Glad to see shes getting jail time, the crappy thing is she's probably going into a cushy corporate prison. Also wasnt throwing shade at the community college to university folks, you guys getting that hustle done too!! Great video.

  20. "I'm gonna get in trouble for that, but it's worth it."
    This might be the greatest video you've made, even better than the bee movie one.

  21. Objection! "Aunt Becky" needs to replace "Karen" in popular culture. My sister is named Karen and she's a sweetheart, let's give the bad name to someone who deserves it!

  22. I really don't get it. If they just gave USC a multi million dollar donation, do you think their kids would have not been accepted? Couldn't they have done this completely legally?

  23. I only had two years of community college, but it was a good program, and I used every bit of that knowledge in the workplace and beyond. I paid for it, but community college was a little more affordable then. I'm retired now, but would love to go back to school. I just can't afford it. Olivia Jade had the luxury of having a four year education handed to her on a silver platter, however that was arranged, but the little brat had no appreciation of it. I'm disgusted with her and with her parents.

  24. I don't get it. All this money for what? The child has no understanding work ethics. College will not teach you that.

  25. I want to know what is going to happen to the people at the colleges that have accepted these bribes? Why all the focus on some bimbo that, frankly, many parents would have behaved in the same manner given half the chance to help their own children.

    I want the college officials to be punished just as hard as Aunt Becky, or at least to be forced to pay the government back the money they received. I want USC to write a 25 million dollar check to Uncle Sam.

  26. A personal reflection. The cases to me are different, both a bad, but one is 100x worse. Felicity Huffman helped her daughter cheat on the SAT to improve her score. Her daughter went to a college she did not earn admission to, BUT APPARENTLY HER DAUGHTER WORKED HARD ONCE SHE GOT THERE. I feel a little sorry for Lori, but her daughters got an amoral advantage, through total corruption. But these girls skipped classes, made minimum effort in their classes. I was very unhappy that they got tax free advantage. The professionals got JOKE sentences, they should have suffered the worst sentence of anyone involved.

  27. I just want them to get the maximum penalty because their actions took spots away from truly deserving students. I hate them.

  28. I liked the video, but then I had to unlike it because you decided to put the daughter on blast. She's a spoiled brat, but you should know better. She's like that because of bad parenting, dumbass.

  29. Hmmm… your honor, try the skits from MadTV that take place in the courtroom. For example: Bae Sung's useless translation lands the lawyer in hot water, Keegan-Michael Key's character accused of bank robbery denying that he robbed a bank but at the same time admitted to the other crimes. How legally realistic are these skits?

  30. it isnt that complicated – human beings find no value in schools because there is no value in school. you have to learn shit you don't need from broke people… shocker!

  31. Brilliant video A+ Must admit I loved the University of Spoiled Children remark. Don't forget to use this remark: USC Trojans —the university famous for graduating so many pricks its nicknamed after a brand of condoms.

  32. I think o one has mentioned William H. Macy because he is on a hit TV show called "Shameless," on Showtime. Showtime is owned by Viacom.

  33. Objection! Your Skillshare plug was awesome, made me laugh hard. I agree, Skillshare does not violate the RICO statute

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