ARROGANT Liberal Minister Gets DESTROYED By Poilievre

if you've only recently joined the woods Empire you might not have yet realized that we have a major man crush for the badass Shadow Minister of Finance Pierre Poli EV the man the myth the legend Pierre Poli EV best explained by the gem himself Pierre polio let's ask this beautiful specimen Pierre Polly F we love him because he constantly calls out liberal BS any chance he gets for example in a recent interaction with the liberal Minister of Finance Bill Morneau Paul EF does what he does best exposes liberal arrogance China is going to spend over 8 billion dollars on its civil and military space program a luxury by any anyone's imagination you consider the country so poor that it needs a quarter billion Canadian tax dollars Minister can you understand when Canadians look at you giving their money away to this China controlled bank and see that that country is maxing out its military and space programs that your priorities are completely out of whack I I think it would be a much more for Canadians to understand that we see it as important to to work with Development Bank's we do that alongside like-minded countries in the case of this particular Bank which is independent of any government we we may be right it's China control you'll maintain that even in the face of you know uneducated criticism on that approach okay thank you mr. Minister mr. Pelley EV last question kind of elitism we have come to expect from you Minister you think that Canadians who are worried about the protection of their tax dollars are just uneducated that maybe they didn't inherit vast family fortunes allowing them to go to fancy suit not only does he call out the arrogance of the trust fund twins Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau but he also exposes the hypocrisy of the Minister for the environment Catherine McKenna in the next clip Paul yath calls all the Liberals for giving a 90% carbon tax refund to their billionaire liberal donors once again the minister failed to answer the question heard government has released documents showing that there will be up to a 90 percent exemption for large industrial polluters from the carbon tax so those that pollute the most will get the lowest cost on their tax bills while single mothers and seniors who have no choice but to heat their homes and drive to work will pay tax on a hundred percent of their emissions order we heard the question we need to hear the answer as well whether members liked the answer or not it has to be heard now remember for a calorie signal hill will come to order order our Minister of Environment has the floor expect us to have a plan to protect the environment to tackle climate change to grow the economy we have that plan what what is going down is the burden on the large industrial polluters they are getting off because they can afford powerful lobbyists that influence this government now people living below the poverty line single mothers seniors on a fixed income they cannot afford to send powerful lobbyists and consultants to Ottawa they can't afford to donate to Liberal coffers but mr. speaker they have important costs that they have to make why is this government giving an exemption to the politically well-connected and putting on the burden on working class Canadian to see more clips of Pierre being a badass go check out my other videos and again thanks a lot guys for watching you

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  1. The Liberal government is nothing but an useless, awkward, hypocritically pathetic, incompetent, pack of fucking NAZI’S and Canada has been a socialist SHITHOLE for DECADES! And Bill Moron-eau is a pathetic fucking RETARD!!!

  2. If you have a poor sales man they will give away everything to get the sale leaving no profit. This is an attempt to buy good will from the Chinese because of the poor handling of foreign relations and the bone head moves that Trudeau has done. Of course they will take their money and you can bet that they will not treat this as an an act of generosity but a sign of weakness and they will go even further with punishment knowing that Trudeau can not negotiate only bow , apologies and pay.

  3. The good news is bot channels like this that are paid for by other governments will soon be gone under the new digital charter in Canada. Say bye bye to the American propaganda machine.

  4. Why do you in the Government of Canada 🍁 represent Canadians let a crook give 🍁 Canada 🍁 away. Destroy Canada's FREEDOM and give terrorist extremists more rights to Sharia Law haters.. Our soldiers have died for nothing. Instead of a HIGHWAY HEROES.. TRUDEAU HAS WHAT HE WANTS.. A HIGHWAY OF REFUGEES.. CHARGE TRUDEAU WITH TREASON NOW AND GET THIS TRAITOR OUT NOW., FIGHT FOR CANADA. The war is right now.. The Trudeau Foundation Pay to Play CHILD TRAFFICKING pedophiles with PERVERT Trudeau taking all the 💵 money. Charge Trudeau with money laundering not to mention treason.. Impeach this Traitor NOW.

  5. Mr Poilievre, if Canadians are within your heart, move to Max's agenda for Canadians. Throw One world order elite's in the garbage where they belong..

  6. China cripples our canola producers, emprisons our citizens without charge and these assholes sends them our tax dollars? This whole government needs to hang

  7. the problem is NOT these liberal politicians ……. it IS the elitist that puts them into government positions !!! Stop voting for these criminals !!!

  8. Love the way Climate Barbie brings up "carbon pollution." I wonder what her price is and what name she will give on the raw sewage that Montreal is dumping into the St. Lawrence. As far as I am concerned, the destruction of our water ways with plastic, sewage and farm runoff is a far greater threat to planet earth than a little trace gas that may or may not heat up the atmosphere. Nothing beyond the small efforts of grassroots organizations (that I applaud) is being done about this because there is:

    1) No taxation opportunity for government or
    2) No big profit opportunity for business.

    It's all about the money.

  9. I can't stand to even look at these Liberal faces anymore. their beyond ignorant and arrogant when answering questions, they utterly disgust and anger me every time I see one of these videos. I'm desperately hoping that their party status is obliterated come Oct in the federal elections, like they were in Ontario.

  10. Dear Mr Mourneau, when it looks like bullshit , smells like bullshit and obviously is bullshit, you still want Canadians to eat ???

  11. I might fall over dead if a Liberal EVER decides to show a little respect for Canadians and answers a question properly. Yeah like the one they were asked.

  12. Arrogant porno bill and airhead bimbo climate barbie. Thanks for nothing you stunned lingard voters.

  13. Pierre should replace Scheer. Turdeau and climate Barbie Bimbo are scared shitless of him. Way too intelligent for those two idiots. GO PIERRE !!!!!!

  14. Conservatives support the politically correct transgender agenda. They're a bunch of liberal-light pussies. Scheer won't even come out and say he opposes a DPA for SNCL.

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