Are Democrats trying to ‘dehumanize’ Trump voters?

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  1. Well , after Clinton's interview on the BBC in London a couple of days ago spreading her poison it is fairly evident that if they manage to disenfranchise all those that voted for Pres.Trump that would be the only way that Clinton can get elected , All those with TDS at the BBC have massaged her ego so much that she is now gagging for it . Running for Pres I meant .

  2. I can tell you that will not happen. We deplorables are not stupid nor brainwasher. All the demons are doing is making us more determined to reelect Trump in 2020. The lies and decent coming from the demons in Congress isn't working.

  3. George Soros has a son married to Adam Schiff's sister which is significant if you wonder why Schiff is so dogged in pursuing this impeachment hearing. Soros – with his billions – was the man fronted by Barack Obama. He controlled the Clinton's for years and he controls the mainstream media! So you can see his reason for conjuring up this whistleblower.

  4. The communist democrats will not remove President Trump. We the people will not allow it . There will be an uprising like never before.

  5. I'm a Marine…..what do you think would happen if a leftist Dem-Lib Socialist took my MAGA hat? How much of his arm do you think I'd take off…. wrist, elbow or shoulder level? Would it be alright if they got beat up with their own arm?…..who is trying to "dehumanize" whom? I'm a Marine, I get to choose who I vote for, I get to use my 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment , if necessary…why ? because I fought for it, I fought for those rights, for me and for you… now I'm home, ain't NOBODY gonna tell me I can't wear my MAGA Hat….that's dehumanizing to me…

  6. I don't feel dehumanized …. I feel pissed off that this has even been allowed to continue knowing it is a coup against our president …. it's not an armed coup but it is still illegal !!!

  7. This so called whistle blower needs to testify if he worked for Biden before Schiff would certainly know who this so called whistle blower is come on stop treating the public like fools enough of the schiff

  8. Never will he lose the ones that has his back and he is doing a fantastic job as a president. We love you President Trump.stay strong and we are praying for you. You will have your second term period.

  9. Thank you Trish for publicizing the disdain we the people experience from the political elite and many of our fellow citizens due to the enormous division and deception perpetrated by the self appointed powers at be.

  10. Tricia do you are the best you’re going to really because you know everything going on and you making you not making any mistakes when you talk you tell the truth Maria from Las Vegas

  11. Sound like they want New World Order. And Every One Loses other than the government. I say Everyone. We don't need a communist government. Look at China

  12. World leaders are saying US has the most corrupt government. Taxpayers will continue to lose billions… all because politicians are above USA laws.

  13. The DEM party is not an American run party, it is a party run by Radicalized Isl*mists and George Soros the Globalist, therefore they are enemy combatants and should be treated as such!

  14. The amoral, anti American Democrat party is trying everything to get power Including, and not only, rigging voting machines, destroying/adding paper ballots Allowing illegals to vote Destroying the middle class Trying to remove God from the people Make sexual abuse commonplace And a myriad of other immoral and evil strategies The left is evil and is working for satan It is as plain as the nose on your face

  15. dehumanization is a propaganda ploy always used by mass murderers to justify beginning their slaughters, such as did the communist regimes of the twentieth century.

  16. It's not gone to happen,the big show is a dud,dem need to pay up.yo you have been Trump by we the people.first not money Hungary dem.time is up no get out of jail card this time.

  17. clear paralellity with blasey ford
    feinstein knew everything months before

    here the pencil guy knew everything months before

  18. My belief is democrats are dehumanizing themselves beyond what they have been doing to the democrat party in the past. If I believed in evolution they’ve become primal. I would say the people in this party has reverted back to before the days of Noah and the flood. Their conscience seems seared and most without moral principles becoming reprobate and solidly against the Word of God which is and was Christ since the beginning. Are they capable of turning to God in their depravity or continue to spiral downward? We will see. It’s not just politics anymore. It’s a lifestyle. Sad.


  20. The only ones that aren't human are Democrats because to be human you have love compassion empathy remorse regret empathy forgiveness Democrats have none of it they have hatred and pride and pride comes before a fall

  21. The enemy of the American people have been ruling the American people for over 70 years the enemy is not some far-off desert place in another country. Right here at home on our own soil

  22. Since Mordecai is of Jewish faith, you will never succeed in your plans against him. It will be fatal to continue opposing him. Esther 6:13

    God's promises are amazing!

  23. We all now know what and who and why the deep state and democrats are having a meltdown on ukraine. Glenn beck has assembled ALL the evidence compiled and catalogued. These asshats are so arrogant that they believe their own crap and put it in writing. Check out the hydra series he's put out.
    Or just go about pissing and whining about how broke you are.

  24. All together, deeeep breath…. repeat after me…. the butt plugs will not take away my holiday cheer. The buttplugs will not take away my holiday cheer… breath in…

  25. Donald Trump and the Americans are preventing the Democrats from doing what they get paid to do, bring in the New World Order.

  26. Demoturds are lying cheating smearing slandering anti-American illegal loving obstructionist Hypocrites PERIOD! Most EVIL entity on Earth! Tick Tock…

  27. I would say Liberal Democrats act like animals, but the truth is they do not, Never seen another species of animal act out in such a way, there not de human, there not even animalike…

  28. This is a war between evil and good.its in the Bible. The Democrats is evil and the Republicans are good…and that is a house divided. God Bless all and Trump 2020 keep America safe.

  29. The GOP must stand up for our Great President or we will in droves. This is straight up treason and it will not be tolerated.

  30. If they take out my President, they will have that civil war they have been wanting. And let me clarify, i don't want this, i want to go to work and have fun, bbq and stuff. But i will fight for America as founded. And this war they dream about won't be fought out in the woods or on some distant battlefield, it will be fought on our porches and living rooms. God help us if they get what they desire. It will be a bloodbath that will go for generations and this amazing thing called America will be no more. Everyone must take a step back. Were all Americans, we have the right to disagree, we don't have the right to force someone to agree. I have friends whom vehemently disagree with me, they are leftists, our relationship has been strained lately. Still my friends thou. And that i believe is the attitude we must get back to. Obama did this to us. MAGA.

  31. And none of this Will make any difference to most die-hard Democrats because they are the rank and file membership of the Demonic invasion that is gripping this planet right now. It's an army of vampires people and they want your blood and your children for human sacrifice.

  32. It seems to me that the 'whistle-blower' is a professional leaker.

    Call 0800-leakers with your Go Fund Me deposit reference number and we will create any scandal you need.

  33. How do these awful lying scumbags get people to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to legal defense funds? I mean, I was grateful for the 5k donated for my daughter when she got leukemia last year. Disgusting. Also disgusting is the amount of taxpayer money spent on all of these hearings and inquiries. I am sure our money could be better spent.

  34. Schiff has all ready lied under oath, what makes you think he won't lie again under oath, He's a liar and his agenda is to keep on lying, he's so desperate to keep his crimes hidden he'll lie to his grave.

  35. Find the whistleblower's donnar's and bring them before the house. We need proof and facts! Money can't buy you everything and you can't buy your lies and deceit Dems!

  36. The CIA is the MEDIA, and vice versa. The MEDIA is the secret weapon of the Deep state, a "DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON" of formidable capacities !

  37. that is absolutely what they're doing. they're not only dehumanizing us they're shaming us isolating us and calling us every racist name in the book… but it won't work

  38. For Republicans fact is still a theory … That's how empty headed and uneducated they are…. Pathetic… They believe in their own lies…

  39. Well I guess we can now know who won't be asking questions at a presidential debate. But thank you for being a great American and a real I repeat real journalist.

  40. I say the republicans are becoming an ideological party!
    Get you’re common sense back
    AND FAST ….
    Otherwise you will support a kind of dictator

  41. Fox News teaches systemic a systemic form of psychosis. US conservatism has evolved to become an ideology of hate towards the USA.

    Fox News teaches an alternate reality in which the most cruel people are the best people who are eternally victimized by moral Americans who are portrayed as the worst people.

    Compassion, which is the instinct that accounts for human survival, is totally destroyed by the fascistic and hateful US conservative political narrative.

    The USA is already in a civil-war, happening in the perceptions of the US working-class.

    This issue of conservative hate is much bigger than removing one criminal president.

    Trump is a symptom of a cruel society.

  42. A person who voted for Trump may have been misguided and can regret such a vote. A person who still supports Trump to this day is a fascistic bigoted loser who deserves social ostricization.

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