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  1. Lets move this Impeachment along but at the same time we must continue investigating tRump until something sticks to him & he's removed from office. I know he's supposed to be Teflon Don like Teflon John Gotti but he's not. He's a tub of lard in comparison to John Gotti who was the real deal. Gotti gotta got caught in the end inevitably & I hope I live to see tRump do likewise.

  2. Mr Turley, would you be willing to file a timely FOIA request for the files and testimony you believe the Judiciary Committee requires to proceed?

    Congressional subpoenas were unable to obtain Ukraine-related communications between GIULIANI and State Department officials including SoS Pompeo. 
    American Oversight used the FOIAct to obtain documents and others not yet provided.

  3. Trump wasn't investigating a rival, he want biden's son investigated for being on the board of a crupt organization. That is his job as president.

  4. I find the parallel between a knife wielding murderer on the run and President Trump is a little bit of a stretch. Maybe certain people are loosing the sense of reality here.

  5. "Let's reserve judgment until after Trump is reelected with the help of Putin and other foreign leaders. Then we can get all the facts and witnesses, because by that time he is above the law again for another 4 years."


  7. The left doesn’t understand that that YOU CANT impeach someone just because you don’t like them. Lol and some of the people in these comments must have more evidence than Congress which is nothing lmaooo💀

  8. Of course! Democratic wants to use anything to damage trump’s reputation…however, the result is just opposite…they will fail harder this time…

  9. AG Barr also complains that "progressives" are too demanding. The utopian privatization sought by Republican party ever since Reagan is cause for all present American political divides. Why, because Republicans absorbed the self developed Tea Party (with foxnews commercialization, and Glenn Beck's 9/12 town cry) and actually have employed them it in Department of State Secretary Pompeo. For no greater unifying ideal than privatization, Republicans will accept any participation, even if it contradicts the rest of America. The American Legislative Exchange Counsel can manufacture a catchphrase for anything, ("right to life," "right to work," and hipsters in miserable towns can seek their employment.

  10. Why didn’t democrats subpoena Bolton? He is an actual witness who worked alongside Trump. What were they afraid of? Do they think he’s not angry enough to lie for them?

    YOU CANT IMPEACH A PRESIDENT CUZ YOU DONT LIKE HIM. The far left democrats in congress are literally INSANE. I will have to WALKAWAY from the democrat party if this Insanity continues. Absolutely nuts.

  12. Naaa, America does not need facts! The democrats want to turn this Country into a secret police State where due process goes out the window in order to make room for their socialist agenda. The Constitution that they keep saying is important is going the way of 1984 in this Orwellian nightmare of a Congress.

  13. Have you been looking for a chance to join the powerful illuminati brotherhood. Well here is your chance to join the illuminati brotherhood to be rich, powerful, famous, wealthy??

  14. protected and respected. The Illuminati is a brotherhood were loved is shared and plans to establish the new world order and all new members are receiving a Cash reward of $1000,000 million USD

  15. Have you been looking for a chance to join the powerful illuminati brotherhood. Well here is your chance to join the illuminati brotherhood to be rich, powerful, famous, wealthy??

  16. They really should of waited for near the or the election itself. And used the statue of limitations thing to get people to not vote for him. They jumped the gun too early. Anyway both scenarios wouldn’t of and will not work cause this whole impeachment thing is a farce and they even know it

  17. Get OFF the couch Dems!

  18. I’m not for Trump but I do think it’s too soon. As for the Republican politicians… I feel disappointed that they won’t accept the truth. I know that the Democratic Party hasn’t been honest in their wrong doings too. Just be honest politicians, that’s all I ask. And #BernieSanders 2020

  19. What changes if they go slower? Facts are facts. Republicans are not arguing facts, but process. The facts won't change no matter how slow they go.

  20. I'm thinking no because the evidence is clear and there is urgency to remove him. He has destabilized the nation. Why give him time to resign or cover his tracks.?

  21. Turley is being bribed. John Gotti bribed jurors to get acquitted several times. That is why he was called the teflon Don. Somebody should check out Turley and make sure he is not being compromised or bought.

  22. "Are We Moving Too Fast On Trump Impeachment Inquiry?" NO . Trump should have been impeached the day he set foot in our WhiteHouse. We're moving at a good pace – the more constant heat on Trump the better. Voting BLUE across the board in 2020!

  23. Lol….they have been saying "Trump is dangerous to the country" since before he was elected. Yet, the world is safer today because of Trump as he has global terrorists like Isis neutralised. American under Trump is also doing better- record lowest unemployment rate, high GDP which Obama said is possible only if Trump had a magic wand, lifting people off from food stamp, etc, etc. And this lady comparing Trump to a knife wielding criminal is a joke.

    These people are like trying to convince us that black is white and white is black as if we are blind.

  24. Hope this junk is not PLAIN old talking and they take him out for good. IMPEACH, REMOVE AND PROSECUTE NOW….. 😒😒

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