Anti-Israel protesters appeal to Ann Arbor Human Rights Commission

Anti-Israel protesters appeal to Ann Arbor Human Rights Commission

up to now no American city council has passed a resolution to cut off military aid to Israel and asking to cut off military aid Israel is a very very modest very modest proposal considering how they use that military aid to massacre many many Palestinians I don't have to tell you that Israel shot down thousands of human rights demonstrators who are Palestinian in Gaza who are unarmed I'm armed human rights demonstrators Israel shot them down and hundreds of them died thousands of them are gonna be on crutches and wheelchairs maimed for life if they're lucky some of them will get replacements and I can tell you children of Gaza are suffering immensely as a result of massive violence that is inflicted on them day in and day out imagine that you're living in your home the military pours in drags your father out shoots and kills them and then you're homeless they demolish your home they make you homeless they arrest your sisters and brothers they are in jail you don't know what's happening to them any single one of these happening to any one of us would just turn our lives upside down we would not know what to do that's happening to every single Palestinians in Gaza and in verse Bank every day of their life courtesy of our taxes we pay for it we dearly pay for it billions of dollars each year that could go to the to the education of children right here in in America could go to health of people innocent country goes straight to government of Israel and it goes straight into their defensive programs and it goes straight to kill Palestinians we pray for it it's despicable what we do in this money that we send them so what I'm saying is I've lived under the occupation of Israelis I tasted it I know how it feels to have blood in your mouth because they beat you I know how it feels to not be able to see because they threw a grenade at you and the smoke filled your lungs and could absolute it I'm telling you what we are enabling Israel to do is nothing short of short of the most atrocious behavior of humanity we should be embarrassed to live in a time when Israel exists we must stop them and we can stop them but by by cutting cutting off the funds would you stop it it is ours to stop and if we don't it would be an stain on our humanity who child afford to have any more space clearly the United States has played in a lot of states this one let us stop let us stop this I've had students who have been beaten to within an inch of their life in Palestine I have watched children broken heads broken arms no legs and this keeps happening the only person who can stop it the only one who can stop it is the people of the United States of America it's us who can stop it because our politicians our institutions our governments they have proven to be extremely violent and worthless they are worthless they are just one others they want more Wars more but blood more blood more blood that's what they want and we've got to say no more no more it's enough we've done enough damage with Roy people we have destroyed the environment but make everybody's life hell no more that's what I'm asking you to do

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  1. No!!! This is targeting a group of people because of who they are. THAT IS UNAMERICAN! I am outraged over this! Isreal! USA! Allies for LIFE!

  2. If you do not like Israel returning fire then STOP firing at them. You have been offered peace many times and you are the only side that refuses peace

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