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hey this is ninja natan worked like a sock so what are you doing here today don't I believe we have to amend the amendment I think we need to repeal the Second Amendment I don't think that it's necessary other countries don't have it it has nothing to do with good gun stuff it was outdated I think the Second Amendment needs to be rewritten how would you yeah it's interesting so how would you rewrite it if you got you the right to bear a musket in guns a musket why does the musket that's what the founding fathers intended they didn't know from machine guns they didn't know from a cave what the machine gun existed seven years before the Second Amendment was written so here's the deal weapons award on belong on our streets end of story why our gun special I mean should we have a second Amendment for bombs Second Amendment in my personal opinion is the most important Amendment because it actually protects every other amendment this was a just impulsive warning thought kittens not guns since I had the t-shirt for YouTube but I'd love to give you some airtime can I interview you I don't need airtime I just want you to be aware that there are cooks who are attracted to these sorts of things on the factory I'm saying let's give the kittens to the children and get the guns out of the classrooms and reasonable gun laws I believe that any gun that that can shoot a big huge round of bullets has no place that's not for hunting wait what do you mean by that I'm just trying to understand what you mean I don't know yeah assault weapons are the ones that have a whole bunch of rounds yeah a whole bunch of rounds so what would you like to see what would you propose I would propose you know the radical view is to abolish the Second Amendment that kittens will love it I feel like the teachers union is not going to support this movement but well you know kittens can learn so I think it'll be okay one in each desk when I was growing up in Hayward in high school we had police officers in our school and we're there any any problems was it was always a problem with Hayward because it was rent there had a lot of gang problems with norteños and sureños so the cops were actually be there and an off-duty police officer would come there and protect us so I never really appreciated it back then because I was like you know believe what these people believed in a 1919 blanks on what it was but yeah I'm I'm against any kind of guns so you think we should just like get rid of all of our guns I mean personally yeah ar-15 owners I am coming after your gun I just think guns should not be allowed by like civilians I think it should be police officers a military only can you tell me what your sign says I'm just here cuz I don't really need a gun because I trust Hitler you will protect me okay so what does that mean it just kind of means that you can if you believe that our president is like Hitler in any way or that we are capable of electing a Hitler like president we should definitely not just be ready to disarm ourselves I agree with that entire league how many gang members in Chicago do you think our NRA members you know one thing and then second thing instead of talking about gun deaths how many how many guns how many people do you think were saved by by people owning guns legally not just officers like actual people that owned guns legally and they wouldn't entertain that kind of a question and then they just walk away from where do all these people get their guns and shoot really illegally okay well then maybe we have too many guns on the street we don't need that many tell the owner well no well actually the the correlation is the more guns we have the less that was a ok is the most orchestrated disgusting thing I've ever seen they've got kids making speeches they've got orchestrated signs they've got all the permits cold I mean that the fact that anyone think that this is grassroots or that that these signs that they're handing out are not so obviously pushed by a very clear agenda it's just I'm sick to my stomach oh you're watching you're watching flex talks and look at they downgraded on the spoons

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  1. "I don't know anything about guns, I can't even talk about it in any kind of coherent way…but I'm against them." – stupid, old, fat whore.

  2. The left: The head of our government is a Nazi! Cops are murderers!

    Also the left: Only the government and cops should have guns!

    LOL WUT?

    2:59 My dude!

  3. Hitler did not grab the guns, if you don't believe me check the date of the gun grab and the date Hitler left the army. The gun grab created Hitler not the other way around, and if we do it again we'll get another Hitler every time.

  4. These people want to ignorantly lead us all to total Government control and slaughter. They truly make me sick how ignorant they are.

  5. 10,000 non-suicide gun deaths a year. 2.2 to 2.5 million defensive gun uses a year. Your argument for gun control is invalid.

  6. The homeless looking thumbnail skateboarder has the best argument. Here’s how I’ll present it:

    ‘A significant percentage of the same people who believe we’ve elected a new hitler to power want that same government to take away our guns’

    Shout out to that guy.

    But seriously. Wtf. Ashamed of but not surprised by my birth city


  8. Anti gun people know nothing about guns, in related news the sky is blue…. btw was there shit on the street? It was San Francisco after all.

  9. I love how stupid all these people sound. None of them have done any research on these fire arms. With modern technology it literally takes minutes to jump online and research crime statistics involving various weapons. If they did their research, they wouldn’t be out on their stupid misguided protest.

    Edit: Again on research; if the guy with the Hitler sign did his research he would know that Hitler loosened the gun laws for law abiding Germans. The age to get a gun was lowered, permits lengths for guns were also increased. He made guns illegal to “enemies of the third Reich.” People often get this propaganda wrong. Sorry, just a fact.

  10. As a gun fanatic these people trigger me. A rifle doesn't need to have "a whole bunch of rounds" or meant to kill. all it needs to be classified as a rifle is a rifle stock (not a cheek pad or shotgun stock), it also cant use shells (12 gauge. ect.)
    Timestamp: 1:50

  11. Can you believe that there's this many stupid people in this country I haven't really thought about it.
    Oh no there should be allowed to keep muskets that's all what a dipshit

  12. I lived in Australia for four years. In 1996 they banned guns over a mass shooting incident. Last year when I tried to buy cheap, flimsy plastic picnic knives from a Woolies grocery store, I had to show my ID. Abolishment will not stop at guns.

  13. We need to get rid of all the fucking liberals they are just way too fucking stupid and too far gone

  14. It's very sad how fucking stupid these people really are they know nothing about the Second Amendment nothing about the constitution just what the media has brainwashed them into believing it's very scary Stockholm syndrome if they had any idea what they were doing to them selves they need to be educated before it's too late

  15. Actually the Second Amendment doesn't only pertain to guns it pertains to knives or anything that you can use to defend yourself. The main reason America has never been invaded is because there are more privately owned guns than a small country's military. It is a statistically proven fact that cities with more privately owned guns have less crime. The whole point of the Second Amendment is to give the citizens its rights to protect itself against enemies foreign and domestic. Please notice that I did say domestic. If you don't know what this is look it up. Because of the Second Amendment the government does not have complete and utter control over us. This is what also keeps us from becoming a police state where the government has 100% control and the citizens have no way of Defending themselves. All these people preach about gun control and how guns should be taken away but if somebody broke in their house and they had a gun would they not use it? If you saw a woman being raped and there was a gun on the ground would you not use it? What if you saw somebody taking a child and you had a gun would you not use it? These are the thoughts that does not go through a irrational mind. A lot of these ignorant people are being brainwashed by the left and Democrats. They want to have complete and utter control over the people, for example food stamps welfare are all ways that they control votes. If you don't believe me look at elections and listen to their speeches when they talk about the Republicans want to take away their free meal and Free Housing all because the Working Man and women are crying that they're paying taxes while these people sit on their ass and do nothing. It sickens me when I ride past the projects and I see people driving cars that are better than mine and I work for a living. Look back over the last 30 years and look at crimes that were considered misdemeanors stand have now become felonies. This is an example of forced gun control. I believe if you're a natural born citizen to this country no matter what you've done in your past should not dictate whether or not you have the right to defend yourself. Now I understand that there are people with mental illnesses that should not have firearms. But these people should be reported to some kind of federal agency by their doctor. If you wish to have further discussion about this please feel free to message me and I'll be glad to talk in detail.

  16. I got no facts or figures and I understand how ingrained the second amendment is into American history but for anyone person to have a gun a weapon which purpose is to kill or harm something or someone whether it be obtained illegally or legally or whether that person is mentally stable or unstable it is just wrong this Is just my opinion and you have yours dont judge these people and call them dumb if they have a different opinion to you.

  17. If America has to stand up against a tyrannical government hand guns won’t suffice.. hence why we need automatic weaponry

  18. Folks at 4:25 you should know who is trying to take away your guns 🙂
    Dianne Feinstein Ist Ein Juden . . .
    The second amendment is so sacred to the united states as how the sun is sacred to the earth and holocaust story is sacred to the Jews.
    Once its lost everything else will crumble . . .
    Remember Americans once you lose your second amendment right the Russian gulag is waiting for you

  19. To the lady who said she us coming for our AR-15's … HAHAHAHA With who? Your Socialist Army the left loves so much these days. Hope she knows what she just said is the very reason why we have guns.

  20. Uninformed ignorant morons. “ A big huge round of bullets??” Get your facts straight before you protest. Stupid fuckin people.

  21. I'd absolutely love to see anyone come and take my guns from me. I will use my constitutional rights and defend myself. Whether that killing them, severely injuring them, or just hurting their feelings.

  22. people really believe that a person who is willing to commit murder, is going to see a “no guns allowed” sign and change their mind

  23. I meant to other countries all the countries do all guns Germany Russia Canada everybody in our country own guns you retardsgo to our country you'll see them all a k a salt rifle 50 Bill sniper rifles I've been there asking

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