Anti-Corruption Activists Make It Rain on Illinois Politicians

Hi, I’m Josh Silver with Represent.US. Behind
me is the capitol of Illinois. We’re in Springfield to do our 3rd money drop, throwing fake money
on the heads of the House of Representatives in one of the most corrupt legislatures in
the Country. Calling them out, telling them there is a movement growing across this country
to get money out of politics and people back in. Members of the House, we are here to put
an end to the corrupting influence of money in politics How do we fix the economy? Money
out of Politics! How do we fix tax policies? Money out of Politics! How do we fix education?
Money out of Politics! How do we fix America? Money out of Politics! How do we fix the environment?
Money out of Politics! How do we fix America? Money out of Politics!

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I'm not sure about the Make It Rain campaign, doesn't seem effective. Plus the money suits border on corny in some locations, like this, we can't take you seriously. Other then that does a great job. Keep at it guys, I donated.

  2. Show your support for the Rockford, IL locals who joined in on this. "Like" our Facebook page:

  3. I'm not surprised stuff like this never makes it to the news. You have to search for this stuff on Google and usually nowhere near the top of the list on a Google search.

  4. That sure showed them.
    I take it your slacktivism has now solved the problem?
    No you say.
    What a surprise…

  5. While this video is three years old ……. Not only is Illinois House leader Bitch ass Michael Madigan corrupted to the fucking core dam it, Also to the Senate leadership, Governor ' right down to the mayor in each city and town of corrupted Illinois state period !!!!👎👎 Every thing about illinois has went down the fucking tubes period dam it !!!! The reason businessess,People are jumping and fleeing Illinois every fucking day …..LMAOF You would think corrupt politicians in fucked up Illinois get it ? But they could care less all do to the fact they know the voting Illinois sheeple are gonna bitch,nag but vote their gods (corrupt politicians into office no matter what ) !!!👎👎👎👎

  6. I always what it must be like to be one of those politicians and then experiencing this. Do they feel remorse? Will this change them at all? I really hope it does.

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