Another Witness Says Jim Jordan Ignored Ohio State Abuse

In a lawsuit filed yesterday a now professional
referee who was a student at Ohio state university when Jim Jordan was there as an assistant
wrestling coach in this lawsuit that has been filed. This now referee who is not named, says that
he told Jim Jordan specifically about the fact that the coach or the team doctor, excuse
me, Richard Strauss, the one who had been accused of performing sexual acts in front
of the wrestlers and molesting these wrestlers, he told Jim Jordans specifically about an
incident of this doctor sitting in the shower with him and masturbating. And Jim Jordan responded by saying according
to the lawsuit, yeah, that’s Strauss. He didn’t tell anybody. He didn’t let the higher ups know. He didn’t warn other students to watch out
for this doctor because he’s going to psychologically damage you for the rest of your life or he’s
going to physically assault you. No, Jim Jordan just responded, yeah, that
Strauss and went on with his day. This is now the second person to come forward
and say that Republican representative Jim Jordan was directly told of abuse happening
at the hands of this doctor. And Jim Jordan did nothing. The doctor passed away in 2005 but the lawsuits
are just now coming forward. And here’s what’s going to happen to Jim Jordan
who thinks he is a rising star among the Republican party. He is going to eventually have to take the
stand in these lawsuits. He is going to be a named target in some of
these civil suits and it’s all going to come out. These former students, these former wrestlers
who Jim Jordan coached and was charged with protecting them as their coach. We’re gonna find out all of this and hopefully
that’s going to be the end of Jim Jordan’s career. But right now Republicans in the house are
actually saying, what if we move Jim Jordan over to the intelligence committee so we can
sabotage the impeachment hearings? You know what, Jim, I know you’ve been really
obsessed with trying to protect Donald Trump for the last few weeks, but I gotta tell you,
man, things in your own personal life are starting to get really bad because the demons
from your past are resurfacing. Now I suggest you take a break from trying
to defend the crimes of the president and maybe save your own, but in this issue, maybe
if you have some evidence saying you came forward and you did tell somebody, but then
they did nothing. Maybe you need to go find evidence right now,
but that’s going to be really hard to find because it doesn’t exist. These students trusted you, they depended
on you and you let them down much like you have with your own constituents. I would love nothing more than for this story
to cost Jim Jordan his job in Congress, but that’s a personal vendetta that I have against
him. What I really want and what I would prefer
more than anything else is for these young men, these, these children at the time who
were molested by this doctor, I would like for them to finally get some justice. I would like for them to finally get some
closure and yeah, that is more important than removing Jim Jordan from office, but I also
don’t think that the two are mutually exclusive. I think we can both start repairing the lives
of these young men and get Jim Jordan out of office forever, and that’s a win win for everybody.

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  1. I wonder if Trump is gonna back Jordan up the way Jordan backs him up. Ohhhhh what am I saying – Trump is gonna act like he doesn't even know who he is when all is said and done.

  2. And the republicans have a hard time with the proven fact. That there are more than 17 different kinds of sexual orientations. But they have no problem with pedophiles and traitors running our country.

  3. Jim Jordan only cares about the 1%. He doesn't care about common Americans citzens. Jim Jordan is a lying, heartless and spineless man without intigerity.


  5. Is anyone surprised at any of this anymore? Jordan looks like he's had a few kids over that shouldn't have been there. Nothing but lies out of this whole crew.

  6. Jordan was challenged several months ago and several students at the time, denied, saying Jordan didn't know about the molestation. They talked about how great Jordan was and is. The original complaintant was personally smeared so greatly that it was dismissed, saying no foundation. The issue was dropped. It needs to be taken seriously. I am a graduate of OSU class 1977, and can tell you this doctor's scandal has rocked this college. There are hundreds of victims and it is in the news weekly. He became infected with aids and killed himself.

  7. Republicans & Democrats are NOT the same. I never want to hear this lie again, but it’s literally the only defense the republicans can use. No one can excuse these criminals!

  8. Given Jim Jordan's willingness to defend 45 with evidence staring the country straight in the face, I believe that he knew exactly what was going on and looked the other way just like he's doing now.

  9. Jordan defended the doctor just as much as he defends Trump. In one way or another, he has called both them, innocent targets. He is a disgusting human being.

  10. I love the way, Jim Jordan has put people under the bus, and protecting Trump, but he would never protect his students.

  11. What was described about this 'Honorable' Republican Representative and Lawmaker makes him appear REPREHENSIBLE to people who are offended by the actions described but which did not offend the 'Honorable' Republican Lawmaker when he was knowledgeable of those acts. This kind of information makes the Republicans involved look real bad to good people.

  12. So have you ever paid attention to Jordan. Hell no nobody pays attention to Jordan. He's just the douchbag screaming stupid shit in the background.

  13. The Republicans in both houses, how had their collective Testicles, Ovaries and Spins removed by Trump and his cronies need to have the Gonads re-attached. Jordan needs to either "man up" regarding the Ohio State Abuses or resign.

  14. Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Matt Gaetz, Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan: These jokers are even more embarrassing than the president they're chumming up to.

  15. He's a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR just like Trump. That's why he's trying so hard to cover up because Jordan is just like Trump.

  16. I dont know how none of those guys didn't all gather up and beat he shit out of that doctor. Jim Jordan is piece of shit and needs a ass whopping.

  17. Why do we never see Jim Jordan ever wear a jacket any more? Every one else is seen wearing their jackets but not Jim Jordan!

  18. Same thing happened to me in Jr High School at the hands of my Vice Principal in Waltham, MA. His name was Charles (Lemonhead) Linnehan.
    I continued skipping school a lot over the years. My homeroom master in High School had to give me indoor suspension. When he expressed concern for me and asked me to talk to him, I told him what happened. Nothing became of it as expected, because the Waltham, MA police Dept refused to file a complaint against Linnehan. Not a great ego booster when your 13.

  19. Jim Jordan is a perfect Republican, banging his fist how stuff for tRump isn't fair. All the while he ignores his wrestlers being sexually abused. He's a hypocrite just like Flimsy Lindsey and Moscow Mitch. He's now NAMBLA Jim Jordan to me.

  20. I heard that Jordan has been temporarily put on the Intelligence Commitee replacing another Representative. Republicans have their attack dog but I hope not for long.

  21. That sounds like Jim Jordan, he wont defend the innocent but he doesnt have a problem defending a conman. Typical republican. Now watch old Jimmy cry victim. Sick

  22. Jim Jordan should not be entitled to his pension once he leaves office if he is proven in court that he knew of the sexual crimes and did nothing.

  23. What a surprise another CORRUPT Republican. Jim Jordan is another lying,thieving,backstabbing, CORRUPT CV OWARD. I sincerely hope Jordan gets nailed for his part in the Ohio State wrestling sex abuse scandal. It's amazing I went to a Jr. College in Miami, Florida. I was on the wrestling team and I had an incident in a class with a baseball player note this Jr. College was a baseball factory. I had to appear before the Athletic Director who was as lso the baseball coach. My coach once I explained my side had my back and defended me. When I transferred to SUNY Brockport again on the wrestling team our coach st as Ted if any of us/ wrestlers needed help in anything he had our backs. Eleven after leaving wrestling team because I had to concentrate on grades then joined the Rugby club the w ra stling coach still said he bad my back if I ever needed help. Now that's what coaches are supposed to do. Not ignore a situation and do nothing.

  24. He is complicit with all the bullshit, he knew what was going on lying mfer, what's done in the dark will come to light darkness will never supercede the light

  25. I'm from Ohio. One of my good friends was a heavyweight wrestler at Ohio State when Jordan was there. And sorry to tell you degenerate liberals this but this accusation about Jordan is completely false and fake. He was a great coach and person at OSU. Brainwashed delusional dumbasses

  26. Farron Cousins, if I can make a suggestion, can you type his first name "Gym" instead of "Jim" from this point forward? It would be more appropriate.

  27. Jim Jordan is a disgusting human being, and I hope that he ends up in zip ties right along with 45 and the rest of that cesspool of old entitled assholes.

  28. This is so sick! Damaged children out there.Decent humans need to #protect children Black,brown, white,pink Asian I don't care!

  29. I have been saying it for months. Jim Jordan needs to go. He needs to leave office. He is unfit to be a rep

  30. Law of attraction: like attracts like. Jordan feels safe under the wings of another deviant bully such as Trump. He may think he is safe, but he could easily be discarded as unwanted and as detrimental and undesirable off to the trash dumper just like Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, and soon to be Rudy Giuliani because he will be an embarrassment to the Bossman. Karma is a Bitch!!!!

  31. Struss, Trump …same difference. Gym Jordan will support sexual perverts or corrupt crazy leaders. He needs to go with many of Trump's Cool-Aid Boys.

  32. Pardon the pun… But Jim Jordan needs to be exposed. The loud mouthed yappy lout…the staunch supporter of another perverted scumbag trump and ALL of HIS scumbag pervert friends. Get him out of the public life. Put him where he belongs. GOOFS like him do not do well in the correctional system.

  33. Its interesting how he would interrogate witness who seem to log into clear specific details..yet the college ordeal will arise and contradict…a hypocrite is alive and well..

  34. Oh boy you gotta love this shit hitting that loudmouth ignoramus Jordan!! Can't wait till the heat really comes on his sorry ass! He's an ignorant piece of shit💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩!!

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