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ANOTHER MeToo Backfire, Politician REFUSES Interview From Female Journalist

ANOTHER MeToo Backfire, Politician REFUSES Interview From Female Journalist

it's time for another tale of a me to backfire this story from The Huffington Post Mississippi GOP candidate denies journalist campaign trip interview since she's a woman it's actually more complicated than the headline would have you believe but it is technically true although I think they could do better if they actually told you what happened because look most people will read the headline and move on and if you just read this headline it sounds like he's just a sexist prick in reality he's there's two things here for one the journalist is claiming essentially he didn't want to be accused of an affair he is claiming for his wife they have an agreement not to be privately with people of the opposite sex it's a religious thing and he doesn't want to be accused of an affair they say state Rep Robert Foster's campaign director campaign director told journalist Larson Campbell they would only go forward with the interview if a male journalist was present now see you got to read it to actually figure out what really happened but I got to say it does feel like a backlash to the me2 era because we've seen many circumstances now where men are straight up saying I'm not going to be alone with you we've heard stories that men are refusing to mentor women that in office buildings men have a open-door policy now the door must always be open if a woman is gonna come and talk to him because there is a concern about being falsely accused and it happens like Aziz Ansari was was smeared over a bad date Chris Hardwick I think it was the guy from he has some show was falsely accused of impropriety he lost his job they brought him back after an investigation so yes it does happen I'm not saying every single instance is false every accusation is false I'm just saying for one nobody wants to be accused of having an affair I'll be all over the press – what if someone does falsely accuse you this is what you get you get mail you know men who are in positions of power who say it's not worth it I can't do it cells redone how many post rights the campaign of Mississippi Republican gubernatorial candidate and state Rep Robert Foster denied a journalists request to shadow him on a campaign trip because she is a woman the reporter wrote in an essay published in Mississippi today on Tuesday evening and will what we'll see him there journalist Larsen Campbell said the campaign director Colton Rob Robison told told her she could ride along with Foster for a day trip only if she brought a male colleague along according to Campbell Robison said he was concerned about the public perception of them being together that if trackers saw Foster and Campbell they could use it to insinuate an extramarital affair after consulting with her editor she said no both on principle telling Huffington Post it was a sexist request and because newsrooms are stretched thin and she was shocked that even after offering other solutions like making sure she's visibly wearing her press badge all day they continued to deny her her request this is why I think she's in she's wrong on this one when you actually read on you learn this guy's following what's called the Billy Graham Billy Graham rule which will read the real issue that he says is that him and his wife and have an agreement that he won't be along with a woman she won't be alone with men as a you know as their you know it's part of their marital bond hey look Joe religion you do you it wouldn't make sense that if she said how you know if she is claiming he didn't want to look bad like like they could that could be having an affair and it is possible even if she's in full view of the public people could still assume there's an affair but it sounds more to me like he doesn't want to be alone with the one for other reasons because if he was visible with her that would kind of offset a lot of any suspect you know any speculation especially just bring a press badge and she's recording him people would be like okay we get it and he's never gonna see her again right to me it sounds like he actually does follow what they call the Billy Graham role but but let's read on quote they put the onus on me as a woman to make Rhett Foster feel comfortable when it was his issue and his rule you are not entitled to anyone's time period I can give you any reason for why I won't do an interview this is this is the most absurd part of the story that she's outraged that he wouldn't do an interview with her dude I denied interview requests like five times a day I ignore most of them and for some reason people get my phone number and that I didn't answer my phone anymore I say no I say no to literally all of them the only interviews I've done recently has been one for the hill pretending to the social media summit I don't trust interviewers I don't trust these outlets and no you're not entitled to my time I can give you any reason I want but she's she's saying the onus is on her as a woman to make him feel comfortable well yeah you're the journalist trying to get him to grant you his time it's it's really crazy to me there was a point in my career where I was getting a ton of speaking offers they weren't paid and I had a speaking agent and the speaking agent said to me listen you are the product they need to sell you to make money if they're not offering you anything they're wasting your time the same is true for this why the journalist needs the quote from the politician she needs the interview look from the politician there's no obligation for him to give her anything and if he has special terms because of his marriage or because of public perception that's on you period so ultimately I was told listen Tim you're the entertainment for these events you should get paid for it no matter what and I said yeah but like you know some of these events don't have a lot of money is it so what they want to put an event and they need something from you they have to confess be some kind of consideration some exchange of value may be the value get it's a high-profile event you're willing to do it but the end of the day they're putting on an event and you are their entertainment and I'm like it's a good point and I for the most part haven't done it speaking I've turned down most speaking gigs since a lot of a lot of gigs want you to come and accommodate them not gonna happen but I do have an event coming up August 31st in the Philadelphia area IRL check it out I got to throw the plug in while talking about it let's read on in an email foster told HuffPost that the decision was based on a commitment he and his wife made to follow the quote Billy Graham rule a practice named after evangelical pastor who did not spend time alone with women who are not his wife which is to avoid any situation that may evoke suspicion or compromise of our marriage I am sorry miss Campbell doesn't share these same views but my decision was out of a respect for my wife character and our Christian faith Foster said he tweeted a similar response Tuesday night Foster told HuffPost he wouldn't mind granting Campbell an interview we just wanted to be in Britt and professional setting that wouldn't provide opportunities for us to be alone I look listen if you if you are this is normal it's absolutely normal that when I reach out to someone for an interview they say here's what I can do and here's when I can do it and I have to accommodate them period so Campbell said the Billy Graham rule rationale was never presented to her instead the campaign spoke to her about the concern that quote trackers would try to make him look bad he never mentioned anything about his wife or having that agreement with his wife beforehand she said that's not his problem that's not his issue to explain perhaps he was kind of embarrassed and you forced him to come out and talk about his personal commitments with his wife maybe he said explicitly they didn't want there to be insinuations of an extramarital affair that literally falls in line with the idea of the Billy Graham rule maybe you are now forcing him to step up and revealed he does about his personal life the the sheer gall of so many journalists to think there are a special class of people that are just so elite they're elitist and entitled to what you to you and your time I read on they say the professional barriers women face as a result of optics is not unique to the journalism industry a study last May from Lennon org and Survey Monkey found that 60% of male managers said they're not comfortable engaging in work activities with women including mentoring a 33 percent increase from the year before and yes it's literally the me2 era men don't want to be accused I am NOT going to risk anything having to do with my life to accommodate you when I don't have to do I owe you nothing you deserve nothing from me and if you want something from me then let's work out how to make it you know best available to you but if I decide for any reason you can't talk to me well then so be it Campbell spoke to foster first on Saturday he appeared non-committal but seemed somewhat enthusiastic Campbell told HuffPost Robinson called her back Sunday afternoon and they talked about the details of the trip she added they would go down to the Gulf Coast on Thursday a couple of hours from Jackson then they come up through a few towns in the southern part of Mississippi it would be around a 15 hour day in total it's not a small time commitment Campbell but a great opportunity for a window into the campaign she wanted 15 hours of his time man is its it is the sheer audacity of the journalist class to think it's 15 hours of someone's entire day you get 8 hours of sleep you got 16 hours so you sleep for 7-8 hours you wake up you spend an hour or two you know you have an hour of like getting ready for work having breakfast taking a shower then you've got about 15 hours she quite literally won his entire day and he said okay bring a dude and she said no and now she's angry about it Campbell received the request Robinson reportedly asked if she could if she could if she could she have a male colleague who come a couple of an impulse get a copy editor he asked if she could have a male colleague accompany her off most attended to reach out to Robinson through the campaign but did not receive a response Campbell told HuffPost it would have been different if the campaign suggested a male staff or a company instead they were telling her since she was a woman she should provide the additional resources no it's because you oh my god you know what man we have a real problem with entitlement in this generation I kid you not people who think they're owed things yeah you want to come you you take care of the resources could you imagine if someone's like I want to do an interview with you and I want you to pay the bill for the restaurant and rent the space okay no no no no no here are my terms take it or leave it they go on to explain who foster is I'm not super concerned they say Campbell's been covering Foster's campaign she broke his bid for the governor's mansion in November and later wrote a story about him being offered a large amount of money by a Republican operative not to run for governor well this isn't just a Mississippi or GOP issue Campbell said Campbell has has had friends and others reaching out and telling her they faced situations these things feel familiar the conversation this ordeal raises is an important one Campbell later explained politics has been up until the last couple of decades almost an entirely male space I think this is an echo of that no this is an echo of the me to era and men being concerned that they will be smeared maligned accused and they don't want that to happen they mentioned the lean in survey a direct result of the me to era and they even say that I'm pretty sure I want to pull it up but my understanding is they say straight up that in the wake of me too many men are concerned about being accused or other people spreading rumors and it causing problems for both men and women so they're like no men don't want to mentor them anymore and I don't blame them could you imagine what it's like for a you know 35 40 year old guy with a 25 year old woman people are gonna say all sorts of things sorry that's the culture that's being fomented by the left by the feminists plain and simple I'm not saying they shouldn't call it bad behavior they should call it out but this is the result of that and it should be obvious and I don't know the solution is you know there's an ongoing debate about air conditioning in in the workplace Taylor Lorenz a journalist tweeted that AC is sexist and we've heard time and time again it was originally an onion article I could you not and she got ratioed the biggest ratio I've ever seen that means on Twitter she liked 100 retweets but like 10,000 replies from people telling her she's wrong a lot of insults which I don't think I think are unfair because Taylor is actually a really really nice person and so it's one thing when someone makes a bad faith nonsensical you know statement it's another thing when you have someone like Taylor who actually is really really nice and I had a tremendous tremendously respect her even though I disagree with some of her stories and writing she's very nice and cordial and she's deserving of respect so I will not be you know I try not to disrespect people based on their their opinions I think our opinions wrong that's fine what she said was I should be allowed to wear a dress in the summer her solution is that men should be allowed to wear shorts and polos as well sure but that's not necessarily the issue the argument that men are are hotter because they wear suits is not necessarily the only issue men feel about 10 degrees warmer period so now we're facing this like so here's the punch trying to make why should a woman be allowed to wear a flowery sundress in summer why shouldn't she wear the same proper attire as everybody else why should the argument be that men should be able to dress down but the issue is as Jordan Peter brings up why do women want to appear sexually attractive in the workplace that shouldn't be appropriate in the workplace is for its it's for business and perhaps as Jordan Peterson suggests women shouldn't wear makeup and low-cut tops and dresses they should wear business attire and they shouldn't be wearing makeup now it's an interesting question I think people should wear what they want to wear to feel confident and powerful but there is something to be said about a woman who wants to wear a dress in the summer it's interesting to me it's interesting because men have very few attire choices you know women have a ton of different things they can wear and they can wear suits so they're upset that because they want to wear a dress in the summer they're too cold but then you have the whole issue of me – should we get rid of air conditioners in the workplace so that women can wear dresses or should we say women should have to have be held to the same standard as men should men be held the same standard of wit as women or women to the same standard of men that's the question so perhaps there's a solution and saying men don't have to wear suits but one of the issues is men don't wear suits because they're forced to they do it because it's considered proper business attire and a dress isn't right so ultimately they should comes down to this if women want to dress down and appear sexy in the workplace it creates a me-too problem it has like so that there's an argument we made and it's silly to me that a lot of the feminists on the issue say women you know it's not the woman's fault if she wants to appear sexy it's like no but if I'm not talking about assault or harassment I'm talking about unwanted romantic you know inclinations so but by in every capacity it is wrong for a guy to harass or assault women period what I'm trying to Richard specifically is if a woman wears a low-cut top and she looks very sexy and attractive and she's wearing a flowery dress and then a man starts making advances to her and she gets angry about it well you're looking attractive and that's the result you get should we say to men you are not allowed to ask women on dates or at you know make advances on them I'm talking about assault harassment again I'm talking about a guy saying like you look stunning would you like to go on you know on a date with me I think you're beautiful a lot of women find it inappropriate say it's not fair that women get treated this way but at the same time that's part of normal human interaction anyway I'm not gonna go on super long on this one I got to record a ton back to back so but but here you go first of all final thought journalist you're not entitled to anyone's time okay if that's his conditions so be it and secondly this is what happens in the me2 era good or bad whatever your opinion this is what could be expected expect to see more stick around more videos coming up the next one will be at slash Tim cast a different channel and I will see you there you

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  1. Yeah, ban air conditioning in offices altogether so women can wear nice flowery dresses, why not. Then watch as all the computers and servers overheat and blow up and stop working. Then all the women can go out into the nice sunny fresh air permanently to enjoy their nice summer dresses, because if you got no computers you got no job, DUH. Air Conditioners are there not for the males to feel cooler but to provide a stable and optimally operational dust free environment for COMPUTERS to work effectively 24/7.

  2. I'm sorry … how is this request sexist?! Get tired of these entitled women calling everything sexist! If you reverse the genders and would do the same in the other person's shoes, then it PROBABLY isn't sexist …

  3. I work in healthcare. Around equipment that must be kept cold. My work space is a comfortable 64-68*, theses weaklings would die. I just wear long sleeves all year round. Even at 105* outside.

  4. The really ridiculous thing is that her argument about the newsroom being stretched is just as thin, if not fit her, that anything he said.

    She’s telling me she couldn’t call the local college and ask a professor for someone taking the journalism course who would like the experience of being her assistant for the day? Bango instant chaperones.

  5. She probably couldn’t even get a male journalist to come with. He doesn’t want to be a victim of the me too movement either!

  6. The fact that she wasn't willing to bring a male colleague along tells me it was a setup and he made the right choice.

  7. you would be better off doing your interview on youtube to a blank screen, you would get a better response than from most journalists

  8. "They put the onus on me as a woman to make [him] feel comfortable, when it was his issue and his rule."

    Welcome to what it feels like being a man in public.

  9. This journalist's attitude is typical for most women. They feel they're the center of the entire universe. Hence, meetoo.

  10. As far as Taylor and the air conditioning issue… she needs to get back to us when she hits her mid-40s. She'll be singing a different tune then!

  11. This woman feels so entitled! Regardless, I don't blame men at all. He doesn't know this woman. He's just not willing to put his career & marriage on the line for her. I wish these #metoo feminists understood what they did to society and how women have a much harder time in the real world now…directly as a result of this movement. But, I guarantee you they do not.

  12. he should follow up with a lawsuit for this artcile in what is an obvious attempt at smearing/create fake news. she should be fired. lord knows how many times have this scum of a journalist use this method to push her agenda. i would be happy if she was thrown in the slammer too for attempting to con a congressman

  13. If a woman had asked a male reporter to bring along a female colleague for an interview for her own comfort, there would have been no cries of sexism. But somehow if the same is asked to a female reporter, it's suddenly sexist. Double standards.

  14. What sexist request? He was being safe in an era where all it takes to ruin a man's entire life and destroy their lives is a simple tweet. Also her stating that they put the onus on her is so hypocritical – feminists always want men to be accommodating. In this case, she is the one needing the interview not him, so she be accommodating. Why should the customer bend over backwards for the seller? Either she can sell her interview by making her customer comfortable or she can't. That's all it is. This is just propaganda.

  15. A man doesn't even have to make advances, just a look in the wrong direction is enough to be classed as sexual harassment.

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