Andy McCarthy: The problem Democrats have with bribery

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  1. Gordon Sondland: My presumptions.

    Presumptions is not evidence, facts don't care about your presumptions.
    TRUMP 2020. 🇬🇧🇺🇲👍🏼

  2. How about we get rid of lobbying from international corporations. Think about how much worse that is than what is being discussed here and, it happens many times each and every day.

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  5. Nobody needs to understand the fine print of “bribery” in the constitution Trump has not a clue The difference, so its easier to find his criminal intent due to his lack of comprehension of the bribery statute. Republicans who are supposed to represent honesty, transparency and integrity sure seem to be sounding like technical lawyers trying to defend and orange criminal. Trump is not a red blooded republican but rather a Orange citrus clementine.

  6. Trump lied about Hilary for 4 years. She has been exonerated of all email insecurity. Trump is lying about Biden. They have been investigated and exonerated of all wrongdoing. Trump used our taxpayer money to meddle in the 2020 election. He's guilty and the buck stops with him.

  7. It doesn’t take a genius to see his intent was personal and political, and that the actions he took were slimy and not in the interest of the country. Let’s be frank. …and I say this from no partisan perspective.

  8. Let's take care of Trump frist and then we will take care of rest of the corrupted criminal.
    One by one they will fall down.
    JUSTICE always wins.

  9. The Democratic need to be in jail like cndrockstar420 and superdave and supermanyonn123 and iceberg080 and supergirl73 and laracorft 2me

  10. Bribery, well yeah but Biden made a billion to and for his personal and private self.
    A President, Vice President, etc are not supposed to make monetary profit as a business from their politics as Biden did! President Trump even had to turn his business over to someone else while being President.

  11. Look, unless we have video footage of Trump on a megaphone saying to the Ukranian administration "This is a quid pro quo, I want investigations in return for military aid, I repeat, this is a shakedown and a quid pro quo," as well as a documented agreement signed by both Trump and Zelensky with an audio recording of verbal consent from both parties showing that they understood that this was a quid pro quo, then I will believe the accusations.

  12. Holmes and hill are light years ahead of the republicans in intelligence, nunes and jordan again make absolute fools of themselves trying to pressure them into supporting their nonsensical conspiracy theories

  13. We are witnessing the END of crony capitalism, which is enemy of the working class people because it's the reason why there is no free market is key..trump's dummy obvious cronyism trying to fix the government's elections is the ONLY issue..anything other then that is a diversion from the main point. You are witnessing the end of company politics and the end of cronyism..

    For the first time in history the government is starting to reflect the American people..look at the demographics..look within the middle..look at only key issues nothing else..

  14. In other words, the Dems never really had a strong case, but banking on any negative surprises on the President. If this was the private sector, the unemployment line would significantly increase.

  15. They are well versed in bribery they've been bought an sold so often it's a standardised price scale for a well used demoshit they go cheap if you want a son or daughter of a demoshit it's called insurance policy AKA Hunter Biden and others sounds about right!!!! LoL

  16. The problem that the Democrats have with bribery is that it’s democratic culture and liberals are all about attacking people who appropriate democratic cult ure. 🤷‍♂️

  17. It's obvious that giuliani is to blame for all this mess..and giuliani worked for..trump so there you have it….

    Asking your lawyer, who BTW is being paid by Putin, to run an extortion racket which executive privilege and professional secret would protect you is still a crime.

  18. If Rudy Giuliani is the personal attorney of Donald Trump, then his statements and actions in the course of representing Donald Trump are attributable to Donald Trump himself.

  19. Mulvaney was the first one to tell the Truth. Get Over It!
    Quid pro Quo means BRIBERY in Latin.

  20. Righties keep bringing up the Steele Dossier that “Democrats paid for”. They know it’s a blurb that churns the scum over at Fox. In reality they’re pissed that it was a REPUBLICAN investigation they gave up on and turned around an bit them in their pimply asses.

  21. Witness after witness after witness giving evidence of conspiracy into quid pro quo for personal political gain and yet you Republicans are happy and content. Quite staggering really, how quickly the least articulate, most ignorant, most corrupt president the nation has ever had, has managed to get you all down in the gutter with him. You should all be very ashamed of yourselves.

  22. Cmon trumpTards- just admit your boy trump Got CAUGHT.
    All Y'all KNOW what trump/GHOULIANI were up to in Ukraine.
    But they got Caught. Now trump must pay the price homies..

  23. Here are the facts Fox Heads. The Constitution gives House the power to investigate and impeach. The country voted and the House is majority Democrats. Therefore the Democrats are duty bound through the Constitution to look into all allegations. It is pretty clear the Republicans will back Trump 100% regardless of the Constitution. He is their guy. He can do no wrong. Stephen Miller refers to the full wrath of the Presidency " it will not be questioned". So now what Foxites. You throw out all the testimony? Should we leave it up to the Republicans to decide what act is egregious enough to be worthy of impeachment. That is pretty self serving to say the least. Speaking of self serving. Here you have an individual being investigated who also has the power to restrict access to witnesses. Does that sound like the letter of the law Foxites. You embrace the law when it is convenient and dismiss it when it makes things difficult. Face facts the Republican Media Machine will NEVER report anything that the Trump WH has done either illegal or unethical and clearly they could care less about immoral. It doesn't matter if the info is first hand … never good enough. Sounds like you need a dose of smelling salts to wake you up from your logic coma.

  24. trump claims to be transparent. Why is he TERRIFIED of showing his TAX RETURNS?!? He probably tried to write off that $2 million fine for his fake charity. Can you write off spray tan?

  25. trump is an impostor, it doesn't matter how many people voted for him: you can buy a knock off version of a Levi's jeans, Apple computer….It doesn't matter how much you paid, that doesn't make it legit.

  26. Democrats think the intent is for political gain or could this be fiduciary responsibly . … hmm. We dont give money to corrupt governments.

  27. Who cares of whistleblower…they are going by the transcript…if there is a fire and someone rings the bell you care about who started the fire not who rang the bell

  28. What is when democrats on a committee before the public announcement of the winner of a military contract and they have a political friend give a couple of thousand shares, over and over ?

  29. Much as I love Andy’s analysis of things like the mueller farce, his perspective is of little value here because the democrats aren’t trying to indict trump they are simply using the bully pulpit of impeachment to dirty him up for the election. Andy’s weakness as a straight forward legal analyst is he judges everyone at face value. Instead of understanding that Sondlands family and businesses are being threatened and his whole legal team are registered democrats or that Vindman is in cahoots with both schiff and ciarmarella, he gets lost in the weeds of what exactly the founders meant by bribery

  30. These people have destroyed their legacy. They have no morals or ethics. Allowing these political hacks to do it how stupid .

  31. Schiff polishes a turd and calls it a diamond. The dems have finished pissing on our necks and telling us it's raining (for now). Now it's up to the Senate to make things right.

  32. I have never seen such a spectacle – Dems, which are corrupt, accused Trump, who is honest, for corruption. I call it reverse accusation. Biden – corrupted politic – accusing president of USA for bribery. What insolence. In fact dems showed weakness of American democracy – people, who should spend years in jail make impeachment to legal president of USA. They showed that they rule USA, and that 63 millions of US voters had nothing to say according to democratic election, and dems. This is the beginning of totalitarian state, because dems showed that presidential election is only facade, that the true rulers are always in charge, even if they are not elected to presidential position. They showed, that it is possible, with help of Intelligence agencies, to rule the country regardless of any elections. Dems showed, that president in USA has to listen to them, and make politics according to dems wishes – on the other case dems are able to remove him from his position. It means, that elections are not necessary in US – dems will rule the country anyway, regardless of the election results. It sounds like Soviet Republic of America.

  33. it's not hyper-technical. He BRIBED Zelensky to announce an investigation into his campaign opponent. THIS IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
    IMPEACH and REMOVE Trump

  34. At this time in our history, the only question remains, are Republicans actually cropped or plain stupid.
    Why are Republicans doing this? Are Americans this wordless? It is scary. And disappointing.
    "It is not Trump. A country that elects a Trump is already in serious trouble." E.Warren
    "Every Nation Deserves its Government." K. Marx

  35. FINALLY – the opaque Republican vale of hypocrisy and deception has been lifted ! TRUMP & his gang of racist deviants are being held directly accountable for their ILLEGAL actions in the Ukraine bribery affair. Note how quiet Moscow Mitch, TWOFace Graham and the remaining GOP senate low-lifes are at this time… You don't suppose they have decided to do the right thing now do you?

  36. the president should withhold future fundings until these countries prove clear of corruption, they made a circus of something which is in within the law although he wanted nothing

  37. Yeah, the definition of "bribery" is fluctuating faster than the crime can be proven, right? Right? Is this a joke or is the entire un-Democratic Party just completely insane?

  38. Forget how much Biden made, how much do these so called experts on American Law make. Every day they come out with another way to beat this, or beat that, or another excuse. I honestly think that no one in America knows what the Founders meant.

  39. One fact that to me stands out!  President Trump does not need information on Joe Biden or anything from Ukraine to win the election in 2020.  This is all about INTENT.  Prove to me that Trump's interest in Ukraine is nothing more than: #1. to be sure the corruption in Ukraine is gone. # 2. Was there corruption by Ukraine in the 2016 election. and #3 is the new government not corrupt!

  40. The briber: "Do want aid from the USA?". Answer by Ukraine: "Yes, please". Briber: "OK, in that case you must read out a statement saying you are investigating Burisma". That doesn't seem too technical does it?

  41. 1. Ukraine is desperate. They are at war with Russia.

    2. They need the military and political support to survive.

    3. Military aid was approved by Congress.

    4. Trump stopped the aid until the Ukraine announced an investigation into Biden specifically.

    5. The Ukrainians knew Trump had the authority to hold the aid. In fact they he had put a hold on it.

    6. Trump released the hold when it became public.

    That is bribery and reveals consciousness of guilt.

    Impeach the MoFo!

  42. Dr Hill said she moved to the USA to enhance her career because in England her accent was seen as a working-class one! How wrong they were! What a mistake for England!
    She has the qualities and education of being a British Prime Minister or even an American President I thought! Her loyalty, patriotism, loyalty, dedication and commitment to her work and protecting America was outstanding and quite amazing as well as admirable. I stayed up all night to watch this hearing because Dr Hill was mesmerizing when she spoke the truth in so much detail and interest in Trumps CORRUPTION. I think she frightened the Republican lawyers because she was telling so much of the damming truth and became afraid of even asking her more questions! I am now a fan of Dr Hill. Good luck in your future! You would make a great USA President! Just what America needs at this time! Outstanding lady. David Holmes was an impressive guy too. I can see why he does great work in his Department serving America.

  43. Before Schiff dropped the gavel he sounded Hillary Clinton on her rant about why she wasn’t 50 points ahead of Trumps

  44. What about Pres Obummer giving $4 billion dollars of gold and French Currency to Iran in exchange for them stopping their nuclear weaponizarion program???

  45. All the Ambassadors; educated, trustworthy and remarkable diplomats and public servants are wrong and Trump is right.
    This is hilarious!

  46. The charge of high crimes and misdemeanors covers allegations of misconduct by officials. Offenses by officials also include ordinary crimes, but perhaps with different standards of proof and punishment than for non-officials, on the grounds that more is expected of officials by their oaths of office. Indeed, the offense may not even be a breach of criminal statute. See Harvard Law Review "The majority view is that a president can legally be impeached for 'intentional, evil deeds' that 'drastically subvert the Constitution and involve an unforgivable abuse of the presidency' — even if those deeds didn’t violate any criminal laws."

  47. Majority of Americans want Trump impeached. Stripped of power.
    Taken out of office.
    Just Do it. ! No more lies from Republicans.
    No more conspiracy theories from Republicans.
    Trumps a Traitor and Thief !
    He has colluded with Russia , putin. He is handing over top secrets to putin left and right. Face facts.
    Firing squad is what should be done.

  48. Ask Schiff: If we're going to assist Ukraine in routing out corruption, don't we need to investigate corruption by Americans in Ukraine first? (Avoiding hypocrisy and double standards).

  49. And the "High Crime" is? Oh, and while we're at it, how many votes did the Russian collusion change and where were they in the 2016 election?

  50. Biden wasn't a political rival at the time anyway. But he commit high crimes and its the presidents duty to investigate.

  51. The dums are panicking nothing is working. Time is running out and they are worried about a lot of things. One of witch is supreme court judge nominees that could be coming up under the Trump administration. We saw the circus on the last nomination.

  52. The problem is that bribery is illegal, especially if it benefits the president personally. American patriots should be very angry about this. Trump is not the Messiah, I hope everyone is aware of that. I thought the US was about it patriots to the constitution. But it seems they want a Führer so bad, that they are willing to support Louis IX. Fox viewers you live in a toxic antidemocratic bubble.

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