Andy Biggs expects ‘feisty’ impeachment hearings in House Judiciary

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  1. nadler shiff peelousy and the rest of em can not be trusted this entire sham should be shut down if my president i voted for is removed i will never ever vote again whats the sense if your vote does no longer count because if they hate the person u vote for they will just pull this sham all over again so iam warning everyone dont bother to vote in the furture becaus ethey get away with removing them either way this impeachment is wrong and should have never been allowed mr barr needs to check into some of these crooked people shiff peelousy and nadler

  2. While the Ukraine scandal revealed the Biden family's ties to the country, the less-told story surrounding Paul Pelosi, Jr. is still unraveling on the sidelines. One America's Rachel Acenas caught up with journalist Patrick Howley, who has been covering the story of the House speaker's son.

  3. at this point, they have not formally charged the president with any crime. i wouldn't attend until charges are actually filed. then plead not guilty, and formally charge them with treason with the seargent at arms present and start military tribunals

  4. Bull Crap the Democratic Communist Party should be dissolved !!
    Completely abolished!!!
    Nancy, Nadler, Schiff, Schumer all should be ARRESTED for HIGH TREASON!!!!!!!

  5. We’ve got it all. These people are stupid. Enjoy the show. The patriots are in control. The Democrats are history. Trump 2020.

  6. Nadler is showing again how crooked a lawyer he really is. Lawyers like him should be disbarred. Better yet not be allowed to hold any government office.

  7. God bless the deplorables and the irreddemables who are draining the sewage swamp full of schiff. Long live the Trump train in the White House 😉

  8. Hey trumptards here's your last chance to jump off that crazy train before it derails🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Another disgusting GOP liar on Zionist Rupert Murdoch's filthy lie network Fox. What's new? These traitors from GOP put money and power over country everytime. Working for Putin.

  10. It 's clear, it isn't a phony witch hunt. Even the ASKING a foreign country for influence on election 2020 is a CRIME, forbidden by US-law. The delivering of the requested item [in case of Quid Pro Quo] is not important at all. There is asked multiple times for interference by Ukraine, by China [what a joke!] and of course Russia. Openly, with rolling camera. That is the truth Reps [and pres.Trump] are trying to falsify or deny or make invisable by dirt, dust and

  11. Rethuglucans are looking the other way while Rump continues to be a pawn for Putin. I say investigate right wing radio heads also for sedition and put them all up before the courts and judges. I believe it is still illegal to incite the masses against the government which was the playbook propagandized by the great El Rush-bo which gave us the likes of the rest of them Savage, Hannity, Beck and now the Great One Mark Levin, don’t you love it when they give themselves these lofty monikers and someone they disagree with they give them belittling monikers. Rethuglucans are participating and perpetrating a crime against humanity.

  12. Bribery; pres.Trump [16oct2019]: decision to withdraw US troops from Syria is 'strategically brilliant' and he has given an unanticipated victory to four American adversaries: Russia, Iran, the Syrian government and the Islamic State [ISIS].
    For what? Does he want a better relation with Assad, the mass murderer; does he want a better connection with Russia, his big friend Mr.Putin? What is in for pres.Trump?

  13. Why have politicians….Let the best man woman do the job….If they fail…ask them to leave…Fire them…..

  14. Jerrold Nadler won the Democratic primary Tuesday for a New York City … and has support from deep-pocketed donors like George Soros.

  15. Where do the Dems get the idea that Trump is acting like a king which is a patently false claim. As far as I can tell everything he has done is within the realm of presidential powers. DEMs are trying to pull a major scam. Also, anyone who ever watche Perry Mason knows that hearsay and leading questions are not acceptable.,

  16. Trump was asking to have trial, now he doesn't want to go? 🤔Why why why the President can't have fair trial, now Trump don't want to go?You people are confusing the hell out of Americans. Is anyone telling the truth here? Is this some kangaroo court hahahaha i don't like this show no more you Americans are crazy hungry for attention.

  17. Trump Is the Founders’ Worst Nightmare
    The very conduct that necessitates presidential impeachment also supplies the means for the demagogue to escape it.

    Donald Trump’s Republican congressional allies are throwing up different defenses against impeachment and hoping that something may sell. They say that he didn’t seek a corrupt political bargain with Ukraine, but that if he did, he failed, and the mere attempt is not impeachable. Or that it is not clear that he did it, because the evidence against him is unreliable “hearsay.”

    Be RAD, Restore American Democracy
    Dump the 🍊🤡 and his MAGA MAGGOTS..

  18. Mr. Jeffries if you are working for the American people what about health care, what about USMCA what about the drug problem killing so many, Americans what about the border and immigration issues you have done nothing except have hearing after hearing trying to take this President down. So please stop treating the American people as stupid. President Trump has worked hard at restoring America as number 1 on the world stage and as he goes to meet with world leaders the Dem's are presenting America as a divided country with no faith in our President. So I ask you Mr. Jeffries how is this helping the American people.

  19. So I guess your saying that our President has no crime but should be prosecuted and the Bad Actors in this party have clear crime's but they shouldn't be held responsible. Alrighty then, again Everyone's gone Mad

  20. The resistance our law professor types are in the same university system where comedy went to hide and where our journalism schools are located.

  21. Jerry(clown town)Nadler hope you have your affairs in order and be sure to say your prayers your time is very short

  22. Trump should never consider coming before this kangaroo court. A child could tell this is a fake proceeding.


  24. I find it absolutely disgusting that the Democrats and their media psychophants have the gall to even mention James Madison's name. James Madison was a far greater man than anyone in the modern Democrat Party and even many within the modern Republican Party as well.
    Seriously, James Madison, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the other founding fathers of this great Constitutional Republic must be rolling in their graves.

  25. This unfair process is getting worse this week. Adam Schiff needs to be first witness in JC. We know the HOR will pass this along to the Senate. We will see more of a fair hearing.

  26. seems this all boils down to the fact the Democrats can't accept the Fact Trump won the Election fairly even when Democrats tried to rig it in favor of Hillary Clinton and they have been trying to Remove Trump by lying cheating and in some cases stealing there is more things that could be used against Democrats than there is Trump by a long shot

  27. Bring it to the Senate so the Bidens et al can be roasted. That dem couldn't be bothered to research legislative history of the Impeachment clause. We are doomed to fight another war because of guys like him.

  28. Why would Trump or his lawyers show up when they don't know what the charges are yet?? It's a non-stop fishing expedition with these corrupt Dem politicians.

  29. Donald Trump is the most investigated man in US history, and they haven't found so much as an overdue library book.
    How many of those Dem Congresspeople could survive such an investigation?

  30. Republicans will make the hearing a circus. And do they ever have a list of clowns to call on. Will gym coach Jordan be making an appearance? Who's the new dis tractor? Maybe get a tag team ,like in wrestling? Throw some furniture, maybe that will work?

  31. Trump wants the impeachment so he can take it in front of the Senate. The democrats have obviously had no evidence and prevented due process. I'm fairly certain that the democrats do not want this to go in front of the Senate because it would likely mean that several of them, the whistleblower, AND the Bidens would be called as witnesses under oath. So, I'm thinking that the Republicans should abstain from voting on the impeachment. That would force all democrats to demonstrate where their support lies and / or if they would actually vote towards their own detriment.

  32. HISTORIES MOST ICONIC DUO IDIOTS NADLER AND SCHIFF> Beavis and Butt-head > Dumb and Dumber>Tom and Jerry > Wanyne and Garth>Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble>Michael > Abbott and Costello>Sponge bob and Patrick> Borat and Azamat.

  33. for three years this guy and all the rest of the republicans have been protecting a criminal openly breaking the laws every day to keep a man in office that is so vile its just amazing. Why would the entire party sell their souls to the devil for Trump

  34. Wow, Jerry has gained a lot of weight, he needs to take a lot more Valium, stress can get to you, Jeez Jerry, take a break, relax, smoke some pot, get hold of yourself.

  35. You academics can go F yourselves… YOU ALL ANSWER TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE…..PERIOD. You pisspoor academics are the brainwashers of our youth. Again, to restate…. go F yourselves.

  36. This country is laughing at the incredible stupidity of the Democrats trying to impeach a President who did nothing wrong, countless number of witnesses and even their star witness said he did nothing wrong no, quid pro quo, nothing like making asses of their selves again for the umpteenth time, you would think they would be embarrassed and would have learned their lesson by now of all their failures of their ridiculous investigations and false accusations about him all in the name of hate, This country is seeing the real Democrats for what they are and what they stand for and it certainly is not honesty, unbiased behavior or love and safety for our country and the people. All we see in them is evil, corruption and destroying everything this country stands for.

  37. Jerry Nadler- 4” feet Tall & 4” Feet Wide , with his Belt pulled up tight right under his “ Chin.”
    Great 👍 Look 👀

  38. If Trump was impeached, then removed. Do you think the people who voted for him, would not rise up. This country would litterly break out in an all out civil war overnight.

  39. Why didn't they impeach Barack Obama if in fact treason is an impeachable offense. The Democrats have shown their true colors and only a fool would fall for their rhetoric. Perhaps people that just don't like Donald Trump are just like the Democratic Party looking for any reason they can to get him out of office because they want to be in power. My best bet is when the Democrats are voting on impeaching him they're not going to mention their little secret society that is behind their motive to impeach. They're not worried about the American people at all they're worried about their position and power and everything else is a bunch of bulshit. Good news for me no matter who ends up in office God will still be in charge

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