Analysis: Edwards’ challengers need to work together to beat him

joining us now is our political analyst
Clancy DuBose thanks for joining us what do you think overall who had the
most at stake tonight they all did because the two Republicans
had to join forces in effect to attack Edwards and try to keep him below 50%
the thrust of all the Republican efforts bringing down Trump’s family the Vice
President the President himself on Friday night it’s all about keeping John
bel Edwards below that magical 50% plus one for Edwards it’s the flip side he
needs to get to 50% plus one it’s a little more complicated between the two
Republicans because they not only need to keep Edwards below 50% but Abraham
and responding each needs to get past the other and that you know the the real
game plan for Republicans in this debate was not to attack each other but the
format plus both of them being kind of close in the polls they couldn’t resist
you saw Paul Dudley story where they went at each other for a little bit over
whether or not Abraham had donated a salary
there was another instance where Abraham asked respond II did you in fact support
common core curriculum in the schools which became very controversial and then
you turned against it were you flip-flopping let’s watch and see how
that one played out and I got a opponent here that keeps going around everywhere
I go and says Eddie respond he still supports Common Core I every time I go
somewhere he still outright lie about it and I’ve been saying this for months and
it goes back years four years ago when they took common carotid system he
didn’t know what common core was two years ago true and Allison you tell me
one thing never let it in in the first place yeah I didn’t let it in you tell
me what you’ve done to stop Jimmy one thing that you’ve done have given the
fuck tell me one thing you don’t run you can’t say it you don’t even know how
many states brought it up look at it just look that’s what you got oh that’s
a political politician trying to start don’t lie about what your brother’s not
alive all right mr. Abraham’s yeah when you need when two candidates
need to be joining forces to attack the third guy and they wind up calling each
other liars that’s not good yeah I mean I guess both of them are trying to get
in the runoff right that’s differentiation Edwards has one job when
outright responds and Abraham each has two jobs get past the other and keep
Edwards below 50% we still have some major things going on in this race
including the president coming to be a part of this why haven’t we heard a lot
do you think from governor Edwards about the fact that Trump’s coming well first
of all the governor does not have a bad personal relationship with the president
plus he has a lot of conservative white support which is basically a Trump voter
and he doesn’t want to alienate them plus the Republicans want to nationalize
this race if the governor starts talking about the president that plays into the
Republican gameplan the governor wants to keep everything focused on Louisiana
and local issues so he doesn’t want to talk good bad or indifferent about the
president or any other national issue all right Clancy we look forward to
hearing from you Saturday night we will have all of our coverage thanks so much
for being here tonight and don’t forget again this Saturday at 8 o’clock join us
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