Ana Navarro Says Trump Has Taken the Republican Party Hostage

-Welcome to the show, Ana.
-Thank you. -I am very happy
to have you here. For those who don’t know, you
were a Republican strategist. You worked for Jeb Bush.
You worked for John McCain. You were not a fan
of President Trump. You said you might even boycott
tonight’s State of the Union, but you had to watch it
for work. So did you watch it? -I watched it
because I was coming to talk about it with you. -Thank you.
So tonight I was the work. -If not, I would have
been watching “Orange is the New Black,” which actually
maybe the State of the Union with Trump
is orange is the new black. -There might be
something to that. It’s actually nice
to get out here — have you here
without a crowded panel. You’re often on a CNN panel where I don’t know how you guys
get in a word edgewise. Here you are
on a panel recently. You were actually
just eating popcorn. [ Laughter ] -And I think I’m gonna have to
get some more popcorn to get through
the next two years. -So what did you think tonight? -What did I think? I thought — I thought
he sounded like Sybil. You know? He had multiple
personalities in his head. So part of the speech, if you
had landed here from Mars, all of the sudden, and heard
the opening of the speech and the closing of the speech, you would have thought
this guy is a unifier. He’s an inspiring leader.
He’s a healer. He’s bipartisan. Of course, we’ve actually
been awake and living here for the last three years. So we know that that’s
an Oscar-winning performance. And then the middle of the
speech was Trump being Trump. Trump being the Trump
that we know, obsessed with demonizing
immigrants, you know, being partisan,
and so I think — I think that’s a lot of
what we had come to expect. And the problem —
you know, the problem is you only get one chance
to make a first impression. We already know this guy.
-Right. -So no matter
how much Kumbahyah he sings, the front of the speech and
the back of the speech, we know. -He’s gonna sing “Kumbahyah” but then push you into the fire,
basically. -Right.
“Here, be my human wall.” -You’re an immigrant.
You were also a Republican. [ Applause ] Does it — I mean, how is it
for you to hear him framing immigrants, continuing
to frame them as this, you know, evil that is sort of besetting
this country? -Well, unless
you’ve been living in the International Space Station
for two years, you know how I feel about it. -Yeah. -It pisses me off.
It angers me. It frustrates me. I think it’s —
it’s using people like Dream Act kids
as political pawns. It is really inflaming
the racists, the discrimination, and the divisions
in this country. I get sick of him doing nothing
but demonizing immigrants, except the ones he marries. [ Cheers and applause ] -Do you feel, though,
you know, you say — -I don’t know even know
why you’re asking me. I get so pissed off.
[ Laughter ] Get me some popcorn.
-I’ll get you some popcorn. It does seem, though,
he has brought the Republican Party with him, or some might argue
the Republican Party was waiting for him
this whole time. Because you watch
the State of the Union tonight, you don’t get the sense
that the Republican Party is upset by anything that he’s
trying to sell out there. Do you feel as though
the Republican Party that you were a part of
is lost forever or do you actually hope
it’s gonna come back? -Look, I hope it comes back, because I think that
for my community, for women, for all Americans, it is much better when you have
two strong, healthy parties competing for our vote,
earning our support as opposed to one party
that takes you for granted and another party that openly
antagonizes and attacks you. So I think we all
would be better if we had two good parties
fighting for our votes. [ Cheers and applause ] You know, dinosaurs
were not roaming the Earth when George W. Bush
got 44% of the Hispanic vote. -Right. -You know, so I look at it,
and I think that, you know, we’ve got to get back to a place
where it’s not this broken Republican Party
that we are seeing. I feel he has taken
the Republican Party hostage. It’s been a hostile takeover,
except that now these are — they’re willing fools, allowing themselves to be taken
for a ride by a guy who is really an elitist liberal
New Yorker pretending to be a conservative. He’s not.
-No, he’s not. But he’s doing a great job. He’s a far better actor
than I ever thought he was.

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  1. Oh seth if only he were acting. If he is, he truly deserves an oscar. Lmao that would be funny to make a spoof of Trump winning an oscar for playing the part of the worst president.

  2. I like Ana but Trump has NOT taken the Republican Party hostage. They happily gave themselves up to get their tax break for the ultra rich. They also have the ability to stop sucking up to him and doing everything he wants. They could also buck up and work across the aisle and they always have the power to override a veto.

  3. They are cowards. The ones who are not cowards are compromised and trying to save their own ass. Either way they are screwed.

  4. trump is an mri of gop. now we can see in day light who conservatives are. there is no trumpism. it is conservatism. it is 36% of Americans. it is bigots, racists ans imbeciles. never trust nevertrumpers. they will stab you in the back. rick wilson, ana navaro, they will be back to promote next bush, next reagan. steve schmidt is working on howard shultz's presidential campaign. it will help reelect orange hitler. f u ana novaro. you are not better then trump. you are worst, because you indict invisible damage.

  5. With all due respect Mr. Seth Myers, but Ana Navarro doesn't need introduction. Donald Trump hates her with a passion and that's why we love her

  6. "If we had two good parties fighting for our vote" -There in lies the issue… Another person, in the spotlight for their position in one of these "two" parties completely oblivious of anything other than 'first past the post'…. And that's why this nightmare will never end… There are many ways to have a dozen parties, vote who you like and have every vote count, but not with this system and they wont change it.

  7. I don't get why so many libs are duped by Ana Navarro, Rick Wilson,Steve Schmidt, McMullin,Nicole Wallace….so called "real" conservatives/Republicans who speak the truth because they are critics of Trump….

    Trump didn't hold a gun to the party's head and threaten their families. All he's done is vocally espouse what they've said/done in the past 40 years, albeit in a more crude fashion.

  8. Why is it the "most immigrant President," himself a second-generation immigrant, married to his second immigrant wife (of three), who has four second-generation immigrant children and an immigrant mother, never talks about the positive influence of immigration in America? I mean sure, he sometimes says "I want more legal immigrants," but where are all of the heart-warming personal stories? Where are the relatable tales? Where is the "America is a nation of immigrants" rhetoric? Could it be that he's afraid of his base not accepting him?

  9. Republicans and trumptards hate her. But they hate anyone with a different opinion because they’re all dumb stupid ugly fucks. But I’m glad she’s actually a middle line kinda person. Glad she mentioned that Democrats take their constituents for granted, while republicans work hard to disenfranchise those they hate.

  10. The GOP is inherently repulsive. Not because of Trump but because of its goals and policies. Trump just made the Republicans drop their guard.

  11. Welp, I didn't know how she felt about it because I didn't know who she was, so I must have been living on a space station. But I do appreciate her perspective. I vote independent but tend to have a more conservative tilt to my choices, but I really don't feel I can say that anymore with honesty because what it has come to mean is something I would never want to associate with. It used to be just whether you were more traditional or more interested in new ideas, and now it's whether you hate a whole laundry list of things or DON'T hate those things. It's nuts.

  12. Republicans weren't good people before 2016. They said Obama was a Kenyan, and spent a lot of time demonizing people of color. Get your head out of your arse Anna.

  13. I agree that in our political system we need two healthy parties. I just hope the path to that scenario is that the Republican Party dies, and the Democratic Party splits into a one moderately progressive party, and another very progressive party.

  14. Ana Navarro needs to crawl back under the slimy rock she crawled out from under. I've never in my life seen such a vile racist person that spews nothing but divisive vitrol every time she opens her mouth! She is part of what's wrong with our country right now and definately not part of the solution.

  15. I Would argue that tRump is not a Republican or a Democrat but an opportunist he will say or do anything it takes to win or get ratings or make money

  16. A sensible conservative? Quick, catch this rare specimen before she escapes! We need more like her! Not these raving cultist lunatics!

  17. She is so fucking dumb. I am no Trump fan but, I really cannot stand her. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. She is all opinions and no facts.

  18. I like Navarro but "Oscar-winning performance?" I didn't watch the beginning of the SOTU but I imagine that even if I didn't know him I wouldn't feel that way.

  19. he talks stupid on purpose because he's talking to the stupid people who voted for him thinking he wasn't really going to repeal the health care..

  20. The Republicans – the NEW Republicans; Regan hatchlings, MADE SPACE FOR TRUMP!  They are NOT hostages.. they are co-conspirators, tramps and thieves (Cher) I CANNOT fathom ANYONE with ANY morals being complicate with the Republican party as it is today… Very DARK!  AND IF THEIR MOUTHS ARE MOVING,THEY'RE LYING TO YOU!

  21. Blacks and Hispanics are leaving the Democratic party in DROVES! BIG racist trash like Navarro is helping with this push!!! Go Navarro…thanks for helping the "JUST WALK AWAY" Program with millions more recuters! Your a shameful American and you own race is embarrassed by you!

  22. How you can agree with a person who are looking to destroy are nation together with Jorge Ramos, Luis Gutierrrez, Alexandria Ocasio and many more Hispanic groups with their big agendas to take over our nation. If you are able to understand full spanish language all of those people want to destroy us. Listen when they speak in spanish you will be surprise their evil motivation. They want the US to be like Venezula, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, all is socialism. Some are paying money for those caravans to come and invade our life, our children generation. They don't want white people to tell them what to do. They want to abolish Ice for many reason (that is danger reasons). They want as many illegals aliens for their evil agendas purpose.

    Don't be foolish listen to this woman Ana Navarro, she is not what you think she is…their plot for america is destruccion is well cover. She can play that she is so nice, but her mind is set up for one big reason together with Alexandria Ocasio 'Socialism' where the real born american citizens don't have any authority whatsoever in the only nation in the world allow us to live without socialism or communism groups controling our entire life, because right now europe is been controlling by Muslim groups soon it will be a chaos.

    If we follow to that mess…we can say goodby to a real democracy. Open your eyes, don't give credit to people who came here illegally working slowly to bring dow 'AMERICA'.

  23. This is the only way she can get attention. She's not special in any way certainly not intelligent. Just the same old crap she always says. Useless worthless.

  24. 🤔🙄😉Unfortunately their radical liberalized leader has only shown the world what they've always wasn't from their very beginnings onto their eventual endings. 🤦‍♂️🙋‍♀️

  25. The one thing I disagree with her about is that he's a liberal. He isn't, he's a fascist and always has been, he just jumps on any boat that's sailing towards treasure.

  26. I have a lot respect and loved for her, and because she's the most honest very educated beautiful person inside and out,

  27. I love this lady she just says things like it is without the fear of consequences she is not afraid to hide behind a wall and what many Republicans hate about her is that she is a republican Latina you can't be Republican and be latina you better become a Democrat according to Trump

  28. Goes to show you how despicable late night "comedy" has become when Communistic idiots like this guy, Colbert, Jon Oliver, Trevor Noah glorify idiots like this woman. White Guilt certainly makes people stupid. I think I heard about 3 people applaud here.

  29. Getting plumper would-be "conservative" Ana–what a POS! Thanks voters for the TRUMP REVOLUTION! Get busy and vote the Dem Commies out of govt–and any anti-Trump traitors in GOP. Thanks.

  30. Yes Ana–real and decent Americans are concerned about the 5+ decades-old illegal immigrant invasion that both sides have neglected. Trump is "demonizing" immigrants? Right out of a Dem's mouth.

  31. she is not a Republican she is a Trojan Horse.  One requirement to be in The View is to be a Trump Hater.  She is an idiot and hypocrite.

  32. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Ana Navarro the female Hitler! If you don’t believe what she believes or vote the way she wants then she wants you quote
    “I want them shut down, I want them silenced, I (THINK) them are terrible for our society” she isnt saying but a bunch of lies and bullshit constantly pushing the mainstream media agendas… and Ive never heard Trump demonize anyone! These people just hope you only listen to their bullshit instead of doing your own research so their can manipulate your opinions

  33. This lady is the most despicable person I ever seen , traitor to the party .She more democrat than Nancy Pelosi .

  34. Ana Navarro , came to America wither immigrant parents , she was 12 years old lived on welfare all her life , NOW SHE APPEARS ON CNN TO EMPTY HER WRATH , VULGARITY , IMMORALITY , POISONOUS HATE FOR AMERICA AND FOR THE REPUBLICANS . ANA MOST VENOMOUS SNAKE ON CNN.

  35. Ana you pos go back where you come from b…h .take a shower you smell like kamala and and you are both ugly

  36. Diabetes Ana Navarro has become 1 fat fake ass America woman needs to back off the pork chop diet.. she is farting away the ozone layer

  37. Navarro ALWAYS doesn't care–She doesn't care if she has a low IQ, she's fat, and that she wants to admit the lowest criminal dregs of society illegally into this country.

  38. It’s so interesting, that the majority of people hating on Ana happen to be old white people. Take your Meds, and stop being so hateful! You’re here on Over time, start being loving and Change your racist hearts

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