Amy McGrath Talks Running as a Democrat in Kentucky, Impeachment and Parenting

-Kentucky is a —
certainly a beautiful state. It is also a rural state.
It’s a red state. It’s the kind of state
the Democrats have had trouble with
in recent years. How, as a Democrat, do you run
in a red state like this? One that Donald Trump
won by 30%, but again, as we mentioned,
you came within 3%. ‘Cause I think,
if you were effective, it would be, I think,
taken as a roadmap for many Democrats in the South. -Well, you know,
I think many Kentuckians are tired
of both political parties. And I feel like
they are looking for somebody who believes in things like
character and courage and honor and somebody who’s not
bought off by special interests, and I think that that’s — You know, my message
has always been, “Let’s put our country
above our political party.” You know, my husband, I’m married to
a lifelong Republican. And, you know, he’s — he
spent 20 years in the Navy. We served our country.
That’s what we care about. And, you know, the difference
between Mitch McConnell and myself, the most
fundamental difference — and there’s
a lot of differences. Right? You know, both age and gender
and political party, but the biggest difference is,
you know, I will work with any president
to do what’s right for Kentucky, no matter whether he or she wears a red jersey
or a blue jersey. And that’s
the most important thing. And that’s what I come from
in the Marine Corps. [ Cheers and applause ] -Now, obviously, if you were
in the Senate, you may be in a situation to
have to vote on impeachment. You have come out and said
you were pro-impeachment. Can you talk us through
that journey, to come to that decision,
and what it was based on? -Well, for me, this is about
a national security concern. I mean, I look at everything
from a national security lens. That’s been my life. And, you know,
we have the potential here for the commander-in-chief
who potentially withheld security aid, military aid, to a partner who is being
invaded by our adversary. Think about that. And did it for potentially
personal political reasons. And, you know, that, to me, is
a national-security concern. And my oath — I took the oath
to defend the Constitution of the United States against all
enemies, foreign and domestic, and I took that oath
six times in my life. That oath is to the Constitution
and to the nation, not to a political party
or not to a president. [ Cheers and applause ] -You mentioned your husband
is a lifelong Republican. Does that mean,
when you ran for Congress, he could not vote for you
in the primary? -That is true.
-Okay. -That is true.
-Was that awkward, or…? -You know,
it wasn’t that awkward. We knew it was coming.
-Yeah. -But the biggest concern
in our household right now — Actually, I was back in the
greenroom texting because the breaking news is
that there’s a ton of rain in Kentucky, so they have
potentially changed trick-or-treating.
Right? And I have three small kids.
And, oh, my gosh. Halloween is very — way more
important than the Senate race, I got to tell you.
[ Laughter ] And, you know, so I’m texting my
mom friends like, “Is this true? When is trick-or-treating now?”
[ Laughter ] -Would you say being the mother
of three small kids is easier or harder
than being a fighter pilot? -I would say it’s way harder.
-Okay, yeah. -It’s way harder.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, ’cause again,
when you’re up in that plane, no one can bother you.
-That’s right, I mean — And things generally work — You have some semblance
of control. With children, like, no. I mean, my middle child
is George. He’s 5 years old,
and I just love him dearly. And the other day —
I guess about a month ago — he just decided he didn’t
like his name anymore. So he wanted to be called — He will not be called George
anymore, will not respond to it. He wanted
to be called Dark Knight. -Okay.
-And so, you know, it’s — -And that’s crazy because you
were probably between the two when you named him.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah.
-So have you done it? Have you caved?
Do you call him Dark Knight? -Oh, I absolutely caved. Because, you know, you got —
whatever works. It’s like when my mom says,
“Honey, whatever works.” -Yeah, that’s — I mean, I think
that’s the truest, basically, example of the fact you will
work with any president, no matter the party.
[ Laughter ] If you’re willing to call
a George a Dark Knight, you are a flexible person.
-Hey, whatever works. -Hey, thanks so much
for being here. I really appreciate it.
Amy McGrath, everybody.

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  1. She does not support medicare for all, that is a big no no, there are better progressive candidates. ( if she wins the primary i still prefer her over moscow mitch but she is not my top pick )

  2. I like Amy. I know she is not a progressive, as I am, but she is perfect for Kentucky. I even contributed to her campaign, which says a lot. I don't part with my money easily. I am a true blue New Yorker through and through, having been born in NYC and still live there to this day. Amy is the only non-progressive candidate I have contributed to. Please, Kentuckians, contribute to her campaign. Her grassroots campaign needs all the money they can throw her way. Mitch has millions and millions. She will fight for you, and it is time to Ditch Mitch

  3. Please donate to Amy's campaign. I live in NY and I have contributed. It is the only way to get rid of Mitch, who has millions and millions.

  4. I’ve heard from my close friend who lives in Lexington that lots of people hate McGrath. I can’t imagine why, she seems intelligent, pretty well-spoken, and interested in a non-ridiculous interpretation of “what’s best for the American people.” Then again, that doesn’t seem to be the attribute of a whole lot of senators these days. I contributed to her campaign, you should too. She’s good for Kentucky and better for the Senate.

  5. Anyone but Mitch!! That's how bad McConnell is. He is that corrupt… to the brim. You can't fill that empty vessel of a human being with any more corruption. He's completely sold out, filled his shell with corporate cash. Mitch is the poster boy of a greasy, slimy politician. Vote this bum out and kick him to the curb!

  6. @2:31 Her husbands party affiliation is more important to him than changing to vote for his wife? Party over Country is the Republican motto

  7. My observation living in KY. Kentuckians like feeling associated with someone who has influence. Mitch tells people in this state that if he remains in the Senate, KY will be important, and they will be significant by association. Then he goes and does everything against the best interests of the people, especially those whom he is supposed to represent. But those rural Kentuckians can say they owned the libs, so they can feel momentarily powerful in their otherwise nightmarish lives of poverty.

  8. To the people of Kentucky: I wouldn't presume to tell you for whom to vote. The people of the world ask (politely) to look at these candidates very carefully, don't just pull a red lever or blue. There is more at stake than you can possibly know.

  9. This guy is a Berniecrat 🙂 He seems really great. He is running against Amy.

  10. People, we MUST kick McConnell to the curb. I live very far away from the state of Kentucky but donate to McGrath's election campaign on a monthly basis. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE consider donating to her campaign, even if only once.

  11. She had a tough launch to her campaign, but she's actually become a much better candidate as time has gone on. She's a pretty good recruit in my opinion.

  12. Thank YOU Amy military experience & good luck I really hope you win this seat away from Mitch so he can go home👍🎉😎💚

  13. trilbillies is spot on when it comes to amy mcgrath.

    Episode 111: Someone's Goin to Hell, and Someone's Goin to Jail

  14. My nephew would only respond to the name 'Bumblebee' (from Transformers) for a couple years. Dream on future superheroes!

  15. I remember her running in 2018. I saw a video (CNN?) of her speaking to a veteran at a rally who was very disenchanted with the current Republican party. She seems very genuine; I hope Kentucky makes a wiser choice this time. She fights for her constituents, not her party.

  16. Kentuckian here, a good indicator of how the Kentucky Senate race will go in Nov 2020 is to look to our Gubernatorial election next Tuesday. if we can't vote out Bevin, there's no way we will pull off ditching Mitch. I'll be doing my part.. wish us luck!!

  17. Oh Amy honey- you had me at "I took my oath to the constitution and the nation -not to the president ", and you sealed it when you said you call your beautiful little boy "Dark Knight" upon his "request". Many blessings to you and your family, Mother Warrior.♡.

  18. I'm going to be real – I live I Kentucky. I'm a immigrant – not eligible to vote, so I dont have much in the game, but I am very politically aware. I live in a mixed race, working class neighborhood in Lexington Kentucky, where I work from home. No one has come to my door for Amy. There are no signs for Amy. No bumper stickers for Amy. I would need to Google who the Democrat is that is running against Bevin in the gubernatorial race. There is no blue buzz going on within the working class in Kentucky. Amy needs feet on the ground way m ppo re than dollars in the pocket. Especially in neighborhoods like mine throughout the state. If you want to flip the Senate, you need to put your feet where your money is, come to Kentucky and make sure Amy's name is on the tongues of people here – and let go of phrasing like ditch Mitch because Kentucky isnt ready to hear that. They like Mitch. They need to know why they should like Amy more.

  19. This is getting to be the best way to meet politicians, in late night shows. Thanks Seth for letting us get to know her. Wish her the best!!! 🙏🙏

  20. She said it all…We need to take out the old guard in Congress both side. We need a new way of thinking and acting….Honor, integrity, and people over party. McConnell places party over the good for people. This has to stop…we need to become a democracy again. Thank you Amy for verbalizing it.

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