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a very strong response coming from the Philippine Foreign Affairs Department of course we mentioned the what the one earlier far-reaching consequences what they make of this again I mean it's it's up to them to explain but we see it as a veiled threat far-reaching consequences for who for those who voted for those who campaigned to make sure that there is some resolution passes that the United Nations really don't know I mean there's there's nothing after that but we just want to tell this government that there's really I mean if you're going to look at it this is going to be very positive for us at the end of the day I mean the the resolution is only there to further human rights and human rights in the Philippines to make sure that the criminal justice system is strengthened instead of further weakened to make sure that the killings stopped to make sure that those who are accountable should be made accountable I'll make you answer your own question earlier if you don't know if the government doesn't have anything to hide why be afraid of an international inquiry because sometimes perhaps for people like you it seems to answer to that question this is so obvious I mean honestly six even if we're just going to look at the 6600 figures I mean that's six people dead a day and and according to our findings many if not of the majority of deaths are very questionable I mean it's it's like a copy-paste system that they're doing it's it's a the template that we've been saying I'm the way things happened nanda ban but but according to the witnesses the police came in barging at the dead of the night they were sleeping and they were shot like at the story of Micha I mean the police worth noting that this the father used the the little girl as a human shield while witnesses are saying otherwise that the father where at was actually shouting that there is a child in here there is a child in here and this has and many of the witnesses that we have talked to said similar things that that the supposed suspects were not really fighting their hands were raised they were surrendering there were cases where the bodies found they said on the bun but the bodies were were beaten signs of torture I mean was there a boxing match before the shooting I don't know

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