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people in the government have been trying to frame the conversation and the issue regarding the drug were one of those frames that they have been using is that they're using Western lens oh the view at a very problematic Philippine situation regarding legal drugs uh I always hear that the lens I mean killings abusive police personnel I don't see what kind of lengths you have to use to say that it's wrong the question of right human rights Universal yeah its universal it's for everyone I mean I just don't sorry I just don't understand why they will have to use you know this this age-old argument that they were using Western lens killings murder is wrong making people accountable is right and that's the end of the the story I mean the right to life is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the Philippines have been making if not big stretch that making strides when it comes to developing further its criminal justice system for the past decades and this killings this short cuts well not really amount to piece in order it will result to chaos you might not see it now but it will happen it will definitely happen we have seen this happen to states where the the the criminal justice system and the rule of law is put aside for whatever reasons and it has never resulted to anything better how about the argument of some of those who supported drug were they saying that we know that this is wrong that shortcuts are wrong but this are shortcuts that they are willing to accept at this point because they feel or they believe that the problem is so huge and that later on as we do that we also try to develop the the justice system of course I know you see the contradiction but some people has that particular have the particular mentality well how can you strengthen the criminal justice system if you do not actually use it how can you strengthen the rule of law if you do not actually use it and again collateral damage that they're willing to accept is I don't know what we've come to but it really is it acceptable to see children that is really is it acceptable to just see your neighbor killed off without any investigation without any process I mean being killed is definitely wrong but the the amount of the situation and and and I mean the backstory behind every killing how it happened the effects in the communities these are the things that we will have to deal with soon

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  1. Ang mga tao ang nagbuto wag kayu makialam bayaran na tao ka mahiya kanaman sa sarili mo. Kayo ang magpahamak sa bansa namin Hindi mo ito bansa alis ka doon ka sa mga puti . tuta ka

  2. Sana noon pa, tinarget na ng gobyerno ang mga druglords instead of small fishes. No suppliers, no pushers, no users, NO VICTIMS.

  3. Amnesty International is another CIA front .. Wonder why they dont talk about crimes committed by the USNATO Gulf State actors in the destruction of Libya and Syria.

  4. So it is just like a chicken given to a python? Marape sana mga kamag anak nyo para maramdaman nyo ang feelings ng mga biktima.

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