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Amnesty International report alleges Trump administration violating human rights at southern bord…

Amnesty International report alleges Trump administration violating human rights at southern bord…

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I guess we need to double the budget to house those illegals. Then we’ll have to quadruple that. Then it will expected to provide condos, schools, hospitals for the illegals – absolutely pathetic. No one would consider the Border Patrol facilities have been over-run by peasants from Central America. What? There’s doctors, engineers, nurses, lawyers, etc invading?

    I’m sick of this legal banter while our own homeless die in the streets, average people go broke taking care of a major illness and we got a wannabe dictator and his family in the White House.

  2. Close Traitor trump's Camps! Mueller found in his report that:
    1. trump broke election laws while registering as a candidate and so trump illegally ran for office in 2016- trump could never win when he ran an illegal election campaign. 2. Mueller reported that trump obstructed justice in 12 unlawful ways. 3. Mueller reported that if trump were not already in office, he would be charged with several felonies, so Congress and Senate must begin impeachment of Russian placed trump.

  3. Both paradigm parties are knuckleheads and should have taken care of this during Bush administration.
    Obama administration's and the CONGRESS that gets paid for NOTHING

  4. Assisting in the prevention of the apprehension in the duties of any federal law enforcement agent is a felony itself!😧😲😲😲

  5. So now the US is joining such notable nations as North Korea, China, Vietnam, Libya, and many others as targets of Amnesty International for violating human rights. If this administration had been around in 1776, they would have sided with the British.

  6. What's it going to take for gutless Democrats to hold Impeachment Hearings? I'm disgusted by the USELESS cowards.

  7. Just fund Militias to guard the border and give out payouts for every gunned down sp1c trying to cross. Will solve this border problem really quick.

  8. Giving a thirsty person a glass of water is not a crime. And if I want to give a person a ride, that's my prerogative; not a crime. "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely," is a quote from George Orwell's "Animal Farm." It refers to a gradual descent into corruption. My concern is that offenses against prisoners will worsen unless immediate supervision is implemented, and guards are held accountable for their past and future actions. If 2 Democrats, 2 Republicans, and 2 news crews, (1 conservative, 1 liberal,) could work together and hold a surprise inspection at each facility, we’d all have a much clearer understanding of what life is like inside a border cage.

  9. " Violating human rights ? " A country referred to as " The Great Satan " would never do that.

  10. Send a U.N. coalition to the U.S. southern border and censure their seat at the U.N. human rights council.

  11. Glad I stopped donating to Amnesty International a while ago. Under UN agreements, a refugee must stop in the first safe country, as in a country not at war, that they reach. If they don't stop and continue to other countries, they are designated as migrants. Anyone arriving at the US Southern border is a migrant, not a refugee. The Dems, and I used to be one, have incentivized people to come. NGOs like AI are running radio ads in countries like Guatemala encouraging people to come. They have manufactured this crisis because AI's upper management makes a ton of money in such cases. No migrants, no crisis, no six-figure salaries for the NGO leaders. And to garner donations, they are blaming all of this on Trump, who has been saying from the start that more funding is needed, but all the Dems wanted to talk about was the nothing burger Muller report.

  12. Donald Trump is the USA Chernobyl. Disaster awaits. Your friends and relatives that support Trump are GUILTY of crimes against humanity.

  13. Impeach and incarcerate the treasonous LITTLE MUSHROOM DK PUSSYGRABBER drumpf
    Donthecon is running the con of his life on America

  14. The disgusting behavior by the trump administration is a black mark on our entire country… True American's support the protection of people's Human Right's, no matter where they were born.

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