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hi Aaron hi okay so I'm gonna just give you some actions to do I just do the first thing that comes to mind show me what it looks like to run like a girl here show me what it looks like to fight like a girl now throw like a girl Oh my name is Dakota and I'm ten years old show me what it looks like to run like a girl throw like a girl fight like a girl what does it mean to you when I say run like a girl it means fast as you can so do you think you just insulted your sister no I mean yeah insulted girls but not my sister is like a girl a good thing actually I don't know what it really if it's the bad thing or a good thing it sounds like a bad thing it sounds like you're trying to humiliate something so when they're in that vulnerable time between 10 and 12 how do you think it affects them when somebody uses like a girl as an insult I think it definitely drops their self-confidence and really puts them down because during that time they're already trying to figure themselves out and when somebody says you hit like a girl it's like well what does that mean because they think they're a strong person it's kind of like telling on that they're weak and they're not as good as them and what advice do you have to young girls who are told they run like a girl kick like a girl hit like a girl swim like a girl keep doing it cuz it's working if somebody else says that running like a girl or kicking like a girl or shooting like a girl is something that you shouldn't be doing that's their problem because if you're still scoring and you're still getting to the ball on time and you're still being first you're doing it right doesn't matter what they say I mean yes I kick like a girl and I swim like a girl and I walk like a girl and I wake up in the morning like a girl because I am a girl and that's not something that I should be ashamed of so I'm going to do it anyway that's what they should do if I asked you to run like a girl now would you do it differently I would run like myself you like a chance to redo it why can't run like a girl also mean win the race

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  1. Ok all right I have a school of girls and almost all of them can only through 2 feet in front of them

  2. It shouldn’t me “like a girl” it should be “ like a human” or person not a girl

  3. 1:34 There is usually some time for thinking before answer, unless you have it prepared or reading the speech from screen…

    That "fight like a girl" is a total joke – go watch some average women fighting – they always use "claws" and grab ach others hair.

    The proof of inferior women performance is the existence of your own women category in all sports!

    Boys never say "Like a girl" to other boy, they always do it to other boys…

    This comment will be forgotten just because 90% of visitors here are women.

  4. Every 'run like a girl' was bad, including the kids afterwards. This goes for the other things as well

  5. Am i the only one here who thinks its an insult for male …and never been used against little girlz ?!

  6. Lmao when hey told the little girls to run and fight like a girl, they were proving the stereotype 🤦‍♂️

  7. Girls are physically inferior, Thats why when a boy runs slow, or doesnt apply enough power in a throw, He is said 'dont do it like a girl', Cause most girls are pretty bad at sports, Some who are exceptional do well, but are still worse than boys. Many boys. Reason : BASIC BIOLOGY.

  8. I dont understand, why is it wrong for females to be more feminine after puberty?
    Why is it so important how a girl runs…or throws? Of what importance is this?
    Why do girls have to do everything men do at the same level of competency?
    There are two genders for a reason, because they both have separate strengths and weaknesses.
    This commerical was supposed to invoke some kind of sympathetic feeling? about biology? Ridiculousness.

  9. I've only been told that I do [activity] like a girl by women and sometimes girls. Never heard it from a guy

  10. Most people in this comment section are biased and very disingenuous. I've been told that I act "like a girl" and similar things by other girls or women!

  11. 2:16 that kick was formless and weak. I’ve been doing taekwondo for 6 years and if any Black belt (male or female) kicked like that garbage they would have been called out for it.

  12. I am a girl. I’m not athletic, I’m not strong, I don’t have amazing grades at school, and I’m not fast either. I wear hoodies and sweatpants to school everyday, act like a boy, hang out with boys, and dress like a boy. I’m not transgender either, but I am lesbian. I am just a weird kid who sits in class with her 3 sketchbooks on the desk, I’m also the weird kid you see at the skatepark doing flips, I am the weird kid who wears band logos and actually listens to their music, and I’m the weird kid who doesn’t follow the trends. I am my own person, and I like being weird, I like being different, and that is why I like myself. This is my definition of being like a girl.

  13. Meanwhile men are not interested in competing with women and build a colony on Mars studying black holes and other suns*

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