Altoona Honors Rep. Jesse James on Veterans Day 2019

We need these stories, we need these songs
and we need all of you to help continue the celebration of our country beyond
the fireworks on Independence Day, but this day and every day. The triumphs, tragedies, freedoms and opportunities and growth of America impact every citizen.
America functions as a team and we never stop fighting. That is what makes America
great. Good morning Altoona. It is great to be
here in this awesome city. I am proud to be an American on Veterans Day. It is
because of all of you, all of our sisters and brothers who have gone before us, why
we have what we have in the United States today. It is because of you we can
get up in the morning and not worry about being attacked by a foreign
country. It is because of you we can come and go as we want when we want
with no types of restrictions. In closing, we all take an oath when we are sworn in
this is probably one of the most important vows we take but just remember
once you are a soldier you will always be a soldier. Stand tall, stand proud and
be glad that we lived in the best land of the world. The land of the United
States, one nation under God. Thank you and God bless. Spectrum is proud to present a check in
the amount of $1,000 to the Altoona VFW to help as they continue their work to
provide essential services and improve the quality of life for veterans in the
Altoona area. Our veterans did a great job today of being camouflaged and hiding within the crowd. Please give them one last round of applause.

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