All Nations Progressive! | Hearts of Iron 4: Millennium Dawn Gameplay [HOI4 Modern Day Mod]

Oh No oh my god those are those environmentally friendly are those solar-powered nukes all right this was just one of those videos where I had to do it for the dank maymays and all progressive or Green Worlds is gonna be pretty spicy before we get started here I want to make sure we review over the mods definition of progressive because I'm not exactly sure how other countries define it green parties are concerned with the environment and pursue renewable energy sources they are socially and economically liberal so with that said let's go ahead and start World War 3 then I can only imagine how awesome this conflict will be when all these ships planes and tanks are entirely solar-powered I'm also curious to see exactly how those nukes are gonna work now of course we have Jill Stein leading the USA so yep this will be fun as well as just a ton of other people that I've never even fuckin heard of oh wait no I think I've heard of this guy leading Russia yeah it's it's Kasey nice dad how did you even get over here now surprised to find out like a ton of countries do have a progressive leader in their portrait except of course almost the entirety of the Middle East which I find pretty hilarious oh and real quick I can't get out of not saying this one we have green olive state in Isis territory and I'm so lucky because I almost miss this this guy is probably the most powerful leader in the game I think we might see a really good game from Isis here and honestly I'm I'm kind of rooting for I can't I can't I'm a little worried because theoretically we shouldn't really see much war right well I'm not sure I didn't do any test runs so let's find out all right here we go world tension has been set to 100% let's see what happens we actually immediately have a few people joining a couple factions including these guys which I'm gonna definitely not pronounce at all they've joined the Chinese faction luckily for Ukraine though they didn't call in progressive China in the east and oh no look at that the most depressing thing of all time progressive Isis has been eliminated I did just notice one of the very few name changes so far has been Turkey oh and also Saudi Arabia has changed to the Arabian Republic all this must be just going on the Middle East all sorts of different name changes here north korea has just turned into korea so that's that's great i have a feeling if this dude actually exists somewhere in north korea he's probably being tortured as we speak oh and by the way for anybody that's interested we have Richard leading Australia and this this lady in New Zealand and I didn't mention this yet but I don't really get why there's two people leading the UK it looks like they just restored the monarchy or something we have our first war between the Congo and Uganda all right it's about time oh and North Korea just joined the Chinese faction which means yep progressive Korea just declared war on progressive Korea now of course let's not forget the u.s. is guaranteeing progressive Korea which means Jill Stein is now at war with progressive Korea I don't know about you guys but I have a feeling I know who's gonna win this war okay yep so we now have a green world war 3 I'm pretty sure this is gonna remain though an environmentally clean conflict I guess Casey's just sick of all the bullshit going on in the Korean Peninsula oh well I guess also in Estonia yeah he doesn't like them apparently wait I'm a little confused though I don't see a solar panel on this tank division I'm actually wondering if there's a mod out there that changes up the divisions when you go progressive or maybe it's coming up later in the technology tree I hope this equipment is running off clean energy oh so progressive states might not necessarily be taking a whole lot of land they'll be puppeting shit though and now Russia is invading Ukraine so not all that much has changed in this world oh boy here goes Israel again declaring war oh well maybe it's for a justified reason because Jordan changed back into a monarchy oh and they just took all that shit didn't even puppet anything Israel by the way has no portrait either for their progressive leader by the way for anybody wondering why India hasn't declared war on China or vice-versa I have finally removed claims in the Millennium chaos mod which means we shouldn't see the same wars happen every single time now this has been pretty back-and-forth in the Korean Peninsula the u.s. is here obviously supporting but I don't really know where Russia is oh they've got some paratroopers over this way but whoa what the hell Canada and Mexico how could you do this to Jill you ungrateful bastards actually hold up okay this is gonna be a big problem because wow I have so many more people to add to the hot milf list I feel like once I make that video I'm just gonna want to add so many more it's just gonna have to be a top 100 now everyone is now joining the Chinese faction and nobody is joining any other faction I mean this is a progressive worlds and obviously progresses believe in global warming which everybody knows global warming is just Chinese hoax right oh my fucking god this was their plan the whole time we should have listened to Alex Jones Jill Stein is literally fighting almost the entire world oh okay that doesn't have anything to do with what I was talking about and she is still keeping South Korea safe who would have thought she was actually just a hardcore military leader this entire time Cambodia has declared war on Laos so the wars are still going alright the Congo has now annex do ganda but of course Oman and Yemen now are gonna get into it oh and there it is Treaty of Seoul progessive Korea one who would have thought that oh but that was nice of them they only took one state randomly down in the south and Seoul still seems to be intact somehow the problem is Jill Stein is at war with all the Chinese faction members and I think she's starting to consider some pretty drastic actions oh well I was actually referring to her building nukes but she just joined the African Alliance what have you guys done this is about to get crazy I can't believe this has happened we also have new members in the Middle East joining in and every country in Africa is joining the war I think this might just be over for China and Russian Kasey nice tat I am kind of in shock right now because this is by far the biggest and earliest war we've ever seen happen and it's a world entirely of progressives oh my god this worked out so well the question is though well almost all of Africa have enough strength to take over the rest of the Chinese faction cuz Jill here kind of blew her load a little bit too early and I mean by that she's got zero manpower just kind of wanted to clarify oh and I haven't mentioned this yet so yeah marquees have taken back parts of Saudi Arabia forming the Royal pack these two men will try to fight off progressive Slough guys all these wars seem to be very regressive of you you know I'm actually totally fine that South America isn't doing anything in this video this is the only time where that's totally appropriate I think Indonesian somehow elected Barack Obama as their leader how in the hell did they do that oh and by the way Cambodia has some nice new borders after they ate Laos oh damn I guess I missed the naval invasion of the East Chinese coast Oh finally we've got some action in Western Europe France versus Germany and of course the Swiss had to form their own faction as the protection League I for one definitely welcomed these two fine ladies to the MILF lists well actually you're still on the fence some I'm not sure about you but Eva on the other hand she's got this shit on lock Oh Spain and Ireland with the curveball joining the Chinese faction oh and Denmark as well I didn't see that all right here we go Oman has declared war on the UAE which means the monarchies in the Arabian Peninsula are expanding Jill Stein is going in there nice and deep like they're rushing into this territory oh no oh my god oh those are those environmentally friendly are those solar-powered nukes wait that isn't wait what I don't exactly know who did that I'm assuming it is probably it's probably the u.s. let's be real I mean when you consider the fact that Jill had one nuke and now she has zero nukes I'm fucking onto you lady okay this is kind of strange within the African Alliance the African Federation has formed oh and it's just in Bob way all right yeah they're they're nationalists and for anybody wondering of course I will be doing a racist war I mean Nash this world that will definitely be next on the list this game has obviously been running very slow for speed five which is unfortunate but I think we're gonna have to call this well not before Zimbabwe gets annexed because that's that's what everyone wanted to see I'm sure yeah so environmental World War three got started because of the Korean Korean War I am definitely interested in the numbers to see exactly how many people died surprisingly not that many from either side at least in terms of like the scope of high for the US was the only one to lose over a hundred thousand men everyone else is doing just fine it's like they're not even participating in this shit but yeah China Korea Turkey and Russia seem to be the most devastated and basically I think it's just India that's mostly leading the charge instead of the u.s. now Casey nice that really doesn't have that much strength anymore and China I think is gonna capitulate I like how the old world is just this massive mess but uh you know the new world is fine it's just the US will be personally I really like what I see out of Oman I mean they're just taking charge bringing back that monarchy out of nowhere and of course see in the African Alliance forum for the very first time was pretty awesome even though it doesn't look like they're doing so well France might also lose Paris to Germany at any point yeah some of these neutral nations are really gonna need to get involved here it's actually too bad that this war is so huge the game can barely run anymore who could have predicted this in a green world and unfortunately for Jill even though she's just been a military powerhouse she's slowly losing popularity in the US conservatives and the social liberals are catching up fast and weirdly enough the u.s. is the only nation that that's really happening in anyways guys thank you so much for watching I definitely really enjoyed this video if you have any suggestions for a future like ideological worlds you'd like to see I don't know why this sometimes just pops up like this then please let me know in the comment section down below it really helps thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you next time and of course big thanks to Joe Han Elfi destiny fucker 9000 Michael Ghazi Jane Copeland Black Star 185 y own spacial winter w Kirby and free crews for being my crack daddies if you want to support me you can find a link to my patreon in the description down below thank you so much for helping crack boy

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  2. It's kind of strange that the Germany green party is now the strogest party in Germany.
    Thank you drew

  3. The reason why there are two leaders of the UK is that the Green Party in the UK elects two leaders because of party rules. Don't ask me why, but no other party that I know of does this.

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