All About Carly Fiorina – US Presidential Election 2016 Republican Candidate

Welcome to the Investors Trading Academy event
of the week. Each week our staff of educators tries to introduce you to a person of interest
in the financial world. This could be a person in government or banking or an important investors
or trader. Over the next coming months ITA will take
a look into each US Presidential candidate. At the moment there are 8 actual “declared
“hopefuls. There are 2 democrats including the well-known and favorite Hillary Clinton
and 6 Republicans. Jeb Bush son and brother of former US presidents is expected to announce
his candidacy in coming days but has not done so as of yet.
In this report we will take a look last week’s surprise new voice to the pack, Carly Fiorina.
Fiorina said that she is the best person for the job because she understands how the economy
actually works. As the only woman seeking the Republican nomination, Ms. Fiorina has
sought to create a niche for herself by both attacking and comparing herself to Hillary
Rodham Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner. Although largely an unknown to most Republican
activists – her only other campaign was a 10-point loss in the 2010 California Senate
race – Ms. Fiorina’s business background and confident manner have won her applause
on the Republican banquet circuit. It is unclear who will rally to her candidacy, though, as
her politics are conservative, but she is no culture warrior.
Ms. Fiorina has no strong base of support, and her political experience to date includes
serving as a media surrogate for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. It also includes
a Senate loss in a historic year for Republicans. Hers is not the traditional background of
a serious presidential hopeful. But the primaries have now become try-outs for roles other than
Oval Office occupant. Her candidacy is an example of how a presidential run sometimes
serves as a professional springboard for former politicians and business leaders seeking higher
profiles. A better hope may be for her to perform well
enough in televised debates so that she must be included on vice-presidential lists and
considered for a cabinet post should a Republican win the White House next year.

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