All About Bernie Sanders – US Presidential Election 2016 Candidate

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Over the next coming months ITA will take a look into each US Presidential candidate.
At the moment there are 4 actual “declared “hopefuls. The field is beginning to fill
up with long shots making headlines as they announce their intentions.
Hillary Clinton remains in the lead while Republicans are hopeful that Jeb Bush will
be able to smash the democrats. At present Bush has held off on announcing officially
while raising a huge amount of donations. In this report we will take a look at Senator
Bernie Sanders, who declared his candidacy just days ago. The independent Vermont senator
railed against the political machine — blasting “ugly 30-second ads,” billionaire big-money
donors and other “soap opera aspects of modern campaigns” — in a press conference kicking
off his candidacy outside the Capitol in late April.
“I think the American people are tired of that,” Sanders said.
He said he is running to thwart trade deals like the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership
and to overhaul business tax rules so corporations operating in the United States cannot shelter
their money overseas. Sanders caucuses with the Democrats in the
Senate but is an unlikely candidate for the Democratic nomination, primarily because he
has never been a registered member of the party and calls himself a “democratic socialist.”
Yet many of his views fit with the Democratic left, a constituency in which Sanders has
found a small yet devout following. Sanders and his top advisers hope that group of voters
will propel his dark horse candidacy. Though Hillary Clinton is the dominant frontrunner,
many in the progressive left of the party think she’s too moderate and are clamoring
for a different candidate to support. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Sanders moved
to Vermont after graduating from the University of Chicago. His first successful run for office
came in 1981 when he was elected Burlington’s mayor by a mere 10 votes. He was elected as
Vermont’s at-large member of Congress in 1990 and jumped to the Senate in 2007. Sanders
is the longest-serving independent in congressional history.

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