All About Ben Carson – US Presidential Election 2016 Republican Candidate

Welcome to the Investors Trading Academy event
of the week. Each week our staff of educators tries to introduce you to a person of interest
in the financial world. This could be a person in government or banking or an important investors
or trader, on just someone making the financial headlines in recent days. In our continuing
effort to prepare for the US primary election we are focusing on all the possible candidates
and their parties. Ben Carson has entered the race for the Republican nomination for
president. Here is a look at who he is. Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon who has
never held elective office, said recently that he would seek the 2016 Republican nomination
for president, joining the party’s fast-growing field.
Mr. Carson, who appeared on the political scene just two years ago and gained attention
among conservatives for a speech highly critical of President Obama, planned a formal announcement
of his candidacy in his native Detroit. He began his rise from poverty there to the heights
of medicine — a path that shaped his rejection of liberal social policies in favor of self-reliance.
Despite a crowded Republican field likely to be among the strongest and broadest in
decades, Mr. Carson, 63, believes there is a clamor for an insurgent candidate without
ties to party politics. One challenge for Mr. Carson is whether he
can appeal beyond the grass-roots conservatives who initially flocked to him, delighted by
his eye-gouging of the president. It is a rhetorical style he has pledged to eliminate
as he seeks broader support. But Mr. Carson may attract early attention
because of the national focus on the death of a black man who was injured in police custody
in Baltimore, where Mr. Carson lived and worked for 35 years.
Mr. Carson’s biography will feature prominently in his campaign. His mother, Sonya Carson,
had only a third-grade education, but he went on to graduate from Yale and the University
of Michigan Medical School, and at age 33 was named chief of pediatric neurosurgery
at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, becoming the youngest person, and the first black doctor,
to hold the title. He burst onto the political scene in 2013
with a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast that denounced the country’s “moral decay”
and Mr. Obama’s health care law. The Wall Street Journal followed with an editorial,
“Ben Carson for President.” An independent political action committee
seeking to draft him to run demonstrated his small-donor appeal by raising $13 million.
It announced it had recruited leaders in all 99 counties in Iowa, which holds the first
nominating contest.

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