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Al Gore keynote at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum 2018 – How to solve the Climate Crisis?

Al Gore keynote at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum 2018 - How to solve the Climate Crisis?

mr. Al Gore has for a long time in one of the world's leading environmentalist politicians he is probably the single individual who has done most to create greater worldwide understanding of the measures that need to be adopted the climate crisis is growing worse rapidly and it is growing worse more rapidly than the world is developing and implementing solutions we have what can only be described as a global emergency biologists will alert us to their strong belief that by far the most serious consequence of the climate crisis is the loss of biodiversity we have already seen in the last few decades the loss of half of all the animals on this planet it is a disgrace and the judgment of history will be extremely harsh of course but we can't wait for history's judgment because we have urgent business before us all of us in any case we do have solutions available to us today they can be implemented they are being implemented it seems obvious to me and to some others that the world is now in the early stages of a sustainability revolution things get cheaper and better quickly and the good news is that has happened with renewable energy we must recognize that the best technology we know of to remove co2 from the atmosphere is called a tree and when that technology is taken to scale it is called a forest I would argue that we need science and knowledge now more than ever we urgently need more knowledge and understanding how we can mitigate how we can adapt but the reality is to care about a changing climate the only thing we need to be is a human living on this planet but at present we see the danger we hear the messages from Mother Nature we have the solutions they can be implemented what's left to discuss political will we need policies and always remember that political will is itself a renewable resource thank you very much thank you you

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