Again, Shiites Hold Massive Protest In Abuja, Say They Are Ready To Die

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I don't understand your language but whatever you are saying I said amen amen amen ijn thou shall it be ijn

  2. omen this men sabi welwel, how many South south youth go fit fall out like this? but 4th is Buhari is a daft, there have been protest in respect of so many issue troubling this country yet Buhari will not respond nor even do the needful as a law abiding citizen! God help us out!

  3. I am happy this is happening. I have never seen a basket holding water, it is time for Nigeria to split. Nigeria will never be a country because you cannot mix water and kerosene and expect them to be one. Definitely these are two immiscible liquid. However, this happened to be the true definition of Nigeria, if you doubt me,here comes the question what is amalgamation? .

  4. Nigeria is now a home for all manner of vices due to bad leaders…. All evil leaders in Nigeria shall not know peace including their families

  5. This is the reason why the north still holds a major controlling stake in this contraption called Nigeria; their fearlessness and ability to match words with action. The north has an absolute monopoly over peace and war in Nigeria. If these guys ever decide to channel their efforts to the right cause(which is highly impropable),Nigeria would be free from slavery and bondage.

  6. Buhari is the most cruel & hopeless leader Nigeria has ever had.He even defy court order to free this sheikh bcos he is an illiterate who dont understand the ground of jurisiction to a nation.

  7. God help Nigeria as
    a country …😂😂.
    The leaders of Nigeria
    are undermining this
    Shites people. ..?.

  8. Since this wicked leader doesn't have sense, I hope naija will not explode soon. As una no get sense APC or whatever nonsense party u guys are. Useless politicians. You hold someone in captivy, the law says, release him, u no gree. Animal in human skin. Devil

  9. We're is python dance , were is buratai bring almond tank and ak99 and kill all of them fools , war will consume Nigeria soon wicked and evil entity God will never forgive u wicked politicians do die and rot in hell like Abacha

  10. The second strong group that does not back out on their true leader….we are with you ….especially in you not carry aims even when the federal government is pushing you to…we love stay strong do not allow them to get you to their traps

  11. Its because Buhari refuse to call them terrorists, now they are emboldened and are even threatening violence. They are telling you straight that they have a violent nature. They haven't marched for infrastructure or justice but for their religious controllers they threaten death. Do they know that that's treason and a criminal offense to incite a riot and threaten a government official.

  12. I'm so tired of Muslims. Let Nigerians rest. Kill, Die, Kill, Die that's all I hear from the mouths Muslims.

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