Adam Schiff Member in Pedophile Ring? Liddle Kidz is Front For Perversion? Faye Reveals!

– well hello everybody and welcome to 2020 it’s gonna be an exciting year. Because if they how can you say that, with all of the things that you tell us. We just had, in December a
wonderful Christmas celebration Hanukkah celebration and
partners luncheon in love, but people came from everywhere we were excited to be together again, my heart has been totally healed, my lungs are totally healed, and I am now strengthening my ability to go and walk and do what, I once did. And I thank everybody for your prayers, we just had a fabulous fabulous meeting, and we’ll be going to
New Mexico in the spring. Because we’re going, we have an assignment there and I’ll be telling you about
that a little bit later. But today I need your undivided attention. Today I’m going to give you a word, that God gave Ken Copeland that he shared on the 700 club, after, things that I’ve
been saying and doing and the meeting that I had in Lubbock with all of our leaders and our partners, giving them the fact sheets on what is going on in our government. We have just had 230 Democrats, members of Congress to impeach a president with no laws broken. They base the impeachment
on a a spy that they planted in the White House and
named him a whistleblower, many of these members are
connected to a pedophile movement in this country that
you need to know about. We have had, members of Congress Grigg the impeachment of the President of the United States. While 16 million people who
voted for him sit back and gasp, you can say they can’t do
this my dear friends they did. We need to know what we can do now, if espionage is what they are guilty off don’t go away you stay tuned to this program, call your friends and say Faye is on, and we can’t miss
anything that she’s saying I’ll be right back. (upbeat Music) (upbeat Music) well welcome back everybody
now I want you to be sure and go to our YouTube page, more and more people are
going to Insight USA, it’s YouTube, insight USA TV and watch our programs
or forward it to people that didn’t get to see our
show and hear the information. Faye USA Facebook, we’re on Facebook and get the word out our
website Insight USA dot US. If you enter your email address in our website, you will
get our weekly briefings. I just wanna tell you real quick because more and more
people are hearing about it. every Saturday at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time, I conduct a briefing and prayer call and we have intercessors Nationwide, that have been so faithful
to that call every Saturday you won’t believe the revelation knowledge God gives us and shows
us exactly how to pray. The Lord says pray according
to the will of God. He also says watch and pray. what we’re doing with our
ministry is we are designating a member of Congress his picture scriptures to one intercessor you will adopt a member of
Congress and pray for that person until the election in November. And you can say well Faye all of the things that has happened, people are gonna vote Trump, don’t believe that for one minute don’t get thought security because I want to tell you the other side, is working their plan, planning
their work and Nancy Pelosi believes that she is going
to move President Trump and she will be in the Oval
Office the first of 2020 it won’t be the end of the medal can you imagine Nancy Pelosi president for a year, can you
imagine the stock Market, can you imagine the jobs, can you imagine communism
takeover, socialism takeover when she and Adam Schiff, he’s vice president and you
say that could never happen, well they’ve impeached the
president on a false accusation, of an accuser which was
planted in the White House as a spy, because they decided
he could be a whistleblower and it would give them the excuse, to impeach our president. Our president has committed no crimes it’s like you’ve going to
jail for robbing a bank you did not rob, you walk passed it that wouldn’t it be nice
to have all that money. Oh did yell off you go people, I know so many Christians do not want to get political. But that means you are political and you’re standing with the other side. I need your involvement and
I need to hear from you. If you got a prayer group, two three people, join us we don’t try to
take of your prayer groups we just want to encourage you
and give you the information you need to pray more powerful prayers and be more effective. Nancy Pelosi without a divine intervention is headed for the White House,
count on it they have rigged everything so far and don’t
you think for five minutes they gain rigg the United States Senate. We’ve got people in the Senate
that say they’re Republicans they are not, they are not pro-life. You look at Mitt Romney, he will get enough people
to go with the Democrats to remove President Trump
because Trump is honest. Trump is exposing things
Romney ha been involved with for years, and the swamp is
being drained don’t believe it. What’s gonna change it? The people having the
information they need, then no matter what is said, no matter how much money they’ve got, to buy ads to spread their propaganda the people won’t drink the Kool-Aid, that’s where we come in. We have talked about our
going in the colleges and the universities and
taking the Word of God, we’re doing it. We are in Berkeley and
Berkeley was the root, out of Berkeley came the
root of a lot of evil in this country. And God just told us to
send in the founders Bible, and in this Bible is
the book chapter verse that America was established on. It’s an unbelievable Bible with Americans true Christian heritage that was based on the Protestant Bible, and the Word of God. The Bibles are on their way to Berkeley we now have people were working through, and then we’ll be
picking up other colleges and if we don’t do anything
else we’ll have at least 50 going to some of the major, universities that have been so deceived, concerning things of God. you can’t believe how deceived so please help us get these Bibles. You can send a donation
of $50 sponsor one Bible, or you can send more and
as the Lord has blessed you that we can pick up these
universities as fast as possible and get at least 50 founders
Bibles on their campuses, because He sent His word, He
healed them and we’ll do more, when the funds come in. I wanna show you what is going on through members of our Congress, how pathetic it is. We’ve talked about this on other shows and there is an organization in America, called little kids (kIDZ) it’s the most perverted and the sickest foundation
you have to look at it. It’s teaching pedophilia,
and it is actually starting at birth, and Adam Schiff let me tell you. One of the leader of the
impeachment of President Trump says the little kids Foundation, has set several training workshops within Adam Schiff 28th district. I’ve also seen the two share an address though I can’t verify I can still leave those pictures below. And this is the group it’s
involved in rescuing kids and Adam Schiff is involved a history of working in Hollywood and the organization
is a global non-profit international credited to
pediatric and infant massage. This is pedophilia being
promoted pedophilia, I want you to know about it, and it has been reported the Adam Schiff is also connected to Jeffrey Epstein. Now Jeffrey is the pedophile that they say committed suicide we don’t know. But Jeffrey Epstein hope
to see the human race with his DNA, and these
facts come out every week, different in our face facts and prayer warriors need
to know what is going on. Because they have based
this kind of sickness as curriculum in our
colleges and universities, a new DNA and it was started on his ranch. And these fact sheets it’s
what goes to our intercessors to educate you, and see how serious it is and Adams schiff^ is being reported, and from what I can find out is a part of the movement,
a pedophilia in this country and that’s one of the reasons he hates President Trump so much. That’s his ranch, we’re gonna
be talking more about that but when we come back I
want you to understand you cannot sit and just watch anymore, without being affected good or bad, about the decisions of your politicians. So don’t go away I’ll be right back. Hi everybody boy, our program goes so fast we must stay in the media. Where right now people are in demand but it takes money, we have
an Unfreedom of the press. We have Nancy Pelosi headed to the presidency of the United States. We must abort this propaganda,
I need for you right now to sit down and write that check, I got a $1000 check because of our spot in our last program, people are saying Faye we
want you to stay out there. Maybe, you can’t do a 1000
maybe you can do a 100 or 50 or 25 one day I
got a check for $5.00 and one for 3,000 both
of them touch me so much, I’m gonna tell you, you’ve
got to do something. So today just mail your check to: INSIHT USA it is tax deductible, and mail it today your best gift. Don’t miss next week’s program because I’m going to be talking to you about the Tower of Babel. God showed me at the end of night 2019, that the Tower of Babel was coming down. And I began to teach that
in our love of meeting and in our face facts and I’m gonna share
with you the scriptures and what it gave me,
concerning what is gonna happen next year no matter how
bad everything seems. And then one of my intercessors
in Lubbock saw the 700 club and Ken Copeland was on there and she said fake Ken Copeland, has given a prophecy about America and it’s exactly what
you’ve been teaching us. They it’s exact, you have
to hear that prophecy so I went on the website and
I google it I wanna share it with you today, about America 2020. The Ken Copeland on the 700 club. It says, these politicians
who refused my call to unite and become the United States of America which we’re showing you that
we are gonna have intercessors in every state in these
United States before 2020. And not just America, those politicians who refuse to listen, those politicians who
continue the pathway of hate, I will remove them from their
place I will remove their influence from the record books, I will remove them from their place, I will remove their influence
from the record books, I will remove their
candle in the families, I will remove them from
office and put somebody in there who will. I never saw such hate, I
never saw such meanness during this impeachment so
called a peach but process, I couldn’t believe the
hatefulness and the meanness of people we had elected into office cannot happen anymore
at least God let us see their true character
and true personalities. He said the Lord is revealing
new visions this coming year that will absolutely be
stunning, I do believe that. He’s already given our
intersecors new vision, they will include insights
and he said used insight over and over again, you know that’s the name of our ministry and our partner said they just
kept using insight insight. She said I don’t think he
knew what he was saying but include insights, ideas, concepts that have never been heard before Joel chapter 2:28 through 29 and Acts chapter 2:16 through 18 that’s Joel chapter 2:28 through 29 and acts 2:16 through 18 tells us, it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out my
spirit upon all flesh your sons and your
daughters shall prophesy, your all men shall dream, dreams your young men, shall see visions and upon all the servants
upon the handmaidens in those days were I pour out my spirit. 2020 will be a year of great change, I do believe that as well
wonderful and magnificent changes in the kingdom of God, in the earth. Congress changes that will occur because of insight there we
go insights ideas and concepts directly from Jesus to his Church, by his mighty spirit. Glorious concepts of how his laws work, the laws governing increase
and financial prosperity we’ve got profits that are prophesying that America is going under that is, and don’t listen to that. I don’t care who it is, I don’t care what kinda
books they’re selling. Don’t believe that America is going under, we are not going under until
we fulfill the prophecies in the Word of God and
there’s too many of them for me to tell you. But just stop biding, don’t
get in agreement with it because whatever you get in agreement with that is what you will become. And what he said, he said glorious concepts
of how his law works. The laws of the Spirit
that released miracles in divine healings, manifestations
and the almighty power on the earth, new concepts of his love. I do believe there’s gonna be
an outpouring of God’s Spirit on the gay movement in this country, gays lesbians whatever else. I do believe they’re gonna
be drawn to the altar of God I believe this book it’s
getting ready to go forth, to reach people, that
will really wan’t life and their more abundantly and it’s only through
the pages of the book will they find it but I do
believe there’s gonna be an outpouring of the Holy
Spirit to bring those people into the kingdom of God. Into sanctification, in the glorification, He’s very person for he is love, insights into the power
and strength of his joy. When You look at our Congress,
the 230 actually 435, I never saw such misery,
I know could glory, it’s Christmas I never saw such miserable, people, if that’s what being
a member of Congress is I wouldn’t go there, I don’t
know why anybody would. It says it will be the days of political, I do believe political
change, great victories and great defeats, for the
spiritual enemies of God and his people shall be crushed. Spirits not flesh and blood, but there are those on both
sides of the political divide who refused to listen to the Lord. Advocate General’s of the church their dreams shall be dashed, their desires shall be wounded, they will be removed from
their offices and replaced. I believe our prayers are
gonna make that happen, I believe our Action Teams, when we start praying in lifts, the Lord says I will keep what’s committed and to me against that day. Now he is committing right now, we’re committing every member of Congress, you can say Faye what about the Senate well hopefully we’ll get to them next year but there’s some members
of Congress that designate and spend trillions of
dollars that we don’t have. Waste funds, they get
kickbacks on everything they do with federal contracts that’s why they become millionaires, and the people of
America must be educated, you can’t feel guilty about
something you never did but information is power and
that’s what we’re giving you. But we’re also committing it to the Father and I do believe there’s gonna be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, on our campuses, I believe
people are gonna begin to get saved sanctified and
filled with the Holy Ghost, I believe the media is not
gonna know what to do with it, and I believe in Washington angels are on assignment they to bring down the kingdom of darkness that set itself up to take over our country. I don’t believe Nancy Pelosi
will ever see the Oval Office. But man we have to fight back
and we have to fight back now. It says the dreams chubby dash, their desire shall be
wounded, they will be removed from the office and replaced
by some by the ballot and some by tragedy. Someone in despair will
quit and do something else this is my country saying the lord it was founded by people that love me for the sole purpose of their love, and desire to worship me
into worship the Almighty God I will never forget that, I will never forget that. There’s gonna be a great
change in the year 2020 and my power is gonna be manifested, I want you to know, when you
get our weekly face facts our weekly prayer, bulletins, this is what you hear every week, if you will even fax me or not fax maybe text me your phone number, every week I am now
sending out phone messages to those that are closest to me to encourage you to let you
know what God is doing for you. These Bibles must go forth. Change is coming, don’t
miss next week’s program ’cause I’m gonna share
Genesis 11, the Tower of Babel in 2020 is coming down. Hi, our program goes so fast. I just want you to know
our program is in demand but it takes money to do it. Do you wanna see Nancy
Pelosi as president? I don’t, but Christians
you’ve got to step up to the plate. We must impact the media. Go to my website the INSIGHTUSA.US, you can make a donation
there, you can call and our number it’s on the
screen and tell your friends to go to youtube and watch Faye, that’s YOUTUBE.COM/INSIGHTUSATV. We need your support,
we need to walk through these open doors there’s people
who can give $50 $100 $1000 I believe there’s people to
give 10,000 and God showed me this year there will be someone, that could give us a
$100,000 we need it now we have the wicked and authority and we’ve got to pray
them and vote them out. well hello everyone thank
you for watching today our program goes so fast
but we have so much to say and we’re determined
the state in the media. I’m one of the few spirit
filled Pentecostals since dealing with current events
with prayer, faith and action dealing with the daily events, that are affecting us as believers. We are organizing the United States state-by-state now
intercessors with insight that will pray with us
every week, two hours a week according to the issues and the
biblically based Bible study that will bring our nation back to God. We need you now, to participate. I need to hear from people
2020 is a year for change but we have just seen
and this is being taped so we have just seen our United
States members of Congress impeach our president
in a rigged impeachment. I’ve got news for you
that’s not the only thing that is being rigged
it’s gonna take prayer, it’s gonna take believers
knowing what’s going on to change that, I need you today to say Faye, I will lead a group in my state we need groups in every state, I will personally help you you don’t have to have experience. You will go by the
information we supply to you and everybody’s praying the same thing. I need people to send and become sponsors of our media outreach. If you would, if you can
make a check for $1,000 in Melech today we are organizing the United States of America, is impossible for us to lie to Congress and not go to jail. But they are lying to the
American people 62 million voters against 230 liberals that can change the course of America. You must know how your government works, for everyone that will
send $100 we wanna send you a copy of the Congressional directory that has the photographs, addresses everything you need to
know about the Congress of the United States, and
the states who they are what committees they’re
on and you must know, we are distributing each
Congress members of Congress to an intercessor. We have already distributed
300 of these members to 300 intercessors. If you would like to pray
for one Congress person from now until 20 till the election. We would like to assign one to you, but in order to do that,
we need to hear from you. We need your financial support
like we never have before. 2020 will determine
the destiny of America, are you gonna remain silent
or are you gonna stand and say I am joining Faye^ I will become a part of
her teams that are active, her active teams and let me hear from you. The number is on the
screen you can email me go to our website INSIGHTUSA.US or you can call me at the
number on your screen. I look forward to hearing
from you straight away, please today sit down write
that check for whatever God has blessed you
with, and mail it today or call our 800 number
and make your donation. Until next time this
is Faye saying the Lord is gonna deliver this
Nation this year Shalom. – [announcer] Faye wants to hear from you, her desire to see
America come out of Exile is raising up, one of the most
powerful, informed, anointed and united prayer networks
in America for America. she is organizing Christians
for the US Constitution, to give uncompromising
believers back their voice and witness, if this
program has blessed you and you believe in what Faye is doing, contact her, pray with and for her. Partner with her, she would
love for you to host an insight rally in your church or city. Organize an intercessors
with insight prayer team or join one. For a complimentary pocket-sized
constitution or Faye’s fax call or email Fay. (upbeat music) [email protected] write Insight USA PO Box
917689 Longwood Florida 32791

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  1. This woman is clinically INSANE. adam schif running a pedo ring? PLEASE, all sane people out there COMPLAIN to youtube. click on those 3 dots & report this EXTREMELY DANGEROUS PROPAGANDA. This is the kinda people that want to fight a civil war so they can have a CHRISTOFASCIST NATION.. ya want this mental retard running the show? Do your part, REPORT THIS !

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