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  1. the only real breaking news right now is that Trump will go on to win the next election with an even bigger margin –

  2. Wow here they say it all goes back the President, he had to tell them to do it. Why wasn't that same theory ever applied to Obama and his administration?

  3. The problem with trying to explain the gravity of this situation to
    trumps ignorant base is that they feel like “well we want him to
    win reelection anyway, so whatever he does to accomplish that is OK
    with us!” They don't seem to comprehend that when you get elected
    with outside help you then OWE THEM. We have already seen this with
    Russia. While Trump & Putin have together been able to
    successfully cover up their collusion from 2016 by successful
    obstruction, there is still someone who has the evidence of it.
    Putin. Therefore trump is compromised. If trump doesn't obey Putin's
    every order, there is someone with a whole lot more info than Mueller
    who can spill it & ruin trump at any moment. Trump knows this &
    complies. His every foreign policy decision reflects this. This is
    what Nancy Pelosi means by all roads with trump lead back to Putin.
    It is certainly difficult to educate cult followers, the definition
    of a cultist is that they allow a single person to define their
    reality. These cultists get their information from trump & trump
    only, his words, his tweets. He repeats his talking points over &
    over…hoax, witch hunt, perfect call….like mass advertising or
    group hypnosis, then teaches them how to change the subject whenever
    confronted with facts . They parrot his illogical arguments, his
    projection, his lies. Instead of discussing trumps corruption, call
    everyone else corrupt. He tells them “HE” is America. Anyone who
    doesn't love him, doesn't love America. So they cling to him to prove
    their love of America….meanwhile supporting a traitor who has sold
    out his country out to Russia.

  4. wow..what a bombshell…this is explosive ….umm….wow…this a bad for the white house…. BOMBSHELL…YEA!…

  5. I have been for impeachment until I just saw what Adam Schiff did releasing private information calls about that republican man nunes and the journalist. He should be ashamed and we as a party backing that decision. In the future now nothing will be private. I am very disappointed in reading this and I have to side with Republicans on this one

  6. Let's Recap the Senate Trial:

    Democrat Senator: "Trump is a crook, head of crime organization, blah, blah.
    All Republican Senators: "No comments, I yield back my time – We're ready to Vote"
    Democrat Senator: "But, we want to talk to Trump on the Stand – oh, never mind."

    Then a bunch of Trump bashing opinions for a week. Nobody who's called to testify shows up from either party that's important. Then a Democrat religious closing statement about the Founder's. Then a Republican Closing statement "No comment, I yield back – let's vote – this has all been a waste of time."

    Impeachment Voting – No = 57 Yes = 43 (only Dems)

    The House abused the system with less than no bi-partisan support whatsoever. The ones responsible for moving the case forward to the Senate will be disciplined out in 2020.

  7. The missing player: Felix Sater.
    He setup kazbay llc with Giuliani to launder dirty money from Kazakhstan, he worked with Cohen. "Our boy can become president, I can get all of Putin's team onboard"

    Putin wanted Ukraine and Obama put sanctions against Russia for annexing Crimea & invading Ukraine. Those sanctions and the magnitsky act which froze Russian assets were the subject w of the multiple meetings which led to what, 34 indictments? The reality is Putin benefited again, the entire Ukraine narrative is propagated by Russia and shared online by Americans. The assessment of Russian activities & intentions in recent election declassified version was released to the public January 7, 2017. The entire United States intelligence community agreed that it e Russia, in fact Russians were inside the United States holding rallies. They built a cage (jail) & hired an actress to play Hillary Clinton & took it on the road. Built on American donations, cost almost $10,000. NOT Ukraine but Putin is getting what he wanted. Giuliani needs a dose of reality, meanwhile Sater's disappeared. He missed both scheduled appearances before congress…he's the subject of an international money laundering investigation and he turned fbi informant before to get himself out of trouble, he's a convicted felon who might be working with intelligence already. Cohen was his childhood friend and he might not be happy trump threw him under the bus. You couldn't make this stuff up, nobody would believe it. Call me disgusted.

  8. Oh Ya, I forgot about Flynn. Ghod, there's just been so very much CRAp/corruption to digest I can't keep up with all of it. Regarding pence, well, what did he know before he stopped knowing it…. .

  9. Hey Mike, Fat Donnie’s not going down without you. You know that, don’t you? So, shock the world and come clean. You’re toast if you don’t…..

  10. This is wrong and these are the people you want leading this country???

  11. The mere fact that "Chief" in liar, "Schiff", is now asking for this declassification, serves as solid proof, that all his phony evidence, gathered up to this point, at the expense of the American taxpayer, does not serve any ground for impeachment.



  14. All is classified for the Democrats. Wile trump is speaking on his own cellphone where Russia can listen in.its terrifying.

  15. If the Democrats take Pence down as well as Trump, Nancy becomes President. The likelihood that Reps in the Senate will take action to put Pelosi in the white house is much lower than Removing Trump for Pence to take over. But who would vote for Pence in Republican Primaries (or the Presidential Election?) His polling might be better than Trump while he is peached, but probably not for long.

  16. MSNBC is one of the most disgusting news outlets along with CNN ABC CBS NBC. Globalist controlled.
    This honestly should make every American search their soul and ask what happened to common sense, decency, respect.
    I have a couple of videos below with facts that will never be seen on the mainstream media. I realize it is from a source not popular with mainstream media viewers. I am not a total fan of FOX either but they do give more realistic news overall.

    Watch "America's News Headquarters [4PM] 12/7/19 | Fox News December 07, 2019" on YouTube

    Watch "Watters' World 12/7/19 | Breaking Fox News December 7, 2019" on YouTube

    Watch "Dan Bongino #SPYGATE" on YouTube

  17. the schiff is about to hit the fan just watch him be charged with accepting $ from barisma the paper trail leads to his account

  18. Pence doesn’t want to be a shadow anymore. However he’s as slimy as trump. I don’t think he’ll release anything

  19. the American people need to know why Hunter Biden is pocketing millions from Ukraine businesses while his father is vice president and in charge of Ukraine. also why Ukraine is the top contributor to the Clinton foundation while Hillary was secretary of state. American taxpayers are being scammed. /

  20. The dems won’t go after Pence because if they did it would be basically saying Nancy Pelosi needs to take over as President. Not gonna happen! He could be used as a bargaining chip though. Do the right thing and impeach Trump so Pence can take over as President. He is much more competent and seemingly less sporadic and beholden to Putin.

  21. How about we declassify anything to do with the FBI investigations during the election and before
    How about they release the closed-door testimony transcripts from the witnesses themselves nut Adam shifts rendition

  22. A heartfelt 'thank you' to Kamala Harris and to Shirley Chisholm, upon whose shoulders she stands?
    High yellow Kamala once carried out an open extramarital affair with Wille Brown a young prosecutor named Kamala Harris! Shirley Chisholm had class!

  23. After all is said and done, Adam Schiff is going to go down in history as one of the most corrupt & dishonest individuals to ever serve in our Capitol City. This man is going to end up behind bars, just like that other Mutt, Michael Avenatti

  24. What is the so-called "Breaking News"? OMG, the news media gets more confused and crazy as time goes on. I am an American and I am sick of all this crap the DemonRats are bringing.

  25. I’m a bit confused. Is this evidence Schiff and co. already reviewed in those private meetings, so he knows what’s in there and knows it (or parts of it) don’t need classification?

    I would think that would be the case. Hope so.

    Also, even if they don’t get Trump and team on this allegation, aren’t they also guilty of obstruction of justice by refusing to comply?

  26. They're all soooo lying together, it's like a symphony orchestra of lies which contradicts the truth. It's so obvious. I watch 30 channels just to figure things out.

  27. CORRUPT SHIFTY – UPDATE: Bill Barr Indicts 8 Including Mueller Top Witness for Funneling Millions in Foreign Donations to Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton and Top Senate Democrats

  28. It's getting to the point that I'm hugely embarrassed to be Christian per se. These nutcase right wingers make us look far worse than Muslims IMO.


  30. Only if EVERYTHING is declassified, and shown to the public WITHOUT redactions…there is not ONE THING they can hide, except the names of the guilty, by doing so.
    Our taxes paid for everything that is done, so pony up with the WHOLE TRUTH.

  31. I’m calling it right now.
    -Trump will acquitted
    -Tax payers will pick up the tab of this fiasco
    -The Democrats will move on to their next harebrained scheme.

  32. We want phone records, emails, conversations, meeting notes, birthday cards, inside leg measurements. Then we can be sure there will be something!

  33. So here we have Mathews loyal to a creep who is a proven fraud and liar, as proven even by WAPO . Congratulations Chris.

  34. One America News Investigates with Chanel Rion: Ukrainian Witnesses Destroy Schiff's Case I watched it on the OAN channel and it was informative.

  35. Oh heck time for the walking suit to move house He is so pathetic. Has no interest in the Land of Hope and Glory only in his having a job that make him look cool in his walking suit.

  36. The Mostly Stupid Newscasters Belching [email protected] each day just love Shifty Schiff. This is due to the fact that Schiff is a floating turd in the Democrapic Party toilet and MSNBC is the sewer system for the swamp of D.C. They were made for each other.

  37. Sounds like this is Pelosi's attempt to seize the office of the President. Because how can an Advisor to the VICE PRESIDENT, Prove the GUILT of the President? VP PENCE BE CAREFUL!

  38. Trump really really wants to testify at the Impeachment Hearings but he can't because his doctor has diagnosed Brain Spurs. Poor man… so sad

  39. 🆘 Nervous Nancy Pelosi, angry Jerry Nadler and pathological liar Adam Schiff, your Judiciary Committee's Ex Post Facto Approach To Impeachment Violates the Constitution. How can you Three Stooges be so dumb? Your perfect examples of why we need term limits in Washington DC.

    A coup d'état (/ˌkuː deɪˈtɑː/ ( listen); French: [ku deta]), also known by its German name putsch (/pʊtʃ/), or simply as acoup, is the overthrow of an existing government by non-democratic means; typically, it is an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a dictator, the military, or a political faction.

  41. Looking forward to Trumps re-election and the Dems destroyed in the voting next year. Trump Impeachment is nothing but political crap based on lies, evasion and subterfuge and you know it.
    If you are certain it’s true – where is the whistle blower? Could be Schiff’s Great Auntie for all we know. More likely a former Trump employee who was fired for incompetence.

  42. Is this more Bombshell news ? Hee Hee Hee Hee Ha Ha Ha Ha , OMG ……You people are nuts ! America is being repaired from right under y'all's noses , and you don't have a clue !

  43. This classification system needs to have some kind of check and balancing system for instances like this where the president and/or vice president are subjects of a federal investigation. Surely the subject should not have any power to control the path of an investigation.

  44. So where is Adam Schiff? The man who "started it all" refuses to testify under oath. I guess he doesn't want to explain his previous and deeply troubling relationship to the whistle blower.

  45. Trump's election campaign has paid for unfounded and false dirt on Democratic candidates (and some of their campaign staffers) for President in 2020. The report on this dirt has been turned over to the FBI who used it to obtain warrants to spy on these Democratic candidates and their campaigns now and through the election in 2020 and if they win…after they are sworn in as President. As current President, Trump has to know about this counter-espionage mission (it's required). This is VERY unsettling and must be dealt with!!!

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