Adam Schiff accuses Trump of acting as if he is ‘above the law’ over Ukraine

This report chronicles a scheme
by the president of the United States to coerce an ally, Ukraine, that is at war
with an adversary, Russia, into doing the president’s political dirty work. It involves a scheme in which Donald Trump
withheld official acts, a White House meeting, as well as hundreds of millions of dollars
of needed military assistance in order to compel that power to deliver
two investigations that he believed would assist his re-election campaign. The withholding of that aid, even for a
period of time, sends a disastrous message to friend and foe alike that the United States
does not have the back of its ally. This is not about Ukraine, this is about
our democracy. This is about our national security. This is about whether the American people
have a right to expect that the president of the United States
is going to act in their interests, with their security in mind, and not for some
illicit personal or political reason. So Americans should care deeply about
whether the president of the United States is betraying their trust in him, betraying
that oath that he took to the Constitution to protect our country and defend its institutions. So we should care about this.
We must care about this. And if we don’t care about this, we can darn
well be assured the president will be back at it doing this all over again. This is the result of a president who believes
that he is beyond indictment, beyond impeachment, beyond any form
of accountability, and indeed above the law. And that is a very dangerous thing for this
country to have an unethical president who believes they are above the law.

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  1. I care and I appreciate your care in and with
    right action
    for genuine democracy.
    Our constitution speaks for itself – anyone's, non-constitutional, non-lawyer's opinion and their interpretation of what they'd prefer an amendment to be – is not relevant – ever.

  2. Trump should be whipped out of the white house . He is corrupt and has blood on his hands WE DONT WANT A DICTATOR . Those who do should go live in NORTH KOREA

  3. No amount of evidence will lead the GOP sycophants in the Senate to convict and remove Trump. Vote him out next year!

  4. Trump is in a catch 22, He needs to expose REAL corruption of the Bidens, and not ruffle any democratic feathers.
    Joe Biden was a V.P of the United States, if HE did what really looks like he did, Who is the corrupt one?
    Sure, blame President Trump for being the bull in the china shop, but why would he go there if there was no evidence?
    Blame the guy for doing what's right for the U.S. that's all.
    Joe is not a contender for president, maybe Bloomberg is.

  5. SHIFTY NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND THIS_ Credibility is like virginity. Once you lose it, you can never get it back. YOUR A DOG AND A JOKE IN CAPITOL HILL!!!

  6. Minute 0:17
    If this were true, President Trump would not be allowed to attend the NATO Summit meeting in London.
    Meanwhile NASA keeps going to Mars.
    You know.. 🤔
    These shovels are getting very heavy Mr. Schiff, and I'm not talking about the snow either.
    The plot thickens.. 📚👀
    USA 🇺🇸

  7. The impeachment process seems to be falling apart.

    Given the flimsy evidence so far it may backfire and help Trump.

  8. Who Will Present the Dems' Impeachment Case Before the Senate? Democrat pathological liar 🤥 Adam Schiff or crazy angry Jerry Nadler the fat little penguin 🐧

  9. This same day he released private phone records of a sitting congressman, an American citizen, and a reporter. Adam Schiff you seem to think that you are above the law.

  10. Nancy and Adam and Jerry say they want to impeach based on the EVIDENCE. WHAT evidence are they talking about? Evidence is a legal term and is based on FACTS. What FACTS? EVERY time I ask this, Crickets. It's not in the transcript. Zelensky says there was never any pressure. I'm sorry, but you can't infer your way to an impeachment. Where's the blue dress? (Btw, THAT impeachment was ridiculous too – impeaching the Prez over lying about getting an Oval Office "Hummer"?)

  11. The Adam Schiff & Nancy Pelosi democrat impeachment 🏟carnival 🎠 show continues while President Trump US economy continues to boom for we the people who elected him and will again in 2020. 🇺🇸

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