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has many activity books to keep your child entertained. We have Sticker Dolly Dressing books, and Little Sticker Dolly Dressing books. We are coming out with Ponies, and Pixies. A very fun way for your child to explore the world of ponies in this
enchanting little book, with many delightful little stickers that they’ll put onto the pages. We have First Sticker Books, and this one is all about travel. If you’re going to be going
somewhere during Spring break, or any time, this would be wonderful to introduce your child
to the world of travel. We have the Unicorn Sticker
Book, which is very exciting, ’cause we have several
other unicorn series, such as our That’s Not My Unicorn, which was our fiftieth That’s
Not My… book that came out. Your child will enjoy
the glittery stickers and glittery images on these pages, as you enter the magical
world of unicorns. Love that. No Worries is as activity book for children who can get stressed easily, or children who have special needs. It’s a wonderful way
to utilize their energy towards positive, positive ways, such as writing and drawing. There’s many prompts
to talk about feelings, to let out their anxiety
in a creative and safe way. We have many Academy
books, including Architect, Engineer, Scientist, and
now we have Coder Academy, which I personally love, ’cause my husband is a computer
programmer, and he approves. He’s been working through
this with our son. You learn a lot about control
robots, and driverless cars. Very fun, and there’s even stickers in the back of all of these books. Finally we have another journal to help your little writer in their ideas, and how
to write creatively. There’s many story prompts,
and inspiring quotations for learning how to write,
such as the secret garden. What inspired Frances Burnett to write about the secret garden? Well, she looked at one little detail, which was some vines, and
then she thought of the story. So it can just be a
really, really great way for a child to hone in on their skills, and to write creatively. I hope your child may
enjoy some of these books, for activities that you
could bring into your lives.

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