Acquaintance Rape

hello and welcome to Marika stripped and uncensored I think this is about the third show so in the thank you for continuing to watch this series and also want to let you know that some of these shows may be really fun like the last one bloom aye aye Miami trip or these shows might be a little serious a little heavy I know my first one was and this brings me to this show which is going to be very serious and it is about acquaintance rape some of you watching may not want to watch this I understand if you click the stop button and you stop watching this but for those of you that are interested in the show thank you for staying on and let's begin now I wanted to do the show because this is very common but a lot of people don't know about it a lot of people don't know about quaintance rape which is also called date rape however it doesn't necessarily mean that you are on a date and you get raped it also means that it could be even a family member somebody that you're acquainted with someone that you know um a friend just a neighbor and usually it is those people that that will end up raping another woman unfortunately so let's begin with some statistics ninety percent of women in America or either raped molested fondled or in some way sexually assaulted that's a very high rate and that is why I really want to talk about this to form awareness seventy-seven percent of women know who the person was that rate them yes seventy-five percent of those women how we rate in college by another college mate or someone you know in on campus or something like that so that's even higher than you would probably thought I mean when I started reading about this I had no idea sixteen percent of women do not press charges and I have to say sadly that I am one of those women it's not a good idea to not press charges I want to say that is very hard though I was very young naive and cowardly I wasn't strong enough to do it and that that's really really disappointing to me but to fix that I started doing focus groups and I started speaking about it and public to help younger women prevent this from happening because there are preventative method printed preventive ways to stay away from people predators that that want to sexually assault you in any type of way you can't always get away from it but there is ways there are ways to do that so doing this video is another big step of mine it's very very difficult but I know what women go through and I want women out there watching this to know that you're not alone you're not alone I felt alone I felt alone for a good six months even though I had a friend helping me through it still felt alone she had gone through it so she didn't really understand and that's why focus groups are really good and its really good to talk to someone who's gone through it too so with that said if you want to contact me you can email me at marieke died at gmail com and for those of you out there that have forced yourself on another woman shame on you you should not have reproductive organs nor should you have fingers sorry to say that but it's true and for those of you women that this has happened to I'm so sorry but you can be a survivor you can get through it I did it took me a little while but you can do some things to to really empower yourself and really feel ok with yourself I understand that when this happens you feel dirty you feel horrible you blame yourself and most of all you feel damaged but you're not I feel like for me this has happened to me to help other people and it's only made me stronger and so I thank God that this did happen to me because I am strong enough to let the world know that this has happened to me but I'm a survivor I'm strong and I'm okay so to end this video I wanted to say thank you for watching I know this was pretty heavy pretty deep I could get deeper but I'm not um but I just want to get that out there I wanted to reach out to a few people I'm hoping that I can find some more platforms that i can speak at i hope at some point once I slow down I can do some focus groups again because it doesn't really help women and it's very therapeutic so I hope you come back for my next show I hope this hasn't steered you away from me I I have the best intentions and I'll be looking for you on my next show and before you go don't forget to add comment rate and subscribe

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  1. Sorry to hear about your ordeal. It's a very serious offense and I hope you coming forward and being open with it will help more ladies understand that it's okay to face your assailant. I recently discussed rape on my show and I didn't think the male callers took things seriously. I wish I had more female representation to help them understand the seriousness of it.

  2. God will take care of him… trust me… things have a way of working out. Making him pay is not the answer… but putting him in jail is a solution to keeping him from doing it to someone else and that is the reason to have him locked up. I know cause I have been there. I wanted the guy that did this to me to pay. I worked with him too… and he was in a higher position as well. I totally feel you!

  3. Thanks, Marika. Seems like every other woman I know has been directly affected by this and it's really annoying to know that people I love have been abused and there is nothing I can do about it. The other evil of the act is the isolation it seeks to impose on the assaulted and everyone that cares for them. I like your strength.

  4. Thank you for this. I have to keep telling myself I'm strong enough to cope but every now and then it's like the ground just disappears beneath my feet. Still waiting to hear if it's going to court which isn't helping. And the fact the guy was my boss so I had to leave my job, couldn't afford my rent so had to move back with my Mum. Lost all my confidence and independence. Hard to build that again. Got to stay strong so I can make him pay.

  5. I am really proud of you for finding the strength to do this video. It's truly helpful for those who've been through this tragedy to know that others have been through it, have found strength to help others and show that they too can be survivors. Keep up the good work, M.

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