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Abraham: The LAW OF ATTRACTION – Part 3 of 5 – Esther & Jerry Hicks

Abraham: The LAW OF ATTRACTION – Part 3 of 5 – Esther & Jerry Hicks

Abraham-Hicks Publications Presents The Law of Attraction
Part 3 of 5 So when you begin to understand that you are a thinker who is projecting thought and that Law of Attraction is managing all of the thoughts that exist and is bringing back to everyone equivalence to thoughts that they are thinking it makes you want to begin  to pay attention to your thoughts. However, paying attention to your thoughts makes you crazy. Because there are so many thoughts how do you even decide   what thoughts are the right thoughts? So, as people upon your planet   you gather together in groups and you often come to the incorrect assumption that just because more people think this thought it might be or it must be the right thought. And we are wanting you to understand that the thought that is right for you, may not be the thought that is right for someone else because there are factors that are only about you   that are not about anybody else. You are unique creators   who have come forth with unique intention from Source. So the way you begin to understand and manage your thoughts is by understanding this very brief story. We’re going to give you the story of your origin and we’re going to bring you right up to speed with who you are right here and now. And we are going to say to you in a way that you will never forget how it is that you have come forth into this environment how it is that you can understand the thoughts that you are thinking how it is that you can utilize the guidance system that you were born with   and how you can begin to live the life – not only the life that you intended when you came but the life that you have added to in terms of intentionality every day since you’ve been here. So…   Do you accept that you are more than what we see here   in these physical bodies? Beautiful bodies. And do you understand that   you will be again, something other? In other words when when croaking happens – we love that disrespectful word   you don’t cease to be. You are an Eternal being   who is expanding and becoming   as a result of all that you have lived. So as you have your death experience you re-emerge into the energy that has been culminating from the origin of that which you are. And unlike the individual clumps that you see here  in this room that you call me, you, me, you, me, others the Source within you is not defined by clumps. You don’t have souls that have been assigned to you. There is a Stream of Consciousness that is the headwaters, so to speak of All-That-Is. But that does not mean that when you re-emerge into the non-physical that you become a very small water in a very big sea. You will always understand your specific identity in the whole that we are calling All-That-Is or that some call God. So you existed before this physical body as this Source Energy – this Source Energy that understands well-being this Source Energy that has eagerness about life   and understanding about the eternalness of that which is life. And a part of that Consciousness   is now expressed forward into this physical body just like you planned.   You said I want to go forth into this magnificent leading edge, physical format where there is variety and stability. And I know that the variety or contrast will inspire me in my unique, creative, genius perspective to give birth to yet another desire and another and another. And you understood from your non-physical perspective that when the desire emanates from you – someone’s rude to you, you want them to be nicer you’re rude to someone, you want to be nicer   you don’t have enough of something, you want more you’re sick, you want to be well you don’t have enough money, you want more money. And of course these are bulky, general statements that we are making. But every nuance of your life causes you to expand into, yet still more. And in the moment even if you are not consciously aware  that you are asking – in the moment that you live anything that feels the slightest bit, less than you ask for the more than. In other words the contrast of this time-space reality causes you in a very specific way to constantly give birth to new, new, new, new, new desires   just like you promised you would do. And the Source within you rides that rocket of your new preference and joyously feels the expansion that you have provided through your willingness to sift through life experience and becomes the vibrational equivalent of your new idea. And now this is the part that we want you to hear and remember. You have become more because of that. But in most cases, in your physical body in your physical personality in your physical mood and attitude and projection of thought and conversation and behavior – most of you are not anywhere near that expanded part of you. Because most of you are over here still explaining to someone why you deserve that. I should have that, but I don’t.   I’ve got it coming, but it’s not coming. And then over time you conjure the most incredible, ridiculous stories of why you don’t have it. I wasn’t born under the right star. I wasn’t born in the right place. I wasn’t born at the right time. Somebody else isn’t rooting for me. God is mad at me. I must have been bad in a past life.   It’s his fault, it’s her fault.   There are all kinds of things that you conjure – in the name of religion in the name of trying to understand   in the name of philosophy.   But in every case, what you’re really doing is holding yourself vibrationally – with your justification and your rationalization and your excuses about why it isn’t better   as you continue to tell the what is story, what is story this is how it is, this is how it is this is how it is.   I don’t like how it is, I don’t like how it is I don’t like how it is.   I’m going to join a group of others who also don’t like how it is don’t like how it is, don’t like how it is.   And we have lots of specific groups of the specific things that we don’t like how it is.     And I belong to many of them.   And now we have the online chat groups of I don’t like how it is I don’t like how it is, I don’t like how it is.   And what we’re wanting you to understand is that as you lived life, you gave birth to the new idea to the expansion, to the new becoming just like you knew you would     and the larger part of you went over there and became it   and when you don’t go you don’t feel good.   But we want to say something to you lovingly   you can’t not go.   You can’t not go. When you croak oh you’ll go   you’ll close that gap. We just want you to close the gap in a pre-croaking environment.   We want you to close the gap because you want to close the gap. We want you to close the gap because you can’t stand to have the gap. We want you to close the gap because it is right     it is natural that you be all that your life has caused you to become. We don’t think you should have to croak to catch up with You.  

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  1. Excellent message! After years of listening to CDs, it's such fun to see Esther and Abraham doing their thing. Thank you for sharing these videos with us!

  2. Thank you Abraham for giving me what I needed to transform my life. I am happy, healthy, earning more money and exhilerating in my life because I stayed with your teachings "long enough" to "get it." It took me a few months, but then everything fell into place. I love you.

  3. Yep this is the first time I've heard Oprah mention Esther and Jerry and Abe on air (she has mentioned before many times on XM radio). I don't think the masses are ready for Abraham on tv. She was really stretching it when she brought Louise Hay on (and I adore Louise). But no mention of her healing her cancer or any of the other more "progressive" ideas in "You Can Heal Your Life"-the movie

  4. abunzaNow: The song is entitled "If you Want It (You Can Have It)", is by Francine Jarry, and is on the CD entitled "Joy, Joy, Joy", which is available through our Abraham-Hicks website.

  5. I too have been studying Abraham's teachings daily since last June. I've really become clear about removing negative thoughts and negative people from my experience. My business has taken off, my life is full of calm, and I'm now surrounded by people who cherish the sweet things. I've come to know my inner guide – and I'd say that part of me is quietly smiling as a result of our new friendship. Thank you Jerry and Esther.

  6. SensesFailx61: The song is "If you Want It (You Can Have It)" by Francine Jarry, and is on the CD entitled "Joy, Joy, Joy", available through our Abraham-Hicks website.

  7. J4JB: The song is entitled "If You Want It (It Can Happen)" from the CD by Francine Jarry called "Joy, Joy, Joy". It is available through the Abraham-Hicks website.

  8. i went to one of their law of allowing seminars. i didn't know how anyone could hold a seminar that long. but i guess this is what happens when abraham is co-creating with esther.

  9. WOW! If understanding this does not make YOU feel so very very special – then there is nothing else that will..!!
    Love it – thanks Abraham 🙂

  10. I really like Esther, Jerry and Abraham.
    Thanks for all the miracles that happend in my life since I practice this.
    Thanks for posting this.
    (I really like Esthers bodylanguage and the way she uses her hands!)

  11. rural1: All of the Abraham books are available in Spanish, and many other languages. For information go to our website.

  12. "today a young man on acid realized all matter is mearly energy condenced to a slow vibration, there is no such thing as death, life is but a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves" — Bill Hicks

  13. THANK YOU SO MUCH HICKS small things are showing up like I found 15 buck behind my house yesterday Im aiming for the big one just trying to let got of the process and release int

  14. After more than six years listening to it, I can't stop repeating the same: how easy, how wise how easy, how wise how easy, how wise how easy, how wise how easy, how wise woohooo love living!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  15. It's interesting to me, today is the 3rd day I am watching Easther talking and I'm getting used/adapted to it so now I can understand and catch more then at the 1st day ! Today I'm completely concentrated and it's easier to imagine my life examples while she is speaking so fast!! it's so cool when you start getting it!
    love it 😀

  16. There are many troughts in our world, but one that works if your looking for what we call to be feeling good.
    When i wake up in the morning, I tell myself to find a memory that makes me feel good.
    I focus on that thought, and if there is something that interacts with it, I stop, analyses it with my feeling of feeling good and therefor reprogramming my analysing tools as I call them, so that it becomes less if, what is, what if and so on. And then I just let go, with the knowledge that I

  17. Just simpy never lets my energy be affected by it again. So I stay on my wave of happiness and feeling well, and lets the day continue! 🙂 I have, since i figured this out, not had one bad day, and thats like a year ago. I´m 28 now. The only thing that you need to remember is that everything above feeling natural is in the scale of feeling good. Which makes the days still interesting. 🙂

  18. what might be right for you might not be right for some it takes different strokes.. it takes different strokes to rule the world

  19. all you need to do is focus on thoughts, memories or anything wether real or imagined that would make you feel good – and the law of attraction will bring good things that you want to u

  20. Esther is so lovely!! Thank you sooo much i feel so much gratitude and peace for what Abraham Esther and Jerry did, do and doing!! Love.

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